How to Craft Simple DIY Hidden Storage or Charging Station

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This is about how my charging station came to be. I’ve got these really pretty bookshelves. Have I told you about them? I love them. I love styling them, I love taking everything off and putting new things up all the time. It’s akin to having a little dress up doll as a child. Endless hours of entertainment, right? I love to add pretty decorative display pieces up and let the pretty pieces just sit there and be pretty.
DIY Built in Bookshelves around Fireplace The Weathered Fox

But then my husband asks if we’re every going to put anything functional up there, and I have to start getting creative. Yes, in my mind I built these to give our space more storage. But boxes of stuff and an endless pile of cords doesn’t really make my heart go pitter-patter the way a perfectly staged vignette does. But alas, we live in a real wold with real messes that need to be hidden.

Enter Bible box. and the create and share challenge hosted by the one and only Stephanie from Casa Watkins.
1.Simphome.comCharging station the weathered fox

The Create and Share challenge is just a group of blogger friends who select one item to work with. then we create something from that item. Sometimes its a tool, other times it’s an item. this time it’s chalk paint.

My DIY Hidden Charging Station

You know you’ve seen these before. They have them for a dime a dozen at the thrift store. People don’t want to throw them away for fear of going to hell, so they donate them to their nearest thrift shop. Thank you guilty christian. Because whenever I encounter a bible box, I snag it.

These are awesome boxes you guys! They’re great for storage, solid pieces, every one I’ve ever found has been made out of cedar. I think they’re just great to have around!

But this one I was saving for something special.
2.Simphome.comCharging station the weathered fox
I removed the paper back and scraped off the glue. I told you this is cedar, right? It smells so pretty! I didn’t want to cover it up. So when I painted, I kept the inside of the box just as it is.
3.Simphome.comcharging station hide your cords the weathered fox
This is a new paint for me. It’s a chalk paint synthesis. The color is limestone by Wise Owl Paints. They were generous to send a sample to our group for this challenge.

It’s kind of a blue-gray but very light. So light it looks white in some light.

The sides of the box are supposed to mimick book pages, so I painted them a different color. It’s a light brown almost tan. Then I added some dark wax from Wise Owl over the top of the book pages to give them an antique look.
4.Simphome.comcharging station diy applying the wax
Last step was to drill a hole for the cords to go through.
5.Simphome.comcharging station diy make room for the cords
and you guys, it’s THAT easy to turn a dime-a-dozen bible box into a pretty charging station to go on your pretty bookshelf!
6.Simphome.comcharging station diy make room for the cords
OK, yea, I still have a little glue residue. But, most of the time it will be covered. And one day when it starts t obother me, I can scratch at it a bit more 🙂

Now I can have my phones charging right on top of my pretty books.
7.Simphome.comcharging station diy make room for the cords
You can use the same idea for hiding extension cords, remotes, bills, reciepts, or any little items that clutter up your home.

These boxes are adorable on coffee tables too!

And from me (Simphome Admin),
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