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10 Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas

Window is an essential feature in a room that serve practical purposes like bringing the natural light and fresh air in. But more than that, with a little treatment, window can change the atmosphere, ambiance, and décor of a room too.
Window treatments can provide shade, privacy, and style. Furthermore, they can cover the imperfection of space and make your room look better. There are many options you can choose from for your window treatments. From classic blinds to a chic valance, discover what you really need in the next 10 Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas.

More about that later, before we start our count down, FYI this list is researched and presented for you by BTW, after you complete your journey here, you should check this 10 Bedroom Blind Ideas too. As usual it’s epic. 10 Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas Pinterest Featured
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10. A Classic Blinds Window treatment idea | HGTV Classic BlindsHaving floor to ceiling windows is a great way to get a lot of natural light. It also connects the indoors with the outdoors, so you can see the outside very well. However, bedroom is a private room, so keeping your privacy is crucial. Therefore, you can opt for classic blinds to hold peeping Tom at bay while getting sufficient light.
Classic blinds have been used for ages to add privacy in a room without blocking the light completely. It is a popular choice of window treatment to get a modern interior look. If you have wooden furniture or flooring, classic choice of blinds such as wood or bamboo will work well in bringing warm feeling once you enter the bedroom.

9. A Sheer White Curtain Idea | Housebeautiful Sheer White Curtains
When it comes to dressing up a small window, you need something that can cover your room without blocking the natural light. Sheer white curtains become the best option you should try.
It will block people’s eyes from prying inside the room yet will not block the light. Dangled from ceiling to floor, the white curtains give elegant and airy look to your bedroom. You can also use it to solve awkwardly-shaped of wall if any.

8. A Decorative Mosquito Frame Idea | Home-dzine | Homebnc Decorative Mosquito FrameWhen the weather is hot, people like to open the window to let the wind come in as much as possible. However, a scourge of mosquitoes oftentimes comes along with the wind and they will buzz around the room. You can imagine how annoying the sound is.
Unlike the previous window treatments that I mentioned, this one has the ability to reduce the number of mosquitoes which probably will enter your room when the window is opened. Not only practical, the floral pattern also gives it an aesthetic look.
You can adopt this window treatment at your room by simply attaching a piece of lace on a wooden frame then insert it through the window. Make sure the lace you choose has tiny holes. It is pretty easy, isn’t it?

7. An Effortless Pennant Valance Project idea | HGTV Effortless Pennant ValanceAre you having trouble finding the perfect window treatment for boy’s bedroom? Try this easy-peasy pennant valance. It is made of different colours of felts which are cut in various shapes, numbers, and alphabet. They are then glued together forming triangle pennant valance. No sewing is required, so you can make it with your boys. To complete the charming look, use thin rod as the hang stick curtain.

6. Shutters for Your Kid’s Bedroom Project Idea | Realhomes Shutters for Your Kid’s Bedroom

Kids love their bedroom to be fun, cheerful, and colorful so you should consider these shutters. The shutters come in crisp white finish that matches the wall perfectly, making them flow into one being.
However, all-white shutters are a bit mundane. Therefore, you can jazz them up a little bit. White, as the color base, always makes a great canvas. Even a simple addition like dots in any color will add a strong effect.

5. A Patchwork Curtain Idea | Designsponge Patchwork CurtainPlain and single coloured curtains have the tendency of making a room feel monotonous and boring. On the other side, these patchwork curtains have various colours that will make your room more cheerful.
Besides, you might have been waiting a perfect idea to recycling a bunch of patchwork you have had, so the time has come. Grab your sheets, cut them in the same size square then sew them all together. Tara! There you’ve got the patchwork curtains.
Basically, you can use any kinds of fabrics you want, yet the sheer fabrics such as silk and cotton are way much better to keep the natural light in.

4. A Paintstick Window Treatment Idea | Hallmarkchannel Paintstick Window TreatmentInstead of curtains or shades, this one is at another level of window treatment. It uses sticks which are painted in different shades to create ombre look. Then, the top middle of each stick is drilled for a jump ring, so that the string or chain can be inserted. Paintstick Window Treatment 2There are some kind of sticks you can use for this project, such as paint sticks, depressor or large popsicle sticks. Remember that it will not keep your room shade from light but you can place it behind a shutter. However, it gives decorative appeal to enjoy when your room is empty.

3. A Knotted Chiffon Curtain Idea | HGTV Knotted Chiffon CurtainIf you don’t have a sewing machine or sewing skill, this window treatment idea is a must try. No glue is needed either, so you can make it without getting your hands dirty. All you need to have is your basic cutting skill.
This knotted curtain uses two muted colours of chiffon fabrics. Nevertheless, if you want to present a shabby chic feel in your room, consider choosing a similar to white and ecru chiffon fabric. Then, next, cut vertically to create vertical strips. Last, knotted the strips until the curtain rod are covered.

2. A Burlap Window Shade Project Idea | Theshingledhouse Burlap Window ShadesYou must have never thought that burlap can be transformed into window shades. It is really good in case you want some texture in the bedroom or just to block a ton of natural light which disturbs your sleep.
Regardless the transparency, it works well at filtering the light. The addition of a ring on the right bottom allows you to open the shade a little in order to let in more light. Besides, its natural colour presents warm look in a room.

Lastly number 1. A Lace Window Treatment Project Idea | Annabelvita A Lace Window Treatment Project IdeaYou perhaps will not find any window treatment which is easier, quicker, and cheaper than this one. More than that, it has elegant and lovely result. It only takes a few minutes to finish and simple materials to prepare which are lace and corn-starch paste.
This lovely window treatment is made by first simply paint the window with corn-starch paste, attach the lace and layer it again with the paste. It will dry within few minutes, and it’s done. The final product is easy to peel off and that’s why this idea is a perfect for an apartment rental space.

So, those are 10 Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas I’ve researched, compiled and presented for you. Now it is your time to decide which one you are going to execute. Good luck!

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