Country Primitive Home Décor Items That You Should Use

Country primitive home décor might not be everyone favorite theme to use inside their house, but for you who really like this unique style there are actually a lot of benefits that you could get from it. The country style will make your house feel more comfortable while the primitive decoration will make your house appear unique compared to the other houses. Surely the old house looking might come out as something that is off putting for some people, but if you could use the primitive items in the correct way then it will really appear very beautiful.

Items to Use When Try To Create Country Primitive Home Décor

1. Throw blanket

As you know people on the old time like to keep their house warm, especially since at that time their house insulation is not as good as today’s house, which is why they use a throw blanket while sitting. Even though your house today is already warm, but having throw blanket in your house will really make your room feels more comfortable. Moreover by having throw blanket it can make the room feels more beautiful and luxurious with the texture that the country primitive home décor blanket has. You can throw the blanket on your rocking chair, the back of your sofa or even on your bed end. (via allysonsplace)

09 simphome throw blanket

2. Primitive dolls

A unique decoration from country primitive home décor that might not be available on other theme is their primitive dolls. Some of these dolls really made from rag and scrap cloth which mother found when they sew their clothes. But now those dolls really made to be a home décor with new material which make it more beautiful. Of course they still have the primitive style which becomes its signature. The dolls will really make your house become more beautiful so you must try to use it as decoration for every chance as it is also consider as a type or art for country primitive house. Moreover there are different doll’s styles that you could find for every season or event that happen at that time. (via airfreshener)

09 simphome doll decor

3. Burlap

If there is one material that you should have for country primitive home décor is this burlap material. Especially since there are a lot of items which made using burlap material so you can surely use it all around your house as decoration. Some of the items are lamp shade, window treatment, pillow case, pocket wall decoration, wreath, bed skirt, and many others. By using this burlap material inside your house, it will add more texture on your design and surely this will make your interior design richer with the deepness and detail that you give. (via ebay)

09 simphome burlap

4. Lighting

Lighting is an important piece of country primitive home décor that must be available in every room inside your house. But you should not have to worry if your room will looked monotone with the same lighting since there are different types of lighting that you could use such as mesh lamp shade for your ceiling lamp, desk lamp, lantern lamp, candle with candle tray or candle holder, and even battery operated candle for your convenience. Surely with all of those light sources still in country primitive style your rooms will be more beautiful and romantic especially when you dim it. (via nanasfarmhouse)

09 simphome lighting

5. Quilts

For your country primitive home décor bedroom you must use quilts bedding which become another signature of this style. Moreover there are a lot of pattern that you could find on these quilts bedding which makes it even more beautiful. All you need to do is to choose which quilts that suitable with your room style. Try to find quilts color combination which suits your room color combination as well. With this quilts you will be able to add more comfort and warm to your bedroom which becomes the center of your sanctuary. (via carterpresents)

09 simphome quilt

Tips in Using Country Primitive Style inside Your House

When using country primitive style inside your house, you must be sure that you love this style since this style use a lot of items with old appearance which might not be liked by all people. But for those who like this style, it would be a pride to found the real primitive items that created a long time ago. You could try to find it on a backyard sale, or on your grandmother country house. Do not oversee items since all items could be very beautiful as long as you know where to put them as decoration or even use it functionally for something that is not its original function. However if you could not find the real old country primitive items, you should not have to worry since there are a lot of new items which created with primitive style to make it appear old. This faux country primitive home décor items is as beautiful as the real one.

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