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12 Bed and Mattress DIY project ideas

These are 12 ideas to make your bedroom better with the least amount of money possible. There are a million and one things you can do in your bedroom to make it nicer. The most obvious is buying a new bed and mattress, but if you don’t want to invest too much money at once, there are plenty of low-cost projects that will do the trick. Here are twelve of them.

What are you working on in your spare time? Painting? Gardening? Building furniture or starting that blog you’ve been talking about for weeks now? If none of these sounds appealing, maybe it’s time to take up a new hobby.
First off, let’s go over the basics. The purpose of this list is to present 12 DIY projects for creating beds and mattresses, with instructions on how to complete them.
In this list, you’ll learn view tricks on how to:

  1. Optimize your space with simple DIY projects and furniture
  2. How to transform a dull into a comfortable and stylish bed without breaking the bank
  3. Easily build and install various types of beds storage solutions and ideas to turn your awkward space into a new bedroom dream space
  4. How to DIY a new pull-out storage system
  5. Include a quite ancient trick but effective to refresh the bed without starting a new woodworking DIY project
  6. And more

What are you trying to earn when it comes to choosing a bed? Are you looking for comfort? What about style? Or maybe you want to get them both?
You can find many ready-made beds in stores. They provide both comfort and style. Unfortunately, they could be pricey, which makes you feel reluctant to splurge out on one of them.

If you want to carve out both comfort and style in your sleeping space without costing you a fortune, dive into these 12 bed and mattress DIY project ideas. As always, Simphome presents you with the list.

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List Entries:

12. The unbelievable floating wooden bed with sweet LED lights from @Jpygnacio

When you look at this bed, you probably think it can float like Aladdin’s magic carpet. The truth is you just need some boards, tools, and creativity to do the trick.
First, begin with constructing the base bed frame with 2×8 wooden boards. This frame will support the upper platform while creating the floating effect.

Once you have assembled the base, you can make the platform frame with 2×4 wooden boards. You will place it on top of the base, which will overlap it perfectly.

Consider tightly locking the two frames at each intersection using 3 ½” screws. Then, you can add the slats. Most importantly, do not forget to install LED lights around the base and behind the headboard to make it look mesmerizing. Finally, top the platform bed with a mattress.

11. The corner bed idea for that unconventional homeowner by @Stylebymll

Aside from the low price, the best thing about DIY projects is to build a bed that fits in with the most awkward space in your bedroom, like this corner.
You will not find a bed that fits in with a corner as perfectly as this one. Thus, if you want to tackle the most awkward space, try to create your own bed frame.

To make this bed frame, you will need an IKEA NORDLI chest of 4 drawers, some 2x4s, and screws. First, you need to place the drawers and assemble the 2x4s to create the base frame. After that, add the slats.

Next, top the slats with a mattress. This step will be a bit tricky because you will need to cut it to fit the corner if necessary.

10. A DIY Wool Mattress Topper Idea, Easy, and No Sew

It would be nice to sleep in a warm, soft, fluffy bed, especially during the freezing night. Unfortunately, an electric heated mattress can be extremely pricey. Do not worry! A cheaper option is always available.
Instead of spending your money on an electric heated mattress, which is exorbitant, you had better make this DIY wool mattress topper.

To make this mattress topper, you will need approximately 22 lbs of wool. First, you have to felt the wool roving so that it will not fall apart. Besides, it will give you a nice bounce.
To felt the wool roving, you will need water in a spray bottle and a bath towel. Consider mixing in a few drops of essential oil. It is optional, though.

Once you are done felting, you can begin to knit the wool. First, tie a slipknot. Then, you can start to make another loop by pulling the yarn through the first loop.
Repeat the knitting process until you reach the end of the yarn. Finally, fold the topper to fit the mattress. Then, wrap it with a duvet cover to keep it tight.

9. A New Cheat to treat your Mattress like a Champ

Do you think your mattress is no longer comfortable? It means you need to purchase a new one.
Wait a minute! A new mattress can cost you $3,000. That’s insane!

Do not worry! This mattress hack can save a ton of money. Before renewing your mattress, you need to buy a natural latex mattress topper and its cover.
After that, pull the seam to remove the pillow top. Then, take the egg-crate foam, and replace it with the natural latex mattress topper and the cover. Finally, put on the sheets. That’s it!

8. The floating corner bed idea with LED light, @Eastcoastdiy

Try this corner floating bed idea if you are tight on space yet want to create a stunning look in your bedroom.
Just like many other floating beds, this bed features a base frame used as a support and a platform frame on top of it.

However, instead of placing the base in the middle, you shove both frames against a corner. Then, install the LED lights and slats.

8.2. and A floating bed idea with a unique wooden bed frame. The idea brought to you by @nicoleburgos1121

If you are looking for another easier and simpler option, try this one. You just need to begin with creating a rectangular frame for the base.
Then, align five 2x4s on top of it. Make sure each of them overlaps the base. After that, secure the base and the top frame with screws and some 2x8s.

7. The Adult loft bed with helpful Joist hangers

Building a loft bed is one of the most brilliant and practical ideas to tackle a small space, just like this one.
This bedroom lacks space. The loft bed installed in the awkward nook has changed everything. It allows you to have a reading nook or workspace underneath it.
The loft bed also features joist hangers connecting each frame corner and slat for extra support. You will also need tongue-and-groove boards for the headboard and beadboard paneling that you will install at the bottom to get a more finished look.

6. Return to the mattress. Here are 2 ways to get cleaner of them for cheap

Idea no 1. by @graceamoyo1

Before you toss your old mattress, try this first. Use a scrub brush, soapy water, and elbow grease. Then, rinse with clean water.
Next, use some vinegar for an added cleaning boost. Spray it on a damp rag and wipe the mattress down from top to bottom using the nonslip side of the mop head.
If your mattress smells bad after cleaning, sprinkle it with baking soda and allow it to sit overnight. It will absorb the odor quickly.

Alternatively, you will need:
• Three tablespoons of baking soda
• Ten drops of purification essential oil. It will sanitize your mattress.
• 10 drops Thieves essential oil. It will kill bacteria.

Mix these ingredients well. After that, get your strainer to sprinkle the mixture onto your mattress. Leave it for 20 minutes before you vacuum it.

Idea no 2. by @phylicenyree

Another way to clean the mattress to give you a good night’s sleep is by using a mixture of lavender essential oil and baking soda.
If you happen to find a pesky stain, no worries! You can spray hydrogen peroxide onto it and begin to scrub.
Next, sprinkle the mixture of baking soda and essential oil and leave it for an hour. Finally, vacuum the mattress well.

5. How to turn over that dull Closet to a comfy Bed


Do not let your old closet remain untapped. You can turn it into a cozy reading nook. First, install the bed frame and slats. Then, build some floating shelves.
Next, paint the shelves, wall, and bed frame the color of your choice. Once the paint is dry, add a mattress. Finally, style it as you please.

4. A Tall Platform Bed Idea from @delaney.aragon

If you think making a floating bed is too much trouble, you can opt for this straightforward bed frame.
First, you simply need to make a rectangle using wooden boards and secure them together. Then, install the legs to each corner.
Flip the frame so the legs are at the bottom. Now, you are ready for the slats. Finally, apply any finish you desire.

3. A bedroom overhaul project plan by C1 Eleina

Plan to move to a smaller property as Elon Musk did; then, you probably need this complete bedroom storage overhaul project.

A big apartment may cost you an arm and a leg. Thus, you have no choice but to dwell in a smaller one so that you can salt away your money.
Just because you dwell in a small apartment does not mean you cannot have a stylish and cozy space. You just need to raise your bed a few feet from the floor so that you can shove a movable rack underneath the bed. This way, you can have your closet system.

2. In case our future has to endure another outbreak and work from home situation

Creating a home office can be as simple as working in bed. To make it happen, you just need to make a large moving desk that can go across the bed.
You will need some plywood boards, mending plates, screws, and casters to make this desk.

Make sure the dimensions are big enough. Then, attach the casters to each corner. After that, screw and secure it to the bed frame. Another tweak you can try is to add a power strip and wirelessly connect your phone to the monitor. Your PC monitor should be hanging on the wall first, or simply build another slim table dedicated for the monitor with some L brackets to secure it from shaking or bumping.

Lastly, No 1. Alternative solution for an ultra-limited bed space: “The Pull-Out slat bed.”

This idea can be the best solution for those who love to take a quick nap in a van. This bed features a hook that secures it. When you unlock it, you can pull the bed out for a more comfortable space to sleep. You just need to top it with a mattress, and it would be perfect.
Before the project begins, as always, you need to prepare all the material and fix the measurements.

To start replicating the project, first, you need to cut the plywood boards into the same size. Then, make a hole at each corner. Next, mount some casters to the plywood boards. Secure them with screws from both sides. Then, screw your movable bed frame into place.
In case you decide to add some storage space, install a few hooks on the side of the bed frame and hang your bags on them.

Next, continue with the slats.
Next, install the slats over the frame.
Attach them with screws on each side, which will prevent you from sliding off. Now, you are ready to place a mattress over it. Finally, secure it with some screws at each corner, and your bed is ready for action!

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You do not have to spend a lot of money to get a comfortable place to sleep. With these 12 bed and mattress DIY project ideas, some spare time, tools, and elbow grease, you can create some comfort and style in your bedroom while having a nest egg.



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