Personalized home decor via 1
Personalized home decor via 1

Home is your important personal place; surely you want it to be more special by adding personalized home décor. With this home décor, your home would not only become more beautiful, but it will also become more comfortable with all of those personalized items. Furthermore those personalized items are very suitable as gift for your love one or you can also give it as a housewarming gift for your friend. Surely you will be excited to have some of those personalized items, here are some item ideas that you could use.

Personalized Home Décor Items Idea To Have in Your House

1. Coffee mugs


simphome initial coffee mug

The easiest one to get your hands on is this coffee mug which you could personalize directly with your name. If you want to get something cheaper, you could try to purchase coffee mugs with initials that available in most local stores. At those initial coffee mugs are mass made unlike the coffee mug with your name, then the price really comes out cheap so most people could afford it. (via popularhusbandgifts)

2. Aprons

simphome apron

If your home has a lot of cook or if you want to encourage your children to learn cooking as their fun activity, then you might want try to prepare this personalized apron. You could write each of your family member names to the apron which has the same color and design so it would be much easier to differ it. Furthermore if you fold the aprons and stack them neatly, it could be a nice personalized home décor to have. (via personalcreations)

3. Canvas print

simphome printed canvas

This canvas print could be a nice decoration that you can put on your wall. There are a lot of personal things that you can print to the canvas such as your wedding picture, your children picture, even your family picture. You could create a design so the canvas print would not be only picture printed on it, but you can try to arrange it beautifully. If you do not want to print a picture, then you can try to print quotes that you love on the canvas. Of course, you could also add names to it to make it more personal. (via miaandstitchhome)

4. Slate plaque

simphome slate plaque

Every home needs to have a slate plaque that you could hang on the door as a personalized home décor item. You could personalize the slate plaque with your family name and quotes that you like which could represent your home more. That way when people come to visit and sees it, they would know your family motto which you write on the slate plaque. You could even put your family picture on the slate plaque to make it even more personal. (via etsy)

5. Wall decal

simphome wall decal

Using wall decals has been a norm these days since you could put it anywhere around the house. To get them personalize, you can choose a specific design that you might not find on the store and had your name engrave on it to be the personalized home décor. Or you can also add personal quotes with your name to make it more personal. On the cheaper option, you could try to purchase the alphabet wall decals and arrange those alphabets to spell your name or any quotes that you want. Of course you might not get the color or design that you want from those store bought wall decals but it would be far more affordable for most people. (via tradingphrases)

6. Blanket

simphome blanket decor

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You will sleep more comfortably by using this personalized home décor blanket. First option is to add your name on the blanket, or you could also put a few quotes that you like. Other option is to print some of your family pictures on the blanket, which would make it more personal. Babies blanket is another option that you could personalize by adding a doll on the blanket to make it appear cuter. (via neverskipbrunch)

Home Décor with More Personal Touch

Making any home décor to become more personal is actually very easy. All you need to do is to add something that is only yours to create the personalized home décor. The easiest thing is to add monogram from your name to the item, it the monogram consist of your name full initial then you might need to do a special order. However if you only want to use your first name initial, then the items can be purchase easily since there are a lot of items with one letter monogram everywhere.

Next thing that you could do is to put your first name on the item. This could make the item even more special for the owner. Or if the items are used by all family members, then family name could also be another option for you. Of course as the first name and family name is unique, then you should use custom order service to get it. Surely the price for this personalized home décor would be more expensive than mass made one.

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