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10 Kitchen Storage Transformation ideas

Whether you have a kitchen that is always in disarray because there’s no storage space or you just want to clean up the place, here are ten kitchen storage transformation ideas that might work for your messy kitchen

A kitchen is the hub of a family, some say. It is the place where you can carve your love and passion in the form of food. Unfortunately, some kitchens can be messy due to the lack of storage space.
If you think your kitchen can get messy easily although you tidy it up regularly, you might need to consider these 10 kitchen storage transformation ideas.
So, let’s check them out, shall we?

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10. The Warm Contemporary Kitchen

This kitchen can be your inspiration to upgrade your dull cooking space. The combination of maple and crisp-white finish adds a more contemporary look without eradicating the classic nuance.
If an all-white kitchen is not your thing, try adding some contrasts. Here you can find brown island cabinets and antique pewter hardware, which incorporates a subtle boldness to the space.

You may also need to upgrade the flooring to complete the look. Bronze porcelain tiles can be an excellent choice since they can add a bit of warm nuance.
If you still have enough space next to the door, do not waste it. Try adding another cabinet to incorporate more storage options that help you store multiple stuff and appliances.

9. The Elegant Storage solutions

This kitchen design offers a beautiful traditional style to bright and open plan space. The combination of the layout, design, appliances, and storage creates a classic charm that is also highly functional and stylish.
The addition of cabinetry will provide lots of storage for your busy kitchen. Add a corner glass cabinet with lighting to ideally display the glassware.
Placing a large island can maximize your kitchen space and make it more functional. This way, you can have both more counter space and a dining table without taking up more room.

Consider installing a cooktop and under-counter microwave on the kitchen island. They will help you cook and serve the meal more efficiently. Granite and marble have never failed to add some elegance to any space, including a kitchen. Thus, if you want to boost the luxury of your kitchen, try installing marble countertops just like this one. They incorporate some patterns that enrich the crisp white cabinets well.

8. The Traditional Kitchen storage for the Family

When looking at this kitchen, you will immediately feel the warmth of the classic ambiance.
The cabinetry coming in a Cinnamon finish embodies a traditional style immensely. It offers charm and ample storage space that you can use to stash away your kitchen utensil, spices, and condiments.
You can find some gaps between the cabinets and the ceiling. It is good because you can use this space to store large and less-used items, so they will not gobble up the space inside the cabinets.

7.  An Instagram Worthy Pantry Makeover Idea

If you want a nice kitchen layout, but all you have is just a very messy kitchen, pick this idea to transform it into an instagrammable one.
This idea is suitable for a small kitchen or pantry that lacks space. You just need to ditch the cabinets and replace them with a lot of shelves. By removing those bulky cabinets, you can provide more room for snacks, utensils, and other stuff.

You may also need to invest in some clear containers to organize pasta, snacks, and spices. Do not forget to put on labels so that you will not add some salt to your tea and coffee. It would be awful.

6. A Kitchen Storage Transformation on the Cheap

Wire racks are renowned for their versatility and flexibility. They can fit in with any space in your house, including your petite pantry. You just need to install the supports, and then you can add as many racks as you want.

Placing some baskets to group several items is a terrific idea. If you are not into wicker baskets, you can try wire baskets instead. They are an excellent choice because you can see through them. More importantly, they match the rack immensely.


Before transforming your pantry, you had better take everything out and get rid of the things you do not use anymore. Sometimes decluttering the pantry works like a charm. It can give the room a significant impact without overhauling the entire storage space.

5. The Hidden Space Pantry Idea

If your pantry is running out of space already, you can always tap into the door. It is always your go-to spot when it comes to making use of vertical space.

First, install racks or hooks to hold spices and other kitchen essentials. If constructing them from scratch is too much trouble, you can always grab clear shoe organizers. Hang them on the door, and you are good to go.

Another sample (1005HOM08)

Further Instructions:
1. Install the rack on the door.
To do this, you need to cut some holes on the door to have something to mount the rack on. The entry is pretty thick, so it is better to use a jigsaw for this job. Use a pencil to mark where you will make the hole, then drill some pilot holes with a drill bit that is slightly smaller than that of your jigsaw bit. Make sure that your pilot holes are located in that bottom edge of the door. Drill them on the center of the marks.
2. Place some baskets on the rack to store your spices.
3. Do not forget about the items that have low priority right now. You can move them to another part of your kitchen, or you can even throw them away entirely.
4. Get rid of everything you do not use anymore, like old papers, clothes, food containers, and other trash items.

4. The Kitchen Pantry Storage Transformation

Are you dreaming of a kitchen storage transformation? Try this idea yourself. There are only three steps to do it even without thinking of renovating.

  • First, measure your cabinet, including the internal dimension of your pantry. Remove the adjustable shelves to optimize the space.
  • Second, group the items that have the same heights together to allow for space optimization.
  • Third, some optimal configurations require you to pull out the 150mm high basket drawers for smaller pantry items.

This idea is DIY-friendly, meaning that you can make it yourself. You can give it a go if you are a handyman or handywoman. If not, you can easily contact a professional for installation service.

3. From Unnecessary Separation to A Unique Kitchen Interior


Some people try to separate the kitchen from the adjacent room by building a half wall, which is not really functional. Instead of making a half wall, why don’t you transform it into a unique and more practical one like a kitchen island?

A kitchen island can make a perfect room divider while providing more counter space for you to prepare meals. It also creates a stylish look to your kitchen, just like this one.

After transformation

This kitchen island features a beautiful color scheme of blues and grays. It also has some cabinets that enable you to stash away your kitchen utensils.

2. Closed Off to Open and Airy

Before transformation

Does your kitchen look so outdated? If so, let’s try the idea to transform it into an open and airy kitchen space.
Start by using white subway tiles as the backsplash. Next, tear down the cabinets’ wall that separates the kitchen from the living space, making it feels more open and look more spacious.

After Transformation

Most importantly, it would be best if you stuck to a crisp white color scheme. It is your go-to color when it comes to decorating a small kitchen.

Not only does it create a sleek and clean look, but it also makes your kitchen more open and airier.

Lastly, Number 1. From Rundown and Dull to Bright and Personalized Style


If you have a rundown and dull kitchen layout that looks boring, no worry! You can definitely transform it into a bright and personalized kitchen. Start with the stainless steel built-in fridge and refreshing the walls with the white subway tiles. Add a coat of modern blue-gray paint to the cabinets to create an impressive look.

After transformation

Add a photo to the wall near the window and a pot of aquatic plants in the corner. Believe it or not, you can make it comes true within six days only. Voila! Now everything is so impressive!

View from a different angle


So what do you think of doing such kitchen storage transformation? Considering that kitchen is the heart of the home, providing well-organized storage is a must. This way, you can get rid of the mess and make your cooking space cozier. So why don’t you pick up one of our ideas soon?



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