10 DIY Project Home Decorations

Speaking about DIY projects for home decoration, there should be plenty of them in the internet. However, these 10 DIY project home decorations are the chosen ones from many sources that you can try by yourself without concerning the cost. So, here are DIY projects that will make your house a different place.

1. A Leather and Cord Headboard.
1 A Leather and Cord Headboard Simphome comOn the top list, you have A Leather and Cord Headboard. As the title says, this decoration is purposed for bed’s headboard. It is inspired by Panama City’s artful bench cushions. Moreover, this decoration is made of buttery strips of leather cord, leather, and chambray.

Make sure to synchronize the color of the leather with the color of your wall. If you have one in your room, it will give a total change to your bed and make it looks more modern.

2. Wooden Stick Headboard.
2 Wooden Stick Headboard Simphome comIf you prefer a more rustic or country look, then you may want to consider having this Wooden Stick Headboard instead of having the modern one. This headboard is made of some wood sticks and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make one. So, what you must do is gather them up, then attach the stick to each other. You can use strong wood glue to stick them on the plywood to hold them secure. At last, sit them up at the head of your bed.

3. An Antiqued Mirror.
3 Antiqued Mirror Simphome comFor those who love the look of antiqued mirrors, you don’t have to go to the market that sells one of them. The reason is that you can make an antiqued mirror by yourself. What you need to do is just bringing down old mirrors for the attic or if you prefer buying a new one, it will be fine.

Then, you will need to spray paint them with colors that indicate antique look. Hang them around the used mirror. Now, you will have antiqued mirrors that look like they have story to tell.

4. Tree Trunk Coffee Tables.
4 Tree Trunk Coffee Tables Simphome comIf you feel so bored of having coffee in an ordinary looking table, then you want to have Tree Trunk Coffee Table. This is a perfect idea for you who want to replace the old-fashioned with plain looking table with a unique and very attractive coffee table. Now, what should you do?

Well, what you need to do is to gather a few tree trunks or stumps in any size. Varnish the top of the trunks where it will be used as the table. You can stain them if you want, but if want the original wooden look then leave it be.

5. A Vine Garden Trellis.
Vine garden trellis Simphome comIt is indeed hard to make a backyard becomes an elegant place. However, once you have installed this Vine Garden Trellis, you will have even more elegant backyard that will make your neighbors envy you.

This decoration is a great idea to make your backyard more alive and of course greener. All you need to do is preparing the equipment, such as galvanized wire, Eye hooks, and Vines. Make your own pattern on the fence, such as zig-zag pattern, square pattern, or abstract one.

6. Mason Jar Sconces.
Mason Jar Sconces Simphome comWhen it comes to add some decorations to your home in order to make it more interesting and attractive, you will do fine with some Mason jars. There are many thing to do with these jars, including making Mason Jar Sconces. This is a great idea to lighting up your home or deck with something more unique and attractive instead of using common lights. You just need to run the lighting wires, then add bulbs to the lid. The jar itself will work as a sconce and it will give you a lovely look. Source: Etsy and Zanox

7. A Fringed Slipper Chair.
A Fringed Slipper Chair Simphome comIt is known that fringe is one of the most favorite trends both in home decor and in fashion. In home decor itself, you can make a decoration with the fringe. A fringed Slipper Chair is the decoration project that you can try. Making this decoration doesn’t require a certain skill. All you need to do is simply adding a bit of bullion fringe to the base of a basic slipper chair. This idea is a perfect to beautify the look of chairs or even a sofa in your living room.

8. Tree Branch Privacy Screen.
Tree Branch Privacy Screen via simphomeDo you need a little privacy? Or, do you just feel like you want to add a bit of decoration that add rustic charm to your home? Then, you can do both of them. This project is called as Tree Branch Privacy Screen. This is a quite simple task to do, which makes it a DIY project. You just need as many branches or sticks and a few strips of thin wood. Assemble the branches and the strips of thin wood, so that they form a screen figure. Now, you have an extra privacy at your home as well as having a beautiful decoration. More idea and Here

9. Stack Old Boxes.

Stack Old Boxes via simphomeHaving an empty space in the corner of your room, but you don’t have any idea what to do with it? Bring up some old boxes from the warehouse. Clean them up, varnish and stain them, then place and stack those old boxes in the empty corner. Don’t forget to fill those emptied boxes with some furniture, such as antique jars, photo frames, and other ornaments. The Stack Old Boxes will make a total change to your room, making it more attractive and rustic. Inspired by

10. A Glamorous Brass Chandelier.
10 A Glamorous Brass Chandelier Simphome comAffording a chandelier to decorate your living room or kitchen must be too expensive, that is why creating one will save your pocket and you will absolutely have a very unique and attractive homemade chandelier. This Glamorous Brass Chandelier, as it is said, is not quite difficult to make.

You will need a brass loop, brass pipes, and some bulbs. It may not look as expensive as the original chandelier, however, it will make your room more attractive and authentic.

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