Personalized Home Décor Items for Your Personal Space

Home is your important personal place; surely you want it to be more special by adding personalized home décor. With this home décor, your home will not only become more beautiful, but it will also become more comfortable with all of those personalized items. Furthermore, those personalized items are very suitable as gifts for your loved one, or you can also give them as a housewarming gift for your friend. Surely you will be excited to have some personalized items; here are some item ideas you could use.

1. Coffee mugs

simphome initial coffee mugThe easiest one to get your hands on is this coffee mug which you could personalize directly with your name. If you want to get something cheaper, you could purchase coffee mugs with initials available in most local stores. At those initial, coffee mugs is mass made, unlike the coffee mug with your name, then the price comes out cheap, so most people could afford it. (via Popularhusbandgifts)

2. Aprons

simphome apron

If your home has many cooks or you want to encourage your children to learn cooking as their fun activity, then you might want to try to prepare this personalized apron. You could write each of your family members’ names on the apron with the same color and design, so it would be much easier to differentiate it. Furthermore, if you fold the aprons and stack them neatly, it could be a nice personalized home décor to have. (via Personalcreations)

3. A Canvas print

simphome printed canvas

This canvas print could be a nice decoration that you can put on your wall. There are many personal things that you can print on the canvas, such as your wedding picture, your children’s picture, and even your family picture. You could create a design so the canvas print would not be only a picture printed on it, but you can try to arrange it beautifully.

If you do not want to print a picture, you can try to print quotes you love on the canvas. Of course, you could also add names to it to make it more personal. (via Miaandstitchhome)

4. A Slate plaque

simphome slate plaque

Every home needs to have a slate plaque that you could hang on the door as a personalized home décor item. You could personalize the slate plaque with your family name and quotes that you like, which could represent your home more. That way, when people come to visit and see it, they will know your family motto, which you write on the slate plaque. You could even put your family picture on the slate plaque to make it even more personal. (via Etsy)

5. A Cute Wall Decal

simphome wall decal

Using wall decals has been a norm these days since you could put them anywhere around the house. To get them personalized, you can choose a specific design you might not find in the store and have your name engraved on it to be the personalized home décor. Or you can also add personal quotes with your name to make it more personal.

On the cheaper option, you could purchase the alphabet wall decals and arrange those alphabets to spell your name or any quotes you want. Of course, you might not get the color or design you want from those store-bought wall decals, but it would be far more affordable for most people. (via Tradingphrases)

6. A DIY Industrial Blanket Ladder Idea

simphome blanket decor

You will sleep more comfortably by using this personalized home décor blanket. The first option is to add your name on the blanket, or you could also put a few quotes that you like. Another option is to print some of your family pictures on the blanket, making it more personal. Babies blanket is another option you could personalize by adding a doll to make it appear cuter. (via Neverskipbrunch)

FAQs on How to improve home interior with Personalized Home Décors.

Q: What are some ways to personalize home décor?

A: Some ways to personalize home décor include incorporating family photographs, using colors and patterns that reflect your style, displaying sentimental items, and adding DIY projects or handcrafted items.

Q: How can I incorporate my family’s style into my home décor?

A: Incorporating your family’s style into your home décor can be done by displaying family photographs, using colors and patterns that reflect your family’s tastes, and displaying sentimental items that are special to your family.

Q: Are there any affordable ways to personalize my home décor?

A: Sure, There are many affordable ways to personalize your home décor. Some options include adding DIY projects, using handcrafted items, repurposing or upcycling old items, and incorporating thrift store finds into your décor.

Q: What are some popular home décor trends for personalization?

A: Some popular home décor trends for personalization include vintage and rustic styles, industrial and minimalist designs, and bohemian or eclectic styles.

Q: How can I ensure my home décor is cohesive while still being personalized?

A: To ensure your home décor is cohesive while still being personalized, try to stick to a color scheme and a general aesthetic while incorporating personal touches throughout the space. Also, choose a focal point in the room and plan the décor around it.

Q: How can I make my home décor reflect my personality?

A: To make your home décor reflect your personality, incorporate items and colors that you love, display items that hold sentimental value to you, and try to create a space that makes you feel happy and comfortable.


Making any home décor to become more personal is actually very easy. All you need to do is to add something that is only yours to create the personalized home décor. The easiest thing is to add a monogram from your name to the item; if the monogram consists of your name’s full initial, you might need to do a special order. However, if you only want to use your first name initial, then the items can be purchased easily since there are a lot of items with one letter monogram everywhere.

The next thing that you could do is to put your first name on the item. This could make the item even more special for the owner. Or if all family members use the items, then family name could also be another option for you. Of course, as the first and family names are unique, you should use a custom order service to get it. Surely, this personalized home décor would be more expensive than a mass-made one.


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