10 DIY home décor wood projects

If you have plans to re-décor your home with old-fashioned and rustic look, then these 10 DIY home décor wood projects will inspire you. There is no need of spending huge cash because most of these projects only require unused woods and simple equipment. Now, let’s get crafting!

10. Pallet Shelves

Have you ever found yourself needing more shelves? Then, you can have them with cheap price. What you need to do is just some woods and wood paint. These shelves are called as Pallet Shelves because they are made of wood. You will only need about three hours per shelf to make them. If you want a rustic look, then leave it be and don’t paint it. However, if you want to match the shelves with the atmosphere of your room, you are welcome to paint them on. (via dexorate)

pallet shelf

9.Rustic Photo Frames

Rustic looks sometimes will give a country-like atmosphere if you live in a town. If you want to decorate your room with some rustic looks, you can begin it with decorating your photograph’s frames. You can replace the original frames with wooden frames to make them look different and giving the room a rustic look. Even, you can add small satin ribbons to make them prettier. This is a great idea for you who love to hang pictures or photos on the walls. (via nisartmacka)

rustic photo frame

8.Rustic Coffee Table

Having a coffee in the morning will be so much interesting and comfortable with a DIY Rustic Coffee Table. This decoration is not a difficult to make. You will need a few slats of wood and they don’t have to have same shade or color. Then, you can put them together to make an attractive yet artistic coffee table. Stick them with some nails and strong wooden glue, so that they won’t break easily. At last, enjoy your morning coffee on this stunning and rustic coffee table. (vi todoityourself)

rustic coffee table

7.Wooden Clock

Are you getting a boring feeling every time you are staring at your clock? Then, make a small replacement to this little fellow. All you need to do is to find a great piece of wood. Then, varnish and stain it, so that it looks a clock’s figure. After that, add the figure with the clock from the old one. There it is! A beautiful wooden clock will make a nice decoration to your room and it will bring a feeling of amazement every time you look at it. This decoration will fit perfectly in your kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms as well. (via gertimga)

wooden clock

6.Wooden Mail Sorter

Are you tired of sorting mails every now and then? Now, you don’t have to worry about that ever again. With this Wooden Mail Sorter, you will find mail sorting time becomes more handful and it will keep your mails organized. You just need some small coat hooks to be used as keys’ holders and a few piece of woods to make the mail sorter. Don’t forget to stain with any color you want to make the mail sorter looks more attractive. Then, enjoy your mail sorting time! (via foxhollowcottage)

wooden mail sorter

5.Redone Rustic Cabinet

If you ever own an old dresser or cabinet that you can reuse it, you may want to consider to do a makeover on it. Take out the drawers and add some rustic wooden planks. This is a great idea to reuse old or broken dressers and cabinets, so that you don’t have to afford the new ones. You need to attach the wood pieces altogether and fix them, so that they will give you an easy access to the cabinet’s contents. Redone Rustic Cabinet is quite simple to make and the result will be a very handful cabinet. (via flaxandtwine)

redone rustic cabinet

4.Pallet Coffee Cup Holder

This is a great idea for those who are very fond of having coffee or collecting artistic or antique mugs. Bring a few pieces of wood and some small coat hooks. Assemble them together with some nails and now, you have your own Pallet Coffee Cup Holder. Don’t forget to add some decorations and stain it with any color you want. However, if you prefer to have a rustic look of your coffee cup holder, then you may want to stain it with original wooden color. (via onelittlebirdblog)

pallet coffee holder

3.Wood Slice Mirror Frame

For any of you who love to spend time in front of a mirror, consider to have it beautified. This is a simple project that you can do on your own. You just need some wooden branch, then cut them into slices. Glue them together in a circle or in your mirror’s pattern. This decoration will totally give a change in your room as well as adding a rustic look to your mirror. Now, you probably will be spending more time in front of your mirror because of its attractiveness. (via bigbearmasters)

wood slide mirror frame

2.Small Wooden Coasters

Having a boring time every time you look at your coaster? No need to worry about that anymore. With some creativity and a few wooden planks, you can make some adorable wooden coasters. Cut the wooden planks into some small-sized square planks. Varnish and paint them on. Then, draw some artistic figures on each of them. Stain them with original wooden color to make the coaster looks rustic. (via upivot)

small wooden coaster

1. Tree Branch Chandelier

With this room decoration, which is called as Tree Branch Chandelier, you will now have a very artistic and stunning room. How to do that? It is quite simple to do because you will only need a tree branch with some small clear Christmas lamps. Just hang the lamps around the branch, then run the cord to plug it in. Now, it is time to hang the Tree Branch Chandelier in the middle of your living room. This idea will give your room an artistic atmosphere and of course it will. (via lukou)

tree branch chandelier

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