10 Small Kitchen Styling Ideas (1)

Make use of the narrow space and create a cozy corner with a small bench, chair, table, and more

The kitchen is probably the busiest spot at home. When you get up in the morning, you tend to make a journey to it and grab some coffee. Sometimes, you try to be a multitasker by pivoting from the stove to the sink, juggling the dinner and the dishes.
Despite the hurly-burly of the cooking activity, the kitchen can be less spacious sometimes. Even worse, it could be mundane due to the lack of decorations. Now, it is time for you to make it more appealing with these 10 small kitchen styling ideas. As always, Simphome present you the list

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10. Double Up on Pattern and Color

One of the common reasons why you think your kitchen is getting tedious is the color scheme. You have been looking at the same hues for years, and maybe they are fading. No wonder you find it unattractive. If it happens, you just need to repaint the walls and cabinets.
You may have heard that white is a top-notch choice when it comes to small spaces. However, some people are not really into an all-white kitchen that may look too hygienic, like a hospital. Well, adding some pops of colors to jazz the room up will not be hurtful, right? Painting the cabinets yellow or adding red stools can work like a charm.
Another way to add more interest to your cooking space is by incorporating patterns. You can make this idea tangible by stenciling the floor. If you think it is too much trouble, laying a runner rug will do it instantly.

9. Group Items by Color

Do you have colorful dishes and appliances in your kitchen? You might think organizing them by putting them in the cabinets or shelves is enough. Well, you could be right. However, the mixed colors will create an unorganized look.
Instead of merely storing the dishes to ditch the clutter, it would be better to group them by colors. This way, you can create a uniform look. Not only will your kitchen become more visually pleasing, but it will also be tidier. You will be able to find anything easier, too.

8. Hide Items in Your Storage

What is the point of having a stylish kitchen if clutter conquers it relentlessly? It will be another stressful day for you. Therefore, make sure you have organized everything.
Look around your kitchen to find any unused or less-used items like extra pots, platters, and empty bottles taking over the countertops.
Throw the empty bottles in the trashcan. You can also hide them away in the kitchen island cabinets and other less-used items if you want to upcycle them.
What about the upper cabinets? They are perfect places for the items that you use daily because they are reachable.

7. The Weekly Menu List

Deciding what you want to cook for your family can be tricky. It can even take up your valuable time. However, if you spend some time planning your weekly menu, everything will be much easier.
Once you have listed your weekly menu, you can display it on a board hanging in the kitchen. It will remind you of the meal you have to cook for the day while adding a rustic look.
No need to splurge on expensive hardwood, though. Making it out of some leftover will save more bucks. You just need to cut the board to size, sand it down, and stain it thoroughly.
After that, get printed letters and transfer them to the wooden board. Next, screw some binder clips to hold the papers containing the menu or recipes.

6. Try Compact Container

Storing the condiments on the shelves is an excellent way to get rid of clutter. However, they will soon take over the available space, creating such an untidy look. If it happens in your kitchen, you need to consider investing in some compact containers.
Compact containers come in various sizes, shapes, and colors to meet your need. You can use the small ones to store fresh herbs. The condiments can stay in the big ones. This way, you can hide them out of sight while decorating the shelves with distinctive designs.

5. Hack a Moveable Island with Cube Shelving

People usually use cubby to display knick-knacks and books in the living room. If you tweak it a bit, you can turn it into a chic kitchen island.
To make a kitchen island out of a cubby, you just need to top it with a wooden board to use as a countertop. You can also add four casters to make it easy to move.
Do not forget to paint the countertop the same color as the cubby to make them united. Finally, add some wicker baskets as you pleased.

4. Install Rods for Your Most-Used Kitchen Items

If your kitchen lacks floor space, try tapping into the door or the walls. You can install one or two rods on the wall to hang the items you usually use every day, like spatula, whisk, sifter, and ladle.
If your kitchen lacks floor space, try tapping into the door or the walls. You can install one or two rods on the wall to hang the items you usually use every day, like spatula, whisk, sifter, and ladle.

Few things you must pay attention to are:

  • No 1. Ensure that the rod you choose is sturdy enough to hold heavy pots, pans, and spoons.
  • No 2. Hang the items you use frequently and make as much space as possible for them.
  • No 3. Leave enough space between each item, so you don’t have to reach over something when taking it down from the shelf.
  • No 4. Ensure that all items are securely attached to the rod so they won’t fall out of the shelves and cause accidents when you open them or take them down.
  • No 5. If there is a gap between two items on a shelf, hide it with cute kitchen accessories like small baskets or boxes of teabags.

3. The Fabulous House-Shaped Shelf

Just because your kitchen is tiny, it does not mean you cannot have a coffee bar. You just need a perfect corner to host the coffee maker, tea, and sugar. Another thing you need is shelves to store the cups.
You can make ubiquitous shelves by screwing boards and brackets to the wall. Even better, you can purchase – or even create – this house-shaped shelf. It consists of some cubes that host your cups.
To make it look more appealing, you can invest in some beautiful cups or paint some of your cups and display them on the cubes.

2. Make a Cute Wall-Hanging Decoration

Do not let the walls in your kitchen remain plain and untouched, making them look uninteresting. You can try hanging artwork like a painting, some motivational quotes, or this wall-hanging decoration.
To make this wall-hanging art, first, you need a wood piece. Using a foam brush, paint it with chalkboard paint. Once it is dry, transfer the printed words of your choice. After that, color in the letters.

Lastly, Number 1. Add a pegboard

Pegboards are versatile. You can make use of them in any room in your house, including your kitchen. They are not only handy but also pretty. More importantly, you do not need to be an expert to install a pegboard in your cooking space.
First, you need to screw the pegboard to the wall. Insert some dowels to support the shelves or to hold your kitchen utensil. You can add as many shelves and dowels as you want because pegboards are such flexible and straightforward storage.

General Instructions:
Step 1: Attach the pegboard to the wall and secure it
Step 2: Add hooks on your own or do a search for DIY hooks
Step 3: Hang whatever you need from the hooks, so it is within reach
Step 4: Update your kitchen decor with a new wallpaper when necessary
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Although your kitchen is not spacious, it still deserves to look pretty. With these 10 small kitchen styling ideas, you can make it more appealing. Finally, preparing breakfast in the morning has become less stressful and tedious.



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