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333 Small Kitchen Ideas, Organization, and Kitchen Designs

You need bigger ideas to deal with that unfortunate situation when your kitchen is small. In the long list of more than two hundred ideas, you will find your options or ideas to mix, match, upgrade, or leave behind. If the latter is eventually your option, keep scrolling this page until you find relevant lists that mostly comes with awesome video you can proudly share with anyone who has to deal with a situation like yours.

61. A Simple Paint Project

– with 4 more ideas
61 Add a Chalkboard decoration via simphome com

We have only 1 ideas here and 4 more on another site.

62. Six Ways To Use the “Little Walls” in Your Home.

62 ideas to use small kitchen wall via simphome
Smart and stylish ways to use them in your home to add more function and more beauty.

63. IKEA Space rack makeover and optimization.

63 Ikea space rack and chalkboard wall makeover via simphome
The humble IKEA spice rack may look simple and modest but behind that straight-forward design, if you look with an open mind, you’ll find a lot of ingenious secrets. We’re talking about all the creative ways in which you can re-purpose this piece and all the hacks that revolve around it.

64. A DIY Home Command Center.

64 A DIY Home Command Center via simphome
DIY family command center that helps you stay organized and keep your schedule, mail, magazines, book recipes, and more all in one place.

65. Top kitchen cabinet ideas

that are classics and will be on trend for years
65 top kitchen cabinet ideas that are classics and will be on trend for years via simphome com
Replacing your kitchen cabinets can drain your investment. Here’s our view top kitchen cabinet ideas that are classics and will be on trend for years

66. Flea market find kitchen makeover.

66 Flea market find kitchen revamp via simphome

I can’t believe it’s already the weekend! Weekends to me mean junkin’ and pickin’. It’s pretty much my favorite weekend past time. One of my favorite places to look for treasures is at the flea market. So many hidden gems there.

67. Farrow and Ball on.

67 Farrow and Ball on via simphome
Brassica walls paired with Pelt shelving and Manor House Gray cabinets create a contemporary look in this modern kitchen.

68. Amazing Modern White Kitchen Cabinet with 45 more ideas.

68 Amazing Modern White Kitchen Cabinets via simphome com
When it comes to kitchen cabinets that you pick for your kitchen, don’t guess they must be custom. The contemporary cabinets are absolutely different in style and you’ll feel like they are somewhat smaller from the outside, but that’s just how..

69. $10 est, kitchen wall art.

69 Cheap kitchen wall art via simphome
Create this original kitchen wall art for under $10. Few supplies and only a screwdriver required to complete this piece of kitchen decor. Click and you’ll find more than 40 kitchen art inspiration.

70. Easy DIY Kitchen Storage Ideas.

70 Easy DIY Kitchen Storage Ideas via simphome
You employ your kitchen as a center to prepare and cooking food, but it is also a storage area. The most universal complaint is that people have the time to move to a new home without having enough room for the kitchen. This may also happen in your existing kitchen. To assist you upgrade your storage space, we have chosen these simple ideas for keeping in the kitchen. It’s very easy to achieve, it does not require advanced skills and the materials are cheap and easy to find. Which storage solution do you need in your home? Follow link.


Some of the simple but stylish rustic kitchen décor ideas for all homeowners are implementing some unique elements. Some of the combinations are quite appealing and pleasing to the eyes. The idea is that simplicity can be super attractive. You don’t have to do any fancy project to create an impressive effect. Some of the simple designs are surprisingly very good, as long as you can match it up with the right elements. From 71-75 I give you 5 Rustic Kitchen Décor Ideas for All Homeowners.

71.A Stylish Vintage and Industrial Kitchen.

71 Stylish Vintage and Industrial Kitchen via simphome com
Combining industrial and vintage theme is possible when you are able to combine the right elements. In this kitchen décor, the wooden cabinet and countertop looks somewhat matching when paired with the wall mounted metal open shelves. The open shelves construction creates an air and open atmosphere. With dark wood and dark metal style, this kitchen somewhat looks masculine and attractive in its simplicity. The wooden cabinet also comes with smart storage inside.

72.Wooden Log Kitchen Island.

72 Wooden Log Kitchen Island via Simphome com
Not many homeowners choose this ancient style kitchen island. But you have to admit that this solid and thick wooden log is perfect for the ancient-look kitchen island for very traditional kitchen theme. It may not have enough space but it is enough as a platform for food preparation. When you are able to pair it up with rustic style chair, the overall effect will be perfect. It is a great inspiration for rustic kitchen décor ideas for all homeowners. Credit: by Meagan

73. Floating Shelves.

73 Floating Shelves via Simphome
Floating shelves with a solid wooden board will provide a sturdy and also stylish storage area for the kitchen utensils. You can even stack the two boards to create an even unique look. If you don’t use the top shelf, it looks like your floating shelf has a canopy on it. Of course, you can also have more than two stacks, depending on your preference and whether there is enough space on the wall. Try this rustic kitchen décor ideas for all homeowners – you will see your kitchen improves in the simplest manner.

74. Pallet Kitchen Cabinets.

74 Pallet Kitchen Cabinets via simphome
Do you know that you can actually have a kitchen cabinet from wooden pallet? Some of the premium quality wooden pallet can be made for industrial use, including for the kitchen. The high quality kitchen cabinet from pallet may be more expensive than the regular pallet, but it is going to worth your spending, for sure. Depending on your preference, there are different designs to pick. In this picture, the top wall mounted cabinets and the bottom ones are all coming with beautiful dark finish. Such an interesting idea, don’t you think?

75. Veggie Bin.

75 Veggie Bin via simphome com
Stacked wooden boxes like this can be great as veggie bin or potato bin. This bin certainly adds functionality to the kitchen because not only it provides storage for the veggies, the stacked construction provides direct and easy access. For a busy mom looking for a more efficient way to store their stocks, this bin will be the ideal option. Would you like to try one this rustic kitchen décor ideas for all homeowners next week?
Next, I give you five DIY Ideas how To Grow Herbs in Your Kitchen

76. Hanging Herbs.

76 Hanging Herbs via simphome
Growing herbs in a kitchen is totally simple. The main thing you need to consider is the position to grow herbs. Hanging herbs in best spot in your kitchen is recommended for you. Remember that herbs or plants need light to grow well. You can use hanging pot to grow herbs, and then hang it on spot that receives enough light. Finally, your herbs can grow well and add exotic look in your kitchen. You can also hang more than one hanging herbs to make your kitchen looks fresh.

77. PVC Planter.

77 PVC Planter via simphome com
When you want to grow herbs, you may be confused by a type of planter for growing your herbs. Don’t worry because of it. Do you have PVC pipe? It is recommended planter to grow your herbs. By using it, you can grow herbs in your kitchen. Make sure you choose best spot for placing PVC planter. For example, you can use area in front of kitchen windows because it is area that receives enough light.

78. Glass Jar Planter.

78 Glass Jar Planter via simphome
Actually, there are so many ideas about material you can use for growing your herbs. How about glass jar? Have you ever thought about it? Glass jar can be used as planter to grow your herbs in your kitchen. By using small glass jars, you can grow various types of herbs. Don’t forget to place every jar in best spot. For your recommendation, you can place glass jars on small rack or mounted shelves that receives enough light. It will make your herbs grow well because get enough light.

79. Tin Can Planters.

79 Tin Can Planters via simphome
If you don’t have small glass jars, you can use tin can to grow your herbs. You may have various tin cans because often buy products with tin can, such as canned food. Don’t throw tin can to your bin rubbish because it can be used for other purposes. For example, you can clean your tin can and covers it using good wrapper. Finally, you can use tin can for growing your herbs.

80. Plastic Bottle Herbs.

80 Plastic Bottle Herbs via simphome
Not only tin can, you can also use plastic bottle for growing your herbs. You may have so many plastic bottles. Cut a half of bottle, and then use it for growing various herbs. By mounting plastic bottle herbs, your kitchen will look more interesting. Especially, you use some plastic bottles to grow various herbs.


Revitalizing your desperate kitchen doesn’t have to corrupt your soul. With next list, you’ll learn ten cheap ideas how to update your kitchen and make it more up to date.

81. Combining Light and Modern Idea.

81 Combining light and modern concept via simphome
If your kitchen is plain and white-painted, this idea will suit your kitchen so much. Combine the light and modern idea by putting any plants in your countertop. Let the plants bring freshness in your kitchen. In the middle of your kitchen, put a wooden dark brown-colored table as the place you for breakfast, lunch and dinner. To complete the modern style, put some chairs with pinstripe pattern. Try to match the chairs’ color with the table.

82.A Revitalized Barwon Heads Boat Shack.
82 A Revitalised Barwon Heads Boat Shack via Simphome
Combining old and new in this light-filled holiday home.

83. Apply Various Textures.

83 Apply Various Textures via simphome
A kitchen with so many textures will guarantee you not only a good looking kitchen but also a cozy cooking atmosphere. Create an instant visual impact in your kitchen by combining in mixing some multiple textures and materials. For the kitchen cabinets, you can apply white and cream color to lighten the whole space in your kitchen. To add the contrast look, use a stove and its stuff which are made of steel. Use cypress wood as the main material of the island to make your kitchen has more variation.

84. How to Make a Clock that fit for your Kitchen Interior

and sixty more inspiring ideas.
84 Inspiring kitchen interior via Simphome
Kitchen has become the most significant region of the home. Decorating the kitchen does not need to be costly or difficult. In case you have a very small kitchen, you may want to decide on a mirrored time clock as this can give the illusion of a bigger space.

85. Display Some Artworks.

85 Display Some Artworks via Simphome
Some simple yet extra ordinary things can bring whole differences to your kitchen. Choose some of your favorite artworks that you already have then put it in your kitchen. Differentiate the artworks before placing them in the kitchen. Mark some free spaces to let the artworks in. Make sure that the artworks you are going to place have the same concept or background with your kitchen style. Avoid any unnecessary artworks by selecting them first. About this image: HORIZONTAL REPEAT : 17.8″ VERTICAL REPEAT : 24″ AVAILABLE IN: FABRIC AND WALLPAPER by Cottonquill

86. Ideas For Revamping Your Kitchen Art.

86 Ideas For Revamping Your Kitchen Art via Simphome
Looking creative ideas how to revamp your kitchen? We’ve got some great art inspiration to get you started.

87. Apply Colorful and Various Painting.

87 Apply Colorful and Various Painting via simphome
A kitchen with more than one color will always please anyone who cook in it. Start from the wall, you can paint it with a combination between white and light green color. Both color will match in every occasion. Do the white for the windows and light green for the wall. To make it more colorful, use neutral blue color for your upper and lower cabinets. Dark-colored countertop will be okay for the blues. At the center of your kitchen, place an island with brown and cream colored which is a good combination.

88. A Couple’s Hollywood Regency Hell’s Kitchen Home.

88 Paul and Simon kitchen painting via simphome
Paul and Simon share a welcoming 625 square foot home full of vibrant colors, natural textures and personalized treasures in West Midtown, Manhattan.

89. Add a Multitasking Pot Rack.

89 Add a Multitasking Pot Rack via Simphome
You can really maximize the space on your kitchen wall by adding a multitasking pot rack. Place this multitasking pot rack above your countertop so that you will able to hang as many cookware as you can. Make sure that you place the pot rack on the free space in your kitchen wall. Do not let the pot rack disturb you while you are cooking. Hang your cookware on the pot rack to free up precious cabinet space.

90. Forbes’ 10 Big Space-Saving Ideas for Small Kitchens.

90 Wall hanging cooking post by Rebekah Zaveloff KitchenLab via Simphome
Feeling burned over a small cooking area? These features and tricks can help prevent you suffer kitchen meltdowns.
No.91 – No.120 How to makeover a small kitchen and Kitchen storage cabinet ideas
Why you need to type “How to makeover a small kitchen” on your search engine? If you share similar experiences, then probably you could find some inspiration from the designer to expand your tiny cooking space. Find and learn the trick to make your cramped corner a little bit comfy and brighter.

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