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12 Minimalist Storage ideas for A Small Kitchen

Living in an expensive city like New York, keeping your house tidy with limited space and storage can be challenging. But what makes it worse is when you only have limited space and storage in the one busiest room of the house – the kitchen! We’ve summed up 12 minimalist storage ideas for a small kitchen that will help you get organized.

As the busiest spot in a house, the kitchen is prone to clutter. What makes it worse is when you only have limited space and storage. The messiness will soon seize its glory.
The only solution to your problem is by reorganizing your cooking space while adding more storage solutions. Well, you have come to the right place because we have summed up these 12 minimalist storage ideas for a small kitchen. For more amazing details, follow the Simphome link inside the reference area.

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10 Minimalist Kitchen Organization and Storage
12 Minimalist Kitchen DIY ideas

12. The Metal Grate pot rack Idea

Many people store their pans and pots in cabinets. However, the number of cooking utensils keeps increasing over time, making the cabinets overload.
If you do not have any more space in your cabinets, you can always tap into the walls. You can make this idea tangible by hanging pegboards, curtain rods, or even this heavy-duty grid.
This heavy-duty grid looks like wire mesh.

Even better, it is way sturdier. More importantly, you do not need to have advanced carpentry skills to install it. You just need to screw hooks to the wall to hold the grid in place. Then, add as many S hooks as you want to hang your kitchen utensils, including some recipes or a list of the weekly menu.

Relevant information and detail instructions:

  • No 1. Is your kitchen countertop cluttered with spice jars? If you find yourself in this situation, you can benefit from this wall-mounted spice rack idea. There is no need to spend money on cabinets to store your spices. All you have to do is install a sturdy board onto the wall with some screws. Then, add a hook for each of the spice jars you have in the kitchen.
  • No 2. The Bottles Storage Rack Idea
    Some kitchen tools and equipment come in bottles, but they do not have handles. It would be a problem if you could not find the right bottle when you needed it. Imagine yourself opening drawers or cabinets to look for something as simple as a bottle of olive oil or ketchup! Why not organize those bottles in a rack? You can make one by drilling holes at both ends of a wooden board and nailing them together.
  • No 3. The Wrapping Paper Storage Idea
    Do you have wrapping paper that rolls into a ball when it sits unused for a long time? If yes, do not throw it away because you still can find some use for it. Look at the following idea to store small kitchen items in an organized manner. In other words, you can adapt it to keep your wrapping paper rolls or ribbons, too! The process is simple. You should just cut a few plastic bottles and then put the bottle caps at the bottom of each bottle to provide support and stability.
  • No 4. The Magnetic Organizer Idea
    This point is another easy idea to make your kitchen more organized. If you need to find an item at the bottom of your fridge or cupboards, you can use this homemade magnet organizer. All you have to do is attach simple hooks to the refrigerator or the cupboard door and hang paper clips in there. The result is that each hook will hold a paper clip in place. Then, when you want to find something at the bottom of your refrigerator or refrigerator door, just look for it by lining them up one by one on the board. And when you no longer need it anymore, take out each paper clip and throw them away.
  • No 5. The Water Bottle Storage Idea
    This point is a great way to store plastic bottles. All you have to do is switch them around and turn them into a fun and easy toy for your kids and pets. The method is simple. First, drill some holes on the bottom of each bottle and secure them with screws on a wooden board. Then, hang the board in your kitchen or pantry by securing it with nails or hooks that are sturdy enough to hold these bottles up. You can use the space underneath the rack to store extra plastic bottles, such as cups and plates. And you can also use it as a dry-erase board if you want! Follow the link to find creative water bottle storage solutions you can try without thinking a lot about budgeting.
    – The Plastic Bottle Alternative Storage Idea
    If you have a lot of plastic bottles, but no time to reuse them, you can consider this one as a large hanging rack. To give it a taller height, you should attach some pieces of wood to the bottom corners of the wooden board. Then, hang it on the wall by securing it with nails or hooks that are sturdy enough to hold plastic bottles up. By doing that, you can save space in your pantry because you will store most of your plastic bottles vertically with this DIY project!
  • No 6. The Egg Storage Idea
    Do you like eggs but do not always cook them? If yes, you will benefit from this egg storage idea. Just like the water bottle storage idea, you can turn plastic bottles into small egg holders. To make this happen, drill holes in the bottom of the bottles and secure them with screws on a wooden board. Then, hang it in your kitchen or pantry by securing it with nails or hooks that are sturdy enough to hold plastic bottles up.
  • No 7. The Shoe Rack Storage Idea in the Kitchen (Although some people said it is not recommended)
    Have you ever heard of shoe racks that can hold more than 20 pairs of shoes? If not, you should consider some DIY shoe rack options. One of them is to use some planks to make a frame for your shoe rack. Nail the frame to the wall or mount it on it using heavy-duty screws and wall mounts. Then, place wire hooks over the frame so they can support all your shoes neatly.
  • No 8. The Towel Storage Rack Idea
    If you were to consider towel storage options, the first thing that comes to mind might be towel racks. However, why not try using a rack meant for different items? For instance, if you like this shoe rack idea because it can hold up to 20 pairs of shoes, why not use it as a towel storage rack? You can follow the steps in organizing shoes and then hang your towels over the wire hooks.
  • No 9. The Over-the-door Storage Idea
    This idea is a practical way to save space in your kitchen or pantry. You should just take two wooden planks and nail them together on the top and bottom ends. Then, place them over your kitchen cabinets so your items can hang between the two planks. This step will help you save up space, especially when storing heavier items like canned goods or condiments.
  • No 10. The Basket Storage Idea
    Similar to the towel storage rack idea above, you can turn upholstered baskets into a high-capacity storage solution for your food items in the kitchen. To do this, you should use some hooks and brackets that are sturdy enough to hold baskets. You can simply lay them on top of each other or stack them on top of each other vertically.

11. Maximize available space above your kitchen cabinet

Do you think you do not have any more space in your kitchen? Are you sure about that? Look up! You may find ample space between the upper cabinets and the ceiling.
This space might not be big, but it does in a pinch because every inch is valuable.

Since it might be hard to reach, you can use it to store some less-used items like large pots.
Once those items are up, you can use your cabinets to store kitchen utensils, dishes, and spices you usually use daily, which is more efficient.

Alternative ideas you can also try are:

  • No 1. Use one shelf to store your everyday dishware
    In detail, you can use the top shelf to store your everyday plates, cups, and bowls. The next shelf down can store dry food like rice, sugar, flour for baking purposes. And you should use the bottom shelf to store food that needs to be kept cold or frozen, like dairy products.
  • No. 2. Hang your pots and pans on the wall
    If you have a lot of pots and pans, you can hang them up. Hang them in an organized manner, so it looks neat.
  • No. 3. Use the cabinets floor space for storing your drying rack
    If you have too many dishes that have to be dried after washing, place your drying rack in the cabinet door, so it can be closed when not in use.
    ~ Structural Info:  The upper cabinet is also known as uppers, or upper cabinets are usually installed above the sink or dishwasher, are used to store small kitchen appliances, glassware or dishware, and table settings. They are also known as “baking cabinets” or “pantries.”
    The lower cabinet is usually installed below the sink and used to store food, including canned food and bottled beverages. They are also called “food cabinets” or “pantry.”
    ~ Storage drawers:  Storage drawers, also known as pull-out drawers, pull-down drawers, and slide-out drawers, fall into the popular storage units in the kitchen. These units fit perfectly with any kitchen cabinetry and can hold all kinds of cooking utensils such as spoons, spatulas, and ladles.
  • No. 4. Make use of the length of your upper cabinets
    You can make use of the extra space to hang pots and pans on the wall above your cabinets. Just screw in some hooks, and your job is done!
    Alternative ideas you can also try are
  • No 5. Use shelf dividers to create more storage space in the kitchen
    If you have ample storage in front of you but not enough in the back, you can divide the space with two dividers, creating more room for cooking utensils, dishes, and household items.
  • No 6. Arrange your spices in jars to save space in your kitchen
    You can buy smaller bottles of spices while using the larger ones for other purposes. For instance, instead of using four small bottles of cumin, you could have only one big bottle. While this method is not particularly effective at saving space, it will make your kitchen look neat and organized because it will be easier to find what you are looking for. Also, there won’t be much wastage since you won’t have all those small bottles everywhere in the kitchen cabinet.
  • No 7. Create a spice rack for more accessible storage space in your kitchen
    This idea was inspired by the old school teacher that used to keep all his tools organized by category on the wall under his tool cabinet. Since it is hanging, it will have a lot of storage space. To copy the project, you can use pantry dividers to keep your spices organized in different compartments in the wall. Just arrange the handles in ascending order so they are visible.
  • No 8. Use a magnetic strip to organize utensils on your fridge door
    When you have a lot of utensils, you might end up mixing them up if they are uniformly stored on your kitchen cabinet. For this situation, you can use a magnetic strip to arrange them in the correct category according to their size and shape. It will be easier for you when you need something from your kitchen drawer or even when you want to clean it with ease.
  • No 9. Multiply your storage space by creating drawer dividers to organize your utensils
    As you use all your drawers for different purposes, creating drawer dividers is the best way to ensure that the contents are properly organized. You can use them to store cooking utensils, small pots and dishes, knives, iron spoons, and forks together. This way, you can avoid mixing up products with similar shapes and functions.
  • No 10. Organize your utensils in the cabinet by size
    You can create a separate drawer for larger pots or pans like 30-inch range or bigger ones like 32-inch range. Another drawer can be designed for smaller pots or pans like the 27-inch range. The third drawer can be made for utensils, dishes, and cooking gadgets.
    If you are not that big into cooking, you can separate the pots according to their materials like aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, glass, etc.

10. The Holiday Kitchen Shelving Ideas for Cheap

Corners in every room in a house can be awkward sometimes. You cannot place a cupboard or any other piece of furniture in it because it will leave an opening gap.
Although you cannot place a cupboard in the corner of your small kitchen, it does not mean you cannot do anything about it. Try these simple and smart corner shelves.

To make these shelves, you just need to cut some boards to length, sand them down thoroughly, stain and seal them, and finally screw them to the wall. You can also install brackets underneath to reinforce them.

Other ideas you can consider to advantage awkward kitchen corner are:

  • No 1. Take advantage of the corner area by installing a countertop. Install a freestanding or wall-mounted butcher block island that is the perfect size for the space.
  • No 2. For cooking purposes, install a single cabinet above two lower shelves. This way, you can store all your pots and pans on the upper shelf without wobbling sideways when you open it up to pull anything out.
  • No 3. Double up your spice rack to cover more of the countertop.
  • No 4. Create an extra storage shelf above your sink so kitchen trash cans are not at ground level, which can be dangerous for children and pets.
  • No 5. Install a stovetop hood above a side countertop – this is a great way to save even more space.
  • No 6. You can also use a high ceiling by installing hanging wall shelves instead of wall cupboards. This choice will give you the extra height to make the most of your kitchen corner.
  • No 7. Use a corner as an overlook for placing your potted plants, fresh herbs, or fruit trees.
  • No 8. If you have an awkward area with pipes or wires, install a peg rail at the floor and upper-shelf level and use it for mugs and baskets on the lower levels and plates and cutting boards on the upper levels.
  • No 9. This point is an elegant idea for a small kitchen. Use a piece of wood, paint it smooth and then fill it with crockery or glassware. This way, you can have a perfectly organized countertop under the cabinets.
  • No 10. Get rid of the useless corner space by installing an open shelving unit for food storage. If you choose the right size, you can fit six storage containers without taking up too much space on your kitchen island or underneath your cabinets, which will be great for maximum storage efficiency in your tiny kitchen space.

9. A unique Cutting board storage Idea

You might think that your cabinets are already full because you have crammed many things into them. Apparently, you can find plenty of storage space that needs tapping into.
The doors of your cabinets, for example, can serve more than just concealing what is inside. You can turn the area to be an ingenious additional storage solution.

  • First, You can try making a cutting board rack behind your cabinet door. It is as simple as screwing three pieces of boards to the door to create the frame.
  • Then, attach two wooden dowels to it.
  • These wooden dowels will help you hold the cutting boards in place. It is much better than laying them on the countertop, which can take up the counter space, or cramming them in the cabinets with the other dishes.

Other options you can select to store and secure your Cutting board collections are:

  1. By using plastic hair ties to hang the cutting boards on the cabinet doors.
  2. By hanging them with a hook, placing them on a metal rack or shelves, or stacking them with another board.
  3. By doing the same principle as the first idea but use lazy susan instead to hold your cutting boards in place.
  4. By adding a thin piece of wood to your cabinets to be the storage solution.
    You have to ensure that the cutting boards are not too heavy, or they can pull off the cabinet’s hinges or break off the dowels.
  5. Use a wire rack to hang the boards upside down because this is durable steel and can hold heavy objects.
  6. By removing the space from your cabinet door, add a simple shelf by screwing four parts.
  7. Using a rack for hanging pots and pans in a cabinet, insert a thin board into the space between the hanging rack and the cabinet.
  8. By drilling holes through metal coat shelves to attach them by using bolts and wing nuts.
  9. By making a simple wood frame with three boards, drill holes in them to add dowels or hooks, then add wood glue to secure the panels together.
  10. By adding small cut pieces of thin wood vertically from your kitchen cabinets door to keep your cutting board collections from falling when you open the cabinets because this allows for space when you open it up.

Additional Idea;
A Magnet board idea for your knives
You can use magnet boards for everything from protecting your home to displaying your arts and knick-knacks. It is no surprise that you can also use it in your kitchen for more storage spaces; in this example, you can create a magnetic knife holder on your wall. This functional kitchen storage idea is excellent because it keeps knives within reach but out of sight when not in use.

8. The corner kitchen cabinet makeover with arrow shelving

Many people think that placing cabinets in the corner is not a good idea. Well, you can turn this dead-end into a fun storage solution with this lazy Susan hack.
Just like Lazy Susan shoe racks, this storage can rotate in place, resulting in more shelves that you can use to stash away spices and condiments.

You can even install drawer slides to some of the racks so that you can pull them out and get what you are looking for more easily.
The trickiest part will be the moment you insert your lazy Susan inside the existing corner cabinet. To do this, you need to remove the doors and add a twist to them by installing euro-styles hinges.
These hinges will allow you to fold the doors sideways so that you can rotate the racks. They also create a sleek look that complements your minimalist kitchen.

Additional ideas to produce a unique kitchen cabinet are:

  1. Make a cooking shelf out of vintage crates
  2. Make a twine storage planning out of old cellophane wrapping
  3. Create a spice rack out of old computer parts
  4. Make a container storage solution for old wooden boxes, glass jars, and netting containers for dry goods like rice and beans.
    Our selection of medium-sized kitchen shelves is just what you need to organize your kitchen properly. We have many ideas that will inspire you to create an organized kitchen for different uses, whether it’s just for you or sharing with others.
  5. Use your storage solution to make a display for your favorite dish
  6. Make a tray with rice or pasta pot holders for your available cabinet space.
  7. Use the boxes to make hooks easier to access any hiding spot you want. You can also use them as decoration inside the kitchen corner.
  8. Use items from the kitchen to create a white wine rack
  9. Use your existing spice jars as a way to organize different spices and herbs from different parts of the kitchen so that they all have one spot where they can always be found in an instant. This way, you can have all essential ingredients at once without hunting for them every time you need one of them.
  10. Hang your pots on the wall using a spring so that they will not get damaged, and you can still use them when you want to.
  11. Use a crate on top of your table to store some pots and pans for quick access while cooking.
  12. Install some small shelves inside your cabinet that you can use to store some mugs and other small things at home and keep the kitchen spacious and clear of clutter. You can use some of these ideas in an indoor garden, living room, or bedroom too!
    Incorporating different storage solutions in a small kitchen is not easy, but it is possible to know where to start.
  13. Create a DIY spice rack that includes twine and baskets
  14. Make a magnetic key holder using an old pot and some flowers (if you like to cook and even if you don’t, this idea will surely make your kitchen look better).
  15. Use old bookcases as storage solutions for your books, dishes, or other things
  16. Create an instant drawer system by lining up different sized boxes so that you can easily access all of your pots and pans
  17. Use curtain rods as a way to store some pots and pans with lids inside them.

7. The Beautiful corner shelf idea

This corner shelf embodies the minimalist style at its best. Making it is also easy. You just need to grab two wooden board pieces, sand, apply any finish you like, and then screw them to the corner.
Now, here comes the fun part. You can choose to both eradicate clutter and make your kitchen look more appealing by styling it.

Try displaying your dishes and cups coming in a few color shades.
You can also try showing your knick-knacks or treasures. Well, although this is not a living room and not many people will notice it, at least it can please your eyes and boost your moods.

Additional details:

  • No 1. Decide where to put it
    Where to store the corner shelf will depend on where you have your kitchen. If you have an open kitchen design, choose a space between the wall and the countertop. However, if you have a door in your kitchen, opt for wall space.
  • No 2. Apply stain
    After deciding, select a finish that will best suit your style and paint it on both sides of the boards. Pre-stain is also possible, especially when you want to add wood tones without painting it directly.
    In other words, if your cabinets are naturally white or light-colored, then you can paint the corner shelf in white or different color shades that will go well with them.
  • No 3. Hang the corner shelf
    Now, hang the corner shelf on one of its edges. This idea is your chance to turn it either with brackets or without them for an artistic look. You can also try mounting them with screws or nails that the shelves will hide.
  • No 4. Style it
    There are limitless possibilities in styling a shelf, especially when you have a spacious area. You can utilize it to store kitchen items, display knick-knacks, and do other things that you love most.

The Hollow door to upgrade your kitchen storage strategy:
A hollow door with a cabinet below it is a practical and beautiful storage solution for a small kitchen with an under-cabinet space issue. It offers you more vertical space for storage while preserving the value of your home, therefore, making it your most favorite item on this list of minimalist kitchen storage ideas for small kitchens. Like any other project, you can quickly build this yourself without spending too much money on it.

6. The DIY kitchen shelf with some wires by Marenbaxter

The idea of creating floating shelves as additional storage solutions are always good. However, it is not as easy as it seems, especially if you have a shiny and sleek backsplash that you do not want to ruin or scratch.
Instead of screwing the shelves to the wall, you can try suspending them from the ceiling. To make these shelves, you will need some boards and galvanized wire.

  • First, drill several holes.
    Then, screw eye-hooks to the ceiling and begin to thread the wire through the first shelf.
    It will be on the bottom shelf.
  • After that, thread the wire through the second shelf above it.
  • Use stoppers to make the board stay in place. Ensure it is level, though.
  • Finally, secure the wire to the hooks in the ceiling.

Detail Instructions:

  1. Cut your boards to the desired sizes for your shelves.
  2. Drill several holes on the boards. Make sure they are evenly spaced so it will be easier to adjust them later on.
  3. Now, screw the eye hook on the ceiling per board.
  4. Thread wire per hole, with eye-hooks, lastly.
  5. Use stoppers to make sure that everything is level and straightened out before you secure it all up there with pliers or an adapter clamp
  6. You can make a small hook in place for the shelf to hang on the wall if you feel the need
  7. Use your new shelf idea in your kitchen
  8. And add a minimalist storage idea, too. In this case, it is a drawer with hooks.
    You could add shelving units onto the shelves or even use them as doors for cabinet doors when you want to conceal extra items from view
    ~ If you have a small dining table, you can lay wooden boards across two chairs and use them there instead of a regular chair
    ~ You can store your plates and cups/glasses here if you want
    ~ Use the top board that is lying below as a rack for cookbooks and magazines
    ~ Not to forget, you can store your kitchen utensils here, too!
  9. Craft drawer that has a tray with dividers to keep your kitchen things neat. You can also put up some hooks on the walls to hold utensils or even place some pans on them.

5. How to build a new Bookshelf and floating storage in the kitchen

Instead of investing in cabinets that tend to be bulky and may take up a lot of space, you can try installing shelves. This way, you can store and grab the plates or bowls you want in no time. Besides, displaying your dishes can add a bit of interest. You can also show off your books on the shelves. The colorful covers will spruce up your cooking space immensely.

Detailed Instructions:

  • No 1. Paint the wall (If you think it will be a wise decision)
    Before you draw up your plan, you can give the walls a preliminary coat of paint. Then you can decide on the color scheme for your shelves. Just be sure to find one that blends well with your walls.
  • No 2. Install your bookcase
    Layout the components on the wall first before installing them to prevent any mistakes during this process. Measure so that there are no gaps between the components. Take care when choosing where to install these pieces into your wall, too, because once they are in place, they are not easy to change.
  • No 3. Hang items on pegboards as alternative
    Instead of spreading out many shelves, consider installing pegboards instead of regular shelves for better storage options and looks. You can hang all your utensils and tools on these pegboards.
  • No 4. Use a pegboard as a hanging rack for dishes
    You can use a pegboard to hang your plates and pots instead of putting them on the shelves. This idea will save a lot of space and keep things organized too. You can even create a grid using them and their respective hooks to manage your cooking utensils better.
  • No 5. Build bookshelves inside the cabinet doors
    Instead of seeing your shelves swallowed up by cabinets, you can build bookshelves for better storage options as well as free up more floor space in the kitchen area.
  • No 6. Build your spice rack
    This step is more practical than buying an expensive spice rack made of wood or metal. You can create this for free using wood or plastic. The DIY project requires some time and some simple tools too.
  • No 7. Use an expandable box for storage
    You can use an expandable box to store your utensils and other cooking items like knives, spoons, pasta machines, etc. You can arrange them inside the boxes beforehand to get a better idea of where they will go before you make them visible again with their hooks attached to the shelves where they will stand at ease.
  • No 8. Display items with wall-hung shelves
    If you already have wall-mounted shelves, you can use them for more than just storage. You can also use them to display your cooking utensils or your books too.
  • No 9. Hang a pot rack on the ceiling of your kitchen
    Instead of stacking pots and pans on a regular rack, you can hang a pot rack on the ceiling of your kitchen. This point will free up some countertop space and make it look more stylish at the same time too.
  • No 10. Create a wall rack
    If you don’t have enough space for your pots and pans, you can make use of an already existing wall to store them. You can also create this rack with wooden boards or pieces of cardboard.
  • No 11. Use shoe shelves for storage
    Shoe racks are great at storing shoes, but they’re even better at keeping other items like cooking utensils, bags, etc. All you need is to improvise a shoe rack using a regular closet box and some extra shelves on the inside.

4. The multi-tiers kitchen corner cabinet idea

This one is another brilliant idea to conquer the cabinet corner. When you open the door, you will see two shelves. It is not surprising, is it? Hold on a second.
It turns out that the shelves feature drawer slides so that you can pull them out quickly. Here comes another surprise. You can pull the shelves next to them sideways, allowing you to get easy access when you want to get your pan and pot in an instant.

Detailed Instructions:

  • No 1. First, you need to determine the exact location of the desired cabinet corner.
  • No 2. Measure the length and width of your kitchen cabinet accordingly.
  • No 3. Outline your kitchen corner.
  • No 4. Mark the point mark on your outline accurately to get two equal lines at an equal distance from one another, which is equivalent to your desired size for your kitchen cabinets’ height and width measurements.
  • No 5. Divide the width measurement by two to get the height for both sides, equivalent to 1/2 times their widths. For instance, if there are two shelves on each side, you will need 1/2 (or twice) of that width measurement for both sides (half).
  • No 6. Make a mark at the middle of one side. Now, cut a line just below this previous mark. And again, cut a line at the bottom of the corresponding shelf for each side.
  • No 7. You have three cuts to make on both sides of your marked lines from step No 6.
  • No 8. Soak the wood slats in water for at least 30 minutes to allow them to become soft and easy to work with.
  • No 9. Cut the slats to be all-around 20 cm (8 inches) wide (everyone is exactly 2 inches wide).
  • No 10. Cut all of them to equal lengths.
  • No 11. Measure the distance between the two lines that you have drawn in step No5. To be exact, just measure at the middle of your two lines to get your desired measurements for each side (in this case, it is 75cm or 29 1/2 inches).
  • No 12. Cut the slats to match these measurements.
  • No 13. Paint or varnish these slats with your favorite color(s), for they are ready to be used now.

3. Hide the Rails for a Sleeker Look

If you want to carve out a minimalist look in your kitchen, you must make your cabinets look sleeker. You may also have to hide away any hardware, including drawer slide rails.
To create a sleeker look, you can try installing a single slide rail at the bottom of the drawer. You need to install it right in the middle so that the drawer is balanced.

Begin with attaching the front end to the front frame using a screw. After that, connect the other end to the rear of the enclosure using the mounting bracket. It has to be perpendicular to the front frame.
You can also install anti-friction pads in each corner of the front frame opening as additional support. This way, you can prevent distortions.

Detailed instructions and additional details:

  • No 1. Determine the correct position for the slide rail.
  • No 2. Install a support bracket in each corner of the frame to provide additional support.
  • No 3. Attach a slide rail to each end of the support brackets using mounting screws and washers.
  • No 4. Use zip ties to keep the rails together and aligned correctly.
  • No 5. Hide Tricky Fittings with Nooks & Crannies
    To do the job, you need to start with planning the layout of the space. You will need to determine how much of the cabinet you will use for storage and the closest wall to the kitchen sink. Then you need to identify where your nooks and crannies are that can hold accessories like knives, tongs, or plates.
  • ~ If existing cabinets are OK for this purpose, you do not need to clear them out completely. However, it would be best to consider some changes like replacing some interior finishes with softer ones so you can easily place items in nooks and crannies.
    Details: When you are finished re-arranging interior spaces for storage, you should be able to fit enough items in these new nooks. That means that the cabinet has become smaller. However, you can still open the doors of your cabinet and store other things that are typically stored on the counter or shelves easily.
  • ~ If all this sounds like too much trouble, a freestanding wire rack is available for just an estimated $20 at many kitchen stores. It can hold up to 6 pieces of soup crocks or six small dinner plates without any rattle or rattling. It can hold them in vertical or horizontal positions.
  • No 6. Install shelves in the nooks and crannies.
  • No 7. Add cabinet drawers under the shelves for additional storage space.
  • No 8. Create an attractive, eye-catching kitchen by painting cabinets with stunning colors that will invite guests to come into your open kitchen.
  • No 9. Create a beautiful railing around the sink area by decorating it with accessories like lights, pendants, hooks, etc., based on your taste and style of cooking. Colorful accessories will give you a pop of color even in dull lighting conditions, while lights will create ambiance inside your kitchen, making it look more inviting and casual too!
  • No 10. Create a beautiful and stylish kitchen for your family by using different accessories such as spice racks, knives racks, cupboards, etc., that will add to the beauty and character of your kitchen.

2. Under-cabinet magnetic knife rack Idea


Using magnetic racks to organize your knives is a good idea. However, it may entail dangers if you install them along with the backsplash. Your kids might reach them easily.
Alternatively, you can try installing the magnetic racks on a board suspended from the cabinet using a drop-down hydraulic mechanism. That way, your kids will not see the knives nor use them.


Detailed instructions and additional information:

  • No 1. Install the magnetic racks along with the backsplash to avoid accidental knife cuts or pain.
  • No 2. Install the drop-down rack’s hydraulic mechanism to prevent children from reaching the knives.
  • No 3. All of your knives need to be sharpened before you store them in your magnetic racks.
  • No 4. Placing Magnetic Rack under Shelf for Extra Storage
    To obtain extra storage in your kitchen, you can install a magnetic rack under any available shelf in your kitchen cabinet or pantry. That way, you can maximize the space by using smaller items like spatulas, vintage kettles, etc., on top of it while using larger items like pots and pans underneath it.
  • No 5. Storing Peelers Under Shelf for Storing Spices & Pans
    If you have a cabinet with a large size under your kitchen sink, you can store some smaller items like peelers, knives, and spices underneath it. By doing this, you will be able to maximize the space available below the sink.

You can utilize more space under the counter to store spoons, measuring cups, and any other items that are used frequently in your cooking process.
How to do it:

  • No 1. Install a Drop-down magnetic rack using a hydraulic mechanism to prevent children from reaching the knife blades.
  • No 2. Install a shelf beneath one of your cabinets or under your kitchen sinks for additional storage.
  • No 3. Install a drop-down magnetic rack on the top of the shelf and then place your peelers, knives, and spoons underneath it.
  • No 4. Keep your kitchen tool organizer under the sink to give you extra storage for all your tools like items like whisks, wooden spoons, pans, etc.
  • No 5. Use Serves to Organize Cookware During the cleaning process
    Another way to keep your kitchen space organized is by installing serves in different closets and cabinets to manage more than one item in a single cabinet or drawer.

Lastly, Number 1. A Mobile Workbench Storage Idea

A kitchen island can add a significant impact on your kitchen. It provides additional counter space to work on. However, they can be bulky and gobble up a lot of space sometimes. Therefore, this one will solve your problem.
This kitchen island features casters that allow it to move quickly. Even better, it provides a lot of storage.


If your kitchen is tiny, you can simply get a steel chain and get more space, like this idea. You just need to attach the chains on the wall and grab some S hooks to hang your pans. That’s it!

Detailed instructions and additional information:

  • No 1. Measure the area, allowing a few inches for the hardware.
    To keep things going smoothly, you need to identify some items that you do not wish to get rid of, like cluttering or old cupboards. If you do not have enough space for the new storage box, choose the new storage box built on top of existing holes in your cabinets. Therefore, it is convenient for organizing.
  • No 2. Planning the Design
    For example, if you have a double-door cabinet, choose a pull-out unit that can fit into the space of this cabinet without exceeding its depth. Another way is to use an extension shelf to fill up space between two cabinets. A shelf unit with sliding doors enables you to access items in all three spaces in the cabinet when they are open and closed.
  • No 3. Use 2-inch screws to attach the chain to the wall studs or concrete blocks.
    This point is to add a little height to the cabinet and add a bit more storage space.
  • No 4. Add a handle to prevent the drawers from swinging open when you carry the unit.
    Another idea is by mounting a strip of plywood in front of your cupboard and hanging pots and pans off it (you can modify the height and width to suit your needs).
    If you would like to add more storage space in your kitchen, consider adding some tall cabinets above your tall cabinets near to where there is no tall cabinet already built-in. Some high shelves about 4 inches below the top shelf can be attached on top of these tall cabinets.
  • No 5. Attach the S hooks to the chain.
    It is self-explanatory because you only need to grab the hooks, hang the things that you will store in your cabinets. However, if you want to hang heavy or bulky items, you need to choose a heavy-duty chain.
  • No 6. (Extra) Install a cable for storage box under cabinet shelf.
    Especially if your kitchen island is on wheels and has a low profile, you need to use some cable straps so that it does not roll on the floor when on a smooth flooring surface. S hooks are also good to hang down from the ceiling as an alternative storage device if your kitchen island is not portable.
  • No 7. (Extra) Add additional casters to move the workbench quickly from one place to another as required by your workflow or house management needs.
  • No 8. Hang your pans!


Working from home is a great way to multitask, but making food can also be challenging if you do not have enough counter space. What if you could turn your kitchen into a full-fledged cooking room by adding a workbench? You can do this by stacking your cabinets on top of each other or constructing a cabinet that fits the kitchen space and then attaching it with wheels.

Bonus idea: Add some storage units on one end of your island with hiding spaces under the ledge.

Creating additional storage solutions does not have to entail hassle. These 12 minimalist storage ideas for a small kitchen have proven that simple things can significantly impact your cooking space.



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