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8 Pup-Safe Ideas For Home Décor

Having pets and a well-decorated home are two different things as you cannot go with anything or everything you saw online to décor your home. The stuff should be pet safe, as in, shouldn’t be easily fellable, un-chewable, and much more; all you will read in the lines coming ahead.

As a new pet owner, it becomes even obligatory to go search for pet friendly home decor and save the fur baby as well as yourself from any mess by removing all those objects that might hurt your little furry friend in the long run.

So, to help you make your home a beautiful and peaceful one to live in along with a pet, below are some pet friendly décor tips that you will love. Scroll down further and unfold how you can make a happily ever after with your baby with these tips.

1. Avoid Decorating With Fragile Pieces

As classy as they may look, but fragile decorations are not made for pets.
You never know when it is their playtime, and the next thing you see is your favorite decoration piece shatter on the floor.

So it is advised that you go for different options—for example, personalized wall hangings or buying a china cabinet to display your valuables, etc.

2. Buy Rugs That Matches Your Buddy’s Fur

If you are tired of vacuum cleaning your pup’s hair off the rug on a daily basis, here’s an option for you.

You can choose a rug that matches your baby’s fur color and place it in the most crowded area, like the living room, of your home. This will not only reduce your daily effort but also turn out the pet friendly home décor a symbol of love for your canine baby.

3. Use Storage Baskets For Multi-Purposes

One of our pet friendly décor tips includes using storage baskets in more than one way.
Yes, you read it right!

Replace the breakable plant pot that’s been sitting in the corner of your room with a storage basket.
As a primary container, you can use one made of plastic. This will stop the plant water from leaking and keep the plant-soil intact and safe. Above all, this tip will add a tint of aesthetic to your space along with keeping your plant alive.

The other option includes stocking up your canine partner’s must-haves in a storage basket that also matches with your home décor.

4. Opt For Animal Area Near The Doorway

An entryway is the most crucial part of your home. It not only gives the first impression of your home’s vibes but also makes you feel relaxed if appropriately designed.
Moreover, when you have a canine friend living with you, it is wise to design your entry area in a way that is suitable for both of you.

So, it is advised that you purchase the best pet essentials, like your dog’s outdoor backpack, pet paw cleaner, etc., for the furry kid that align with your pet friendly home décor as well as fit your pup’s daily needs.

5. Change The Options For Scents

Everyone loves it when their home smells like a garden full of roses. However, when it comes to pet friendly home décor, you are supposed to make different choices.

But this doesn’t mean that you have to give off your love for scents.
Use fragrance diffusers instead of scented candles.
Diffusers keep the air of your home fresh and are safe for the boss tail living with you.

6. Recreate Window Treats

Animals love to be curious about things that amaze them in the first go. This can be the reason why your kiddo always loves to sit and stare out of the window.

So, instead of shooing them away from their favorite spot, hang the pet toys and let them enjoy their window treats.

7. Replace Original Flowers With Faux Flowers

Several studies show that some animals, like cats, can be allergic to the pollen grains within a flower. This means that you should be thinking twice before putting a vase full of flowers at the dining or living room table.

So, our pet friendly home décor includes using faux flowers to avoid any kind of inconvenience. These flowers last long and are safe for your kiddo even if you are away for a while.

8. Use Cute Blankets To Cover Your Sofas

How does it feel when your pup or cat snuggles in with you while you are watching tv and it is cold outside?
Heart meltingly cute, right?
So, spread out a cute blanket on your sofas that not only keeps you guys cozy but also your furniture fur-free.


Your days start to brighten up more than ever once you welcome that boss member in your family.
At first, how hard you may think, but things begin to settle up smoothly once you both get to know each other.
With that said, hopefully, all the pet friendly décor tips enlisted above will make your home safe for your pet besides giving more homier feels.
If you have a comment or suggestion to make, be the first to drop it in the comments section below!

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