10 Doormat Ideas; Funny, Unique, and Clever

More often than not, we overlook doormats as a part of our house. Nevertheless, we need them to clean and act as an essential element of decoration. Think of boring, plain, and practical doormats? Put them behind. Your entrance is your guests’ first impression. Why don’t you have some fun with them?

So, here we go; we have stacked 10 doormat ideas that are funny, unique, and clever. Plus, there are some tips inside. Step on and enjoy. To reduce your chance of ruining your first trial, follow the link provided inside the reference area.

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10. The Dual Text

Start with this cute and hands-on stuff that goes both ways. Place a Hello / Goodbye doormat, and you have a straight route to say something for your guest. Yes, it is a formal yet relaxing one. Can you see the different fonts? They deliver a diverse ambiance for our eyes.
Ensure it has a vivid contrast to emphasize the text. How about black and white? It’s just okay, but we don’t recommend it as it exposes the dirt easily. Well, you greet guests and bid them goodbye in one step.
[amazon box=”B07CXJNMPZ” rating=”4.6″] Tip: “Bonjour” and “Au Revoir” can be your next alternatives.

9. Chic and Kind

9. Chic and Kind by simphome.comHow about adding some love and friendly elements in front? One of the easy ways to add character to your entrance is by placing some fresh flowers.

They make people feel better, happier, and serener at all times. Look at these pair of cyclamen blooms; they cleverly blend reds and pinks. Then, they team up perfectly to frame a pop of shade. You need to layer it before doing this. Think about a dissimilar match, as it opens up your doormat. A funny smile appears on someone’s face before knocking on your door.
Tip: It is far better to choose a base rug that has a pattern or color.

8. Return to the Vintage

8. Vintage Stuff by simphome.comIt escorts you back to the good old days. People from the 70s till the 90s era will remember those legendary songs when they check out your vintage doormat. It is majestic in the bathroom, in the kitchen, next to your bed, or even at the front door. Anywhere! It has a cool throwback aesthetic whenever you step on it.

Do you want to better it? Place an intelligent sensor. When someone steps on it, a loudspeaker plays out an oldie’s song. Everyone would be glad to listen to them.
Warning: Beware of kids!

7. Faux Scale

7. Faux Scale by .It is a witty way to prank guests; just put this fake scale doormat in front of your entrance. Visitors with weight problems might be alarmed and think twice before they step on it.

At first, they feel it reveals their weight to everybody close by. In the end, your guests will be grateful: “Thank God, it is only an image.” Gotcha!
Tip: For an effortless option, custom a fake-scale sticker and stick it neatly on your old doormat.

6. Or Simply Stone Feast

diy stone mat via .pngIt is time to go back to nature. Use this thin river-rock doormat to deliver a tranquil and cooling down atmosphere.

It is a pretty easy DIY project. You will need a couple of minutes to get it done. First, get a doormat as a base. Then, grab some thin river rocks, arrange them on top cautiously. After they fit the area seamlessly, take strong glue and stick them all. Let it dry perfectly. Now, place it in front. Voila!
Tip: Try to randomize the design rather than an organized one. More detail!

5. Re-Fresh Anniversary

5. Anniversary by

The main goal of placing a doormat is embracing people when they go into your house. Apart from removing dirt, you can use it as a reminder, sign, or even an anniversary gift. Take a glimpse at this one. It will not only do that task flawlessly but also present your family to the visitors. Now, they cannot pretend “I couldn’t find your house” the next time they bail on you.

All they need is just reading the doormat. Besides, these customized doormats can be a fine birthday present too. Keep it simple, though.

4. Job Vacancy

4. Job Vacancy by simphome.comYou know, parenting is a wondrous thing, right? Nevertheless, there is a saying:” 90% of parenting is just thinking about when you can lie down again”. So yes, parents need a break once in a while. It is an easy yet droll way to find a babysitter. If you are in quest of somebody to take charge of the babysitting responsibilities, simply put this one.

Possibly, it can outshine any head hunter around. They, who know that matter, will smile when they read it.

3. Comic Command

3. Comic Command by simphome.comIf you know someone falls on this trick, then it is going to be a significant achievement. Even if it fails, it will spark smiles from the passer-by. It is a friendly plea and innocently comical.

Are you a Vlogger? Do you know what a successful prank does? It tricks people without a glitch. We have an idea for your next content. Try to invite some guests; it is way better if you have overly-quiet friends. Then, hide somewhere with a camera. When they arrive, wait until they are impatient enough to shout “ding dong.” Trust us. The result is peerless.

2. Fresh Fruits

2. Fresh Fruits by simphome.comWhen you are tired of thinking about the suitable doormat to pick, why don’t you opt for a greener idea? Yes, fresh fruits! This one is a Disney-inspired item. A mishmash of red and pink strawberries rejuvenates your drained mind after hectic days at the office. For your visitors, it welcomes them in an energizing way.

Furthermore, it adds a great curb appeal and sets them in a better vibe. Try an oversized or a half-sized fruit pattern if you want.

Lastly, Number 1. Corks Chain

Cork Chain ideas via Simphome.comNext, we have another DIY project. It has a charming welcome, above all, for wine lovers.

Prepare a bunch of wine corks and steel wire. Then, start weaving them together watchfully. If you are a newbie on this, plan it first or get a tutorial on YouTube. Excellent and valuable, it is an attractive sample of simple upcycling. More importantly, its durability is guaranteed.

Tip: You don’t need to drink gallons to get wine corks. Go to a flea market and seize them.

Feel free to mix and match them, then grab the best. Keep in mind these 10 doormat ideas, unique, clever, and funny, are great to greet your guests. You may use them as a light-hearted reminder too. In any case, they are always a comfy tally to any home. Amaze your visitors and get them in a better mood. Good luck!



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