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10 Lawn Edging Ideas

Lawn edging serves an important purpose in a garden. Garden borders serve a dual purpose of keeping your grass and flower beds looking tidy and becoming attractive design elements in their own right. The internet is a wealth of ideas you can draw from period pieces to cutting-edge designs, and today we pick some of the finest for you according to our long experiences.
Include different various tastes and budgets. These are ten unique approaches to Lawn edging. Pick one or some closest to your preferences and needs; as always, Simphome presents you with the list.

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10. A Concrete Lawn Edging idea with Decorative Items

People like concrete to create a particular feature for their DIY project. As this idea is easy to DIY, creating Lawn edging using concrete is worth trying. But then, you can make it different from the others by adding some decorative items.

You should first dig a trench around your garden bed for about twelve inches wide and 8 inches deep. The next step is filling the trench with a few inches of sand and road–base gravel on top of the sand. Then arrange large stone chunks above them. Sprinkle leftover gravel in the spaces between the stones.

The next step is adding concrete mix. Use a scoop to drop the mix into the stones. Then gently spray water on it just until the mix is saturated. You can tuck some decorative items before the mixture is completely dry.

9. A Lawn edging idea with Upcycling Old Tires

Have you ever thought of using planters to create Lawn edging? Many people use cinder blocks for this idea. But let’s break this rule and be more creative with these eco-friendly tire planters.

Before using a tire to make a planter, you should start with a good cleaning, especially if you use old ones. Then drill drainage holes on one side. Paint the tire to make it more eye-catching. Leave the tire overnight until the paint is completely dry. Next, lay your tire and screw the circular board in the bottom. Don’t forget to drill holes in the board. Next, line up the tire on the edge of your garden bed.

After that, fill potting soil into the tire up to the planter’s rim without spilling over the sides. Then make it moist by spraying some water. The last step is adding plants to the tire planters and arranging them to create lawn edging.

8. The Unusual Angle Lawn Edging Idea

Bricks and pavers come in many styles, such as straight, curved, or abstract patterns. However, giving it an angle can reduce the number of bricks you need and cut costs.

DIY an angled brick lawn edging needs only a few essential tools and can be finished relatively quickly. First, dig a trench deep enough so the bricks can sit solidly in the garden border. Add stakes and a mason line so your brick will be at an even angle.
Second, place a brick at about a 45-degree angle at a starting point. Place the next brick and continue making uniform angles and heights. Last, backfill the trench with soil once all the bricks are settled nicely. Use a mallet to tamp the soil and secure the bricks.

7. A Wine Cork Lawn edging Idea

Most of you might throw wine corks away even before finishing the bottle. Stop that habit because a collection of corks can make a nice-looking lawn edging. Want to try?

Step one, start collecting corks. You can buy them at the marketplace or ask your neighbor for them. You can opt for their natural look or add more interest by adding color.
Step two is filling the garden border. If you want it level with your pathway, dig a trench a couple inched deep beforehand. Then arrange the corks into it. After that, fill the space using soil. As you go along the trench, gently sweep the dirt on top of the corks using a paintbrush. Because they are made of wood, be cautious not to spray your garden with too much water. (Subscribe to April Passion)

6. Gravel and Concrete Balls for Modern Lawn Edging Idea

Imagine how lovely your garden will be if you feature it with these concrete balls. They will complete your modern yard immensely. What are you waiting for?

Go and put everything you need at hand—Mix the concrete powder with water in a bucket or tub. Use small quantities of water. Your mixture should be thick, like when you mix pudding or oatmeal. Spray inside a globe with baking release spray and pour the concrete into a globe. Make some of them and wait until they are set in several hours. When they have dried, remove the globe. If you use a glass globe, tap it until it breaks and falls away.
They are ready to decorate your gravel lawn edging.

5. A Staggered Timber Lawn Edging

Instead of creating a straight line of timber border, curving the design like this will increase the garden’s appeal. For this DIY project, you need timber with rounded corners.

First, dig a trench deep enough so the timber can sit firmly. When the trench is ready, start inserting the timber from the center. Tap it with a mallet to make it more secure.
You will work from the center to one side, then start again from the center to the other side.
Next, cut a shorter piece of timber. Then, drill a hole in the side, and drive a nail into it. Place the piece beside the center and tap the nail until they are nailed together. We suggest you use a measuring instrument to ensure that each timber’s fall and rise are equal.

4. Create a Rustic Look with Wood Logs

A row of cut-down tree stumps is one of the most reliable forms of natural Lawn edging. Although they don’t have the same shape and size, their differences make a great garden border you will surely love.

If you have a load of wooden logs, gather them to create a garden edge. Separate them by size. Let’s start! Dig a trench approximately 12 inches deep and 2 inches wider than the logs. Spread a layer of crushed rock, then pack it tight. Arrange the wood logs side by side. You can create a pattern by size or length. When you have filled the trench with the stumps, stuff crushed rock in and pack it tight to make the timber stand upright.

3. A Natural Stone Edging for a Long-lasting Charm

Besides timber, stones can keep the natural feeling that concrete and brick cannot bring into the garden. Plus, they are free because you can collect them from the river or ask for leftovers from your neighbor.

You can arrange various sizes and shapes along the line of your garden bed or create one like this. If you prefer this idea, you must shape your stones to flat surfaces. Then lay stones with the flat surface facing up along a trench you have dug beforehand. Combine big and small sizes to make the space tighter.

2. A Mesmerizing Blue-Colored Glass Lawn Edging Idea

Do you have unused glass bottles that you are unsure whether to keep? You can crush them into pieces and use them to decorate your garden edge. Before that, make sure you follow these instructions.

First, clean the bottle thoroughly. Remember, you need clear glass bottles or mason jars. Once you have cleaned and dried them, paint them metallic blue. Be cautious about the next step. Line up all the tinted bottles on a bed sheet, then cover them with another side of the sheet. Gently pop them with a hammer. Then, put on rubber gloves and carefully sort the glass. The last step is planting these glass shards in the trench bordering your garden bed.

1. Glow It Up

It looks like a stone lawn edging with a picture in the daylight. But when the day turns dark, you have a spectacular sight in your garden. Want to try?
First, gather and clean the round stones you have. When they have dried, you can give them a base coat using black paint or leave them their natural color. If you are skillful with the paintbrush, you can directly paint your sketch using glow-in-the-dark paints. If you are not, sketch them and start coloring. Leave them until the paint is dry. Arrange the big stones along your Lawn. Then put smaller ones in between.

Edging a garden is an essential step that will make it much prettier. It makes a neat finishing touch that defines your Lawn, path, and beds. We hope our Lawn edging ideas countdown is helpful for you to decide what style matches your garden.



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