10 Lovesac and DIY Bean Bag Ideas

A Lovesac or a bean bag has been favorite furniture that looks cute and comfortable at once. Some people wouldn’t have a problem purchasing one at stores, but for those who are on a budget, a DIY version would be a perfect fit for them.
Here are some lovesac and DIY bean bag ideas that you can make yourself. You’ll see pictures including some guide on how to make this lovely furniture. To detail your choice and minimize error, follow the link inside the description or reference area.

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10. Easy Bean Bag Tutorial

10. Easy Bean Bag Tutorial by simphome.comDoing a DIY project means you know what kinds of materials you will use. This way, you can guess how long it will last based on it.
You have the opportunity to create it just like what you have in mind. To make this giant bean bag, you’re going to need:
• 6 yards of 60″ wide inexpensive fabric.
• 6 yards of 60″ heavy and comfortable fabric.
• 1 LONG zipper.
• 45 lbs of foam for one large bag.
Decide the width and length before cutting the fabrics. Cut two pieces of circles of 170″. Cut two pieces of rectangles of 87″x32″. Sew one end of the rectangle together. Pin one circle to it and then sew them.
Put and sew the zipper to the bottom. Take foam, fill the insert, and finish your project by putting it inside the cover and finally, close the zipper.

9. An Affordable Lovesac Project Idea

9. Affordable Lovesac by simphome.comDifferent materials can determine the furniture, such as a lovesac or bean bag. A durable one could be more costly. But with a short examination, you can compare the quality of each material you’re going to use.
Cotton, faux leather, and microsuede are less expensive than silk. Yet, they are surprisingly tough and durable. You can check if there’s a product at an affordable price, but it still has a guaranteed quality. Read more insightful information from Hip2Save by following the link inside the reference.

8. An Enormous Bean Bag Idea

8. Enormous Bean Bag by simphome.comAdults and children are not the same in many different kinds of perspectives so do their sizes. If size becomes a benchmark here, then we believe most of you would agree that the bigger, is the better.
It’s literally a giant bean bag that can hold more than two people on it. When Alone, you can have your legs on it, just like when you sleep on a couch. Make sure you have a room that’s spacious enough to display it.

7. Bean Bag Cover with Alternative Design

7. Bean Bag Cover with Alternative Design by simphome.comSomething popular means ubiquitous. People are into it. Therefore they will try to imitate it later in the day. You’re going to find it everywhere, and that’s why it becomes mundane or ubiquitous.
It might be what triggers this idea. A bean bag with a bright cover and a very peculiar design that will struggle more than one person to properly appreciate. A bean bag typically has a round shape, but this isn’t any other bean bags or lovesacs you might have seen around in the store.

6. A Bean Bag Idea with Fillers

6. Bean Bag Fillers by

With the right cover, filler, and size, you can craft a comfortable bean bag. Then, you can choose what kind of color you like. And if it is new to you, you’ll know that there are some options for bean bag fillers.
They include organic materials, beans, clothes, rice, packing peanuts, and DIY filler materials. They have their own advantages and disadvantages, so be sure you weigh them first before filling.
Also, consider its effectiveness, durability, and cost. But above all, coziness is something that comes first. It means nothing if it doesn’t bring comfort to you.

5. A Bean Bag Project Idea with Handles

5. Bean Bag with Handles by simphome.comAn innovation that makes life easier always has a good place in people’s hearts. This bean bag, for example, stands out with its extra handle. Because when you want to move it somewhere, or don’t want it temporarily, you can just grab it to pull it away.
To copy it, first, you only need to save some part of the fabric for the bean bag and sew it. It would be great if you can match the pattern of your bag or at least the color. One thing, the material should have a thickness that can prevent it from tearing apart when you pull it abruptly.

4. A Simple bean BAG Project idea for Kid

4. Simple Project by simphome.comKids are into something fun and interesting. They would definitely love this simple bean bag. It also requires a short time to start, craft, and finish.
First, prepare a piece of fabric and make two cuts of 45”x32”. Second, Turn the right side together and stitch them. After that, fold the fabric in half. Then, cut the corner around 6”. Next, open the unsewn edge. After that, keep the right sides together and fold in half the opposite ways.
Then, sew the 22” zipper on the opening. Lastly, finish the zipper by stitching it. Turn it right side out and fill the bean bag.
The bean bag above used two different kinds of fabrics. You can reverse it to get a new look that would stay nice for a while.

3. A Bean Bag Denim Project Idea

3. Bean Bag Denim by simphome.comIf a cover is essential for you, this bean bag has a distinctive one. It has denim for the outer part.
The finished product would give you a durable and comfortable bean bag you can use for at least a few years to come. Your basic sewing skill is the main requirement to copy the idea and you can add a little extra, detail, or some patterns on it if necessary. The designs look pretty on it as it portrays a flower or a Ferris wheel.

2. A Lovesac Stunning Cover Project Idea

2. Lovesac Stunning Cover by simphome.comTo cover a bean bag with something you like is pleasing. This time, the project comes with a stunning bird theme cover. For starters, you can try to look at stores if there are any fabrics you want and sew them yourself.
Also, can use an old fabric that’s still worth reusing if you don’t want to spare some money for this project. And, why let it just pile up in the closet when you can use it as a bean bag cover?
It not only saves some money, but it also helps to tidy up chaos inside your closet. Making a bean cover can be a simple and fun project you can do at home too obviously, especially during this time of the pandemic.

Lastly number 1. A Bean Bag Sofa Bed Idea

1. Bean Bag Sofa Bed by simphome.comIf your family members love to sit on a bean bag together, it wouldn’t be a nice thing to do if it had a small size. It’s supposed to be huge enough so that they can sit on it at once. It may be going to get you some extra money to make one.
The basic principle is the bigger the bean bag, the more filler you need. That’s where you have to spend some of your money more on. Or you can also take this last couch bean bag production project a group session to re-unite your large family member started from the project planning, financing, and cleaning.
Ensure that you pick a durable fabric as it’s going to have high intensity as many would sit down on it.
So, those are all our Lovesac and DIY bean bag ideas. We hope they are going to lead you to acquire better interior decor, mood, and also family bonds. Good luck with your first choice and sees you again next view days with 10 Open Concept Small Living Room and Kitchen Ideas



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