Top 10 Velcro Tapes You Can Get Today

Many agree that Velcro tape has become the most versatile fastener that can be used both for casual uses in classroom and office and in more extreme scenarios, such as in outdoor activities and aerospace industries. Velcro is the brand name of a popular hook and loop fastener. Although Velcro as a company is currently not the only manufacturer and distributor of the fastener, it has been so popularly recognized as a metonym for the product that the majority of customers prefer to call the fastener Velcro tape instead of the more appropriate hook and loop tape or fastener. Velcro is currently used in a large variety of industries, ranging from fashion to space industries.

    Velcro tape offers a number of benefits that other types of fastener and adhesive lack. Velcro tape is easy to attach and detach. No binding or tying is necessary when using this tape as its tiny nylon hooks and their loop mates can be attached easily simply by joining them. Detaching is also easy as peeling a Velcro tape is generally a child’s play. Velcro tape is also known for its strength. A test published by Joseph A. Schwarz has shown that a piece of 5×5-cm Velcro tape is capable to support an 80-kg load. Unlike sticky fasteners that use glued tape, Velcro tape doesn’t wear out quickly. In fact, it will remain reliably usable even after months of fixes and peels. With its versatility, Velcro tape is usable for many purposes and in many different situations and scenarios.

There are various uses of Velcro tapes. In addition to being used as a replacement for zippers in various clothing articles, Velcro tapes can also be used for decorative purpose. Many people prefer to hang their photographs on wall using Velcro tapes instead of nails, which practically break the wall. Velcro tapes can also be used to attach cushion or table cloth to wooden furniture, to bind messy cables together, to keep rugs and carpet in their place, to attach waterproof music player on shower wall, to attach a remote to the side of a television, and to do many other fun and interesting things that they can imagine. There are almost uncountable uses of Velcro tape.

If you plan to buy Velcro tapes, this list of 10 best Velcro tapes will show you some of the best Velcro tape models that you can find on the market. Although they are manufactured and distributed by the same company, which in this case is Velcro, they offer varying sizes, shapes and features that make them suitable for use in more specific situations without eliminating their versatility.

Top 10 Best Velcro Tapes You Can Buy on the Market

This list is provided to you so that you can check various Velcro tape models that are currently available on the market and pick a product that suits your needs. A brief explanation about features, pros and cons is provided for each item in the list so that you can get clearer picture of what every Velcro product can offer to you. Check the list below and make your best pick.

10. VELCRO Brand – Sticky Back – 3/4′ Coins, 200 Sets – White

VELCRO Brand - Sticky Back

Velcro fastener is normally sold as a long tape wound onto a plastic roll, but there is specifically designed Velcro fastener that is sold as coin-shaped pieces. The circular tapes have diameter of ¾ inches, large, strong and sticky enough to support a large variety of wall fixtures, such as photo frames and electronic devices, but small enough to be discreet and invisible. Of course fixing wall fixtures are not the only things this coin-shaped tape can be used for. It can be used to hang small items, such as shop sign and remote docking, on any smooth surface and to join different components of a craft. When multiple tapes are used jointly, they can be used to hang bulkier and heavier objects. Their durability and industrial-grade stickiness make them versatile tapes for various usage situations.

Each coin comes with permanent adhesive on its back. With simple peel and stick mechanism, the coin can be fixed permanently to any smooth surfaces, such as wall, glass, countertop, and floor. Adhesive is applied to the back of both the hook and loop parts of the coin, so fixing any object to a surface or fastening any two separate objects can be done easily without using glue or additional adhesive tape. Once the coin’s hook and loop are fixed to the objects, you can leave the coin’s hook and loop to do the fixing, fastening and separating jobs.

This Velcro fastener is sold at Amazon for $13.02 and includes 200 sets of coins, so you basically pay 0.7 cent for each set (a set consists of a loop coin and a hook coin).


1. This Velcro tape is coin-shaped, so cutting of long tape is not needed to achieve the desired shape.
2. The coins come with adhesive on their back, so no additional glue or tape is needed to make them usable.
3. For only 0.7 cent for each coin, this product is definitely a cheap adhesive product with multiple functionalities.


1. The relatively short diameter of the coin (3/4 inches or 2 centimeters) reduces the stickiness level of both the coin’s hook and loop and its permanent adhesive. Some customers report that the coins are not as sticky as expected.
2. With the tape already cut into coins, storage can be an issue. It is easier to store a wound uncut tape than to store hundreds of coins. However, the transparent plastic tape that holds the coins can offer expedient solution for this storage problem.

VELCRO Brand - Sticky Back - 3/4' Coins, 200 Sets (1)
VELCRO Brand - Sticky Back - 3/4' Coins, 200 Sets (2)
VELCRO Brand - Sticky Back - 3/4' Coins, 200 Sets (3)
VELCRO Brand - Sticky Back - 3/4' Coins, 200 Sets (4)

9. VELCRO Brand – Industrial Strength – Extreme – 1

VELCRO Brand - Industrial Strength - Extreme

Velcro Industrial Strength Extreme is the toughest version of Velcro’s Industrial Strength line of hook and loop tapes. It is designed specifically for outdoor use, though it is still considered versatile enough for indoor use.

This industrial-grade Velcro tape is mean to be used especially in heavy-duty situations. With width measuring at 1 inch, this tape is wider than the more common ¾-inch and ½-inch Velcro tapes. The improved width obviously provides the tape with better grip when fixed to an object with smooth surface. Just like most Velcro tapes sold on the market, this tape is also equipped with permanent adhesive on its back.

The adhesive is actually one of the best things that this product offers. The adhesive is UV resistant and guaranteed to stick strongly to any smooth surface. The tape’s industrial-grade adhesive is water resistant and perfect for storing, hanging and mounting objects in both indoor and outdoor spaces. It is much stickier than the adhesive of ordinary tapes and it can be used in both office and classroom and tougher environments, such as garage and outdoor areas.

Due to its tough design, Velcro’s Industrial Strength Extreme tape is so versatile that it is practical for use in a large variety of situations. In an indoor area, it can be used to mount not only lightweight objects like photographs and signs, but also heavier and bulkier objects like indoor flower vase and electronics. In the open air, it is excellent for organizing garden plants and mounting heavy signage. The hook and loop fastener of the tape and its adhesive will remain sticky to the surface it is attached to regardless of its exposure to elements and the erratic changes of weather.


1. Velcro Industrial Strength Extreme is the toughest hook and loop tape that Velcro ever manufactures.
2. Designed especially for outdoor uses, this Velcro tape effectively resists ultraviolet ray, moisture, elements, and weather change.


1. Although the tape’s adhesive resists elements effectively, some customers have reported that it can barely resist heat.
2. The tape falls off easily when the temperature degree is high.

VELCRO Brand - Industrial Strength - Extreme

VELCRO Brand - Industrial Strength - Extreme

8. VELCRO Brand – Sticky Back for Fabrics: No sewing needed – 24

VELCRO Brand - Sticky Back for Fabrics: No sewing needed
One of the most frequent uses of Velcro tape is on fabric. Velcro tape has been widely used as a replacement for zipper on jacket, dress, pants, and other types of apparel that people wear. Velcro tape is also commonly used on curtain, tablecloth and other types of fabric that people regularly use. Unlike wall or other types of solid and hard surface, fabric is known to have some resistance to adhesive. In other words, a tape that is sticky when fixed to a wall will not be similarly sticky when applied to fabric. Velcro’s Sticky Back for Fabrics tape is designed to overcome this problem.

The adhesive on the back of this tape is designed to be sticky when fixed to fabric of any type. The adhesive is perfect for use with a large variety of fabric types, including cotton, polyester, nylon, and poly blends, though the adhesive may not be strong enough when fixed to sleeker and smoother fabric. Due to its stickiness, sewing is not necessary when you want to use this tape on fabric.

Due to this special feature of the adhesive, the tape is perfect for various Velcro uses with fabric. It is perfect for replacing zipper or reinforcing it, attaching accessories and embellishments on fabric, providing closure to tablet and laptop cases, adding fabric components (such as pocket, napkin and towel) to your clothing, installing fabric elements on lampshade and other objects, and working with curtains and tapestry. Fixing tablecloth to a table will not be troublesome anymore if you use this tape.


1. The adhesive of this tape is specifically designed for use with fabric. Sewing is not needed if you want to use this tape on fabric.
2. This tape is suitable for a large variety of commonly used fabrics, including cotton, polyester, poly blends, and nylon.


1. Although it is designed to stick strongly to fabric, its adhesive strength might be reduced when used with sleeker fabrics, such as silk and satin.
2. It is sold as a 24 inches long tape, not as a roll. After cutting it, there might be unusable waste that is left.

VELCRO Brand - Sticky Back for Fabrics: No sewing needed - 24

7. VELCRO Brand – Sticky Back – 15′ x 3/4

VELCRO Brand - Sticky Back
This Velcro tape is an appealing product due to its reliability for indoor uses, reasonable strength and durability for outdoor uses, and clear appearance (although similar model with opaque colors is also available). It is a multipurpose hook and loop tape that you can use in various scenarios. It is also relatively cheap as you can get a 15-foot roll of it for only $12.76 at Amazon.

Velcro’s Sticky Back tape is designed for both indoor and outdoor uses, but its versatility and reliability are apparent especially if used indoors. You can use this tape for any chores that require the use of tape, rope and any similar tools. You can use it to fix almost anything to wall, floor, glass, plastic surface, and countertops and to bind and organize messy cables. Both its hook and loop fastener and its permanent adhesive are reasonably strong and water-resistant. With this Velcro tape, you can forget about using any other types of tape and fastener. Stop destroying your wall and countertops with nails and screws as this tape can effectively replace those invasive apparatuses.

Although the tape is more usable when used indoor, it also shows reasonable functionalities when used outdoors. For binding and organizing garden plants and mounting outdoor lights and appliances, for instance, this tape is reasonably strong and durable, though you may want to use the more expensive Velcro’s Extreme-level products if you need a hook and loop tape for real hardcore uses.

The clear appearance of this tape makes it visually appealing when you use it with any objects with any colors. Due to its clear appearance, color matching is not needed as the tape’s appearance will mostly adapt itself to the appearance of any objects to which it sticks.


1. It is a versatile tape for indoor uses and reasonably reliable for outdoor uses.
2. Its clear appearance solves all aesthetics-related problems. The tape will always appear just like how the objects to which it sticks appear.


1. Although it is labeled as an indoor-outdoor hook and loop tape, it is more suitable to be used indoors.
2. Just like other Velcro tapes, it uses adhesive that is not very resistant to heat.

6. VELCRO Brand – ONE-WRAP Cable Management, Thin Self-Gripping Cable Ties: Reusable, Light Duty – 8

One of the best uses of Velcro tape is for binding and organizing string and stick-like objects. When you buy a new laptop, you must see Velcro tape attached to its charger’s cable to keep the cable organized. You can do the same with other types of cable, including that of your computer, electronics and electrical installation. If this kind of Velcro tape is the one you are looking for, Velcro’s One-Wrap tie is the product that you should buy.

The tie is usable for binding not only a large variety of cables, but also any thin and slim objects, including sticks, garden plants, pencils, and garage tools. The tie is 8-inch long and ½-inch wide and when you buy this product for $6.26, you will get 100 pieces of it. This means you only spend 6 cents for a tie. Being 8-inch long, the tie is neither too long or too short to organize messy cables.

When used for binding cables or other similar objects, the hook and loop fastener of the tie performs excellent job to keep the bond strong and tight. You don’t have to be troubled by complicated knotting and loose bond when using this Velcro tie. Simply loop it around your cables and then fasten the hook and loop parts of the tie to securely bind your cables. The reliability of this tie has made it the standard tie to organize cables in many data and network centers around the world.


1. Velcro’s One-Wrap tie is a handy tie to tie and organize messy cables and other stringy and stick-like objects.
2. The tie is available pre-cut in 8-inch pieces. There is no need to prepare the tie by cutting it from a roll.
3. It is a cheap tie that costs only 6 cents per piece.


The exposed loop/hook face of the tape is prone to trapping dust, which can be harmful to the tape as dust may reduce its level of stickiness.

VELCRO Brand - ONE-WRAP Cable Management (2)
VELCRO Brand - ONE-WRAP Cable Management

5. VELCRO Brand – Sticky Back – 3 1/2

VELCRO Brand - Sticky Back

If coins and squares are too small and a roll is too long, Velcro strips with sticky back can be a good choice. The strips are ½-inch wide and ¾-inch long. Their short profile makes them convenient to use as you no longer need to carry scissors to cut them, but they are not as short as Velcro coins and squares, which lack grip due to their small profile. Their shape and dimension make them versatile hook and loop tape to be used in various scenarios.

Just like many other Velcro products, these strips also come with permanent adhesive on their back, hence the model’s name Sticky Back. Their adhesive is reasonably strong and will stick firmly to any smooth surfaces, such as wall, glass and horizontal surfaces. They can be used individually, like for mounting electrical outlet on wall, or jointly to improve their strength, like for hanging a photo frame or another heavy or bulky object. The adhesive is water-resistant, so you should not worry if you have to use it in your bathroom, patio or any other wet parts of your home. One flaw associated with the adhesive is that it often cannot tolerate high temperature. When the strips are exposed to heat, they may lose their stickiness.

The strips reviewed here are white colored, but similar models with different colors are also available. White might be great when the strips are fixed to similarly white or bright-colored surface, but if you need to pick alternative colors, the strips are currently available in black, beige and clear.


1. The cut is just at the right size for the sake of convenience and grip strength. It is neither too long like a roll nor too short and small like a Velcro coin or square.
2. White is not the only available color. There are three other alternative colors available, so you can always pick a product with the best visual appeal.


1. Heat is still an issue with the strips’ adhesive.

4. VELCRO Brand – Extreme Outdoor – Extreme – 1

VELCRO Brand - Extreme Outdoor (4)
This Velcro tape is similar to the one we mention in the number 9 above, except that its length is 4 feet instead of 10 feet. It retains all superior features of the 10-foot model, but it also has the latter’s flaws. The only reason you want to buy this item is because its shorter length makes its cheaper. At Amazon, you can buy this tape for $8.97 at the time this review is written. To buy the 10-foot model, you need to pay $13.34. This product’s per foot price (about $2.25), however, is significantly more expensive than that of the 10-foot model, which is tagged at $1.3 per foot. You will choose this tape instead of the 10-foot model because you don’t need a Velcro tape that is too long or because you want to keep your purchasing budget under $10.

Just like its 10-foot counterpart, it also features high-grade adhesive that is suitable for heavy-duty applications. Its adhesive is UV, moisture and element-resistant and suitable for use in extreme outdoor situations. If you need a sturdy and powerful hook and loop tape for securing your garden plants, mounting outdoor lights on your patio wall, or keep your door mat secured in its place, you can definitely use this versatile and powerful tape.


1. With price that is under $10, this tape is a good choice if you want to buy a heavy-duty hook and loop tape with your thrifty budget.
2. It retains all advantages of the 10-foot model.


1. Its per-foot price is significantly more expensive (almost twice) than that of the 10-foot model.
2. It retails all disadvantages of the 10-foot model.

VELCRO Brand - Extreme Outdoor (3)
VELCRO Brand - Extreme Outdoor (2)
VELCRO Brand - Extreme Outdoor

3. VELCRO Brand – Industrial Strength – 2

VELCRO Brand - Industrial Strength
With width measuring at 2 inches, this Velcro fastener is the broadest tape that you can find on the market. Its broad profile offers more than enough faces to guarantee strong hook and loop grip. The industrial-grade hook and loop materials of this tape further reinforce its strength and stickiness. On the back of its tape is adhesive with strength that is enhanced by both its superior quality and the tape’s broadness.

The broad profile of the tape also enables a larger variety of object to be fixed to the back of the tape. Tapes with narrower profile may be able to support only small objects with weight and size that are not too burdening for them, but this tape is different as it with its broad profile is capable to support heavier and bulkier objects, such as hooks for clothes, tools and appliances, and kitchen utensils. The broad shape of this tape is indeed a big pro for people who can benefit from it.

Both the hook and loop faces of this tape and its adhesive faces are designed for tough applications, both indoors and outdoors. The tape is versatile enough to be used indoors and strong and resilient enough to be used outdoors.


1. Its ultra-wide profile allows it to grip the surface and the objects to which it is fixed excellently.
2. It is an industrial-grade tape, meaning that it is tough and capable to withstand elements and frequent use excellently.


1. Its broad profile may cause discreet usage of this tape to be a little bit more difficult. The tape can hardly be used to mount small objects without exposing itself.

VELCRO Brand - Industrial Strength
VELCRO Brand - Industrial Strength

2. VELCRO Brand – Sticky Back – 3 1/2

VELCRO Brand - Sticky Back
We have mentioned in the number 5 above that Velcro’s Sticky Back strips are also available in black, so this is the product that you should buy if black is the most appealing color for you when you are shopping for versatile Velcro strips. This product is similar to the one mentioned above and retains both the latter’s advantages and disadvantages. The only feature that makes it different is its color. Besides the white and black models, clear and beige-colored strips are also available.

There are several advantages of using black Velcro strips instead of the white ones. Black is naturally an obscure color. The only time it will become indistinctively tangible is when it is placed on a light background, like bright colored wall or countertop. On dark-painted wall, countertop, floor, and other surfaces, black Velcro strips will hardly be visible. Even on wood and bold-colored background, black strips are considered less visible than their white counterpart.

Another advantage of using black strips is that they can hardly look dirty. If dust accumulates on both black and white strips, the dirt is more apparent on white strips than it is on black strips. Therefore, if you don’t want to use Velcro strips that look dirty too soon, black strip is your best pick.


1. The black color of these strips makes them relatively invisible and obscure.
2. It retains all advantages of the white model mentioned above.


1. It retains all disadvantages of its white counterpart.

1. VELCRO Brand – Sticky Back – 5′ x 3/4

When you buy a Velcro fastener, you can either buy the pre-cut version that is available as strips, coins and squares or the uncut tape version. Buying Velcro tape is often considered the safer choice as a tape can be used both in cut and uncut modes whereas the pre-cut models can only be used in one mode. With a Velcro tape, you can specify the length of the tape that you want to use before you cut it. If you plan to buy a versatile hook and loop fastener with this characteristic, Velcro’s black Sticky Back 5’ x ¾” tape is a decent choice.
This tape is among Velcro’s cheaper models, so when you buy it, expect cheaper price but don’t expect hardcore performance typical of Velcro’s industrial-grade extreme tapes. Nonetheless, this tape is still considered reliable and resilient enough. It is great for both indoor and outdoor uses and both its adhesive and hook and loop faces are sticky enough to keep lightweight objects in their place.

There are several variants of this product depending on its length and color. Besides the 5-foot model, you can also buy the 1.5-foot, 15-foot and 30-foot models. Longer models offer cheaper price per foot, so if you can afford them, you may need to check them out.
Black is not the only color this tape is available in. If you prefer to pick a product with color that matches your décor, several alternative choices, including beige, white, navy, and red, are available. You can also buy a clear model if you want to skip the color matching chore.


1. Available as uncut tape, it is considered more versatile than its coin, strip and square counterparts.
2. Available in a large variety of lengths and colors.


1. Don’t expect it to offer the same level of performance with that of its Extreme counterparts.



By looking at the list above, there are several factors to consider when you want to buy Velcro tape, including its size (length and width), its shape (roll (uncut), square, strip, or coin), its color, and its grade (regular tape or industrial-grade tape). All Velcro tapes that are mentioned above, with the exception of the One-Wrap model, feature adhesive on their back. In general, the adhesive of both regular and extreme models is reliable enough as long as you don’t expose it to heat often. There are various types of Velcro tape available. Choosing the best one is not difficult if you know the features that you expect from the tape and how you will use the tape after you buy it.

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