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12 Dining Room Decorating and Organization Ideas

12 Dining Room Decorating and Organization Ideas via Simphome.comThumb

Have you been searching for better ways to organize your dining room? Or maybe you want to spruce it up but are running out of ideas.
There are countless ways to improve your dining room. It’s a chief location in your home for get-togethers and socializing, and not just feeding your family. So it also deserves special attention and care. understands that and has come up with a list of twelve decorating and organizing ideas for the Dining room that you may want to check out.

12 Dining Room Decorating and Organization Ideas via Simphome.comFeatured
12 Dining Room Decoration and Organization Poster

6. How to Craft A Fold-Up Wall Desk

7. How to Craft A Crate Open Pantry

8. How to Build a DIY Corkboard + Planter

9. The Simple DIY Hidden Storage or Charging Port

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Number 12. Additional Storage With Built-In Seating12. built – in seating by

Though nor a real dining room, the owners maximized a corner dining area’s limited space with L-shaped storage that doubles as built-in seating for the dining table.
That’s a pretty smart use of space. Two levels of drawers provide ample storage capacity under the seating.
They are made comfier by stylish and fluffy-looking throw pillows. And there’s a shaggy rug for cushier seating.
The outer two sides of the small rectangular dining table have a standard chair each. This layout would probably accommodate up to five people comfortably.

11. Styled Dining Room Shelves11. style dining room shelves by

This type of shelving design would brighten up the mood in any dining room.
You can mount up to five butcher block type open shelves with a floor-to-ceiling layout in a dining room corner. Use 1×3 cleats screwed to the sidewalls but not on the back wall.
Long cleats aren’t necessary because the wood used is sturdy enough to prevent sagging. Without the back end cleats, it will give the naturally finished shelves a cleaner look against the white walls.
It will let you display various attractive looking jars and containers, or even showcase your beautiful dishes. Wire basket could adorn the lowest shelf, and there’s even room underneath for a tiny step ladder.

10. Built-In Seating and Shelves10. build in seating and shelves by

In this design, a cozy diner-style breakfast nook sits in an alcove in the kitchen. It’s next to three tall windows flooding the area with natural light.
A sizeable square table with a glass top is in the middle. Benches attached to built-in open shelves on opposite sides serve as seating.
Attractive shiplap paneling lines the sides of the benches, and for added comfort, various tasteful throw pillows lean on the backrests.
A large metallic hanging lamp from the ceiling completes the look. What makes the space even more inviting are the various bright-colored décor and knick-knacks adorning the shelves.

9. Invest in a Mirror9. invest in a mirror by

A leaner mirror propped up on the wall behind the end of the dining table will reflect natural light entering from the windows into the dining room.
Mirrors will not only brighten the room during the day. They’ll also reflect the room’s lighting at night.
They also give the illusion of more space and make a small dining area seem larger while adding a touch of style. That’s why you see wall-to-wall mirrors in many restaurants.
A large mirror also works well as décor if its frames blend with the style of the room.

8. DIY Sideboard for the Dining Room8. DIY sideboard for Dining room idea by

A dining room sideboard provides easy access to your dishes and frees up valuable space in kitchen cupboards.
This design is a basic rectangular box divided into four sections with a single internal shelf each. Cut all the ¾” panels and join them with pocket hole screws and glue.
You inset all the doors in a 1”x3” face frame. The two middle sections have double doors, so there’s no trim for the center divider. The top is five rows of 1”x4” boards.
The four doors frames are made from 1”x3” board and stapled at the back with mesh screens. You attach them to the sideboard with eight overlay hinges.

7. Fun Bookcase Styling Project Idea7. Fun bookcase styling project idea by

You can usually find bookcases in living rooms and bedrooms displaying books and decorative items as we.
So why not use them in your dining room as well?
By adding your decorating stamp on it, your dining room will have a unique character. In this particular bookcase, there’s a slightly protruding center section divided into two columns.
There are two doors in the middle, but on the two end sections are all open shelves.
Four brass bookcase lamps hang from the top under the crown molding. They contrast nicely with the white paint finish.

6. DIY Corner Hutch Idea6. get corner hutch by

A corner hutch cabinet is a terrific way to showcase your beautiful dishes while capitalizing on the unused space in a corner.
Use 1” plywood for all the panels and shelves and put them together with glue and pocket hole joinery.
The side panels lined inside with shiplap are perpendicular with each other, but instead of joining at the corner, they connect 135 degrees to a back panel. The shelves have 45-degree miters for mounting on the sides.
There’s a face frame on the front sides, second shelf, base, and a vertical one in the middle of the bottom two shelves. A simple crown molding adorns the top.
Two Shaker-style doors with shiplap inserts mount on the bottom part of the cabinet.

5. Optimize It With This Coffee Station Hack5. Optimize it with this coffe station hack by

Instead of a coffee station in your kitchen, you can have one in your dining room.
The cabinet has a simple layout consisting of a countertop with a level of two drawers below it. The two cabinet doors are hiding two pullout shelves containing coffee supplies, jars, containers, and various cups.
There are also trays in the drawers to organize several coffee sachets or dropper bottles. On the countertops are the espresso machines. Decorative items and cups are on display on the top shelf making the station looking even more inviting.
All-in-all, it’s an excellent spot for connoisseurs to get their coffee fix.

4. Upgrade Its Storage Organization With This Office Storage Makeover4. Upgrade its storage organization with this office storage makeover by

Storage hutches are excellent for storage and for displaying eye-catching items. They’re usually found in kitchens, dining rooms, and even used in office storage.
That’s the situation with this one, which has been repurposed for the dining room. It used to have a varnish finish, but you can paint it white and give it a weathered look.
When decorated nicely, they’ll add an ornate touch to your dining room and have ample space to store and organize some of your things.
Because they typically stand on legs, you can move them around, making them a convenient storage solution near a dining table.

3. Perfect It With This Sweet DIY Floating Spice Rack3. Perfect it with this sweet DIY floating spice rack by

Tiny multi-level floating shelves displaying attractive spices jars with various bright colors of spices would look terrific on any wall.
Cut four 3”x3/4” wood for the shelves and sand them smooth. For a floating shelf installation, you’ll need 5x50mm dowel screws.
Keep a level handy to ensure proper horizontal alignment. Next, mark on the wall where you’re going to drive the screws. Also, mark where the dowel ends would go in on the back of the shelves.
Use Danish oil for the shelves’ finish.

2. This Portland Dining Room Transformation can be Your Inspiration2. Take this the portland dining room reveal as transformation inspiration by

This elegant and classic looking makeover of a Portland dining room follows a black and white theme with a touch of natural wood embellishments.
The wainscoting, ceiling, door and window jambs, and moldings were all painted white. The door and window frames contrast beautifully with black.
Some of the décor and part of the chairs have some touches of black. The subtle black-and-white wallpaper completes the look.
They all go well with the beautiful wood flooring, including the live-edge tabletop, which has become the room’s focal point. The cabinet at the far end also adds another point of interest.

lastly, number 1. Restyle It With This Open Shelving Idea1. Re Style it with this open shelving idea by

In this last one, we’ll give you a few pointers on restyling open shelves.
The first thing to do is to bring out all your décor and try them out. You don’t always have to splurge on new stuff. Some of the items you already have could work and save you a fortune.
Most home decors come out flat, so you have to be more adventurous and try out different combinations of colors, textures, and even styles.
So don’t rush things and examine what works and which don’t. Don’t always go for symmetry but rather strike the right balance.
Also, add your personal touch, and don’t be afraid to break convention. It will give the room more originality and a unique flair.


The take away for me from this list is the correlation between form and function.
So, rather than choose one over the other, search for ideas that offer you both. You can use storage not just for organizing, but also for decorating and enhancing your dining room.
If you found our video helpful, there’s more on to help you with any home-improvement questions.



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