125 Kitchen Makeover Ideas for 2020 and Beyond

New year is coming and probably passed already. You’re going to have a new hope, new look, and maybe a new kitchen? Why not? Everything is possible if you do it now. The sooner, the better. Let’s begin with knowing how you want your kitchen to look so you can list what you’re going to need before doing any kitchen makeover. If you haven’t got any idea yet, don’t worry! I’ve collected 125 kitchen makeover ideas for your new year treat. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s check it out!. As always, this list is compiled for you by
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Some Basic Kitchen Makeover Ideas :

Giving your kitchen the much-needed makeover doesn’t have to be expensive. Most people were thinking of renovating or giving their kitchen a much-needed makeover usually balk at the added expense. It doesn’t have to be costly. While you will have to shell out some cash, it may turn out to be much cheaper than you initially thought. This area of your home is the core area of your interior living spaces.
I know that seems like a bold claim to make but think about it this way, which part of your home you spend time eating in, and which part of your home do you spend a lot of time talking while you’re eating or even thinking?
This area is your kitchen, and it has a tremendous impact on the overall enjoyment of your home’s interior space. You need to give it the attention that it deserves since this is the area of your home that is most used for the preparation of food all day every day, it deserves to be spruced up now and then. The good news is if you have an eye for detail, bring in some much-needed life to this part of your home doesn’t have to be expensive or take up a lot of time.

Start with the Walls

The best way to give your kitchen space a completely different look is to paint the walls simply. Never underestimate how much impact the color of your walls has on the overall mood and psychology you have when you are in your kitchen space. It makes a difference. If you’ve ever entered a friend’s room or any kind of space in their home and it seems a bit off to you, chances are it’s the paint. You may not be able to put your finger on it, and you might not be able to articulate why you kind of feel off but chances are if they change the color of the paint on the walls, you would have a completely different impression.
Armed with this knowledge, use it to your advantage when it comes to your kitchen. A simple paint job that costs very little, maybe even less than $100 if you do it yourself, can have a profound impact on the overall mood and subjective experience you have in your kitchen.

Try Adding a Backsplash

You can also consider adding a backsplash on the walls where your kitchen sink and countertops are. You can try tiles based on your specific preference and style. Everybody has different tastes when it comes to tile texture and overall design
If you’re looking for something trendy, you might want to consider subway tiles because they are fashionable today. However, the key is to pick ones with the right patterns. Everybody has different tastes as far as colors and patterns go so have at it. The key is to make your kitchen reflect your personality and taste.

Try to Reimagine your Cupboard

A lot of old-school kitchens in the United States have cupboards that have thick cupboard doors. These cupboard doors give an old-fashioned look to kitchens. This reality is why it’s a good idea to get rid of your cupboard doors entirely. This step doesn’t mean that you have to dismantle the cupboards. You don’t have to throw them out completely. Instead, just take off the doors and set up an open shelving system.
You may be thinking that this is going to strip out a big part of your kitchen and produce a naked look. That’s precisely the point because when you have open shelving, it makes your kitchen look more substantial and more accessible. It has a very profound positive psychological effect on people looking at that space; they sense possibility. Not only is taking off cupboard doors create more space, but it makes your kitchen look more inviting and more prominent than usual.
You can also add floating shelves so you can provide more storage for your kitchenware. The key is to set up your kitchen in an ergonomic way so the stuff that you usually use as far as kitchenware is concerned can easily be accessed. This technique not only makes for a better-looking kitchen, but it improves your overall cooking experience.

Focus on the Versatility of Use

Redesign your kitchen island to double as a dining table as well as a storage space for your kitchen stuff. You have to understand that a lot of people spend more time on the kitchen island than pretty much anywhere in the house. Why?
When they wake up in the morning right after taking a shower and right before they head out the door, they usually stop by the kitchen island for a quick bite. This habit is how most Americans start their day. Since this piece of real estate in your home goes through quite a bit of breakfast action, make sure that the kitchen is up to the job. This area is a place not only for food preparation, but it’s also a place where you can eat and talk. Design it in such a way so you can take advantage of the kitchen island’s indispensable role in your daily routine and this way, there are enough stools, and there’s enough table space so people can eat, talk and go about the rest of their day.
You can add stool which can then be stowed underneath. This tip is crucial because the chairs have to be the right size, and they have to have the right design, so the kitchen island doesn’t end up swallowing nearby space. It doesn’t have to do that. Instead, with the open shelving and the open architecture of this part of your home, it looks very inviting and accessible. You also have a lot more space to walk around when you are preparing dishes. You wouldn’t want to run out of elbow space in this crucial part of your home.

Don’t Forget About Lighting

You may also want to try replacing your light fixtures. If you think that your kitchen interior space needs a little bit lighter and vibrancy, you would be able to pull this off in a very cheap way just by changing light fixtures. Other accents you can focus on involving water taps, cabinet handles, as well as other small details that can add up to quite a significant change in appearance. These little details do make a big difference.

The Final Word

If you have the budget, try upgrading some of your kitchen appliances to modernize the overall look of your kitchen. You don’t have to do it all at once. You can buy one item at a time. Make sure the appliances have the right color as well as the right small compact footprint on your kitchen island. With the proper planning, you can make your kitchen space stand out. It is the room in your home that can reflect your personality and sense of style.
That’s it
Continue our journey, next I am giving you our 125 kitchen makeover ideas compiled from different sources. Too complete your learning experience, I complete the list with relevant random videos that are still relevant with our discussion.
Let’s start the counting

1-14: Butcher Block Countertops and ideas how to make small kitchen look bigger.

1. Butcher Block Countertop and White Subway Tiles.

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1 Butcher Block Countertop and White Subway Tiles Simphome
1. Butcher Block Countertop and White Subway Tiles

This kitchen looks dull with green cabinets and pink countertops worsening the tiny size, making the cooking time become one of the most stressful chores. If your kitchen has the same problem, you need to upgrade it as soon as possible for a more relaxing cooking time.
You can opt for butcher block countertops for a timeless charm that won’t cost you a fortune. Besides being relatively inexpensive, butcher block countertops tend to be DIY-friendly so you can save more bucks if you install them yourself, not to mention the warmth provided by these counter-tops.

You don’t have to replace the green cabinets as it can be pricey and take a lot of time. Just paint them white and you’ll get new cabinets with their top-notch look. White subway tiles with gray grout complement the cabinets perfectly.

2 Wood kitchen counters Simphome
2. So many great tips! This really has a lot of points that everyone who might be considering wood kitchen counters should read

3 Review of butcher blocks counters Simphome
3. Review of butcher blocks counters after two years of use: A few weeks ago I got an e-mail from a reader asking me to write a post about how our butcher block countertops are holding up. I have to admit, I’m a little embarrassed I didn’t think of this myself….of course I should write a follow-up post. My main concern when we choose them was how they would hold up over time and I’m sure many of you are wondering the same thing. So here it is, a completely honest update on our wood counters.

4 Install our butcher block countertops Simphome
4. Here is the process we used to , install our butcher block countertops as well as our tips and tricks for making them look as perfect as possible!

5 Prefinished walnut butcher block countertop Simphome
5. Enlarge Prefinished walnut butcher block countertop picture

6 Step by step instructions on how to take care of butcher block countertops Simphome
6. Step-by-step instructions on how to take care of butcher block countertops added in our kitchen renovation, including sanding and oiling. If there’s one question we get asked again and again about our kitchen renovation, it’s “how do you like your butcher block countertops?”.

7 Make It Bigger Simphome
7. Make It Bigger.

If you think your kitchen is small, why don’t you just rip your wall off and merge the kitchen with another room like your dining room? It will give extra space to your kitchen and make it look and feel much larger. Besides, an open-kitchen style is kind of on trend now, allowing you to be busy in the kitchen while maintaining the on-going conversation.

The crisp white cabinets and island paired with glossy black countertops provide the sleek design that makes this kitchen look modern. Two classic pendant lights hanging over the kitchen island add a bit of rustic look here.

8 A new look with classic features like gray cabinets Quartz counters and subway tile Simphome
8. A builder grade kitchen gets a new look with classic features like gray cabinets, Quartz counters and subway tile. Before and after is amazing!

9 From unique cabinetry solutions to little tricks Simphome
9. From unique cabinetry solutions to little tricks, these 21 ideas will help you make the most of the space you do have.

10 How to remodel a small kitchen by netremodeling Simphome
10. How to remodel a small kitchen by netremodeling.


11. Kitchen Ideas For Small Kitchens | Kitchen Decor Inspiration | Dining Decor Items
12 5 awesome tips on improving your kitchen Ideas that are actually useful Simphome
12. Want to improve the overall ambience of the kitchen, but don’t know how? Confused by the ocean of possibilities that the decorations are? Don’t know what colour to paint your kitchen? Want to know what accessories to buy? Don’t worry. We are here to help you with 5 awesome tips on improving your kitchen, Ideas that are actually useful.

13 Idea by by Decorisme Simphome
13. There’s no place like home when it has to do with kids playing. by Decorisme

14 The dining room can also house a wine cellar Simphome
14. The dining room can also house a wine cellar, store the microwave, serve as a table and store dishes. Check out solutions to increase your bench

15-32: Granite Countertops, Countertop edge profile, DIY Kitchen Countertop Ideas,view clever Kitchen nook ideas etc.

Border countdown

15.Granite Countertops for a Luxurious Look.

15 Granite Countertops Simphome
15. Granite Counter tops

When it comes to bring luxury to your kitchen, nothing can beat the upscale look provided by granite countertops. Granite countertops feature natural patterns and colors that can make your kitchen look lavish. They are also heat and scratch resistant so you don’t need to worry about placing a hot pan onto it because it won’t be jeopardized. To accentuate the shabby chic look, off-white countertops with crown moldings are mounted on the wall. And the chandelier hanging above the kitchen island is really the icing on the cake.

16 Countertop Surfaces you need to know Simphome
16. Countertop Surfaces you need to know

17 Countertops serve as the centerpiece of most kitchens Simphome

17. Countertops serve as the centerpiece of most kitchens. Compare countertop prices, care and pros and cons for granite, quartz, marble, concrete and more.

18 a little kitchen remodel and finding the right countertop is key Simphome
18.As you know I am planning a little kitchen remodel and finding the right countertop is key. My dream has been to have carrara marble in this space but…we all know it has a reputation for staining easily and requires a good amount of maintenance. Here are 6 great alternatives to carrara.

19 Countertop edge profiles Simphome
19. Countertop edge profiles You need to know

19 2 Countertop edge profiles Simphome
Bonus: Cambria Edge Profiles

20 Laminate kitchen countertops are a great solution Simphome
20.When you don’t live in stone countertop house, laminate kitchen countertops are a great solution. Get the stone look without the expensive price!

21 Giani Countertop Paint in our kitchen Simphome
21. Trying to makeover a kitchen on a budget can be tough. We tried Giani Countertop Paint in our kitchen to give our countertops a granite look without the granite price. Once we completed tile backsplash makeover in our kitchen, our counter tops looked naked.

22 DIY Kitchen Countertop Ideas Simphome
22. DIY Kitchen Countertop Ideas- Great ways to update your kitchen with a DIY Countertop

23 Nine affordable DIY countertops Simphome
23. Don’t spend a fortune on new countertops! Try out one of these nine affordable DIY countertops and do your own countertop makeover!

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24 Granite and quartz Simphome
24.Granite and quartz are two of the most popular countertop materials today. Each have their own strengths and weaknesses, so it’s very important to familiarize yourself with both before you make a decision. Along with picking our the right kitchen cabinet style, these two materials can change the look of your entire kitchen.

25 Add a Nook in The Kitchen Simphome
25. Add a Nook in The Kitchen.
On the New Year’s Eve, your veritable army will be coming over for dinner which means you will need more seats. Well, you don’t have to purchase more chairs. You will only need to add a nook in your kitchen along with doing some kitchen makeover to impress your guests.

The first thing is you need to repaint your kitchen. Soft beige with white beadboard paneling would be nice. Then, make a long bench as the nook that can accommodate many guests. Incorporate additional storage solutions by installing some drawers under the bench. To appeal the eyes and amuse your guests, hang some photos or paintings in the eating area.

26 How to build a gorgeous X base dining table Simphome
26. How to build a gorgeous X base dining table that is sure to wow your guests for your next dinner party. A simple tutorial

27 41 Ways to Fill Your Kitchen Nook Simphome
27. 41 Ways to Fill Your Kitchen Nook with Style

28 new Lutron motion sensor for hands free light control Simphome
28.I’m one step closer to getting my house holiday ready for overnight guests with the installation of a new Lutron motion sensor for hands-free light control!

29 DIY Built in Banquette tutorial Simphome
29. DIY Built-in Banquette tutorial with lots of pictures!

30 This home needed improving—new roof Simphome
30. This home needed improving—new roof, new plumbing and new heating system were necessary items on the to-do list— but the couple could already imagine the fun DIYs to tackle, too.

31 Corner Breakfast Nook Ideas Simphome
31. Corner Breakfast Nook Ideas – If you always imagined a relaxing area with a feeling of affection as well as informal setting in the kitchen after that you ought to locate a location for a dining room. It occupies a tiny room in your cooking area or dining room, yet the outcome is incredible look and also positive as well as the relaxed environment. You could also make a dining room by yourself. This popular enhancement to your home is very easy to construct and you will certainly have extra benefits of it.

32 Cozy and modern Puffs Simphome
32. Cozy and modern Puffs are already true jokers in the decor! Difficult to home that does not have at least one

32 Bonus Saved by Alex66 Simphome
Another kitchen nook idea | Saved by Alex66

33-46: Different kind of Opened wall mounted kitchen cabinet ideas, Shabby chic kitchen cabinet, Kitchen color ideas, etc.

33. Ditch the Wall-Mounted Cabinets

33 Ditch the Wall Mounted Cabinets Simphome
33.Ditch the Wall, Mounted Cabinets

For a busy person like you who needs to do many kinds of things at once, you do need an easy access to your storage. Therefore, just rip your cabinets off. You don’t need them as you keep opening and closing the cabinets’ doors which takes more time.

Investing on open shelves to store your spices and condiments would be better. You can get a super easy access when grabbing the spices you need. Besides, spices and condiments stored in clear jars add natural colors that perk your kitchen up.

Adding textural elements can also jazz your kitchen up. You can install mosaic-tile backsplash instead of white subway tiles which are in line with the tongue and groove paneling. The two woven bamboo planters hanging on the white paneling highlight the textural elements.

34 DIY spice shelves Simphome
34.Just Say NO to As Seen On TV Spicy Shelf Organizer..and YES to DIY!!! – Depending on the size of your cabinet, you can get 2-4 of these DIY spice shelves

35 Idea by by woodesigner Simphome
35. Open kitchen cabinet idea by woodesigner

36 Saved by Cristin Esparza Simphome
36. Hanging opened kitchen cabinet idea saved by Cristin Esparza

37 Shabby chic decor include kitchen Simphome
37. Shabby chic is really a term which is often used, but what does it truly mean?It’s lack of precise definition neatly reflectsthe styleitself – there are no ‘rules’ to shabby chic because there are with some fashions and fashions, it’s an eclectic number of designs, eras, patterns and themes. Itis a style, not really a fashion, reflecting its permanence and emphasis on quality and tradition, as opposed to a fashion which can be more fleeting.The term was initially coined within the 1980s, though the style certainly existed before that.

Its roots are in an ‘English Country Style’ where pretty floral prints are teamed with old furniture that has already served a helpful life, but still has much to make available, and an assortment of crockery – none that perhaps matches, but all ones have a very sentimental attachment to its owner, often previously being passed down over the generations, or acquired for a couple of pence in the flea market or jumble sale. This quality of ‘re-purposing,’ as the green movement calls it, are at the heart of Shabby Chic style in Cottage decor. It can take some time to find the hang of considering something due to the potential, instead of its practical use. However, each home decorator masters like that of investigating furnishings, amazing things can happen with this type of decor.

38 A family home in Brunswick Simphome
38. A family home in Brunswick, cleverly designed with energy efficiency in mind.

39 A Vintage Style industrial storage kitchen cabinet idea Simphome
39. A Vintage Style industrial storage kitchen cabinet idea

40 a combination of reclaimed Aroostook County Maine potat Simphome
40. Storage solutions that are functional AND beautiful? Yes, please! These charming provincial floating shelves are made using a combination of reclaimed Aroostook County, Maine potat.

41 Colorful kitchen Simphome
41. Let’s Change the Color.

To give your kitchen a lively lift on the cheap is by repainting it. And, of course, white has always been your go-to color as it opens up your space as well as making it visually larger. This kitchen looks more terrific after being repainted. White beadboard paneling covers the kitchen island. New backsplash is also installed to make the kitchen look fresher. Two elegant pendant lights also hang over the kitchen island, illuminating the gray granite countertop.

42 Alyssa Rosenheck Photography Simphome
42. Alyssa Rosenheck Photography via style me pretty. there’s been a real focus and importance placed on kitchen lighting fixtures of late and the trend definitely has been leaning towards pendant lighting. it used to be that a lot of kitchen lighting was recessed but not anymore.

43 Berson–the architecture Simphome
43. Is this fab-u-lous or what?! The colorful kitchen resides in a Greenwich Village townhouse designed by Brian Sawyer and John Berson of Sawyer | Berson–the architecture

44 Photos Marco Antonio Simphome
44. With cheerful colors, practical materials and generous desks, these kitchens invite you to linger. Written by Zizi Carderari E Simone Raitzik | Text Letícia de Almeida Alves and Simone Raitzik | Photos Marco Antonio | Illustrations Carlos Campoy Visual Report Juliana Hamacek

45 Fully integrated kitchen Simphome
45. Fully integrated kitchen while living.
Only a high bench delimits the environments. The tall cabinets with apparent metallic structure left the atmosphere relaxed. Jeh Aidan Project and partner

46 1 Nomadic Bohemian home of Magdalena Luszcz of Red Poppy Vintage Simphome
46. Today we’re so excited to share a look inside the magical Nomadic Bohemian home of Magdalena Luszcz’s of Red Poppy Vintage . Magdalena grew up in Nowa Huta – the easternmost district of Krakow, Poland. The neighborhood was built in the 50’s for steel mill workers and was full of tall cement flats that were carbon copies

46 2 Galley kitchens are aptly named for the small kitchens found on ships Simphome
Bonus: Galley kitchens are aptly named for the small kitchens found on ships. Basically a hallway lined with cabinets and appliances, galley kitchens can come off as dark and uninviting, making you want to order in rather than spend any time cooking your meal. But if your galley kitchen is the dreariest space in your house, Follow one of these 15 ideas Written by Casey Watkins.

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47-70 Entertaining kitchen model, colorful kitchen ideas, etc

47. An Entertaining Kitchen for Everyone

47 An Entertaining Kitchen for Everyone Simphome
47. Entertaining Kitchen for Everyone

Turn your kitchen into a multi-purposes room for multiple users who come over for dinner. To achieve this ultimate goal, you’re gonna need to expand the top of your kitchen island so everybody can sit and enjoy the meal at the island. Since everybody is in your kitchen while waiting for you fixing the meal, you need to display something that can steal their focus like your beautiful cups and glasses. Having glass-door cabinets will help you show them off in an epic way.

48 A Family home in Israel filled with Vintage Simphome
48. A Family home in Israel filled with Vintage finds from around the world

49 Simple way to order the most basic of the kitchen Simphome
49. Simple way to order the most basic of the kitchen: plates, bowls and cups and in the upper part, having already the shelf of spices, would put the rest of the dishes.

50 Plants also belong in the kitchen Simphome
50. Plants also belong in the kitchen ? Photo via @saratoufali

51 Saved by Carolyn Guzman Simphome
51. A Blue cabinets and wooden kitchen worktops saved by Carolyn Guzman

52 Downsizing kitchen idea Simphome
52. Downsizing doesn’t mean down with the fall feels, people!

53 Kitchen idea Simphome
53. I’m desperately in need of my one a day preggo coffee rations this morning.
Trying to be present with Frankie this half term and juggle work has meant working late too many nights. Ready for the weekend!

54 Saved by Amira Alzoubi Simphome
54. Colorful kitchen decor idea saved by Amira Alzoubi

55 Saved by Colorlii Simphome
55. Colorful kitchen saved by Colorlii

56 Saved by Joan Miller Simphome
56. Colorful Kitchen backsplash idea saved by Joan Miller

57 Written by Madame B Simphome
57. Soon, hopefully, I will start renovating my kitchen. It is time then to glean some inspirations. Written by Madame B.

58. NEW COLLECTION – rachel powell

59 Cool season Simphome
59. Wood, cement and many colors blend in this kitchen to welcome the cool of the season.

60 by Susannah Dowell Photography Simphome
60. My friend Danielle swift’s awesome kitchen in savannah by Susannah Dowell Photography.

61 Add Pops of Color to The Kitchen Simphome
61. Add Pops of Color to The Kitchen

As a place where you have to spend much time doing the chores, your kitchen needs to be decorated so it will look more appealing. The natural and effective way to do this is by storing your spices in clear glass jars and put them on shelves.

You can also try to cover the ductwork with reclaimed wood panels that have been painted previously to add pops of color to your tedious kitchen. And for the backsplash, you can just install white subway tiles instead of the colored ones. Trust me! You don’t wanna go overboard.

62 colourful kitchen with painted dining chairs Simphome
62. This colourful kitchen with painted dining chairs makes me smile. It would be such a happy place to cook! Love how the colour pops against the white cabinets and wooden floors.

63 Veronicas house tour Simphome
63. For those who took a street car, this is the continuation of Veronica’s house tour.

64 Saved by Hollie Moon Simphome
64. Idea saved by Hollie Moon

65 Saved by Terra medina Simphome
65. Lovely Coffee corner saved by Terra medina
66 Organize a kitchen by exploring practical and functional pieces Simphome
66. Learn how to organize a kitchen by exploring practical and functional pieces that can keep everything in order.
67 Rices showroom in Hamburg Simphome
67. “Love this funky colorful kitchen @ Rice’s showroom in Hamburg
68 A Vintage industrial kitchen detail Simphome
68. A Vintage industrial kitchen detail
69 Written by Casinha Arrumada Simphome
69. Today I want to share with you an inspiration of those to fill the eyes and the heart, you know? It is not today that I accompany the work of Raiza Costa and I am completely in love with their videos. Written by Casinha Arrumada

70 The apartment of the architect Marcelo Moura Simphome
70. The apartment of the architect Marcelo Moura gained personality with intelligent choices of materials and furniture. In the kitchen was used Portobello New York Cement 4545 and Ceramic Metro White 10×20 Eliane Coatings. Painting with Acrylic Paint

71-100 Textural element for kitchen island, Kitchen Island Updated with Board and Batten, etc

71. Textural Elements for The Kitchen Island

71 Textural Elements for The Kitchen Island Simphome
71.Textural Elements for The Kitchen Island

I always love the textural look provided by the faux stone panels because it can bring the nature charm to the house. So, why don’t you try installing those panels in your kitchen?
This kitchen island provides an upscale look and a warm ambience to your kitchen, thanks to the gray faux stone paneling. It would look great in your French country kitchen. To kick it up a notch, you can add four white corbels that look as if they were supporting the countertop.
72 Kitchen island idea remodelaholic com Simphome
72. Kitchen Island Updated with Board and Batten
73 Custom look Simphome
73. Great ideas for updating your builder grade end cabinets, islands and peninsulas for a custom look.
74 kitchen island with the Karlby countertop and HEMNES chest of 8 drawers Simphome
74. I made a kitchen island with the Karlby countertop and HEMNES chest of 8-drawers.
75 Wayfair kitchen island Simphome
75. Wayfair kitchen island offers.
76 Kitchen island by Shanty 2 Chic Simphome

76. DIY Kitchen Island FREE Plans and tutorial by Shanty 2 Chic!
77 DIY pallet kitchen island Simphome
77. DIY pallet kitchen island
78 Find Free Plans at buildsomething com Simphome
78. How To: Build a Faux Butcher Block Kitchen Island :: Free Plans at
79 Idea By Jenwoodhouse Simphome
79. Meet Crystal and her husband, Austin. Say hello, everyone. They’re ridiculously gorgeous, right? By Jenwoodhouse
80 DIY Kitchen Island via RainonaTinRoof com Simphome
80. NO WAY! They built this and it cost less than $100! DIY Kitchen Island via
81 Modern Vintage Home Simphome
81. How to Make a Kitchen Island – this budget-friendly project uses a thrifted dresser, lumber and brackets to create an island that provides counter space and storage – Vanessa’s Modern Vintage Home
82 Saved by Tina Majdecki Simphome
82. Creative idea saved by Tina Majdecki
83 A craft table DIY you can double function Simphome
83. A craft table DIY you can double function as a kitchen island
84 Extra storage Simphome
84. Comfort WORK! With a wave of your hand to an additional workplace and extra storage space!
85 Lamps Plus Simphome
85. Lisa Cisco/ Wills – A selection of small and movable kitchen islands from Lamps Plus
86 Meet the OLOFSTORP storage unit for the kitchen Simphome
86. Meet the OLOFSTORP storage unit for the kitchen! It’s easy to extend the table top for serving, or any time you need more surface space. The top folds out in two directions and doubles in size!
87 idea saved via proverbs31girl com Simphome
87. Stock island makeover, kitchen in neutrals with white, wood and black accents via
88 Kitchen island BY Annawhite Simphome
88. Do It Yourself Kitchen Island | Rustic X Kitchen Island – DONE BY Annawhite!
89 This kitchen cart offers a large work space plus ample storage Simphome
89. This kitchen cart offers a large work space plus ample storage. Plus, the cart sits on casters, so you can roll it where you want it, and easily move it out of the way. Whether you use it as an island or as a cart that you pull out on occasion, you’ll appreciate everything it has to offer. Get the free DIY plans at
90 DIY Kitchen Island with shelves Simphome
90. DIY Kitchen Island with shelves and built in trash compartment, downloadable plans. I am not big on the tilt out trash bin because full bags can be tough to get out, but a nice looking design.

How to build a 4’x 2 1/2′ kitchen island with trash storage and storage shelves. Includes sources for best finish and free downloadable build plans.
91 White Kitchen with A Chalkboard Simphome
91. White Kitchen with A Chalkboard

Next, this white kitchen. Just like what I said previously, white has always been your go-to color when it comes to expand your kitchen visually. And to make the kitchen look more elegant, granite countertop with pendant lights hanging over it are added. You can also use up the available space lying dormant next to the sink by installing chalkboard on it. This chalkboard will help you list your grocery or menu. You can even write memos on it. More white kitchen ideas:
92 How to Coordinate White Appliances with Cabinets and Countertops Simphome
92. How to Coordinate White Appliances with Cabinets and Countertops. Undoubtedly, stainless steel is the most popular finish for kitchen appliances with black coming in 2nd place and white, well, white squeaks in right before almond and avocado – YES I SAID IT, I DID! PLEASE EXCUSE THE MINIMAL PHOTOS. I rely 100% on my E-design clients ‘after’ photos and I don’t have any with white appliances! The INFO is still SUPER valid though, so keep reading! I will include ‘other’ photos to at least explain an idea.

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And while white might not be the top contender in the appliance world, personally, I like white appliances (especially the newer modern style) and the low contrast, fresh appeal they offer to kitchens. However, the problem is that white appliances can be more challenging to decorate with as the options are limited with regard to finding the ideal cabinet and countertop colours. So, what do you do when you have white appliances and want something beyond ordinary?
93 Smart stylish and space saving ideas Simphome
93. Smart, stylish, and space-saving ideas for decorating the heart of the home.
94 Saved idea by the thriftydecorchick Simphome
94. Stunning, Modern with a two-tone cabinetry by the thriftydecorchick
95 Visit Homestyle Simphome
95. While designing kitchen decide upon three major factors. Visit Homestyle for more detail
96 White gloss kitchen units by Ikea Simphome
96. White gloss kitchen units by Ikea, Brick Slip Wall. Fired Earth Architect tile. Interiors by Fantoush.
97 idea Trendecora Simphome
97. Small Kitchen Ideas With French Country Style – Trendecora
98 White kitchen idea by Sylwia Śmietanka Simphome
98. White kitchen makeover idea saved by Sylwia Śmietanka
99 Simple chic kitchen Simphome
99. Simple chic kitchen
100 Scandanavian white kitchen idea Simphome
100. Scandanavian white kitchen idea (Picture above)

101-125: Kitchen remodel ideas, another kitchen visual expansion tricks, etc.

Border countdown

Kitchen remodeling ideas Simphome
101. Kitchen remodeling ideas

It come in different creatives and initiatives. if you read this sentence, that means you already collected bit and pieces of clever solutions from more than dozens DIY bloggers around the world. Next, For more kitchen improvement ideas, in this blog I already published few list you probably interested to learn and bookmark. View of them are, 10 Simple Kitchen Organization and Upgrade ideas, 10 Modern Small Kitchen Makeover ideas, 10 easy DIY projects for your Cluttered Kitchen, 12 Unique Kitchen DIY Organization Ideas, and 13 DIY Projects to better Optimize your Kitchen Space. Lastly, soon you are going to learn 19 creative kitchen remodel ideas that you can copy and implement immediately after you read this post. I hope you enjoy this exhaustive list and want to share it in your social media. For every second you have spend reading this list, Thank you and see you again later soon. I wish 😉
102 Image by build com Simphome
102. Farmhouse sinks say a lot about style and durability. Also known as apron sinks, these are commonly found in country-style homes and feature a large, deep basin (sometimes double basin), as well as a wide base to hold more pots, pans and whatever else you keep in the kitchen sink. Farmhouse sinks also come in stainless steel for a contemporary look. Browse the selection at today
103 Kitchen Hacks to Organize and Make Your Kitchen Flow Better Simphome
103. Few weeks ago when I shared my Kitchen Reveal with you, several of you were impressed by some of the little tricks, or ‘hacks’ that I’ve done to really customize my kitchen to what works for me. Today I’m going to let you in a little closer, sneak a peek behind my cabinets and drawers and show you 13 of my favorite Kitchen Hacks to Organize and Make Your Kitchen Flow Better!
104 5 steps to make your kitchen look bigger Simphome
104. Imagine you only need to follow 5 steps to make your kitchen look bigger. Not 111 steps or more
105 tutorials for updating your Kitchen cabinets Simphome
105. Affordable cabinet makeover ideas- great options, projects and tutorials for updating your cabinets
106 Learn how to paint kitchen cabinets without sanding or priming Simphome
106. Learn how to paint kitchen cabinets without sanding or priming. Paint like an amateur, but achieve professional results. A kitchen cabinet painting tutorial for BUSY people that will let you tackle this project without losing your mind!
107 DIY Cabinet Refacing Ideas Simphome
107. These DIY Cabinet Refacing Ideas will give your exhausted cabinets a new life without spending too much for your renovations.
108 Rust Oleum Cabinet Transformations 9 Piece Dark Color Kit Simphome
108. Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations 9-Piece Dark Color Kit is a revolutionary do-it-yourself kitchen cabinet paint coating system that completely changes the dated or worn look of your cabinets for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new ones.

Create the look of hand-crafted cabinetry in your kitchen or bathroom without the downtime or mess associated with cabinet replacement. Easy to use cabinet paint requires no stripping, sanding or priming. Dark tint base provides 24 color choices for a custom look.
109 Kitchen Floor Anymore Simphome
109. Vinyl: Not Just For the Kitchen Floor Anymore
110 Cottage style before and after kitchen makeover Simphome
110. Cottage style before and after kitchen makeover featuring white cabinets, quartz countertops, and a marble subway tile backsplash up to the ceiling
111 homedecorinterioordesigns Simphome
111. Kitchen interior transformation idea by homedecorinterioordesigns
112 5 Easy steps to painting wood cabinets perfectly Simphome
112. Next you are going to study 5 Easy steps to painting wood cabinets perfectly! Get it done right the first time. DIY painting tips for a ultra smooth, factory finish in your kitchen and bathroom.
113 Read and you probably can avoid burning unecessary money Simphome
113. Read and you probably can avoid burning unecessary money. It short and sweet. It won’t cost you whole day to digest.
114 12 simply great and affordable ways to redecorate your kitchen Simphome
114. Every once in a while there is need for a change in scenery. Whether it is a change of scenery outside your home or right in your home. Usually, changing of things in your house is pricey and difficult to do. We sometimes want to redecorate our bedrooms, sitting rooms or any other parts of our homes, but it is mostly expensive. If you are looking for a better and easier way to change the look of your kitchen, here are 12 simply great and affordable ways to redecorate your kitchen.
115 Painted Kitchen Cabinets Before and After Simphome
115. Painted Kitchen Cabinets Before and After #DIY nice to see how it looks on older cabinets that are not full overlay
116 ManMadeDIY Kitchen makeover Simphome

116. at ManMadeDIY renovated his kitchen with Frigidaire Professional appliances (5-Burner Gas Range, 2-in-1 Convection Oven or Microwave, Dishwasher, & French Door Refrigerator) and a few quick DIY updates
117 Kitchen makeover on a budget Simphome
117. Kitchen makeover on a budget! Transform your kitchen with Giani Granite Countertop Paint. DIY. Kitchen before and after.
118 The big kitchen remodel Simphome
118. The big kitchen remodel is finally complete ! I can’t wait to show you all of the amazing changes
119 Easy Kitchen Remodel Simphome
119. Easy Kitchen Remodel: Painted Cabinets, Stainless Steal Appliances, Granite, White Tile Backsplash, Wall Paint.
120 Same cabinets with creative fixes Simphome
120. What a fantastic kitchen makeover. Same cabinets with creative fixes
121 add new fixtures under and over cabin Simphome
121. EASY tutorial on how to add new fixtures under and over cabin
122 a faux expert Jennifer Allwood of The Magic Brush Simphome
122. DIY Painting Training Videos for the novice and professional alike. Watch as a faux expert Jennifer Allwood of The Magic Brush, Inc in Kansas City helps you transform your home and professional painting business.
123 36 Inspiring DIY Kitchen Cabinets Simphome
123. 36 Inspiring DIY Kitchen Cabinets Ideas & Projects You Can Build On A Budget.
124 Idea by Bridgete Humphre Simphome
124. Beautiful kitchen transformation idea saved by Bridgete Humphre
125 Nicole Faby Photography Simphome
125. $600 Total Kitchen Makeover » Nicole Faby Photography DIY backsplash DIY painted cabinets

More kitchen remodeling idea  (1) and (2) and (3)

So. Those are 125 kitchen makeover ideas for your New Year’s eve that can impress your guests and family who will be coming over for the meal and hospitality. I hope you’ll like at least one of them and that include your relatives.


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