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Are you looking for 10 DIY Home Decoration Ideas with Painting? Then you might have just found the answer. Say goodbye to boring things you found in the market. Cast your DIY magic and turn it into a masterpiece. Who knows that a simple paint could make big difference in your house?

10. Fancy Doormat

Make yourself something merry to welcome your guests. Get the bristly door mat, golden spray, white paint and brush. You can always use your favorite colors, too. The first step is coating your mat with golden base spray. Let it dry for several minutes. Do double coating if the first spraying is not satisfying enough. Make sure to work on well-aired area. Pick your brush and dip it into white paint. Start drawing triangles. You can vary the height and weight, or make them similar. Spray acrylic paint to the finishing product if you want to get maximum color protection. (via abeautifulmess)

door mat

9. Head Board

Fulfill your luxury dream with paint. This head board takes no space with low budget. You simply need blue tape, roller and white high gloss paint. Measure the area where you want your headboard to be. If you have standard queen bed, then you will mark it as sixty two inches wide and fifty inches long. Then you double the lines with blue tape. Take your roller and start painting. For perfect result, you should paint the area two times. Wait until the paint dry. (via realsimple)


8. Elegant Floating Table

Floating shelf could turn into an elegant table. How? By painting the walls. Pick up a color similar to the floating shelf. Measure the height from the shelf to the floor if it is installed already. If it will be installed later, then feel free to set the distance. Sketch the picture on the wall by using pencil. For those who are not good at drawing, then you can copy the pattern. Use small brush to follow the pattern and correct tiny mistakes. Its sharp tip allows you to draw the curve perfectly. Then, fill in the empty space with big brush. That’s it. You have a fancy table. (via decoholic)

floating table


7. Artistic Wall Decoration

Get ready for a hack with awesome results. Grab plain boards and stain them with walnut color. The number of boards is totally up to you. For board size, it is normally three feet long and six inches wide. Stick some double tape on the edges. Attach the cheap rubber doormat on top of the board. Pick the one with pretty pattern that allows you to see the walnut-colored board. Spray ivory color on the top four times. Two light spray from the above, and two others from different angles. Give half an hour break before taking off the doormat. (via lemontreecreations)

wall door mat


6. Beautiful Power Switch

Art could stick to any corner of the house. A power switch is not an exception. Loose the screw on the switch, and grab the frame. Paint it with plain soft color. One coat will give sketchy feeling while double coat gives solid look. Choose one to your style. Let it dry for fifteen minutes. Then, pick up your marker and draw things: birds, flowers, monsters, anything you like. Put back the screws to their place. See how the small corner on the wall could turn into the prettiest. (via artfire)

26 power switch

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5. Floral Mug

Get your hands moving to decorate a plain mug with permanent markers. Pick a clean mug, so the color will stick on the mug surface, not on the dust. Make sure to start painting one to two cm under the edged of the cup. When you drink, your lips won’t smudge the color. Draw the big flowers first. Fill the empty spaces with dots, leaves, or small flowers. Give shadows with darker colors, to create pop-up effect. After finished, coat the mug with ceramic sealer. This would protect the color and your drawing. No baking, since no marker could stand heat. It will make the colors fade. (via apieceofrainbow)

floral mug

4. Rainbow Staircase

Show the youth and fun mood with colorful colors on the stairs. It sets an instant festive atmosphere to the room. Attach tape on the stair, providing distance to each color. Paint one color from the bottom to the top, then let it dry. Repeat the same process to the other colors. Depending on the thickness, you could slip several colors for the whole stairs. If you only have two or three colors, alternating them would be great enough. (via hgtv)

rainbow staircase

3. Colorful Candle Stick

You could find a lot of candle colors in the store. Why not making one for the candle holder as well? You might find only chopper or silver candle holder at the thrift shop. Don’t worry. Paint will change them. But first, you need to choose the candle tone. Then, find darker paint from the same color. Spread the paint on the holder and let it dry for a night. Do several coatings for perfect solid color. If you have enough stock, dipping the holder into the paint is also possible. However, this approach takes longer time to dry. (via hgtv)

26 candle sticks

2. Hand Painting Wall

Instead of drawing on the canvas or plain paper, challenge yourself to draw on the wall. For beginner, take simple patterns, such as Moroccan style. It is easy to repeat and copy. Use small brush for this project, not only for precision, but also for less messy floor. Lay unused papers on the floors to catch the dripping paint. Don’t be bothered by uneven lines. That is what makes a hand painted wall different from one with stickers. Remember to pick lighter color or the one contrasted to the wall. (via hgtv)

hand wall painting

1. Bold Borders

When things are just good enough, you could try to accentuate the furniture by highlighting the borders, for example, the door. A plain white door would be more attractive when you draw the inner outline square with black or brown paint. It pulls out the graphic strength. You could also do the same trick to an open drawer. Leave the inside alone. Focus on painting the surface with one tone color. If possible, use the high-gloss type. This type of paint covers the crack and misshape on the furniture. (via hgtv)

26 bold bolder

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