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20 Creative and Clever Indoor Garden Ideas

creative indoor gardens blog simphome com

Are you fascinated by the prospect of indoor gardening? Well then, what’s stopping you from taking the next step? Maybe, you are drowned by the pool of repetitive ideas that discourage you from being truly enthusiastic about indoor gardening. Gladly enough, the game changes right here. This list article covers a myriad of creative gardening ideas that can forfeit any self-defeating indoor gardening thoughts which you may have until now. So, let’s forget the hustle and bustle of daily life for a brief while so that your worthwhile desire for indoor gardening doesn’t go unpursued.

FYI, this list comes not only with texts and images but also a relevant video that will probably improve your learning experience. Play for view second and try. If you don’t like it, you can always pause it later and continue with the list.

This video is completed with missing images or illustrations in number 1,2,6, and 18

20. DIY Vertical Hanging Garden

20 DIY Hanging garden by Homemade modern Simphome comIf space is a premium commodity for you, this hanging garden should be in your bucket list. As you can tell from the image above, this vertical indoor garden can house a bunch of plants without killing any usable space in a property.

Oh yes! It never fails to add an extra spark to any home décor you can think about. To create the shelf for the plants, you need to measure and cut the wood for the pots to sink into the wood. Then, drill holes on the corners to slide the rope through the holes. Finally, you need to add your favorite plants to the garden. Last but not the least; you merely have to sit back and watch your indoor garden flourish!

19. Upcycled Light Bulb Planters

19 How To Make Your Own Upcycled Light Bulb Planters Simphome comThis upcycled light bulb planter looks like a piece of art. Frankly speaking, it’s hard not to fall in love with something as simple and creative as this indoor gardening idea. If you want to go green in your home, give this beauty a shot on any given day of the week. The fruits of labor would be highly rewarding.

To begin with, get a couple of bulbs from a local store. You need a non-functional bulb, so get rid of the black glass on the top. Break the inner glass seal and remove the fill tube as well. Now, the bulb is ready for plantation. Drill holes on the silver area of the bulb with gentle pressure to attach the strings. Once done, place your favorite plants in the bulbs and hang them anywhere you like.

18. DIY Fish Bowl Terrarium

(Play video to find more detail)
Why not reuse an old aquarium and turn it into a praise-worthy miniature garden? It’s an amazing DIY project to show your love for plants. What’s so cool about this indoor garden is the simplicity to put this thing together. It all starts with filling the bottom of the vessel with small rocks.

Next, add a layer of charcoal to avoid things from getting smelly. Then, you need to add a layer of sand to it and put the plants into it. That’s it. Keep it at your desk for a wonderful company.

17. DIY Garden Wall

17 DIY GARDEN WALL – URBAN SUNROOM MAKEOVER Simphome comThis garden wall can unintentionally put professional makeover projects to shame. Believe it or not, it will literally change the dynamics of a space. Frankly speaking, any blank wall in your room that needs beautification should fit the bill for this indoor gardening project.

For this DIY project, create square planter boxes and attach them to the plywood using screws. Drill holes at the bottom area of the individual boxes for water drainage. Fill the boxes with sand and stones. Finally, add plants in them. You won’t believe how many plants you can grow in this DIY garden wall.

16. Air Plants + String Art = Living Wall Art!

16 Air Plants String Art Living Wall Art Simphome comIf you would like to try something new, go for air plants indoor gardening. For those who don’t know, air plants are incredibly easy to keep alive. With some degree of creativity, they can look amazingly cool. So, why not display them?
To show off this living wall art, you will have to draw a design on a board and mark areas where the nails will go. The design could be a plus sign, triangle, or something else.

Then, hammer the nails and tie strings from one nail to another in a pattern. A design will evolve to hold the plants. Place the plants and enjoy the spectacular look.

15. DIY Test Tube Vase Chandelier

15 DIY Test Tube Vase Chandelier Simphome comThere is something distinctively gratifying about indoor flowering. The sheer look of them provides intellectual joy and satisfaction (also leaves us breathless sometimes). Not to forget the fact that flowers are easier to grow indoors compared to other plantations. They are a perfect commodity for small spaces too.

So, let’s take a shot at the Test Tube Vase Chandelier that will fulfill all your must-haves from indoor flowering.

For this ingenious DIY indoor gardening idea, you will need 6 hanging test tube vases, 3 meters of leather cord, and a metal circle frame. To suspend the tubes in the air, you need to cut two pieces of string (approximately 20 inches) and tie them into the metal frame on each side to create a cross style hanger.

Next, you need to cut a piece of string (approximately 8 inches long) and tie one end into the test tube vase, and the other end to the metal frame. This needs to be done for all the 6 vases.

Once done, they are ready to be hanged. Add water and place flowers in them. Finally, pat your back for completing this incredible floral project.

14. Mini Terrarium Mason Jars DIY

14 DIY fish bowl terrarium Simphome com
The Mason jars terrarium fever is catching up like nobody’s business. They add a fresh aroma to any home décor. The best part is that they are amazingly fun and ridiculously easy to create with minimal supplies. So, let’s put your mason jars to some creative use today.

Prep the jar by washing and drying it. Then, add a layer of rocks and moss for drainage. Add a few inches of soil as well. Next, add a final layer of moss. Finally, dig a small hole in the soil to add your plant. As you can tell by now, the jars should be plantation ready in less than thirty minutes without any pro-level skills. Image @pinterest

13. Anthro Inspired DIY Copper Shelves

13 Anthro Inspired DIY Copper Shelves Simphome comThree layers of shelves and you have a spectacular piece to add to your indoor garden. Perhaps, there’s no better way to take your garden from the wall to the floor. For this little greenery and stylish look, you don’t need a lot of supplies either.

Cut the timber to create actual floating shelves, wrap them into copper sheets, drill them into the wall, and plant the trees. The final product will look amazingly cool. And, no one will know that you didn’t throw an arm and a leg to create this beauty. Enjoy all the bragging rights for this effortless project.

12. Simple Cacti Garden DIY

12 PLANTING A SIMPLE CACTI GARDEN Simphome comCacti make a great household plant. They are easy to grow. Plus, they don’t demand a lot of water. They are sun-lovers and slow growers. As long as they can get a lot of direct light, they will blossom your space like nothing else out there. So, you can easily decorate your home or office with this plant.

To bring nature to your home, let’s get to the meat of this DIY project. Take a wide vase and add some rocks at the bottom to help with water drainage. Add few layers of soil (about an inch from the top) and add a bunch of cacti plants in the soil. For those who don’t know, cacti plants are available in different colors and variety. So, go for variety over here.
Finally, cover the top with a thin layer of cute rocks for the cool look. By no means, you won’t feel like not bragging about this adorable creation.

11. Bright and Modern Zen Garden DIY

11 BRIGHT CHEERFUL ZEN GARDEN TUTORIAL Simphome comFor a well-curated modern display of indoor gardening, this creative piece should win an excellence award. It’s a perfect display piece for small spaces. Moreover, it can be created with little means without any hiccups. Overall, this miniature garden is functional, beautiful, user-friendly, and budget-friendly, all at the same time. You will surely lose track of time creating this wonderstruck beauty.

All you need is a glass dish, a piece of cloth, a cactus plant, and colored sand to nail this project like a pro. Fill the cloth with sand to plant the roots of the plant into it and insert the plant into the colored sand. Keep in mind that you have to insert the cloth bag deep inside the sand to make it literally invisible. Make sure to tie the mouth of the cloth at the base of the plant. For the final touches, make a good sketch on the sand. You will be amazed by how nice and charming the whole thing will turn out!

10. Vertical Garden Ideas by moemax.de

06 Vertical Garden ideas by moemax de Simphome com 1This DIY project depicts a green wall at its best. For a lush green garden on the wall, you won’t find a better alternative. In fact, it won’t be an understatement to claim that this vertical wall garden makes an unmatched statement on its own. Not to forget the fact that the concept of ‘green wall’ has been picking up like wildfire these days. So, why not try this thing out?
06 Vertical Garden ideas by moemax de Simphome com 2Select the space for your personalized green wall. Then, build a frame with the necessary raw material (shelf and grid). You will have to cut the grid in the right size to fit it into the shelf.
Using a hammer and few nails, attach the grid into the shelf. Then, attach the frame to the wall, and add a layer of moss and soil. Finally, sit back and witness the plants live and grow in your living room.

9. DIY Brass Himmeli Hanging Planter

09 DIY Brass Himmeli Hanging Planter Simphome comIf you are looking to build a flashy wall hanger that doesn’t break your budget, the Brass Himmeli Hanging Planter should be on your immediate wish list. It’s beautiful, inexpensive, and it adds an element of fine furniture to any home decor out there.

So, this indoor hanging garden idea is definitely worth a shot for someone looking to change their home aesthetics for the good. A brass wire, brass tubing, planter, and pipe cutter would be needed to kick-start this project.

To begin with, cut the brass tubing into small pieces to form a base where the planter will rest. Join them at the tip to make a triangle shape. Feel free to play with proportions and connect the pieces together to create a cage. Use the brass wire to hang the planter at the desired height. House a small plant in the bowl and place the Himmeli hanger and hang it at a secure place. Just make sure to keep it out of children’s reach.

8. Bentwood Bud Vase DIY

08 DIY BENTWOOD BUD VASE Simphome comIf you are itching to lay your hands on this awesome DIY creation, then you would be happy to learn that anyone can create this spectacular item in the middle of a regular day without frying their brains. As you can tell from the image above, it features a unique body, and it has a touch of a modern look to it.

To give life to this beautiful creation, let’s dive into the steps. Start by polishing the copper air chamber with vinegar and salt. Then, cut a piece of plywood and simmer the plywood for few minutes and allow it to dry before wrapping it around the chamber. Secure it with rubber bands. Now, lay the air chamber at the center of the candle plate and wrap it with wires. Add your favorite stem, fill some water, and fix it on the wall. Your job is done. You will feel like you kicked out the wonderful artist in you.

7. DIY Stripe Stamped Herb Pots

02 DIY Stripe Stamped Herb Pots Basil Green Simphome comThis is a cute DIY project that even a nine-year-old can do. Moreover, this easy-to-do stamped herb pots can look good on any countertop. If you plan on trying it out, here are the steps to create this functional piece of art.

Get some white pots and tape them with letter stamps. Of course, allow them to dry. That’s it. You are done! Didn’t you find it unexpectedly easy? But, don’t let the easy task fool you. These will turn out to be wonderful decorative pieces for your home.

6. DIY Succulent Planter

(Play video to find more detail)
Jump on the indoor gardening bandwagon in style by creating this succulent planter at the comforts of your home. The stuff looks amazing, and it keeps things interesting in your space. Therefore, it could be your next idea for creative indoor gardening. In fact, it may turn out to be your absolute favorite.

The best part is that it’s easy beyond means to create this succulent planter. All you need to do lay popsicle sticks in the shape of a hexagon. And, glue them to complete the hexagon. Continue layering it until it’s deep enough to place your plants into. Add several layers at the bottom to completely block one side of the hexagon to allow it to accommodate sand and the plant it needs to grow. That’s it. Your cutest indoor gardening décor is ready to be admired.

5. DIY Wood and Leather Trellis Plant Wall

05 DIY Wood and Leather Trellis Plant Wall Simphome comThis green wall has a majestic look to it. Upon completion, this DIY project can make you feel like the smartest person on the face of this planet. Frankly speaking, it can make an ordinary wall look ultra-awesome in a jiffy. Enough said! Let’s give you a brief overview of the steps to create this indoor gardening marvel.
So, get ready for this awesome project. Start by cutting long boards to finish the frame (as seen on the image above). Secure the frame on the wall with nails. Acquire some planters on clearance sales and spraypaint them.

Create a snug fit leather planter holder to hold the planters on the frame. Once the leather straps are ready, attach them on the frame and fill them with your favorite plants. The plant lover in you will absolutely thank you for the effort!

4. Mid Century Planters DIY

04 DIY MID CENTURY PLANTERS Simphome comIf you love hoarding plants, this is another indoor gardening project that should catch your interest. It’s a project of effort and creativity that can garner a lot of eyeballs. As you can tell from the image above, the leg portion of this DIY project really stands out. It can be created with no legs at all, but it will lack the appeal it has.

As such, the legs are planted on a simple wooden bottom. Three angled plates are used to attach the legs to the wooden surface. Once the base is ready, you can glue the planter on the wooden surface. Add cactus soil and white sand on top of the soil. Finally, plant the cactus and enjoy your work!

3. DIY Hairpin Leg Entryway Table

03 DIY Hairpin Leg Entryway Table Simphome comLooking for a nice table top for indoor gardening? Your prayers have been answered. In this DIY, you will be a creating a customized table that’s both modern and inviting. Of course, it won’t break your bank either. Not to undermine the fact that it would prove to be a fitting addition to any entry.
Start by cutting three wood boards into equal length, width, and height you need the final table to be. Lay them side by side and glue them together. Use three smaller boards and screw them on the board at equal distances once the glue dries off. Next, attach the hairpin legs at the corners of the board. Finally, add a new plant pot on the top and admire the self-made entryway table.

2. Macrame Plant Hanger DIY

(Play video to find more detail)
To add more greenery to your life and living space, you can afford to go nuts over this offbeat Macrame plant hanger project. You will enjoy the challenge involved, and you will fall in love with the final outcome even if you have zero DIY skills to bring to the table. Yes, this project won’t prove to be a massive effort-fest. Some labor and creativity will do the trick over here.

Basically, you will have to create basic macrame knots to hold the plant pot. So, you will need a macrame cord, metal ring, and a scissor to execute this project. Once the knots are ready, you need to place the planter and hang it up at the desired spot. You can hang this little fellow in any corner of the room. Of course, make sure that the ceiling can handle the weight of the plant.

1. Indoor Plantations from Kitchen Residues

(Play video to find more detail)
The next time you invade your kitchen, keep in mind that some of the kitchen leftovers can come really handy in indoor plantation. So, think twice before you start dumping some of the usual kitchen stuff. For instance, you can use leftover lettuce, green onions, celery, etc, to devise your indoor garden from kitchen leftovers. Want to know how?

Cut lettuce 2 inches from the bottom and transfer it a glass bottle filled with a tad bit of water. Wait for a week before you transfer it to the soil. The same can be done with green onions or celery. You can also take mint and basil leaves. Cut them 3 inches from the top and transfer them into a glass filled with a tad bit of water. When the roots grow about 2 inches, transfer them to the soil. You can use any wooden frame that can hold sand to transfer these plantations to the soil. Isn’t this a cool green living kitchen practice?

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20 Decor Projects That Will Upgrade Your Home

20 Decor Projects That will upgrade your Home via simphome featured

Even the most perfectly done up homes are like canvases that can do with a splash of creativity. And contrary to popular notion, you don’t need bottomless pockets to decorate your home. Frugality is the order of the day folks and here are twenty ideas that will rev up the aesthetics and boost up the functionality of your home without costing an arm and a leg.
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BTW, for number 16,12,4, and 1, you should play this video to learn more.

This video also re-represent all ideas in this list and if you want to find one or two original author of these ideas follow hyperlink inside subheading.

20. Fun DIY Indoor Succulent Garden with Mini Lights
20 Fun DIY Indoor Succulent Garden with Mini Lights Simphome comIf you are still not hooked on to indoor succulents, then here’s a great way to get started. This DIY succulent garden looks great in the day and blinks away in the night. It has LED lights, a nifty little camper van and a bunch of plants in a bounty of colors and hues. The best part, it can be done in a few hours and doesn’t cost more than $50, especially if you already have the plants at home. You can decorate this in a million different ways with lego and small figurines or go creative with the plant lay outs.

P.S. When exposed to a surplus of light, succulents develop a natural blush that looks out of the world.

19. Custom DIY pallet HOME shelf
19 Custom DIY pallet HOME shelf Simphome comUnless you were living under a rock, you must have seen the amazing ‘Love’ shelf that went trending a while back on Pinterest. Here’s a cheaper but equally amazing replica. This one spells ‘HOME’ and it’s an easy way to create a focal point to display all your favorite memoirs. All you need is some pallet pieces, a staple gun, some wood glue and some chalk paint. Bingo! You have your own custom DIY Pallet home shelf. It can be wall mounted using the saw tooth picture hangers and it can go anywhere from your living room to your study.

18. DIY Gold Leaf Map Art
DIY Gold Leaf Map Art via simphomeHate that empty wall staring at you? Or those mundane photos on the wall that look outdated? Replace them with Map art. Maps are vintage but they still blend in with just about any décor theme.

And it’s even better when you have some sparkle to go along with it. This DIY Map art is painless to make and it looks stunning. You can have different countries or continents in different colors. We highly recommend metallic. Net damage? Less than $20 (minus the frames)

17. DIY Retro Diamond Focal Wall
17 DIY Retro Diamond Focal Wall Simphome comAnother way to revive that insipid looking empty wall is to make it a painted focal wall. If you are drastically short of ideas or if painting isn’t your cup of tea, then here’s an easy DIY tutorial to help you get going.

This is a retro diamond design that has loads of color and has a pop-out effect. It creates the perfect focal point for your furniture and is roughly an hour’s work at best. Your tools? Some painter’s tape and some paint. Also, we love the detailing on this tutorial. It certainly takes the guesswork out of the whole thing.

16. DIY letter board

A message, an emoji, a quote, your short term goal, a letter board is aesthetic and functional at the same time. Here’s an easy DIY way to create a beautiful textured letter board with small wood dowels, some glue and some felt. There are umpteen ways to customize it and you can easily change the message every day. It can be wall mounted or displayed on your desk. And it won’t cost more than $25 to make. That’s décor on a budget for you.

15. DIY Mounted Shelving
15 DIY MOUNTED SHELVING by almostmakesperfect Simphome comShelves add personality to a wall and in a micro apartment or a small room, they are the easiest way to organize your things without looking cluttered. This DIY mounted shelving tutorial shows you a no-brainer way to create your own customized shelves.

The keyword here is ‘customized’. Irrespective of whether you need shelves to store your books or one to accommodate your TV or gaming console, this can be tweaked to make that possible. It’s cost effective, easy and customizable. What more can you ask for?

14. Hemnes Lift-Top Coffee Table
14 HEMNES LIFT TOP COFFEE TABLE Simphome comThe author hacked this one straight from IKEA and it’s a brilliant way to avoid reaching out for your munchies while having coffee. Just lift the top of the table and pull it towards you. When not in use, the top locks back into its original position. It’s comfortable, practical and looks sweet. This DIY tutorial saves you tons of money as well. The lift-top hinges are sourced from china and with some planning, you can convert any existing table into a lift-top one.

P.S. Add some hidden storage space in the support area that you will create for those hinges. Tuck away secret messages or your favorite candies in them.

13. Recycled Leather & Wood Shelf
13 recycled leather wood shelf Simphome comA couple of thick, worn leather straps and two old wood boards are all that you need to make this beautiful floating shelf. It looks straight out of a thrift shop and creates the perfect conversation piece for your living room.

As always, the horizons are wide when it comes to customizing this to your liking. Colored leather, exotic leather, layered shelves, painted ones, we are already excited thinking about the ways in which this can be tweaked. And you can size it up or down folks.

12. Minimalist Concreate stool for your indoor garden plant

Houseplants do a lot more than cleaning the air. They can liven up a space with some much needed color and when displayed right, they can easily accentuate the aesthetics of the room. Here’s a minimalistic concrete stool that can be the perfect pedestal for your indoor plant. Have string of pearls? Swap those hanging pots for this concrete stool and let the cascading layered effect pop out.

All you need is some concrete and three wooden dowels. You can also paint this or add glass concrete aggregates to create a smooth countertop like surface.

11 ENGINEERING PRINTS INEXPENSIVE LARGE WALL ART Simphome comThis little inspiration will probably bring a new smile on your children’s face. At least for few weeks. I hope.

This idea requires 18×24 engineer prints, white-coated particleboard, wood stain, and Rust-Oleum Navy Blue Spray Paint.

First, call your local print shop before you proceed to the next step. It is important because printing images as an engineer print demand more inks and your print shop will probably reject your project. So, confirm them first.

Next, when you select your image, find photos with at least 25-50% white background area. If your favourite photos are too cluttered with various images, you can edit them first in photoshop or Gimp or let someone in Fiverr does the job for you for few dollars.

10. DIY side table
10 DIY side table winner of the Stelton raffle Simphome comThe precious few minutes of leisure on the couch can be interrupted if you have to reach out frequently for that mug of cuppa or for your snacks. This DIY side table solves the problem. It has legs that slide under your couch while the top of the table rests perfectly on the armrests of your sofa or club chair. It is incredibly easy to make and it looks stunning. Perfect for that weekend woodworking project.

P.S: If you intend to use this as a parking space for heavier objects, then you might want to attach the top to the legs using screws rather than using glue as mentioned in the tutorial.

9. DIY Decorative Vases with Shurgard
09 DIY DECORATIVE VASES WITH SHURGARD Simphome comA new décor item is only a ‘repurpose’ away. Put your old glass vases or even a tumbler or a utensil holder to good use and convert them into decorative vases. They can be so useful to store the tiny nick knacks that otherwise get lost in the labyrinth that homes tend to be.
Your tools will be spray paint for a stone or a glitter effect, some bamboo placemats and some glue. You can even create a cluster of these as planters for your indoor plants. More credit

8. DIY Bead Chandelier
08 DIY BEAD CHANDELIER Simphome comWe don’t blame you for drooling over pictures of a bead chandelier that went viral on social media. It does look drool worthy. The best part is that you don’t have to spend $500 to buy it online. With some spare time and some effort, you can make your own one. Here’s an easy DIY tutorial for you. You will need wooden beads of varying sizes, embroidery hoops, twine, scissors, some glue, drill, a handsaw and some pliers.

It sounds a lot more difficult than it is. If you have no experience with embroidery, then this is a great way to learn some of the basics. Oh, almost forgot! Total damage is less than $180. Amazing, isn’t it?

7. Himmeli DIY Light Fixture without welding
07 HIMMELI LIGHT FIXTURE DIY simphome comYou don’t really need to be a rye farmer to have a Himmeli light fixture hanging over your dining table. It’s one of the most ornate décor pieces that you can add to your home. But if you have been wondering how you’d be able to replicate those crazy geometrical patterns (we certainly did), then follow guide inside hyperlink.

This DIY light fixture guide gives you a complete blueprint to creating your own Himmeli light fixture. You make it out of lollipop sticks or thick plastic sticks that are hollow from the inside. At the end of the project, you will be left wonderstruck at how easy it turned out to be.

6. Terrazzo Attraction: Super-Easy DIY Magnet Tutorial
06 Terrazzo Attraction Super Easy DIY Magnet Tutorial Simphome comTerrazzo is making a comeback of sorts and why not. It’s versatile, cheap, durable and aesthetic. But if a home flooring remodel is out of bounds for now, then here’s an easier way to show your love for terrazzo. These Terrazzo styled magnets will add a speckle of color on your refrigerator door or just about any metallic surface that you fancy. The DIY is straightforward and they can be cut into a variety of geometric shapes.

5. Beautiful DIY Rope Planter
05 Beautiful DIY Rope Planter Simphome comThere’s something about rope that gives it a rustic charm when used for décor. Be it for hanging or for more creative purposes like this rope planter, it will surely make for a minimalistic, but interesting addition to your home. This DIY method uses ½” thick white cotton rope.

But the sky is the limit here. You can also experiment with thicker, colored varieties of rope to create this. Some hot glue and a planter to use a mold and you are done. The results will awe you.

4. Magic Magnetic Planter

Guess we can never have enough of magnets and planters. So we club the two to give you this amazing magic planter. It can be perfect for your indoor plants and it looks surreal when the planter can be mounted to any metallic surface without the need for hooks or screws. The method is a little labor intensive. But in the end, those floating planters make it completely worth the time. You can experiment with shapes, sizes and color.

P.S. Use milk paint and then sand the surface to create a vintage, distressed looking floating planter.

3. DIY Magnetic Picture Frame
03 DIY Magnetic Picture Frame Simphome comYeah, we warned you about our love for magnets. Here’s another project that gives you a svelte-looking picture frame for your favorite photographs or posters. A couple of wooden slats, magnets and a leather strap is all that it takes. It is uncomplicated, easy to mount and customize. You can change the picture at any time as well.

2. “DIY IT” A gold piple curtain Rod
02 DIY IT A gold piple curtain Rod Simphome comWhen it comes to using metallic décor, copper tops the list in popularity. And for good reason. It has an old world industrial charm to it and it acquires an amazing patina with time. If you were looking for inspiration to add some copper to your home, then here’s a DIY curtain rod that looks straight out of the boiler room of the Titanic.

It involves copper rods and you have the option to spray paint it with any metallic color of your choice. The author of the tutorial used gold spray paint. But personally, we prefer letting copper age naturally. Well, it’s up to you really. Here’s the preview for you anyway. And it looks stunning as always.

1. Rainbow Cloud Lamp (Vid) △

This rainbow cloud lamp is the stuff that party dreams are made of. It features an interactive light that syncs with your smartphone and flickers according to the beats of the songs you play. But that’s not it.

It looks like a cloud hanging in your room and if the track has thunder or lightning sounds, then the light pattern mimics a real thunder cloud. While the original light that was the inspiration for this tutorial costs well above $3000, this one can be made in less than $300. Don’t blame us if you want to make a bunch of these for all rooms in your home.


What do you think DIYers? How many of these crazy décor pieces are going to adorn your homes?

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10 Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Small bedroom decorating ideas are a list of those inspiring ideas related to how to decorate a small bedroom that you have in a nice and pleasing way. Having limited space of the bedroom doesn’t always guarantee that you will have cramped and also uncomfortable. It doesn’t always go the same way though. In fact, half of the total population who have limited space can still enjoy it and even they can find comfort from what they have. What people need to keep in mind is that efficiency is the key of everything. Whatever you are going to do can be solved when you pay attention about the efficiency.

Apparently, there are some ways that people can do in order to transform the whole bedroom into a cozy and comfortable place. When you have changed the entire look of your bedroom, you can compare the before and after process and which one you like better. Here is the complete guide about the 10 methods of how to decorate your small bedroom to be more appealing and also more attractive. What do these small bedroom decorating ideas provide? Of course you will be able to store those tiny stuffs that you have. There is one way that you can do to overcome this. It is by making corner shelves.

Corner shelves can be installed in your small bedroom since it can manage to hold some books, flower pots, photo framers, toys figurines, miniatures items, and many more. You can even make it by yourself based on the size that you would like to have, the color, the material, and even the place that you wish you could hang it in. Most of the time, people put too much attention on how to buy expensive things to improve the value of their bedroom, in fact something beautiful doesn’t have to be expensive as long as you know what to do. Thus, for more information you can click this link for the complete methods in decorating include shabby.

20 Organization Projects and decoration for a Small Living Room

20 Organization Projects and Decoration for Small Living Room via Simphome featured

There’s nothing more difficult to decorate than a compact living room. And if you hate every moment that you live in it, then maybe those large, shin-bruising clunkers that you call ‘furniture’ are to blame. Efficient organization is the key to living in small spaces. You have to minimize clutter and ensure that you redo your furniture and décor pieces in a way that it maximizes your available space, or at least creates an illusion of it.

Today I have for you list of 20 Organization Projects and decoration for your small living room include with a relevant video you can enjoy. By the end of this post, I hope you will be teeming with décor ideas and mostly, a more functional and aesthetic living room.

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20 How To Make a 3-in-1 Upholstered Tray Bench
20 How To Make a 3 in 1 Upholstered Tray Bench Simphome comThis upholstered tray bench can be repurposed from just about any unused wooden flat surface in your home, like a sewing bench, as this DIYer has done. And it is an incredibly versatile furniture piece that can be used as a bedside table, a lap desk or a seating surface.
All it takes is some 3” thick foam, a soft fabric for the upholstery and some hot glue. You can swap the regular foam for memory foam if the intended use is solely as a seating surface. If you will be using it more as a serving tray, then using a dark fabric will hide the occasional spill or two.

19 MID CENTURY INSPIRED PLANT STAND DIY Simphome comThis Mid-Century Inspired Plant Stand is minimalistic and sleek. More importantly, it requires zero woodworking skills. Some pre-cut wooden circles, three wooden dowels, L-brackets and some hot glue. You can then work on customizing the finish to your liking. The author recommends chalk paint and a good wood sealant. There’s so many ways in which you can personalize this. Add multiple circles, size up or size down, play with the height or make three of these in ascending lengths to create a cascading cluster of plant displays.

18. DIY Room Decor: How To Make A Steel Pipe Chandelier
18 DIY Room pipe chandelier Simphome comChandeliers need not always be ornate or decked with crystals. Here’s one with a rugged, chic look and its made from steel pipes. You can give it a coat of your favorite metallic color or just rust-protect it. It has disproportionate dimensions which further amplifies the barebones, industrial look. Pair it with retro-styled bulbs and you have the perfect complement for a farmhouse styled table or kitchen sink.

17. File holder to wall storage idea 🔊

Do you love repurposing old stuff and using it for décor hacks? Have an old file holder lying unused? You can turn it into a floating wall storage unit. It can hold books, your remote control and other small essentials that can otherwise look ungainly. As always, I recommend that you add your own bit of signature customization to make it pop out. Pair it with a flower vase and you have an aesthetic and functional addition to your living room.

16. Combined your space with Open Bedroom idea
16 Combined your space with Open Bedroom idea Simphome comWhoever said that homes needed to have walls? Check out this micro-apartment design that neatly integrates the bedroom within the living room. Not only does it make the apartment look much bigger than it actually is, it also keeps things bright and airy by allowing unabridged airflow. At the same time, the bedroom looks like a separate portion entirely due to the elevated loft design. Perfect for the empty nesters or small nuclear families.

15. Garden DIY: Mounting a Staghorn Fern
15 Garden DIY Mounting a Staghorn Fern Simphome comVertical farming has really taken off and it isn’t uncommon to find walls adorned with wall mounted indoor plants these days. If you have always wondered how to achieve the look, then here’s some inspiration for you. This DIY technique allows you to wall mount your favorite indoor plant. In this case, it’s a staghorn fern. But you can mount staghorn, bromeliads and epiphytes. I have even seen orchids mounted on the wall. Oh, all that it takes is a piece of old wood, the plant and some wet moss. Inexpensive but effective.

14. Build Mini Green house glass for your indoor plant 🔊

Indoor plant décor ideas continue to impress me and several other DIY bloggers. Here’s another very interesting one. Use some old photo frames to create a stylish greenhouse for your plants. While the basic idea is to create one that looks like a miniaturized green house, you can go one step ahead of the curve and experiment with shapes. Round, square, rectangle, whatever works. Put your arts and crafts experience to good use. The results can be stunning to say the least. (Play video to preview missing source of this list)

13.How to Make a Pretty DIY Window Privacy Screen
13 How to Make a Pretty DIY Window Privacy Screen Simphome comCurtains and drapes are so passé. Privacy screens are the order of the day and why buy off the shelves when you can customize them? This DIY tutorial shows you how to make a privacy screen that can be moved up or down or just removed altogether when you are craving for some extra solar energy. It’s a fun DIY activity and you can choose a sheer or a thicker fabric depending on the amount of diffused light that you wish to let into the room.

12 25 SOFA TABLE TUTORIAL Simphome comWhen you are crunched for space and every square inch in the house is a premium, then you’ll love the practicality that this super sleek sofa table brings. It remains wedged in between the wall and the sofa, almost working like a headrest shelf for the sofa. You can park your wine glass as well as store books, flower vases or anything else that you need within arm’s reach. Certainly beats having to get up from the couch during your personal leisure lazing. As always, the sizing is just what best suited the author. You can always customize it to your liking.

11. Build hanging corner shelf
11 Build hanging corner shelf Simphome comCorners are the most underutilized spaces in a house and they can be the perfect place for some additional storage. At the same time, they need not look frumpy as this hanging corner shelf design shows us. This is a very practical design that allows the shelves to be moved up or down if need be. Independent shelf brackets support the shelves, which can be used to store books or décor pieces. If this is the first time you are installing hanging shelves that can be moved up or down, then those channels are called ‘Standards’.

10. IKEA hack painting ideas 🔊

Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh paint of coat to restore a forlorn furniture piece. But we know what you are thinking. Sanding, priming, painting, it’s a chore that you’d best avoid. Here’s an easier solution. This IKEA painting hack allows you to quick-paint your favorite furniture piece without sanding or priming it. All that it takes is two coats of any milk or chalk paint and a coat of sealant to protect it. Gives the furniture a vintage look. You can sand it slightly (completely optional), if you wish to achieve a distressed look. Pair it with brass hardware to complete the hack. Cheap and effective. More about IKEA makeover is here, here, and here.

9. DIY Leather and Brass Teardrop Hanging Planter
9 DIY Leather and Brass Teardrop Hanging Planter Simphome comThis leather and brass teardrop hanging planter draws inspiration from the Himmeli geometric structures that are a rage with interior designers, particularly in contemporary décor themes. Some brass tubing, a leather strap and a planter of your choice, you are all set to create this teardrop planter.

As always, customization is only limited by your imagination. There are umpteen ways to add your personal touch. Spray color the tube, fiddle with the geometric shape or just go contrasting with the leather strap. Like everything Himmeli, you’d be spending a fair amount of time creating the shape. But in the end, it will be a refreshing change from the normal planters.

8. Convert Bookcases into Built-Ins
8 Convert Bookcases into Built Ins Simphome comBookcases bring balance and symmetry to a room, especially if there are two of them flanking your center piece, like a television for instance. With this DIY hack, you can convert them into a built in case instead that looks like a seamless extension of your wall. It looks like an expensive bespoke furniture piece and is an easy weekend project that can be completed in a few dedicated hours. Ensure that you get the measurements right before you begin procuring the materials needed for the remodel.

7.Simple DIY Leaning Desk 🔊

This simple leaning desk has clean lines and an almost geometric design that saves space and looks equally good. It has a thick, flat desktop surface for a work desk or for a study desk for kids. You can customize the height depending on the type of chair you have or just use it as a walking desk instead. Most importantly, the manual is straightforward and will cost less than $50 with the finish and stain. That’s much lesser than what a similar desk would cost at IKEA or any other retail outlet.

6. wall of bookshelves
6 wall of bookshelves Simphome comWhat’s better than a conventional bookshelf or a built-in one? It’s a wall full of floating shelves that to neatly flaunt your books. We love floating shelves and this one creates perfectly aligned rows and columns of shelving that can even accommodate your décor pieces. Creating it is as easy as buying (or DIYing) pre-cut shelves, and hanging them on the wall. The instructions are given to the minutest detail.

5. An engaging reading Corner
5 An engaging reading Corner Simphome comHow do you create the perfect reading corner in a room? Well, for starters, it needs to be well lit. So, a corner next to the window is the perfect position. You can use sheer curtains to diffuse the lights or drapes if you wish to cut it out completely for a mid-read nap. Use a corner shelf or a floating bookshelf so that you have your books handy at all times.

A compact sofa or a lounge chaise with plush armrests will keep you good company. For the night owls, there’s the option to add a ground lamp which can be blended with either the couch or the curtain upholstery to create harmony. And if you are too bored to rack your brains too much, then here’s everything on a platter for you.

4. DIY Geometric Bowls
4 DIY Geometric Bowls Simphome comThese DIY Geometric bowls might appear too arts and craftsy to some. But it solves one of the biggest challenges one faces in a home. Organizing the tiny things. Things that tend to disappear into thin air. And these are so easy to make that we wonder why anybody wouldn’t want a few on their desk.Office supplies, jewelry, hair clips, there are tons of things that can be stored in these. You’ll be glad that you made one.

P.S. You can download the template and just cut it out according to the instructions. That’s a no-brainer.

3. DIY 3 D Mirrors – Diamonds for your walls
3 DIY 3 D Mirrors Diamonds for your walls Simphome comThis is one of my personal favorites. These diamond-shaped 3D mirror decorative art, reflects light and makes the room appear bigger than it is. It can be used just about anywhere in the house from the living room to the bathroom.

You can even club it with a floating shelf or an indoor plant to create a cool reflective effect. Remember that amazing rain cloud smart light that we shared with you? Hang it right above this for an amazing array of reflections in a dark room. The idea will give you sense of achievement without breaking your bank.

2. Make 3d Floral wall art by Michaels 🔊

I have enough of indoor plants and decorative planters for a while. Here’s something that looks equally good but is super low on maintenance. This is the 3D Floral Wall art that’s incredibly fun to make. All you need is a bunch of faux florals and a 3D art canvas. With your focus, you should have a 3D floral bouquet in less than 10 minutes. I assume it will looks great on any wall.

Tip: You can even use the florals to create a 3D tiara on your favorite photo. Just cut the floral at the bud and hot glue it to the photos.

1. DIY Shadow Box 🔊

Here’s a little DIY tutorial for a coffee/side table with its own shadow box. The shadow box has an openable lid that can be made of heavy duty glass and a sufficiently deep compartment that can be used for décor or for storage. And despite looking like a cumbersome project, this tutorial makes it so easy even for beginner woodworkers. If you have an old coffee table that can do with a fresh lease of life, then go ahead and convert it into a shadow boxed one right now.

That’s it folks. How’d that go?

I hope to see some comments and suggestions as well of how these turned out for you.

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Can you even imagine being a guest who is going to come to your house by having high expectation and when you did come the living room that you spend most of your time looks plain and also unattractive at all? That might be one of the reasons that you need to know some ways on how to update your living room. Trust me, by updating your living room your soul will be replenished and your will start to have fresh and brand new living room. You will be totally pleased in welcoming all of your guests.

It will be started by cleaning all parts of the living room. It includes the area under the living room furniture, places under the carpet, the windows, the tables, the chairs, and everything. Then you can change the placement of the living room furniture to start new. In order to bring some colors into your living room at home, you can add some decorative pillows in bright colors to bring the playful vibe into it. For the wall arts, you can have some ideas such as adding the wall painting, wall letters in big size, or wall decorative items. What about you? Check hyperlink for more detail!

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333 Small Kitchen ideas, Organization, and Kitchen Designs

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How to optimize a small kitchen room? Yes, this kind of question will mostly appear in your mind when you run out of the idea in expanding the space in your kitchen. As kitchen will be the most visited and used place of all places at home, it is quite necessary to optimize the space of the kitchen so that all of the cooking experience and cooking preparation can be done in a relaxing way. The fact that people would be likely used by the people is that they can do nothing about changing the small size of their kitchen room.

Yes, in this long list you are going to get a lot of information on how to optimize a small kitchen room. It is mostly about how you will use the space of your kitchen in an optimal way so that all of the cooking utensils and the food stock can be stacked up in a perfect way. You can make a bottle becomes a push up jar. You can build some shelves to be your useful spices and herbs shelves. When you have plain wall, you can take use of this space to build three layers shelves for the spices or also herbs. This is very essential especially for those who enjoy cooking and they can’t live without cooking every single day.

There would be more than 10 amazing tricks that you can do it at home which will bring a lot of impacts for your kitchen. It may be simple but it will give you more space at the kitchen. The main thing to highlight is that you need to take use of the plain wall to be used as the place either for shelves, can storage, or anything. It is very important to know how to optimize a small kitchen room. Read more by clicking this link.

20 Lit Small Bedroom Organizing Ideas Worth Trying

Small bedroom organizing Simphome com 2

Having a small bedroom isn’t bad at all – in fact, it’s cozy and warm. If you too have a small bedroom, you know that it has its advantages. However, lack of space can be troubling at times, especially if you cannot organize your room the way you want to.

The good news is that effective solutions exist; with a bit of creativity, some free time, and basic skills, you can transform your small bedroom, making it your favorite place in the house.

Below, you’ll find the list of 20 lit small bedroom organizing ideas worth trying and a video related to our topic. Apart from making your bedroom look its best, you’ll have a lot of fun doing these amusing do-it-yourself projects.

Also, since the main point of DIY projects is to make something beautiful without spending a lot, you will be able to save money, enhance your skills, and decorate your bedroom at the same time.

FYI, this list comes in 2 different presentation format, list section (include with a super relevant video), and relevant video section. If you are video person, I suggest you to visit this page and save your browsing time.




1-20 List of ideas
1-20 List of ideas

20. DIY Suspended Wooden Shelf
DIY Suspended Wooden Shelf via simphomeIf your bedroom is too small to accommodate a big shelf, consider building a suspended wooden shelf that will take up less space. Place it against the wall, and it will give your room a modern, airy feel.

To build the shelf, you’ll need galvanized pipes with threads at both ends, wooden planks, braided sisal rope, some basic tools such as a wooden clamp and drilling machine, as well as some glue and screws.

All you need to do is assemble the rod, measure the drill holes, secure the boards together, drill the holes in them, and sand them. Then, hang the rod, tie the ropes on it, tie the first shelf on the ropes, and make sure that the shelf is level. Finally, make decorative reels at the top, and your shelf is complete!

19. DIY Ikea Drawer to Bed Hack
19 DIY Ikea drawer to bed hack Simphome comIKEA drawers are everyone’s favorite; they are handy and good-looking at the same time. But, did you know that they can be made into a bed? That’s right, with a few straightforward steps, you can transform these practical drawers into the bed of your dreams.

You’ll only need a drilling machine, a cordless screwdriver, a cutter, and a pencil for this project. Position your drawers, making a stable frame for your bed. Then, connect the drawers with angles. Add the slatted frame by gluing it to the bed frame, and you’ll have completed your new bed. Simply add a mattress, and you can start resting. Oh, and one more thing – you can still use the drawers for storage; just make sure that they are facing the right way. (Video link)

18. A Closet Loft
18 HOW TO BUILD A CLOSET LOFT Simphome comA closet doesn’t have to be a boring storage area – it can be a fun loft, too! Your kids will love spending time there, and you will enjoy seeing them play.

To get started, remove the upper shelf to make room for the loft and take the clothes bar down. Next, measure the wall and decide on the height for the loft. Find studs and attach a 2×4 piece of wood where you want your base to be.

Attach another two 2×4 side pieces to the wall, making sure that everything’s level. To support the box you created, you need to add cross supports. Then, cut plywood, trim it out, and attach it to the front of 2×4. Finally, build a ladder, install foam and fabric, and let your kids have fun!

17. DIY Metal Wall Grid
17 DIY METAL WALL GRID Simphome comA metal wall grid can make any wall look modern and interesting. What’s more, it doesn’t take up a lot of space, and it is easy to make. Also, you can get a metal grid for a couple of dollars.

To prepare it, pry off the metal brackets, sand off the rust (if there’s any), wipe it down, and give it a couple of coats of spray paint. Once it dries, you can hang it on your wall and start decorating. That’s when the fun begins!

You can add photos, notes, quotes, and you can even hang your keys or sunglasses on the grid. Also, putting a wall clock on it will look very modern.

16. A Leather Mail Organizer
16 How to make leather mail Organizer Simphome comOrganizers are a godsend – they are a perfect tool to help you keep your clutter in order. Not only that, they can be a stylish addition to any home. And you don’t have to buy expensive ones; you can make your own wood and leather mail organizer!

Firstly, gather your materials. You’ll need a wood plank, leather, brass nails, sandpaper, clear gloss polyurethane, a plain brush, paper towels, mounting hardware, and adhesive foam squares. Then, cut out the pockets from the leather, coat your board in polyurethane, mark where you want your pockets to be, put the leather in place with folded edges on the bottom, and add the nails. Next, drill holes for hanging wire, put your organizer on the wall, and you are all done!

15. Hidden Rolling Dresser Drawer

(Play video for different presentation style)

You can never have enough storage room, right? Luckily, even with limited space, you can make some additional space with this creative and easy idea.

Simply use any old case of drawers you have, take the drawers out, remove all hardware, and paint them in your favorite color. Then, add some wheels on the bottom and a fancy knob in the front. Place your rolling drawers under your bed and enjoy the extra space!

14. Hexagon Shelf
14 Hexagon Shelf How To Simphome comHexagon shelves are an eye candy! Plus, you can make your own in whatever color(s) you want and use them to store some small items. Plus, they are simple, cheap, and fun to make.

Buy 12 hexagonal mirrored tiles, 12 hexagonal gift boxes, and 12 pieces of double-sided wall mounting tape – that’s all you’ll need for this project. Arrange the boxes and make a pattern of your choice. Using the tape, attach each box to the center of each tile. Then, hang everything on your wall, and your project is completed.

13. Rolling Storage Crates
13 Making Your Own Rolling Storage Crates simphome comStorage units can be pretty expensive, and they can take up a lot of space, which is never good news for small bedroom owners. Fortunately, there are creative solutions that will help you gain more storage room without making your room too cluttered.

If you have some extra space under your bed, consider making rolling storage crates. Your crates should fit perfectly under your bed, leaving no unused space. Gather the wood for your crates, cut it in pieces and stain it. Then, use a drill to make crates, and add wheels on the bottom once you’re done. If you want to, spray paint your crates and add hardware once they dry.

12. Underbed Storage Idea by sawdust2stitches
12 Underbed storage idea by sawdust2stitches Simphome comHere’s another storage idea for under your bed. This one will really give you a lot of space, but it’s best to apply it on a bed that you don’t use on a daily basis. If you have a guest bed, that’s a perfect place for this storage idea.

Build a platform from wood pieces, attach legs to it, and make a base. Next, add OSB (you will probably need to cut it to fit the platform), and place the whole structure under the bed. To hide all the clutter, consider sewing a faux bed skirt – that will do the trick.

11. Sliding Door Under $40
11 Sliding door under 40 Simphome comWhen lack of space is an issue, sliding doors can be a convenient solution. If you think such doors are expensive, you are mistaken; you can build your own sliding door for less than $40.

You’ll need two plumbing flanges, one plumbing angle bracket, a plumbing pipe, three hinged loops, two sheets of masonite, one bundle of 2×2’s, two small wheels, assorted nails, 20 wood screws, and some really basic tools.

Using a drill or a screwdriver, build the frame first. Then, add wheels, hinged loops, the pipe, angles, and flanges. Level your door, mark holes for the screws, and attach the plumbing hardware to the wall. That’s it; you can now check if your door is working properly.

10. Bedside Pocket Organizer
10 Bedside Pocket Organizer Simphome comPocket organizers are endlessly cute, but also very useful. Instead of buying expensive ones in fancy stores, sew up one on your own.

First of all, pick a material for your pocket organizer – you can either choose one and use it on all pockets or pick different fabrics for each pocket. Make the binding and start to sew. Also, don’t forget to use Soft and Stable from ByAnnie’s on the inside of your organizer. Once you’re done, use a non-slip shelf liner – it will help keep the organizer under the mattress.

9. Comfy Pillow Beds

(Play video for different presentation style)

If you love being extra comfy, try making this simple pillow bed that will make your leisure time the most relaxing experience.

Take two pillowcases, and pin top edges together. Then, add a third pillowcase, and pin bottom edges together. Take the fourth one and pin on the top again. Next, sew pinned edges together and attach a handle. Stuff your pillowcases with pillows and your bed of pillows will be completed!

8. Old Cabinets to Two Bunk Beds with Storage for Girls
Old Cabinets to Two Bunk Beds with Storage for Girls via simphomeIf your daughters are sharing a small room, you know how problematic that can be. While bunk beds might be convenient, kids often fight who will sleep on which bed; also, the bed provides no storage.

However, there’s a way to create enough storage room and have two separate beds for your girls’ room. How? Believe it or not, by using kitchen cabinets! You can get any cheap old cabinets, paint them, and use them as mattress platforms. Apart from being extremely useful, the cabinets will look very cool. Also, your daughters will get to sleep on their unique beds and have all the extra storage for their clothes and toys.

7. Over-the-Door Organizer Turned into Bedside Storage
07 Over the Door Organizer Turned Bedside Storage Simphome comIf you have no place where to put your books, magazines, or your phone, and you don’t have enough space for a nightstand in your bedroom, consider turning an over-the-door organizer into a bedside storage.

Fold the over-the-door storage in half and cut it with scissors. Put a rope through the holes on the top and use it to secure the organizer under your mattress, around the bed frame. That’s it! You now have extra bedside storage.

6. Updated Kitchen Command Center
06 Updated Kitchen Command Center Simphome comWhile a chalkboard may be convenient, it doesn’t look as good as a modern kitchen organizer. In a few simple steps, you can create this gorgeous command center and make your kitchen look its best.

Mounting the wall organizer is easy, and adding and removing the accessories is even easier. In addition, the organizer is portable, and it has many sorting options.

Simply hang it on your wall, add some folders, files, little drawers, a small whiteboard, pictures, or whatever you like.

5. DIY: Bed on Wheels
05 DIY Bed on Wheels Simphome comIf you love rearranging the furniture in order to find the perfect place for each piece in your room, you should make this portable bed on wheels. Apart from having a cool bed, you’ll be able to move it around with ease.

Gather all the materials you’ll need for your desired bed size, and start working! When it comes to tools, you’ll only need the basics. Lay out the frame and start drilling. When you finish, flip the bed frame upside down and add the wheels. You can pick some fun ones, in vivid colors or patterns. Then, paint the frame, let it dry, and wipe it with a damp cloth. Add the mattress and your bed will be ready to use!

4. Open Concept Rustic Modern Tiny House with Small Bed
04 Open Concept Rustic Modern Tiny House with small bed Simphome comEven when the space is very limited, a wide, open feeling can be achieved. But, if you love sleeping on a nice comfy bed, you might be wondering if it’s possible to get the open concept without compromising on your bed.

The answer is yes! All you need to do is elevate your bed using garage door sliding hardware and lift system. That way, you can save space during the day, and lower your bed at night to sleep on it. It’s very easy – you can move it with a push of a button. More and more

3.Do-It-Yourself Bed with Drawers
03 Do It Yourself Bed With Drawers Simphome comDrawers are many people’s favorite storage solutions. They provide ample space while looking subtle and modern. Plus, you can put them almost anywhere. To make more room in your bedroom, you can build a platform bed with drawers.

To get started, you’ll need a lot of plywood, wood shims, lumber, glue, screws, drawer slides, etc. When it comes to tools, the list is pretty long, so make sure that you have everything you need.

Building both the base and the drawers can be a bit challenging for a beginner, so consider getting an additional pair of hands for this project.
More detail follow hyperlink inside subhead.

2. DIY Upside-Down Optical Illusion Bookshelf

(Play video for different presentation style)

Why buy a regular bookshelf when you can build one that nobody else has? Build your shelf upside-down, and all of your guests will ask you where you got it from.

Take a wood plank, paint it in your favorite color, and let it dry. Then, take some elastic bands and tape them with a stapler in the middle of the wood plank, as densely as possible. The bands should fit your books, so check before you staple them. Lastly, attach shelf brackets, and hang your shelf on the wall. Add your books, and your upside-down shelf is complete!

1. DIY Floating Organizer

(Play video for different presentation style)

If you have no room for a closet, you can make a floating organizer easily. Take a hardwood round dowel, drill two holes one inch from both ends, and stain the dowel. Once it dries, take two paracords, make a knot, and put the cords through the holes. Add metal rings on the top of the paracords, secure with a knot, and hang the dowel on a heavy-duty ceiling hook.

Add some S-hooks, and you’re done! You can hang your clothes, bags, backpacks, etc. without occupying a lot of space in your bedroom. What’s more, you can hang these floating organizers in your kitchen, bathroom, and hallway, too.


In this section you’ll learn relevant ideas pictured from different perspective. I featured this gallery with some footage, voice overs, and little animation. I hope you’ll like it and it gives you a reason to return to this blog in near future.

That’s it guys, Thanks for investing your time here and I hope see you again later.

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Storage solutions 1 simphome.comStorage solution is highly needed by a lot of people who lacks of space. Storage will always cause problems for those who can’t manage their limited space well. It works the same either you are a boy or a girl, a man or a woman, this kind of problem exists in reality. A boy needs space to store all kinds of toys figurines, cars replica, tools to work as mechanic, and many other things. A girl needs a lot more space to keep all their beautiful and colorful dresses, shoes, headbands, cute dolls, their lovely teddy bears and also Barbie, their cooking equipment, and also book.

Similarly a young man and woman need to have more space since they need to have more responsibility in life. Although the fact is that they do not have dolls or toys figurine anymore but they change it in different version of satisfaction. How to handle this kind of situation then? You will get some hints on how to manage a lot of things with limited storage. This storage solution will help you in having cleaner and neater room!

There would be for about 15 ways related to manage the storage that you have. For the girls or young woman who likes buying shoes, they can have the idea of the shoes storage bench. Thus you will save the space for both shoes storage and the bench since you will get two functions in a product. For young man or boys who like playing cables or pretending to be a mechanic, you can take use of your ceiling where it can be the best part for storing the long cables which take up a lot of space in your room! If you think that this information isn’t enough, you can click this link for further information.
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15 Storage Solution [Part 2]

Storage Solution ideas 2 via simphomeContinuing to the previous storage solution in part 1, people really need more space where they think they could provide space for all of their stuffs. This solution works in relation to the efficiency that it has nothing to do with something luxurious or expensive to make it happen. In the previous article, you will get some basic information on how to trick this storage issue in your house. By following all of the methods in previous article, you will have neat house and you will have a new look of your house.

However, in this storage solution part 2 has more than that. It has all the information about the extension of the previous articles. Here, you will be able to have the storage solution in dealing with the industrial tools which are very strong that this storage would be able to lift and not have the chance of dropping it. The materials that will be used aren’t going to be very hard to make since most of you will already have it as your own property at home.

One of what you will get from this storage solution part 2 is how to store the toys for your children. When you have so many containers about different toys for children and you have no more idea on how to manage, you have come to the right place. By making your own storage cabinets for your kids, everything seems so simple and neat. You will also be able to teach them to tidy up their toys after using. It is very practical for all of you to try at home. How to make it? Do I need to have a lot of experiences to make one? By clicking this link, you will find a way to make this toys storage and cabinets.

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20 Smart DIY Hidden Storage Ideas That Keep Your Clutter in check

20 Smart DIY Hidden Storage Ideas that keep your Clutter in check via simphome featured

Take a walk around your home. What do you see? I see potential storage spaces that are lying dormant waiting to be tapped into. And what better way to do it than a DIY hack.

Today, I’ve got 20 of my favorite hidden storage ideas for you that will keep the clutter in check without the need for fancy, shin-bruising furniture pieces listed by simphome. If you want to visit author of these DIYs simply follow hyperlink inside sub heading. and if you want prefer enjoying this list in a video format, visit this page


1-20 List of ideas
1-20 List of ideas

#20 – Drawers in the steps
20 Drawers in the steps via simphomeGot stairs at home? Turn them into nifty storage spaces for all the extra essentials that are struggling for room. It’s easy as well. Measure the dimensions, from top to bottom of each stair tread and between the stringers. Grab a 5/8” MDF board. Cut the panels and hot glue them. Add drawer slides and you are all set. Even better, make a false bottom in the drawer. You can use any item that you’d normally store in the drawer as a handle and use it to lift the bottom up. Great place to sneak in some cash (or your shoes).

#19 – Storage Chaise Lounge
Storage Chaise Lounge Simphome com 19A chaise lounge chair is a perfect way to turn any unused corner of your room into your personal kickback-and-relax space. Even better if it can store some clutter. All that you need is some hardwood for the frames, a few schmancy saws and some elbow grease on a weekend. Net damage? $150 at best. Certainly beats those $1000 chaise lounge chairs on sale in big box ticket stores.

Tip: Work on the headrest first and go creative with the upholstery.
If nobody else does, your dog will thank you the most.

#18 – Piano Shelf Sculptural Wooden Wall
Simphome comPianoShelfbySebastianErrazuriz 18You have to hand it over to Sebastian Errazuriz, the Chilean designer who came up with this amazing, multi-functional, and aesthetic furniture piece.

At first glance, it’s a row of wooden frames attached to the wall that resemble piano keys. But each key contains a neatly concealed screw that when tuned (rotated) allows it to be lowered to a preset level, instantly converting it into a wall shelf. It can be used to store just about anything, from books to art pieces.

Focal point? You’ve got it.

Storage? It has you covered.

How about the Piano Shelf as your next weekend DIY woodworking project?

#17 – Apothecary Media Console with Storage Doors
Apothecary Media Console with Storage Doors Simphome com 17A media console can be a dumpster for your videos, games, remotes, cables, joysticks and whatnot. Or else, it can be sleek, stylish and complement the rest of the furniture pieces neatly concealing everything inside.

Enter the Apothecary media console with storage. The Apothecary design draws eyeballs and ensures that there’s no dearth of drawers for organizing your stuff. But despite the sophisticated appearance, this DIY design is immensely easy to make. A few hours on a weekend and you can completely transform your living room.

Tip: Use Annie Sloan’s chalk paint to create a distressed, vintage looking apothecary that would make an old world pharmacist proud.

#16 – Makers Light, Shelf & Power Box
Makers Light ShelfPower Box Simphome com 16Have a workbench that’s in desperate need of a makeover? Here’s a stylish and practical solution. This is the ultimate Maker’s box. It’s got an integrated power box, an integrated LED with a glare guard that bounces the light off the back wall and a ledge that serves as a parking space for your wireless speakers, headsets or collectibles.

Despite sounding like it’d take a lot of work, all it takes is a few hours to get this protean furniture piece ready. And it’s cheap. What’s stopping you from getting one for your workspace?

#15 – Floating Corner Shelf with Drawers
Floating Corner Shelf with Drawers Simphome com 15Corners are the most underused spaces in homes. With some creativity, you can add some attractive shelves with drawers thrown in for good measure. Here’s an idea right here.

What makes these amazing corner shelves standout from more common designs is that the brackets are hidden making them appear like they are floating. Two rails for each drawer ups the maximum weight limit. The shelf on top is wide enough to store books, vases, frames. Name it. And it can be made in less than hundred bucks. Looks great, works equally well. Go and get to work folks.

#14 – Recycled furniture

(Play video for more detail)

Have an old, outdated suitcase at home? Here’s an easy DIY hack to convert it into a comfortable chair.It can save you some dough and it looks straight out of an antique store. Save those popsicle sticks and stack them up to create a dainty, octagonal wall shelf. Create four of these and you have an easy storage solution that looks stunning. This DIY video gives you some great furniture ideas that can be made at a fraction of the cost of what it’d cost you if you were to buy it off the shelf.

#13 – Flip Down Wall Shelf
flip down wall shelf simphome comThis flip down wall shelf draws inspiration from the piano key shelf that I mentioned earlier. A very similar design, this one features individual wooden pieces that can be flipped downwards and used as storage shelves. When not in use, fold them upwards and they are a contemporary, aesthetic addition to your room. The best part is that making them is as easy as crafting a few identical pieces of wood. And you can customize the arrangement of the shelves every day.

#12 – Boxing ring inspired Side board
Boxing ring inspired Side board Simphome com 12This boxing ring inspired side board is minimalistic, stylish ,and creative. At first glance, it’s just another side board shelf made of plywood and turned legs. But when the elastic cords are added, it creates a very unique looking storage space that’s reminiscent of the old world Murphy Radios with the horizontal lines. Apart from the aesthetics, it allows you quick access to the stuff stored inside. Just pull the cords apart and grab your books.

#11 – Key Storage hack
Key Storage hack Simphome com 11Keys, those pesky little things that have an uncanny knack to go missing when you most need them. Not anymore. This floating wall mounted key console with a nested drawer is a great place to store your keys and other quick-access things. It is ridiculously easy to make and can blend in with most décor themes. There’s a hundred different ways to customize it as well. Swap those frumpy key holders for this swanky storage hack.

#10 – Wooden Crate Headboard with extra hidden space
Wooden Crate Headboard with extra hidden space Simphome com 10If you live in a micro apartment, then finding room for add-on furniture pieces like side tables is a challenge. And where on earth will you park your stuff if not on the side table? This storage hack allows you to tuck all those things behind the headboard of the bed. And there’s enough room for your cell phone, books, water bottles, iPad and more. It’s extremely easy to make as well.

Grab a wooden table top (if the bed doesn’t have a head board), some plywood pieces that can be used as shelves, some screws and you are all set. You can add as many shelves as you want to. They are easily accessible and stay hidden from public view. With some basic prep work, you can complete this DIY hack in few hours.

#9 – The Wooden Cloth Table
Wooden Cloth dackelidformcreativetable Simphome com 9Designers like Nathalie Dackelid are stretching the boundaries of conventional woodworking by applying some smart thinking and making the most of technology. One of her most popular creations is this folding table called ‘The Wooden Cloth’.

Strange name? Blame it on the incredibly creative design that literally rolls to expand and fold. It’s not a conventional drop-leaf design mind you. There are a series of prism-shaped wooden pieces that are connected together with rubber cords. When you need some extra space for storage, just grab the handle and pull it to expand the table. The prism-shaped wooden pieces roll out neatly and seamlessly integrate to create a stable, wobble free surface.

#8 – Fold Up wall desk
How to craft fold up wall desk Simphome com 8This Fold UP wall Desk is an amplified version of the Drop front desk shared earlier in this list. It is spacious and can easily accommodate a full-sized desktop computer with ample room left for extras. You can throw in your wireless speakers, add some extra shelves for books, DVDs, gaming consoles and the likes.  Everything stays concealed eliminating clutter. And it can be built on a shoe string budget with some plywood.

#7 – Contemporary Mid-Century Book Case
Architecture design muuuz magazine blog decoration interieur art maison architecte olivier chabaud max etagere edition compagnie hetre enfant bois 7Architect Olivier Chabaud takes an old midcentury bookcase and does away with the panels on all four sides. The result is this contemporary take on the classic design or even vintage (Some might think so). A series of interconnected MDF boxes and beech shelves make for an eye-pleasing storage space that will fit right into your living room or bedroom. There’s ample room for books and décor pieces and you are free to experiment with colors and finishes. The simplistic design means that it’s a DIYers dream.

#6 – The Ultimate Craftsmen’s working space
The Ultimate Craftsmen working space Simphome com 6This workbench created by Laura Mrkša’s is perfect for most weekend warriors dabbling in arts and crafts, jewelry making, or other hobbies. Made of hardwood, it features a fixed center as the work space with modular drawers for storage inserted into rasters on either side of it. Allows the hobbyist to get quick access to their tools and materials. And the modularity due to the rasters allow the storage boxes to be custom arranged in just about any way. Translucent covers complete with is a functional, durable and space-saving design.

#5 – Floating storage shelf that transforms into a work desk
How to craft fold up wall desk Simphome com 8We can’t have enough of work desks. Can we? Especially when they are multifunctional pieces, like this floating storage shelf from Michael Hilgers. Made from solid oak (you can use MDF or plywood too), this serves as a compact floating bookshelf until the hinged top section drops down to create a work desk surface. I haven’t seen a more practical design that looks neat and serves the purpose. Height can be adjusted according to your preferences.

#4 – Drop-Front Desk
Drop front desk Simphome comI love this modernist take on the old secretary’s desk.This is a wall hanging drop-front desk that saves space that would otherwise be gobbled up by a conventional desk with a hutch. This smart, functional desk has a hinged drop front surface that can be used for writing or as a desktop.When not in use, it folds up and conceals the shelves and cubbies inside which can be used for storage. The top surface of the shelf can be used to store your décor accessories. It’s easy to adjust the height of the surface depending on whether you work sitting or standing.

#3 – DIY Cloud Bookshelf Ledges
cloud bookshelf ledges Simphome com 3These Cloud Bookshelf ledges look so beautiful that most people would mistake to it be an expensive IKEA furniture piece. In reality though, this is something that most people can rig in less than “estimated” an hour and in less than $40. A wooden board, some pieces of MDF, some screws, and some milk paint. You are all set to float your favorite books in the clouds.

#2 – DIY Pop up pen Organizer

(Play video for detail)

This pop up pen organizer is perfect for arts and crafts students who have to deal with a hundred different pencils and crayons. It is roomy and features a bunch of compartments that allow you to organize your stuff. Need those charcoal pencils the most? Store them in a compartment that’s closest to you. Segregate and store those graphite pencils according to their grade.

This pop up organizer ensures that you don’t misplace your pens and pencils and you can also add a small box lock to safely tuck away your stuff after use. It can be built in a couple of hours on a weekend.

#Number 1 – Easy False-Bottom drawer

(Play video for more detail)

Fancy a false bottom drawer that can safeguard your personal effects from prying eyes? Here’s one that doesn’t require you to grease your elbows too much.  A wood sheet that matches the exact dimension of your drawer’s bottom panel, some wine corks, a tube of industrial glue and some creativity will transform into your personal hidden storage space. You can swap the wine corks for something else if you want the hidden compartment to have more depth. Either ways, it’s the easiest hack to a false-bottom drawer that I’ve ever come across.

Tip: Be really creative with the handle.


Press play button and you’ll find a video presentation related to topic we are discussing right now

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IKEA table hacks grant all of those wishes that people have when they want to have their ideal table at home. They don’t want to have that common look of their tables since it won’t be attractive and also interesting to look. Are you looking for the standard one, the modern one, the fashionable one, the stylish one, or the industrial look? These table hacks have everything that meets your requirements to be the ideal table.

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28 Clever IKEA Chair Hacks

IKEA Chair makeovers video via simphome featuredWhat would you feel when you get a lot of information about the IKEA chair hacks? Will you feel excited and glad because you are going to improve the value of your house after getting to know these hacks? Having wooden chairs will never hurt anyone but having much better chair will bring you satisfaction and also pleasure that you might have sought everywhere. You will have no more boring chairs as you will give different touch to every single piece into all of your chairs at home.

Just let me know what kind of chair that belongs to your favorite and ideal chair. When you want to have the monochrome kind of chair, these IKEA chair hacks would be the source you really need to know. You will get to see a wide range of unique and modern chairs that will enlighten your living room and those other rooms that are added with these chairs. Let say like the marble IKEA chair that makes the room look cozier and much friendlier than before, you can apparently make your own version at home by following these hacks.

Seriously, you will never end up regretting after coming here. We will excitedly share this good news to all of you to make your house value gets improved too. Even when you want to make your own version of sling chair or lazy chair, you can even make it on your own and choose your own fabric to make this kind of chair. Although you might be unfamiliar in doing this kind of craftsmanship, you will end up having one at the end. Another chair that you can find out from those 28 ideas is bedside chair. This kind of chair might have plain look since it is made up of wood and it looks totally similar to those chairs you use at school. No wonder, you can simply click this link to find out more inspirations.

20 Creative DIY projects For Anyone Living In A Small Space

Creative DIY projects For Anyone Living In A Small Spacevia simphome featured

There are many reasons why small homes are appealing to people. For instance, smaller spaces can inspire homeowners to decorate them minimalistically and live with less stuff. In addition, smaller spaces are, logically, easier to clean and maintain.

However, some people might find it difficult to deal with small spaces. It can leave them yearning for a little more space. For those who want to learn how to handle limited space with ease and make their homes more comfortable, here are 20 creative do-it-yourself projects to try!

20. How To Build A Rotating Canned Food Storage System
20 How To Build A Rotating Canned Food Storage System Simphome comBuilding the rotating canned food system is an excellent way to store food while saving some space. With this vertical storage, it’s easy to access the wanted items as they are always at the bottom end of the storage. And, there’s always a clear view of both the available items and those that need to be replenished.

The only needed materials are some boards, a decorative trim, wood glue, some screws, and paint. The necessary tools for this project are a saw, a tape measure, a drill, some clamps and a nail gun. Source 1,2,3.

Not all cans are the same dimensions, so it’s important to measure everything precisely and make sure that the trim can hold them in place. After the measuring, gluing and sawing, the only thing left to is paint, hang and fill with cans! That’s how easy it is.

And hold on for a second because I have relevant video related to topic we are discussing right now. Anyway, related to this topic, I have 333 small kitchen / regular organization and ideas here.

I hope you like what you just saw and if you don’t have time to play the video, let’s jump in our next point.

19. How To Build A Lightweight Sliding Barn Door

The majority of people find sliding barn doors very appealing. However, the hardware is quite expensive, and the doors are really heavy. Of course, there’s a DIY alternative for it. Additionally, the DIY version will make it possible to have an extremely lightweight sliding barn door. The catch is that behind the fabric, that we’ll be using as an alternative, there won’t be anything solid, just a frame. This way, there won’t be any wood or other heavy stuff, at all.

It’s important to measure 3 things:
-The width of the wall
-The height of the ceiling
-The width of the closet opening
The only tools that will be needed are a miter saw, a drill, a stapler and a nail gun with finishing nails.

Moving on to the supplies. The necessities are some wood, fabric, eye hooks, fixed rolling casters, pipe nipples, 90-degree elbows, floor flanges, conduit pipe, hex bolts and some screws. Building these doors will take no more than two days. Once the building part is finished, the only thing left to do is hang them and enjoy.

18 DIY WALL SERVING STATION Simphome comA DIY wall serving station is a perfect solution for those who want to have a fun and entertaining spot even in small spaces. As it is attached to the wall, it can be used as a self-serve drink center. It’s possible to close it when not in use, so it’s a perfect space saver!

For this project, it’s necessary to have a board in desired measures. After cutting everything according to the measurements and gluing the boards together with the wood glue, they should be nailed in place. By adding hinges to the sides of the board, it will be possible to close it when it’s not in use.

After adding the hinges, it’s necessary to attach a chain to each side of the board. Then, pull the chains tightly so that the boards form a 90-degree angle, and, finally, screw the chain in place. The final step is closing the lid and installing the hook and eyes to each side of the top shelving. That’s all there is to it!

17. Sofa Hack: Wooden Armrest Table with Built-In Cup Holder
17 Sofa Hack Wooden Armrest Table with Built In Cup Holder Simphome comA wooden armrest table with a cup holder is something that everyone needs, as balancing a full cup of hot coffee on the armrest might result in you being burnt and moody all day. Therefore, here comes a handy DIY solution to the rescue of both the beverage and the upholstery.

If there’s some time to spare, why not dedicate that to a little bit of woodwork in order to make something useful? Roll up those sleeves, get some basic power tools and supplies, and in no time there will be a wooden armrest table for some snacks to binge on while watching TV and a cup holder to protect that favorite mug of yours.

16. Wooden spinning table for books or tools

spinning table

For the bookworms out there, here’s a great solution for how to store books in an innovative and fun way. Instead of letting those books pile up and start falling from the shelves, spend some time on this easy and simple DIY project that will lead to having a table for books (or even tools) that can spin.

What’s needed here is the wood for the shelf and the brackets, and a Lazy Susan that will allow the table to spin. With basic tools such as a drill, a saw, wood glue and paint, making this table will be a piece of cake. Source

15. DIY Honeycomb Storage Bins
15 DIY Honeycomb Storage Bins Simphome comDealing with small spaces might be really difficult as there’s not enough space for you to store your things. Buying storage bins can also be difficult in these cases, as the bins in stores don’t seem to fit perfectly in the space that is available.

Therefore, why not make your own storage bins? After finishing this project, you’ll end up having more space to store everything and create a neat and clean interior. So, now there’s a way to handle the mess that can be impossible to cope with in small spaces!

14. Storage Ottoman DIY
14 Storage Ottoman DIY Simphome comAnother great space saver is an ottoman that is super easy to make if one knows how to handle a drill and a staple gun. This project is one of those that serve not just a practical purpose, but an aesthetic one, too. The only necessities are a couple of wooden crates, some plywood, and casters.

Once the ottoman is finished, and it surely won’t take too much time, it will be possible to tuck away remotes, books, magazines, kids’ toys and whatever needs to be placed away quickly. Thanks to the casters it can be wheeled out of the way for more space and wheeled back in when needed.

13. How To Build A Bathroom Vanity Sliding Shelf
13 How To Build A Bathroom Vanity Sliding Shelf Simphome comWhat’s even more problematic than dealing with small home spaces, storage-wise, is having to deal with tiny bathrooms. Usually, there isn’t enough space to store everything. Well, of course, there’s a way to solve this with a simple DIY bathroom vanity sliding shelf. With this shelf, everything is organized and accessible with just one pull.

By dedicating a minimal amount of time and with some basic tools and supplies, this project will be finished with ease and will lead to a beautiful and well-organized bathroom space. Definitely worth giving a try!

12. DIY Shelf Over The Bed
12 DIY Shelf Over The Bed Simphome comUnlike some DIY projects that might end up being very complicated, a DIY shelf will be neither time consuming nor difficult. With just one piece of tooling, a screwdriver, creating a shelf that’s going to be put above the bed is going to be a piece of cake! It will be great for space saving, and it’s visually appealing, too! What’s more, it’s super cheap, and it will cost less than 20 bucks. Simply amazing!

11. Seat belt key holder
11 Seatbelt key holder Simphome comFor those who always find it hard to locate their keys, there’s a great DIY project on how to create a seat belt key holder. With a piece of wood, two seat belt buckles (cut out from the seat belts), some basic tools and glue, losing those keys won’t happen again!
In addition, for those who want to express their creativity, decorating the wood will result in having a key holder with both practical and aesthetic purpose. Check this helpful Youtube video!

10. Mini Floating shelf

mini floating shelf

The mini floating shelves project will be absolutely perfect for a small space that needs to be used wisely while retaining the stylish aesthetics. For this project, there are just a couple of things you’ll need, such as a wooden board, a drill, some ropes, and paint. With these tools and supplies, you’ll end up having fantastic, gravity-defying shelves that will leave your guests speechless!

9. Industrial Adjustable Height Bolt Bar Stool
9 9 Industrial Adjustable Height Bolt Bar Stool Simphome comLiving in a small space doesn’t necessarily mean that there should be no parties or charades in it. For those occasions, when some extra seating is needed, it’s good to have something that won’t take up much space. That’s where bar stools come in. Roll up those sleeves and start working that wood!
It will be worth it once there are some guests to impress by just pulling up one of these. As known to all, bar stools can be difficult for the shorter ones, but there’s a catch! This DIY project will result in having bar stools with adjustable height – problem solved!

8. DIY Lazy Susan under $20
8 DIY lazy susan under 20 Dollar Simphome comWhy spend money on something that can be an interesting project to do on your own? Well, here’s another idea. Instead of buying the lazy susan that can serve for many purposes, why not make one and save some cash?

With a round piece of pine, a rotating spice holder, some paint and glue, making the lazy susan will be easy and fun! This project won’t be time-consuming at all. Well, not entirely correct expression though. Anyway, After the labor, you’ll have a Lazy Susan that you can use as a sauce holder, which will make family dinners more enjoyable when no one has to “pass the ketchup”.

7. DIY Geometric Shelves
7 DIY Geometrix Shelves Simphome comThere can never be too many shelves in the room, right? Along with their space-saving purpose, they are great decorative accents. Making geometric shelves is quite simple and, more importantly, cheap.

Another great thing is that there’s no need for anything crazy fancy to make these. They are possible to make by using only a staple gun and a miter box with a saw. That’s incredibly nifty, right?!

6. DIY Nesting Herb Boxes
DIY Nesting Herb Boxes via simphomeMaking nesting herb boxes requires no master science. Also, it’s a great way to grow some herbs, hold flowers, succulents or decor items. By cutting the wood, gluing it together in the form of a box, painting it and attaching the hanging hook to it, this project will be successfully finished within just one day!

5. DIY Double X Console Table
5 DIY Double X console table Simphome comA double X console table will be perfect for storing books, keys, remotes, magazines and much more. Additionally, it will enrich the space with the rustic effect, which will give an artistic touch to the overall space. So, not only will it serve its purpose, but it will be an eye-pleaser, too! With some wood, nails, and paint, the double X console table is good to go.

4. Cheapest DIY Curtain Rods
4 CHEAPEST DIY CURTAIN RODS Simphome comA room cannot be complete without curtains. Somehow, long curtain rods can be very expensive. So, in order to save up, why not make your own, inexpensive curtain rods? For this project, it’s necessary to have an electrical conduit, corner braces, straps, and nuts and bolts. This solution is ideal for those who don’t want to spend a lot on curtain rods, and for those who like to express their creativity, as it’s possible to have some fun decorating them.

3. Make your own Lazy Susan
3 Make your own Lazy Susan Simphome comThe DIY lazy Susan was already covered earlier. However, the previous one might be too small for some. Also, a good quality, large Lazy Susan can be extremely difficult to find. There are a few tiny plastic models around that might be used in the refrigerator, but nothing for big cabinets. The best part of this project is that it’s incredibly painless to complete and affordable.

The only needed materials are an MDF, a Lazy Susan hardware (available at hardware stores), a couple of screws, a jigsaw and some paint. What’s left to do is measuring the cupboard, cutting a circle out of a piece of MDF, priming and painting it, and attaching the Lazy Susan onto the bottom. Easy, right?

Visit link to find lazy susan video we already craft few months ago.

2. Adjustable pegboard


This particular DIY project will look awesome and is just as functional as it is visually appealing. As the pegs are interchangeable, it’s possible to mix, match, and customize the content. The necessary tools and materials for this one are a sheet of plywood, a sheet of pegboard, a drill, a nail gun and a level.

1. Hanging kitchenware

The last project on the list is something that could be useful for everyone. No one likes having messy kitchen cabinets. Why stress about not being able to find the right pot buried under a messy pile of kitchenware, when it’s possible to clean up this mess with one simple DIY? The needed materials are a piece of wood, a shelf slide reel, some nails, hooks and a drill. Once the wood has been attached to the reel, along with the hooks, it is ready to be placed into the cabinet. Within a couple of hours, messy cabinets will become ancient history!

For number 1 and 2, play video for more detail

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