10 Best Recommendations for all your Binder Clip Needs

What will come to your mind when a pile of papers need to be properly arranged and keep together? Several things can be solutions but the fastest comes in mind is to use the binder clips. If you think that people will forget about binder clips soon enough then you’re wrong. In the modern days where everything digital is widely sought, printed documents remain needed by many. Companies work with these documents day by day and they also don’t want to waste time dealing with scattered documents. Even individuals need these clips. The existence of the binder clips in various sizes becomes naturally needed.

Various Kinds of Binder Clips

binder clips

When you go and check a stationery shop, you’ll find plenty of binder clips in various sizes, builds, qualities, colors and prices. As someone who needs these clips and as a buyer, you naturally wish to get the best. Finding the best set of binder clips can be both easy and difficult. Many people don’t really care about details regarding these clips and easily pick up any binder clips they found. It’s understandable because binder clips will remain the same. The functions are the same and there won’t be any kind of revolution in these seemingly petty yet useful things.

Meanwhile, some people DO care about the details and will meticulously pick the right set of binder clips. In general, binder clips can be found in two primary categories. The first one is the regular ones. These are the classic clips with metal arms. The other one is the ones without the metal arms (handles) and need a dispenser (or clip holder) to properly be of use. The later is an innovative way of using binder clips. Some people may be taken a back at first but will soon love how it works.

Some Points to Be Considered When Buying Packages of Binder Clips


For the most part, people buy a package of binder clips to help them in binding sheets of papers. In real life, the functions can be more than that. Some people want colored binder clips to make organization a little bit easier by applying color codes. Many people also love to utilize the ‘arms’ of the clips to hang a few sheets of papers on walls. In the rarer situations, some people use the binder clips for other things such as helping to hold pieces of plywood.


clip size

It goes without saying that size matters. People work with different amounts of documents to work on. Some people may just need the mini sized clips to help them bind small notes like bills and other smaller stacks of papers. Some people need the larger ones as they work on the large volumes such as a document of 250 sheets of papers. Using the correct size to bind papers will help keeping the papers in good condition as well as preserving the good condition of the binder clips.


For everyone, binder clips must be durable for multiple uses. In order to give people what they want and expect, it’s important to ensure the durability. Binder clips are almost always in the real good condition. However, the condition may get worse in the long run. They may get rusty and malfunctioned. If buyers intend to use the binder clips for long period, ensuring durability is an important thing.


clip color

When it comes to binding stacks of papers and organizing them, some people want to get better organization by using color codes. Colorful binder clips can help in color coding the bound papers according to the users. Aside of colors, motifs or patterns printed on the binder clips are also good and can be really fun to have.


In general, binder clips are cheap. The packages of these small things are super cheap considering that each one of them can be used over and over again. That being said, price comparison is always a good thing to be done. It really helps in figuring out the true best binder clips.

A set of recommendations to the best packages of binder clips

Now after realizing what you want and need from the binder clips, it is time for you to make your choice. If you feel a little bit lost and confuse in choosing the ones more suitable for you, stick around and read the followings. In the following list, you will find some packages of binder clips considered being really good. They come in various sizes, colors, types and even motifs. Check them one by one. Who knows if you will find the one you truly want and the most suitable for you.

10.✎Business Source Large Binder Clips

amazon clips

As mentioned earlier, colors make organization a little bit easier and in order to support the easier organization, this one package of binder clips can be considered. This one is a package of large binder clips – you may also get the medium sized or the mini sized binder clip packages. Inside of the package filled with large clips, there will be 12 clips all in different colors including blue, red, green white and mustard.


The package has a really nice color selection and all can be found inside of a plastic container. Every clip is made from rust-resistant steel and the nickel-plated handles made to be easily folded. Aside of large sized binder clips, there are also packages of mini binder clips and medium binder clips.


The large package has only 12 binder clips and no other larger amount. For the people who wish to get more, buying several packages will be inevitable. Aside of that, there is a package of assortment sizes. And thus if you want varied sizes, you’ll have to grab the other two packages of binder clips in mini and medium sizes.

Although that these packages has its own flaws, they’re still the very nice and neat packages to have. If you use the binder clips in only a limited number, you need to think which one that you really need. If you want and need an assortment of different sizes, you may want to consider other packages as buying three different sized packages of Business Source binder clips will give you too much. Check Store and Price

9.✎ Lovely Cute Printing Style Metal Binder Clips

cute clips

These are great otpions for you who get bored with the plain colored binder clips (whether they’re plain black or plain colors). It will be an ideal set for the offices of everyone whose work is related to fashion design. Inside of a pakcage, there will be 24 cute and colorful binder clips in large size (about 4.7 X 2.5 cm). The motifs printed on the cluips will be random and buyers cannot choose the ones they really want.


Unique set of binder clips with feminine touch that will be loved by ladies. The container has large capacity of 24 large clips. The binder clips have really good quality and are well made and more than capable of doing their jobs properly.


Don’t get fixated on what you see in the picture. You’ll be disappointed if you do because the motifs printed and packed in a package are random. You cannot choose which motifs you’ll get but you’ll certainly get cute print on the binder clips. One more problem is the delivery time as noted by some buyers. It takes a long time and some people won’t be happy with it.
Everyone loves cute things espeially ladies. It goes without saying that these packages of binder clips will make their hearts flail. While you may not be able ot actually get the prionts you desired to have, the other prints are definitely not bad. You just need to accept them now that you know what’s inside the package. Check Store and Price

8.✎ Office Style Binder Clips

office clips

Colors make organizing thing an easier thing to be done. Because colors are seen to be important, plenty of binder clips are now colorful. These binder clips are no exception. The nice selection of colors will help people in organizing the things they need properly. There are 12 medium binder clips in this one container and they have six different colors (2 of each). The container itself is very beat and has four compartments with a lid that can be opened and closed.


Good selection of colors in even number (not random). Every single piece of these 12 binder clips is very well made and easy to be used. The container is neat with re-closable lid. It’ll be perfect to keep the clips from getting scattered around and from dust. Assorted size package is also available.


This package of binder clips is almost perfect if not because of its price being slightly higher than the other packages of binder clips. And although that in general the binder clips are well made, there’s a tiny bit of chance of them being broken after being used for quite a while.
These binder clips by Office Style are excellent options worthy of considerations. They might be a little bit more expensive compare o their competitors but the quality won’t leave you regretting your decision of buying a package. This package is good and that’s all it counts. No need to think of anything else. Check store and Price

7.✎ Rapesco Supaclip Dispenser



When you buy a packet of binder clips, you’ll want to keep the container in order to keep them neat and not scattered randomly when not being used. Now, you have an alternative to use the binder clip like a stapler. This unique method will keep about 8 binder clips inside of a dispenser that can be used accordingly. This one will hold and handle the mini binder clips that each clip will be capable of holding 40 sheets of paper together.


A unique and neat way to keep the binder clips organized and not scattered. The dispenser is small and can be carried around easily. The bright yellow color with a variety of emoji expressions looks really cute and good. Each clip can hold up to 40 sheets of papers and can be removed easily without damaging the papers.


The only flaw in this dispenser will be the nonexistent of handles or arms on the clips. If you are the type of person who also makes use of the clip handles, you will want to avoid buying this one set of dispenser and mini binder clips.

This is a good alternative to be considered. If you think about carrying a set of binder clips with you without carrying the containers, this dispenser will be your best friend. The emojis are also very cute and yellow color will help brighten your mood. If you’re not a fan of the emoji, you can always check the binder clip dispenser with colorful mini clips also by Rapesco. Check Store and Price

6.✎ Officemate Medium binder Clips

officemate clips

Another set of colorful binder clips for you to consider. These ones are available in the medium size neatly packed inside of a plastic container. You’ll find two quantities of these binder clips. If you need plenty of them; you can always choose the second quantity but get ready to pay for more. The colors found include red, white (or maybe grey?), yellow, blue and green. There are about 24 clips inside of every container and each one of the clip made by keeping quality in mind.


A packet of 24 nicely colored binder clips in medium size. Every single one of the clip is made to be durable and capable to gripping sheets of papers securely. The colors will be perfect to color code documents so that they won’t be mixed with one another.


One thing that can be considered being the flaw of this package of binder clips is the colors. While the color selection is actually good, the chosen color tones look dull and uninteresting. They’re not colorful enough as these colors are cool colors those tend to attract little to no attention.

Overall, this package of binder clips is good enough to be considered. All of them do their job well and can be used over and over again. The colors are dull but won’t really matter as long as these binder clips remain functional and durable. Functions and durability will remain the two things very important when it comes to the binder clips. Check Store and Price.

5.✎ CBC Smiling Binder Clips

smile clips

Colorful and cheerful are two words to describe the binder clips inside of this package. The emojis are really cute and the various colors or yellow, green, blue and pink make it even better. Every clip is made to be more than capable of hold sheets of papers firmly without getting broken. The steel used is the one resistant of rust as well as scratches.


A great collection of 48 binder clips in a plastic container is cheerful colors and cute smileys. These binder clips may be just another set of colorful binder clips but the emojis or smileys will bring a smile and cheerfulness. If you want to get not just the plain looking colored binder clips, this package will be good for you.


These binder clips are only available in one size, the medium size. The clips certainly capable of binding a thick pile of papers but some people want larger capacity. If you wish to get bigger clips, then you need to skip this one option as they’re not for you.
In a nutshell, these a great option for you if you want colorful binder clips but not the plain ones. This package of binder clips is called the smiling binder clips precisely because the cheerfulness in every clip will bring smile to your face. You can just grab a box of these binder clips and say goodbye to the boring ones you often see everywhere they’re being used. Check store and Price

4.✎ Lion Extra Large Binder Clip

lion size clip

Have you ever try to bind a large number of papers but the large sized binder clips are not enough to bind all the sheets of paper you want? Maybe you want to check this extra large binder clip. Yes, there is only one clip in one package. However, it’s no ordinary binder clip. It’s extra large and by extra large it means HUGE. It’s a huge one! It is a 2.4 inches wide binder clip that can firmly hold approximately 250 sheets of paper.


Extraordinarily large binder clip that can hold a huge number of papers. The binder clip is very well made and very sturdy. It can be used not only for binding papers but also for other things such as holding together two pieces of plywood and others usages. It’s an extraordinary binder clip for extraordinary usages.


There is only one binder clip in every package. If you want more than just one of this binder clips, you will need to buy two or more packages. Keep in mind that the price is also higher considering its uniqueness and quality for every binder clip.

If you ever feel that you really need the largest possible binder clip you can have, this might be a good one to be considered. It’s not only huge but also very sturdy. You may use the binder clip for things that ordinary binder clips cannot do. There are three sizes available. Just choose the ones you considered being the best size for you. Check Store and Price.

3.✎ U Brands Binder Clips

u brand clip

Do you need a large number of medium binder clips? This package of binder clips can be the right choice. These binder clips are very nice. Every clip looks classic in black color with the good steel arms. Every package has eight boxes filled with binder clips. Every box has 12 binder clips to be used. It’s possible to use one box and keep the others if you want or even make use of them altogether.


There are plenty of good quality binder clips in one package. The price is really affordable. This whole package is beneficial for you if you need quite a lot of binder clips. Every clip is well made and will last for a long time. More importantly, every single clip does its jobs properly in helping to bind every pile of papers firmly.


It’s not for you who want extraordinary colors. While this package is certainly great, some people will become reluctant of buying it. The reason is very obvious, too much binder clips in one package. Let’s admit that not everyone will need plenty of binder clips. For the most of time, people need only a few of various sized binder clips for what they need. Unless you’re working with piles of papers in need of binder clips, you will want to check on other options.
Fortunately, there is an option of smaller number of binder clips. If you don’t really need a lot of binder clips, you can always try to get the smaller package of two boxes. This means you will get 24 binder clips of medium size and that should be good enough for you. Check store and Price

2.✎ Officemate Silver Binder Clips

silver officemate clip

When a pack of binder clips is wanted, buyers don’t always only go for the pack of similar size. Sometimes, a pack of assorted size is wanted just like the pack of binder clips in variety of colors. Now, if you wish to get the package with several sizes included, this one package will be good to be considered. It has multiple sizes from the mini ones, small ones and the medium ones. There are 12 mini binder clips, 12 small binder clips and 6 medium binder clips. All of them are neatly packed inside of a plastic container.


Various sizes in one package make it a great thing for buyers who initially want to buy several different packages of different sizes. Every binder clip is very well made. The plastic container is reusable and can always be used for another set of binder clips or maybe for other things.


The only thing that may make some people look for a different alternative is the color. While some people find silver is better compare to the classic black and silver, it still looks very dull. Not to mention that there are some people who color code the documents they bind with binder clips.

Nothing is particularly bad when it comes to a package of assorted sized binder clips. A lot of people will like it even when they prefer more colors to help them with color coding the documents. Still, this option is really good to be considered or even purchased. Check store and Price

1.✎ ACCO Binder Clips

acco clips

A package of well made binder clips that can be used from time to time will always be welcomed. From time to time, large binder clips are needed and this one package can be put into good use. There are 12 large binder clips in one box. All binder clips come in the classic black color. Every clip is made with care and by considering the functions and what people expected from the binder clips.


Every binder clip is made with care. Every single one of them is more than capable of holding stacks of papers firmly without damaging the paper itself. There are three color options can be chosen from the classic black, silver and the colorful assorted colors. Feel free to choose the ones you like.


Some buyers complained about the large size being not large enough. They consider the large size as medium and warn other buyers to pay attention to the picture. A double check on the package before buying is recommended to make sure that you get the right size you want.

It’s possible to buy different sizes as well. You can get the small and the mini sizes if they’re the ones you need. In a nutshell, it’s a really good package of binder clips. What you need to do is to be more careful in choosing the right size. Pay more attention to the picture to make sure that you get what you really need. Check store and Price

Which One Should You Buy?

After reading the recommendations above, a question begs for an answer. Which one should be bought? Honestly, a lot of people won’t even other themselves in questioning the best possible option. Binder clips have never been something difficult to choose. Every buyer will certainly know what they can expect and get. But after checking the list above, you might be wondering on which one you should get. If you really want to consider the best option, you need to take time to answer the following questions:

• What functions do you expect?

It’s obvious that the primary function of a binder clip is to firmly hold a stack of papers. While this is the primary function, you may expect other functionalities. You may want to consider the usage of arms as well. Colors will be useful for color coding the documents leading you to the easier organization.

• What size do you need?

Depending on the amount of papers you work on, you’ll need different sizes. A package of assorted sizes will be your best bet as you’ll get various sizes at once. But you can always buy several packages of different sizes.

• How much do you need?

And of course, you need to know the amount you really need. Sometimes, some people cannot resist buying more than they need. Remember that binder clips can be used multiple times and they most likely will be in use for a very long time. It’s wiser to buy just the right amount.

Fun Ways to Use Binder Clips.

Binder clips can be used for a lot of things aside of the primary functions. There are a lot of fun ways of using every single binder clip in every size. Knowing the fun ways to use binder clips will make every appreciate them even more. The followings are some fun ways of using the binder clips.

1. Helping to organize plugs on a desk.

cable plug

Well, if you have laptops of even personal computer, you will need to deal with plugs (even when you have primarily wireless equipment such as wireless mouse). USB extension as well as other plugs can get a little help of several binder clips to stay organized and neat.

2. Cables or wires can be bind neatly together with the help of a binder clip.

bind cable

If you have several wires that need to be bound together, a binder clip can help.

3. Have you ever try to store bottles horizontally in a refrigerator? If not, you can try with the help of binder clip.

storing bottle

A large or medium binder clip can help your bottles to stay in their place without rolling to the other side

4. Sometimes when you’re in a kitchen and cooking, you need to have your cook book opens.

book recipes

Although that you can copy the particular page and use it while cooking, use a couple of binder clips will be a lot simpler and better. You can use one clip at each side to keep the book opens.

5. When you play or browse the internet with your smartphone, sometimes you want your hands to be free from the duty of holding a smartphone.

smartphone stand

smartphone stand

smartphone stand

smartphone stand

If you think about buying a smartphone dock, stop that idea right now. You can use a couple of binder clips in large size and arrange them properly. You can make simple dock or even the more complex one where your smartphone can easily stand while also charging. It’s also possible to arrange several binder clips to make a dock for tablet or even a dock for smartphone to be used in a car.

6. Binder clips can be combined to make the good holder for pencils or pens as well as pictures.

pencil holder

To do this, you’ll need several binder clips bound together tightly with a wire. This process may take a while but the result is worthy.

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