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10 Updated Kitchen Storage Ideas

When you have a healthy, home-cooked meal on the table, there’s nothing more satisfying than sitting down. Unfortunately, space in the kitchen is often at a premium. Every last inch of countertop and wall is crammed with appliances, dishes, utensils, etc.

It can make it hard to comfortably cook or prepare food for your family. So how do you deal with kitchen mess and useless clutter? Here are some kitchen organization ideas that you can use to get your kitchen space back.

Key Points:

  • You can update your kitchen storage by simply updating the types of food containers you use.
  • Instead of having a ton of small boxes and bags for your ingredients, try using a few good-quality ones for the same purpose.
  • A wall-mounted spice rack is an excellent solution for attractively storing spices, and it has room to hold many more than a typical spice rack or organizer inside your cabinet.
  • Store cutting boards flat on hooks instead of stacking them on top of each other, where they can warp and get damaged.
  • Attach pot racks to the inside of cabinet doors to store pots and pans while keeping them out of the way.
  • Bring an extra set of cooking utensils to the microwave to avoid reaching for them every time you heat a dish.
  • Line your kitchen shelves with wire cooling racks to hang food and utensils, and make room for pots and pans by hanging other items from wire hooks.
  • Invest in a sturdy, good-quality food storage container with a good seal, so you don’t have to worry about your ingredients going bad.
  • If you have an old laundry basket or other storage containers you can use as an organizer, slide it under the sink to store unwashed dishes and cleaning supplies.
  • Make the most of the storage space in your cabinets by using surfaces.
    You don’t have much countertop or wall space, but you do have a bunch of cabinets to work within your kitchen. Accessorize them for maximum utility by using smaller items like shelves and storing larger items on their sides to maximize their capacity. You’ll be surprised at how much more space you end up with when you start storing things upside down!

Tidiness and arrangement are essential to keep the kitchen organized and completely functional. However, many kitchens lack built-in storage space, especially for those who have a small cooking space.

If a small kitchen could take advantage of some space-saving storage and organization solutions, this could be the guide for you.

So, figure out how to optimize your limited kitchen space, from countertops to cupboards, with the help of our 10 updated kitchen storage ideas. As always, Simphome presents you with the list.

10 Updated Kitchen Storage Poster by Simphome
10 Updated Kitchen Storage Poster

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List Entries:

10. The Pegboard Storage Concept

Why overcrowd your countertops with bulky kitchen organizers when you can create a clean pegboard look? Take hints from online references and mount the pegboard above your table or wall to hang your kitchen essentials in style.

While you can get them for cheap at your local hardware store, the pegboard has a life outside your garage.

You may find some pegboards mundane. It is not a big deal because its versatility allows you to decorate it.
You can paint it the color you desire and use it to display some of your prettiest kitchen utensils, including cutting boards, pans, and baking utensils.

We recommend installing wide wall pegs like this picture to accommodate more items for utensils that are more difficult to hang.

9. Consider Utilizing a Magazine Holder

Having a well-organized space doesn’t have to be a fancy affair. In fact, the next time you need to arrange things on the cheap, head over to a thrift store and head straight for the office supplies division.

You will find a lot of inexpensive magazine holders that you can use to make instant freezer racks to set up your fridge. The magazine holder is very great for storing all your frozen food flat!

Another way you can cheaply organize your equipment in the magazine holder is to slide the stand onto a pantry shelf or attach it to the back of a cabinet door, just like the picture above for easy access.

8. Hang Bins on the fridge

A container is your friend when it comes to refrigerator organization. Group such items and create zones for your containers.

Use airtight containers to store leftovers and pieces of fruit or vegetables. Fridge holders with handles are great for snacks, condiments, and anything else you access every day.

Multiple containers keep your fridge clean and make it easy to see what you need to grab for your next grocery. Tidy up the rest of your home with these smart storage containers.
Maximize storage space by storing food on and under the shelves of your fridge. These removable containers snap on right away and are available in a variety of fun colors too.

Alternative ideas:

How to Hang a Ladder On the Wall?
Use a small, sturdy ladder to create more space in your kitchen cabinets. A floor-to-ceiling ladder opens up both upper and lower cabinets, giving you access to your most-used utensils and spices.
If you want to go completely DIY on this project, you can also use wall braces to secure the rungs of a ladder against the inside of a cabinet.
You’ll need at least two brackets for each rung of your ladder. This idea will securely hold it in place without obstructing your countertop view or wardrobe.

How to Organize a Small Kitchen?
Embrace a small kitchen with style and personality. Tidy up your kitchen with smart storage solutions, like this stainless steel-clad cutting board and multifunctional rolling cart made from recycled materials.

These space-saving organizers will maximize your storage for everything you need to cook. Whether you’re looking for containers or specialty utensils, these containers will help you do it all in style.

Quick Way to Organize Your Fridge
If an organized refrigerator is a must in your home, you may consider adding corded shelving systems to your refrigerator. Corded shelving systems are easy to attach to your refrigerator and have a lever-style mechanism that allows you to push or pull the shelves or drawers in and out. In addition, you can also use this system to add more shelving space to your refrigerator without having to purchase additional shelves.

This storage is a piece of kitchen utensils that you can hang on the wall for organizing different kinds of utensils like knives, cutting boards, spatulas, spoons, etc., about three inches from the ceiling. This idea will help keep them sharp and clean all the time by giving them enough visibility.

7. Hang Your Wineglasses under Cabinet

A wine glass rack is something a wine collector will undoubtedly need because it’s not just about the wine you have but also how you present it.

Your cabinet can be the best alternative to hanging wine glasses, plus it is cheap if you already possess a cabinet in your kitchen. So, it becomes the right place to make a wine glass rack.

This style of wine glass rack completes a modern style kitchen or wine area. It presents storage that won’t get in your way since you simply need to hang the wine glass. Plus, It is safe and easy to access.

6. Add More Space for Cutlery

Accessing a drawer can be like going down a deep hole. Because once you open it, you will find many items mixed in a mess. It will be troublesome for you in the kitchen when you are in a hurry, right?

So, getting a drawer organizer is an easy fix. Drawer organizers help create containment, give everything a proper place, and allow you to further refine categories in one easy-to-see space, such as separating your fork from tongs and small bowls.

Relevant details:

  • Give your cutlery more space by fixing a drawer organizer in the drawer, and then keep it away from all the things you do not need to touch, like the sharp knives and cutting boards.
  • Use Hooks and Baskets for Dressing Up Your Utensils
    Look at this top-notch idea for every kitchen using hooks, baskets, or any similar organizing tool for your kitchen utensils. You can do this on both sides or one side of a large chopping board or dish scrubber hanging on the wall.
  • Think of adding a grid to your utensils.
    This item is an excellent space-saving solution for organizing your items in a kitchen drawer. Depending on the size of the shelf, you can store both large and small utensils alike.
  • Place the grid on one side of the cutting board. Use smaller utensils like nutcrackers, scissors, peelers, and paring knives for your small items. And use larger utensils like a chef’s knife, chef’s shears, and spatulas for your oversized items up high.
  • Use utility hooks to hang utensils on each side of a bowl or dish rack, making it easy to access any item at hand in no time flat.
  • You can also use a magnetic strip with small containers, like those used to keep screws and nails, on the back of the drawer. Then place it under the utensils. This item will help you organize your kitchen utensils by keeping them visible and out of the way.
  • You can use this organizer as a second layer inside an open drawer or cabinet, so you don’t have to close the drawers all the time.
  • Think of using baskets as storage organizers for your spatulas and other utensils. It looks simple, but it works effectively.

5. Don’t Forget a Space behind Cabinet Door

The open door into an empty room makes for an easy-to-use hanging space. The problem is that most doors do not provide an excellent mounting area for hardware.

The solution is you can install 3/4-in screws and plywood to the back of the door. Add construction adhesive for the hollow door.

Cut the plywood three or four inches from the edge of the door to prevent conflict with the doorknob or hinges.

Cut the wood into quarters with a knife, form small hooks and glue them to the door through the wood lip at the front. Make sure you position it so that you can close the cabinet door while all the other items are in it as much as you like.

Relevant instructions:

  • Step 1: Start to measure where you want the hanging space. Mark it and cut wood with a power saw, if necessary.
  • Step 2: Construct a simple shelf structure. You can do it by cutting up to 2X4s of different pieces of wood that have enough thickness to be easily mounted in the “tooth” of the plywood.
  • Step 3: Drill pilot holes and screw in the hooks while inserting wood pieces in those drills.
  • Step 4: Grind out your cabinet door lip (the thin edge) with a grinding wheel or sandpaper, being careful not to damage any parts.
  • Step 5: Run some glue along the back lip of your door and make sure it’s completely covered with it.
  • Step 6: Place the plywood on the back while hanging it with 3/4-in screws.
  • Step 7: After that, your cabinet door will hang on the door without having to drill any holes. And you can add accessories to the hooks you made in any way.
  • Step 8: Store some stuff in it!

4. Bins, Bins, and Bins

Containers for storing spices, grains, and other groceries take up a lot of space. To keep plastic containers of various sizes tidy for a super simple solution, gain additional storage space by sliding them sideways in your cupboard.

Fill with the lids of the sorted food storage containers, then place the containers under the appropriate lids. It’s a quick, practical, and inexpensive way to make the most of limited space.

But really, any storage will work here. You’re in luck as long as you can fit it in your cupboard or cabinet with the open side facing forward!

3. A Magnetic Knives Holder Idea

Big knife blocks should be a thing of the past. Not only do they take up so much space, but they also collect some pretty nasty bacteria.

So, free up some counter space by changing your traditional knife block with a wall-mounted magnetic knife. This magnetic strip holds the knives against their metal blade, remaining them dry and on display when not in use.

We tell you another secret about this magnetic holder. It can hold most metal cooking utensils, not only knives!

Relevant details:

  • Step 1: Begin the project with your metal knife hanger, using a not steep and sharp angle.
  • Step 2: When you’re done with the angle, add a strong adhesive so that the magnet sticks securely to the glass.
  • Step 3: If you prefer to have a clean look, use a sponge to wipe it off. The size of the magnet will determine how high up the wand you’ll put it on, but it can go as high as six feet. With this, feel free to use all your counter space for other purposes and keep your knives within arm’s reach!
  • Step 4: You can mount the magnetic knife holder to the wall, in a drawer, or on the side of any cabinet. It’s your choice!
    4.1. This can be mounted onto the wall by a screw, nail, or nail gun.
    4.2. Try it with a drill or a hammer if you feel confident enough.
    It will take time to figure out whether your preferred model works best for you. Do not hesitate to give us plenty of live feedback so that we can keep improving our designs!

Extra ideas:

1. A Little More Storage with Pegboards
This kitchen storage solution is great if you’re looking for a simple and inexpensive way to organize your cutlery, can openers, and other flatware.
Unfortunately, metal cabinets can be costly, so you must maximize their usefulness by creating additional storage with quality hooks!

2. Utilize Small Spaces with Hooks
If you have small spaces in your kitchen cabinets (the ones below your microwave or above the top shelf), these areas are perfect for hanging mugs, coffee cups, and messier in the cupboard door. This is a great tip for small kitchens since it gives you more storage possibilities without being intrusive.

3. Utilize A New Wall Storage
Shelves are great for storing dry goods and baking supplies, and other decorations. You can also use them to store your pots and pans if you want to get some extra storage space in your cupboard or on your countertop.

These shelves come in three varieties: metal, plastic, and wooden. Metal shelves are the most durable ones, which means you can use them to hold heavier items. However, they tend to dent when you drop something on it accidentally. Plastic shelves are more flexible than metal ones and are easy to clean with a damp cloth. Wooden shelves may look better than metal or plastic ones, but they will be damaged if an object falls on them accidentally.

2. The Storage over the Sink Idea

The sink is a point of problem in many kitchens. Whether it’s full of dirty dishes or missing sponges, the area sometimes looks like a war zone.

This storage over the sink will solve the problem. It has room for dishes, dish soap, a cutlery holder, and a scrubber. There’s a place for everything, meaning your sink and the counters around can stay tidy and clean.

And if you really wish to make the most of your sink’s storage but are worried about darkening your kitchen, try placing pots there.

Light can still freely pass through your dangling kitchenware if you don’t inflate the unit. This pot rack can be hung on a shelf and holds well-used utensils, pots, spoons, etc.

Relevant details:

  • Step 1: Choose the length and width of your rack. Get the material and cut it into the length and height you desire.
  • Step 2: Cut a small piece of wood equal to your shelf’s measurement.
  • Step 3: Attach the wood to one end of your rack.
  • Step 4: Fold steel bars in half, then attach them to the other end of your rack by bending them over it. Repeat this for all sides except for one side, which will remain open for your gardening tools.
    Use a rubber band to wrap around both ends of the steel bars, so they don’t slip off during use or transport.
  • Step 5: For the handles, you can use either a regular tool to make holes and insert studs, then you can glue on wooden handles. This also works for larger or heavier items like mixing bowls, saucepans, etc.
  • Step 6: Finally, hang your shelf from a hook on the wall. You may need to add another hook under it if you want to use it for cooking utensils.

Lastly, Number 1. Install Shelves Whenever Possible

Open shelving might be a lifesaver if you have a kitchen with an empty wall. Instead of installing big and fancy cabinets, consider installing slim wall shelves to accommodate many of your kitchen utensils.

Even if you want to stack cookware and dishes, wall shelves will make your kitchen look and feel larger than with cabinets in place.

Relevant details:

  • You can build new open kitchen shelving from planks of wood fastened together, or you can buy them pre-made.
  • Buy your shelves at a department or home improvement store. Choose the length you want and then select the number of shelves to install.
  • Make sure that your brackets are strong enough to hold everything placed on the shelf. Secure them to solid wall studs with molly bolts that are rated for safe loads. Be sure to anchor them into walls as they carry a lot of weight.
  • Use pieces of insulation board between the wall studs and beneath each bracket so that nothing can rub against the wall when you bump into it or if it gets bumped by other kitchen tools.
  • Install horizontal strips of wood across the top of your shelves to support full pans.
  • Buy a set of craft magnets for your cabinets to stick them to the wall in a place where you can see them, not just in the dark. Doing this also gives you more storage space and less clutter in your kitchen.
  • Use hooks under your shelves for hanging utensils, pots, and pans with lids. You’ll need to anchor them into walls because they will be heavy if not properly anchored.

Kitchenware organization can be complicated, but it doesn’t mean being out of reach! Hopefully, these 10 updated kitchen storage ideas will help you have a place for everything and help save time and stress.


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