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Shoes, sandals and other footwear isn’t only a feet protection tool. They are also a tool to fit your style and make you looks cool. Therefore, a place where you can keep it safely is important. Among many products you can use to keep your footwear, there is one that we can say as the best one. It is GLS Modern Shoe Bench Storage Ottoman in Brown color with Pu Leather Seat for Entryway Living Room Furniture.

simphome shoe bench

Why Choosing GLS Modern Shoe Bench Storage Ottoman in Brown color with Pu Leather Seat for Entryway Living Room Furniture?

The answer is simple. This modern shoe bench has everything that you need. If you want to know more about this stuff, let’s start from the design.

  • Design

The design can be easily underestimated, because it’s so simple. But, its simplicity, for us, is the main point here. The simple design make this product looks more beautiful. Even though we said it as simple design, but because of this, its elegance oozes out from it. Therefore, you also can use it for any room.

The simple design can be seen through the shape of the product. If you look it in one glance, GLS Brown Modern Shoe Bench looks like simple small bench that you usually sat on top of it. And, like its name, it’s actually designed to be the small bench. That is where the other plus point of this product, the functionality features.

  • The Feature

Like mentioned before, it has many useful and functional features. First the design that looks like a bench. With this design, you can take off or put on your shoes or other footwear easily. Just sit on top of it and you can do it comfortably. On top of it, there is PU leather seat that is well-designed. It’s very comfort to sit on it. Okay, that will be one of great function. How about the other feature that makes it as good place to keep your footwear?

simphome shoe bench storage

This is where it’s getting interesting. If you want to know where to keep your footwear on this simple bench, you just need to reach the handle that is located right under the PU leather seat. Turn it and it will reveal the hidden compartment where you can put your footwear. Yes, this is great product for you who are dreamed about having some furniture like what usually spy has. This secret compartment design also make it looks more proper and simple, which is good for entryway. The shoes that you keep secretly also make your room looks more beautiful, and you won’t need to worry about mess up shoes in the entryway that you usually found on standard shoes keeper.

The secret compartment is designed like rotary door. This design also makes it easy to push and open. Just push it from top and you can open it easily. Inside this compartment, there are three shoe racks you can use. That was plenty amount of space you can use, which also means you can keep more shoes, sandals or any footwear in it. Of course, if you use the smarter way to keep your shoes, you can even keep more and all shoes in it.
The size of this product is 20 x 24.8 x 11.8 inch. With this size, we can say it’s quite compact for footwear keeping place. However, the design make full of it size. That is also the other reason why the space inside the compartment is so wide that make it able to keep many amount of footwear.

  • The Ease

The design also optimizes its function, which make it easy to use. The first unique and innovative design is the two side handles. With these handles, you can easily moving it around. This will help you, if you want to change your room decoration and how it will looks like. The PU leather seat is also removable. This design also gives you freedom to change how it looks. You can, for example, change the upholstery to make it looks different. Therefore, you also can change its appearance into different nuance, for example cuter or even funnier, and totally lose its elegance? It’s up to you. Visit Store to Now More

Why Should You Choose GLS Product?

The answer is simple. This Shoe Bench Storage Ottoman in brown color which is completed with Pu Leather Seat is much better than other product. It is the right choice for Entryway Living Room Furniture. If you want to know why, here are some comparison between this product and three other similar products.


  • Size: 20 x 24.8 x 11.8 inch.
  • One rotatry door opens to reveal three shoe racks, triple storage room.
  • With removable PU leather seat on the top, conveniet for wearing shoes.
  • Keep shoes clean and out of sight. An ideal shoe storage for entryway.
  • A front handle for easy open and 2 side handles for easy moving. Shop now


simphome brown shoe bench

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  • Size: 32 x 12 x 19 inch
  • Can be used as a shoe organizer, bedroom and hall way bench.
  • With microfiber fabric upholstery seat cover on a black metal base.
  • Weight: 58 pounds.
  • Features 2-tier of shoe storage. Shop now


simphome sobuy storage

  • Size : L105 × W35 × H43cm
  • Removable Comfortable seat cushion.
  • Material: Wood/MDF/Bamboo/ Polyester linen-like fabric/Sponge.
  • Weight: 17.3kg.
  • Load capacity: Bench: 150kg. Drawer: 15kg. Shop now


simphome cubbie bench

  • Size : 48 x 24 x 16 inch
  • Constructed from CARB-compliant, laminated composite woods with a sturdy MDF backer.
  • Ships Ready to Assemble, includes an instruction booklet for easy assembly.
  • Ships Ready to Assemble, includes an instruction booklet for easy assembly.
  • Internal Dimensions: 6.75″W x 5.5″H x 13.75″D (each cubbies).
  • Finished in durable deep black laminate.
  • Constructed from CARB-compliant, laminated composite woods with a sturdy MDF backer. Shop now
  • Black / Chocolate Micro Fabric Shoe Rack Storage Organizer & Hallway Bench

This is one of the best shoe rack storage you can find. It has similar design concept like GLS storage. There is leather seat on top of it. The color is also similar with the GLS, which is dark brown. The color make this product looks cooler and elegant. It’s suitable for any room at your house. Plus, this product is made of metal, which has more durability than wood and can last longer.

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For size, this product is much bigger than GLS. It’s 32 x 12 x 19 inch. With this big size, you can imagine how much shoes and footwear you can keep inside it. Of course, there will be more than GLS storage. However, that’s completely wrong. There are many reasons, why we place it under the GLS storage product.

First is the rack. This product only has two shoe racks, which make the space to keep your shoes is limited. But, the most important factor that makes the GLS storage better is the design of the storage compartment. Unlike the GLS storage, this product doesn’t use the secret or hidden style storage. So, it’s just ordinary shoe rack that you can find on most of house and store. Why we think it as bad design? It’s simple reason. If you place this shoe storage in room or entryway where your guest enters, it would be embarrassing. They will see your mess up shoes that you put in this open storage. More than that, if you just wear your shoes on dirt area, that would become unsightly image of your house. How people think about your house and you, start from when they enter your house. And, if they see this kind of image, you would know what they will think about you, don’t you? Mess up person and can’t keep everything in order, which we believe you don’t want other people see you as that kind of person.

The open design storage is also the reason, why you can’t combine this storage product with other furniture. This is only fit for storage shoes. GLS storage is definitely different. With the hidden and minimalist design, you can place it anywhere and it will look beautiful, plus functional as chair. And, the simple design is also other reason why GLS storage is better than this product.

  • SoBuy Storage Bench with 3 Drawers & Seat Cushion, Shoe Cabinet Storage Unit Bench, FSR23-WN

We actually love this product design. We think SoBuy has successfully created product that looks not only cool, but also unique and functional. If you take a look at its design, you never thought that this is the shoe storage. This is just like bench that you can easily found on any room, which from our perspective, this trait is great thing. With it, this product can be combined with other furniture.

This product also use similar storage compartment design concept like GLS storage. SoBuy use the secret compartment design, although we can say it’s not that hidden. You can see it from the outside that on the bottom part of this bench there are something like drawer. And, you just need to pull it to reveal the place to keep your shoes or footwear. However, we can say that the GLS storage is much better than this. SoBuy doesn’t use the big size of this product effectively. They only provide three drawers with limited space inside. You can’t even place more than two shoes inside the drawer. Yes, you can put more than two, but you have to place it on top your shoes that you placed on the bottom. That’s not good for your shoes shape, which can be changed because of the pressure from other shoes on top of it. More than that, if the other shoes that you place on top of it are dirty, the bottom one also gets the bad thing from it.

The seat can be said as satisfying seat design. It uses simple polyester upholstery. If you compare it with GLS, this would be low class level. GLS shoes storage use much better material, which is leather and this, is also more comfortable than SoBuy product.

The better thing about SoBuy shoes storage maybe is the color. Unlike GLS shoes storage that use dark wood color, this product use white and brighter color. This is actually great thing, because it’s different than common shoe storage. And, that’s not all. SoBuy also use different color for the drawer. They keep the drawer color like the original material, which is wood color. The combination between colored wood on the frame and seat above, with this natural color is the best thing for us. It looks cool, cute and great for make your room brighter.

  • Black Shoe Storage Cubbie Bench

With slight glance, we can say that this product is elegant product. The artistic aspect is boosted into maximal level by its maker, Prepac. But, the thing that we like most about this product is its simplicity. It’s just like GLS shoes storage that uses it as its main concept. It also has bigger size than GLS product, which is 48 x 24 x 16 inch. The color is also fantastic. They use nice finish for its laminate composite wood. The dark wood color that is also similar with GLS storage makes it great choice for you who want to get elegant shoe storage.

However, there are some aspects that make this product, isn’t great choice, if you compare it with GLS shoes storage. First is the storage design. Prepac uses the box style to provide the space to keep your shoes. If you compare it with GLS, GLS definitely can keep more shoes than this product. If you count how much box you can find on the Prepac product, it’s only 18 boxes, which means you can only keep 15 shoes inside.

The other flaw of Black Shoe Storage Cubbie Bench is the top part. It doesn’t have special seat like what you can find on GLS. So, it’s not very comfortable when you take off or put on your shoes while you sit on top of it. We don’t know why Prepac doesn’t give it the seat for this product, even though they name it Black Shoe Storage Cubbie Bench.

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The open storage is also the other weakness of this product. As mentioned above, you don’t want other people look at how mess up your shoe storage can be. More than that, by having hidden storage like GLS; you also can use and place it on any room. Because of this open storage, Prepac product only can be used as shoe storage and that’s it. No other function.
The aspect that we can say Prepac has successfully beat GLS product is the color option.

Unlike GLS product that is only available in one color, Prepac gives you several different colors to choose. If you don’t like the dark or black wood color, you can choose the other two colors, white and espresso. The white color is really beautiful. The espresso color makes it looks classic and elegant. It’s perfect for your room.

All products, GLS and other three, need to assembly before you use them. They are all easy to assembly and there is also instruction that you can use. Follow it and you can use it. Overall, we can say GLS has everything that you need for beautiful, good, multi-functional shoes storage.

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