cheap home decor
cheap home decor

Decorating a home can be a challenging task. After searching the answer from in the internet, you probably get more confused than before. Worry not, this time, you have my hand to tackle that task. Next, this is more than a dozen cheap DIY Home decor ideas you can take and test for yourself by your list maker Start from number 1.

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1. Painting linoleum or vinyl floor
If you use linoleum or vinyl as your flooring, then you can try to paint it to change the look to appear more expensive. More info
1. Painting linoleum or vinyl floor

2. Closets mirror
Expensive closets has build-in mirror on its door, you can make this your own by using simple DIY home decor project mirror with cheap frame, paint, and attached it to your closets door.
2. Closets mirror

3. Cover your garage with curtain
You might have a garage shelf filled with wire and other tools which always look messy no matter what you do. Try to cover the shelf with curtain to hide the mess from view.
Cover your garage with curtain

4. Waved your drapery
Messy drapery on your window treatment can be make to be neat by waving it with basket weave. Here’s more info.
4.Waved your drapery

5. Brash snap hook your curtain
Decorate your curtain by tying in using keyhole, yarn rope, and a brash snap hook which you can cheaply purchase only for $2 in your local hardware store.
Brash snap hook your curtain

6. Tidy television wire
Messy television wire can be tidy using rod for shower curtain. More detail and requirements
6.Tidy television wire

7. Simple decoration for windows
If you do not want to use curtain for windows then you can still decorate it with brackets. More
7.Simple decoration for windows

8. Decorate your shower curtain
It is easy to decorate your shower curtain with this little solution. Just use an old napkin ring then tie ribbons as decoration. Find the supplies in etsy.
8.Decorate your shower curtain

9. Sheer curtain
Decorate teenage room with sheer curtain windows treatment by mix and matching the color.

9.Sheer curtain
Found image in Google

10. Place area rug correctly
In bedroom use the big 8 inch by 10 inch size area rug and place it rightfully under the queen size bed until the headboard or right before the lamp table. In dining room pull out the chair as if you want to sit down on it, and purchase rug size which will fit to the area where the chair stand when you pull it. As for living room, make sure you put front legs of the sofa or chair on the rug. More detailed information
10.Place area rug correctly

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11. Fancy fridge
Make your fridge fancier with this project. in simple word, spraying it or putting washi tape on it and done. Idea by
Fancy Fridge 11 Simphome com

12. Garage door window
Make a faux garage door window by painting it with black color paint by twopeasinabucket [Play our video in this post to learn more because website is no longer active]
Garage door window 12 Simphome com

13. Expensive looking flat screen TV
Add designers expensive looking on your flat screen TV by adding frame on it. just choose any material that you want as the frame, from classic, chic, to minimalist style then make a custom frame for your flat screen TV. DIY, Info, and Disguise that flat screen.
Expensive looking flat screen TV 13 Simphome com

14. DIY bedskirt tassel
Ever see those expensive bedding with tassels on the bedskirt. You can actually make it your own. Just use a colorful yarn, cut it in 8 inch length with scissors wrap it to create the tassels, put a clipboard on it, and then just put in on your bedskirt. More information
14.DIY bedskirt tassel

15. Organize your kitchen sink items
Try to organize your kitchen sink items by putting in on an unused cake stand.

Organize your kitchen sink items 15 Simphome com
Image found in Google

16. Decorate your air ventilation
Add a rubber outdoor doormat that has a lot of spaces in it to allow the air to come through it and attach it inside your air ventilation. Detail
16 Decorate your air ventilation

17. Repaint your old air ventilation
You can easily spray paint your old air ventilation with primer and metallic paint to make it look new again. Just purchase one can each for 10 of your air ventilations. IMG

Repaint your old air ventilation
Image: Pinterest

18. DIY canopy bed
Ever want to have canopy bed? You can try to DIY it and make it your own. Just use some curtain rods and drill in on your bed ceiling to surround it. Then hang 6 lightweight fabrics with your favorite pattern on it. There you have your own canopy bed.s underneath it to make it a portable shelf.
DIY canopy bed 18 Simphome com

19. Accent ceiling
Most modern house only has crown molding on the ceiling with white painting that makes it look boring. But actually you can make your ceiling to be a DIY project accent ceiling by painting it to replace your accent wall function.
Accent ceiling Simphome com

20. Decorate your light switch
You might want to have an expensive looking light switch with decoration on it. actually it is very easy to make it your own, just bring your light switch plates to your local craft store and try to find picture frame which can fit it perfectly. If you are handy and want to have uniform frame for all of your light switch then just purchase trim pieces to make the frame yourself.
After you find the right frame use Krazy glue to attached them on the plates. Then you need to spray the frame using top coat paint with gloss clear finishing. Do not forget to do it in a well ventilated area and wear a mask while spraying. After all of them dry, all you need to do is to put back the switch plates to finish your DIY home decor project.
Decorate your light switch

21. Light shade metal decoration
Making your own light shade metal decoration is not that difficult especially since it is cheaper than purchasing the real metal shade. To make it you need a few sheets of punched metal, spray adhesive and E-6000, clothespins, painter’s tape, light panel, cutting disk dremel tool, parchment paper, top and bottom wire ring in 16 inch size, straight pipe in 11 inch size. There is a seven steps easy project tutorial to make this decoration complete with picture that is easy to follow.
Light shade metal decoration Simphome com

22. Make balloon drapery
Have you ever see a balloon drapery on those grand houses which make the window looked grand as well. You can actually make this on your own using curved shape shower curtain which you can attached on top of your window then put drapery on it. If you simply want to buy it, get it here.
Make balloon drapery Simphome com

23. Repaint your kitchen equipment
If you have old stainless steel equipment inside your kitchen which still function well but appear old and unsightly, try to renew the look by repainting it using liquid paint for stainless steel. Source
23Repaint your kitchen equipment

24. Taller ceiling illusion
If you have low ceiling and want to create a taller ceiling illusion, then you can try to use two tone painting style. To do this DIY home decor project, all you need to do is to paint half of your wall with different color and let the top part of the wall still in its original white color. Source
24 Taller ceiling illusion

25. Create your own rustic look
You can create your own rustic look cheaply by adding wood planks on your room walls then paint it roughly to create the rustic look. It will only cost you $28 for each wall with 6 wood planks, choose fence boards for cheap bargain. Other things that you need is construction adhesive, saw, spacers, sanding block, trim, brush, this link, and of course the paint.
25.Create your own rustic look

26. Create your own window shade
No sewing needed when making this window shade since it only use magnet so you do not to be really handy. Just choose any color of fabric remnant that you love. Fold on top edge to make the trim then glue 4 magnets on the fold that you have made. Lay scratch paper when you glue the magnet so it would not stick to your table. Cover the fabric seam with ribbon so it would not fry open.
Now you are done with the window shade, next is making the pom pom as decoration by using wool yarn then glue a piece of string on the bottom seam of the window shade while inserting the pom pom every few inches. This project window treatment is now done.
26 Create your own window shade

27. Un-stain then re-stain your old drawers
Purchasing new drawer cabinet might cost you thousands of dollars, but here we can remodel your old drawers cheaply. Use spray stripper on the drawers to un-stain them then let them be for a while until the old finish loose then use plastic scraper to strip it off, sand all of it to completely remove the old finishing. Re-stain the drawer with two coats of stainer and finish it with poly coating.
Un stain then re stain your old drawers Simphome com

28. Rustic style bathroom mirror frame
Add a frame to your bathroom mirror to get rustic style which match well with other decoration you have in your bathroom. Grab detailed instructions to execute this idea properly here.
28 Rustic style bathroom mirror frame

29. 3D tile gel sticker
You do not need to change your kitchen backsplash as you can cheaply use a 3d tile gel sticker only for $7.48 each. Just peel and attached it on your kitchen backsplash to update it with this DIY home decor project.
3D tile gel sticker Simphome com

30. Decorate your cord
Try to decorate your old black cord using red suede cover which only cost no more than $2. But the price may already change by now. Update here
Decorate your cord Simphome com

31. Create thick baseboards
Put a thin trim a few inches above your original baseboard then paint it with the same color as your thick baseboard. There you will get thick baseboard trim molding. But Of course my short explanation is not enough.
Create thick baseboards Simphome com

32. Decorate your kitchen cabinets
On top of your kitchen cabinets nail an extra board with crown molding on the edge for decoration. Now you get extra space on top of your kitchen cabinets from this DIY home decor Project.
Decorate kitchen cabinets Simphome com
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