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10 DIY Ways of How to Organize your Kitchen Cabinets

The best food is not coming from the best decorated or organized kitchen. A well-organized kitchen could not give a guarantee of better food being delivered either. However, it surely enhances the mood of the cook, thus increase chances of better food coming from the kitchen.
It is important to keep your kitchen organized. It will not only give you the ultimate comfort when cooking (I think) , but also help you find your kitchen utensils, pans, and condiments in minimum time.

In this list, you’re going to find 10 DIY ways of how to organize your kitchen cabinets better by
Let’s begin our countdown.

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10. Craft A DIY Kitchen Utensil Drawer Organizer idea

10 Insert Drawer Divider via simphome 2Most people are just too lazy to get their things together neatly but whine about when they can’t find the ones they need immediately!
There is literally no one to blame in this case because this is a mere disciplinary problem and can be fixed easily by installing simple dividers in your drawers. This drawer divider for instance only made from view wood planks or plywood.
First, after you get materials needed, adjust the length according to your utensils need, cut, and stick the woods using glue. Last double tape or glue them to your drawers if you want.
10 Insert Drawer Divider via simphome 1If you think this idea gives you too much trouble, you can invest in some small plastic or container and arrange them in your drawers to hold your utensils.

9. Magnetic Spice Rack ideas
9 Magnetic Spice Rack via SimphomeIf you want to add unique detail to your kitchen, a new magnetic rack could be your choice. it basically a simple spice rack that occupy unused space commonly not used for storage.
First, you need to get some magnetic spice jars in a department store and plywood.
Attach your metal plate to your plywood, then, attach your new piece inside your cabinet door using Metal Epoxy. Stick the magnetic containers and your job is done. To beautify this solution, you can paper wraps your plywood first.

8. A Bakeware Storage Basket idea
8 Bakeware Storage Basket via SimphomeCalling for cake lovers and baking enthusiasts out there! This idea might be something that you have been looking for.

Bakewares most often are stored piled up in the drawers based on sizes with the largest laid on the bottom-most of the column and the smallest one is put on the topmost of it.
This renders trouble to anyone who want to pull a medium-sized bakeware out. Quick Fix, Re-arrange your bakeware horizontally in a bakeware storage basket and problem solved.
Use any wicker basket or any rattan basket you want as long as it can accommodate your utensils and add a personality boost to your kitchen.

7. Separate the Lids from the Containers
7 Separate the Lids from the Containers via Simphome

It is actually an old trick, but really, separating containers from their lids is one of the smartest ways to organize them. You only to invest little time every time you finished cleaning your plastic containers, view cardboard, wrapping papers, glue or staples.

This simple solution will make your cabinet neater and will give you more room for your other utensils and glassware.

6. Command Hooks to Hold the Pot Lids in Place
6 Command Hooks to Hold the Pot Lids in Place via simphomeSimilar to our previous idea, storing pot lids separately from the pots would free up more space too. Command hook, in this case though, is one and only thing you need to get the job done.
All you need to do is Installing the hooks at the back of your cabinet door. 2 hooks for every pot lid. As long as your angle and command hook are right, your pot lid is in a good hand.

5. Over-the-Door Clear Shoe Organizer to Hold Smaller Items
5 Over the Door Clear Shoe Organizer to Hold Smaller Items via simphomeWhen it comes to limited space, every space count, including space behind your pantry door. Don’t let it lie dormant as it can be a potential storage space that can save your day. But, first of all, you have to get a clear over-the-door shoe rack.

Repurposing is one alternative way to go through the problem of organizing space and now, you’re going to repurpose clear shoe organizer as a holder for your snacks. Not only does this look nice, but it also lets you grab your midnight snacks easier. How convenient is it!

4. Small Tension Rods for your cabinet
4 Small Tension Rods via SimphomeCompartmentalizing, again, is proven to be a great idea! Instead stacking up trays and cut boards in your cabinets that may gobble up your space, why don’t you try this idea?

This time, you are going to re-purpose small tension rods, which are quite handy, to make built-in shelf and store trays, cutting boards, and other flat kitchen utensils in place, like illustrated in the picture.

You will only need to get some tension rods or wooden dowels, measurement, saw, then nail or screw, or glue them to your existing cabinet. It’s merely a breeze, right?

3. DIY Shelf Risers idea
3 DIY Shelf Risers via SimphomeIsn’t it frustrating to find there is no space left in the cabinet you use to put your cooking utensils because either the rack itself is too big or the small utensils have taken up a lot of space or both?

A shelf-riser is the answer to this problem. No need to re-decor or upcycle your cabinet. You only need to put a simple shelf that you can DIY to your rack. The shelf riser will add extra space for you to store the dishes by raising them a few inches so you can make the most of your limited space. if you want to quickly secure your new piece, use double tape instead of wood glue or nailing them.

2. Work with Measurement
2 Work with Measurement via Simphome 2For you who cook more than the general population, it might come in handy if you have an already-installed measurements standard intact in your kitchen. Even better, you can include some conversions as some cookbooks use uncommon measurements which sound foreign for some people.
2 Work with Measurement via Simphome 1You just need to get some small hooks to hang your measuring cups. Don’t forget to label them so you know what cups you are going to use and to prevent you from working with math or calculator frequently. Last, write down the conversions on your cabinet door.

Last number 1, Install Wire Racks Slope down to the Door
1 Install Wire Racks Slope down to the Door via Simphome 1A slanted rack idea for canned food is my last organizing kitchen idea, and certainly is one of the best. For this idea you only need a closet organizer rack or two, hacksaw, and mount screws. Find your measurement, trim your rack and then mount screws your rack to the backside of the face frame to hold your racks in place. Done,
1 Install Wire Racks Slope down to the Door via Simphome 2With this idea, you will not have to unload all supplies you store in your cabinet first to get a can of lentils you need on the back and you will also have a better view to your supply.

So, I hope I already gave you inspiration you need to tackle your kitchen clutter. Share any idea you want to try in comment area if you don’t mind. And see you again later with more kitchen organizing lists.

10. Insert Drawer Divider
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9. Magnetic Spice Rack
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8. Bakeware Storage Basket
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7. Separate the Lids from the Containers
6. Command Hooks to Hold the Pot Lids in Place
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5. Over-the-Door Clear Shoe Organizer to Hold Smaller Items
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4. Small Tension Rods
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2. Work with Measurement
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