ArtResin Buying Guides: What and Where to Look, What to Avoid

If you are planning to buy this particular resin brand, you may not find informational ArtResin buying guides out there. Maybe people are too busy layering their artwork that they forget to tell the others how to buy it and to avoid fake products. Anyway, these are important guides you can use if this is going to be your first purchase.


    Now, we need to know more on the product before we are heading to store and try to get it. ArtResin is offered in many sizes of package. The smallest bottle is called 8 oz Mini Kit. It should cost around $25. The next size is 32 oz which is also called the Starter Kit. This costs around $49. The following sizes are one gallon called Studio Kit that costs $119 and two gallons of Professional Kit that costs $189. The last two sizes are four gallons of Professional Kit BUNDLE that costs $349 and 10 gallons of Pro Bulk Kit that costs $749. If you find the same product on other sizes, don’t buy it. It must be a fake.

Pay attention on the packaging of each resin package. Each of the bottle or bucket will be labeled with the original brand sticker. This sticker has white background. We should notice a square artwork picture in the middle, presenting combination of colors, from top right clock-wise, including magenta, blue, soft blue, green, soft green, yellow, orange, and pink. In the middle of the artwork, we will see heart-shaped accent with black lines and white loop.

The resin will be labelled with grey accent while the hardener will be labelled with purple accent.

You also need to look the right size to purchase. Even though this resin remains smooth and clear, it has the tendency to make bubbles at the last remaining. We never want a resin layer with bubbles in it. The best thing to do to avoid this is to use the whole resin all at once and empty the bottle. It also means you need to buy the right size before using. It depends on the dimension of the artwork.

You need to know the capacity of the entire surface, length times width, you want to cover to get the right volume you need. For small personal project, you don’t need a lot. The Mini Kit and Starter Kit should be sufficient for personal project. They are available on small bottles.

Meanwhile, for bigger artwork and project, the entire other sizes are available in big jug with handle. You should notice the different. Select the right size so you don’t keep the remaining.


Where can we get the original ArtResin? This is an easy question. There are few places where we can get this fantastic resin. First, we can head to their official website and order it online [via amazon]. On this website, customers are allowed to calculate their need first before buying. They have the online calculator there so it is practically easy shopping in this website. Prices are accurate as mentioned above and customers can get free shipping across US with several terms and conditions.



At least, we will get only the original products from here. If you don’t get the free shipping, makes sure the final amount to pay is not too much comparing to get it from other places.
In alternative to the official website of this brand, especially when you don’t meet terms and condition for free shipping, we can shop on trusted store.

For online alternative, we can always head to store like Amazon for original product, not the fake ones, and probably discounts on special times. The other benefit of shopping from this online shopping portal is we can get other buyers’ testimonials and learn from there. These testimonials will be other reassurances for buying the product. There are tips and tricks we can’t get anywhere else too. We can read the testimonials only though if we don’t want to buy from there.

The last alternative is your nearby artwork supply store. Other store may have it too, but they may not have the entire sizes of package. They may not have the right size you are going to need. You can also head to the artwork supply. They always have more than enough stock in the store, and they can offer you with supporting tools and accessories as well. In addition to it, they can often offer you the best deal comparing to other possible store.


There are things you need to make sure to avoid several things. First, make sure you don’t buy the broken shield. Each of ArtResin bottle is sealed to make sure it is new. Broken seal doesn’t always mean the resin isn’t useful anymore, but we don’t know how it looks when we use it in the end. Avoid broken seal, and other suspicious damage.

Second, we need to make sure this is the original product if we are expecting the exact quality of result. Check on the label, the bottle, and the size offered. If the label seems a little different, if the bottle isn’t in the exact supposed-shape, or if it is offered in size the brand doesn’t actually offer, don’t buy it.

Third, make sure that you don’t get extra cheap rate as lucky deal. Many fake products are offered in extremely cheap prices and you will regret it when you see the result. Several reputable stores like Amazon may offer extra discounts on special occasions though, but they will not going to be extremely cheap.

Fourth and last, make sure that you calculate how much you need. As explained above, the remaining will tend to bubble and it delivers low quality resin covering on your artwork. Make sure to buy the right size so the package is emptied once we are done covering the artwork. If this is for class activities with children, make estimation on each dimension, and calculate the accumulation to get the right quantity you need.

In conclusion, there is not much to worry about buying the original ArtResin. The ArtResin buying guides above help you to identify the original product and get the right price as well while recommending the stores where you can get it. Happy shopping!

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