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For people living in a small home, be it a house or an apartment/condo, maximizing the space by installing handy storage units is often a must. Especially in a kitchen or bathroom, where there are many bits and pieces that require proper storage, these handy storage units often become a crucial necessity.

Spices, groceries and other consumables in the kitchen and soaps and toiletries in the bathroom have to be stored in an organized way to prevent them from cluttering the space and to allow easy access to them. Even mobile homes like RVs and motor homes often require this kind of storage unit to help organize their limited space. With handy storage units installed in those homes, their interior will feel much roomier, neater and more organized.

There are various types of storage unit that can be used to store cluttering paraphernalia, but basket and rack are often the most preferable. Basket has a somewhat spacious container that can contain almost everything that you have in your kitchen and bathroom. The basket’s walls keep everything that is stored in it inside and prevent it from falling over.

A rack may not be as spacious as basket and hold its content as securely as basket does, but it is still considered a handy storage unit to keep everything organized. In a kitchen or bathroom, or anywhere else where there are too many cluttering objects, basket and rack will obviously become handy units to store those objects and to keep the room clean and airy.

If you plan to buy a handy storage unit for your home, here you can read about DecoBros Mesh Cabinet Basket Organizer, a versatile storage unit consisting of a sliding basket at the bottom and a rack at the top that you can use to store almost every small thing that you can imagine. The sturdy design of this cabinet basket organizer and its cheap price become the two strong factors that make it worthy of purchase, despite the fact that there are also some flaws that make it not only cheap in price, but also cheap in look and feel.

To give you broader understanding of its functions and quality and how it compares with other similar products on the market, we will compare this product with three other cabinet organizers that are also available on the market and within the same price range.

DecoBros Mesh Cabinet Basket Organizer Features

DecoBros Mesh Cabinet Basket Organizer, as the name goes, is intended to be installed inside a cabinet. A hollow cabinet normally contains only a limited number of items that are laid on its base and leaves the unoccupied space above those objects empty and useless. With this basket organizer installed in it, the cabinet can hold more items that than usual.

DecoBros mesh cabinet basket organizer consists of a sliding basket at the bottom and a flat rack on the top. If installed in a cabinet, it allows the partition of the cabinet’s interior into two parts: basket at the bottom and empty space for putting stuff at the top. If needed, another basket can be laid on the horizontal rack at the top.

Aesthetically, the bronze mesh from which this basket organizer is made gives a rustic and industrial look that will be perfect for any homes that use such interior design style. This, however, doesn’t mean that it will not be aesthetically suitable for modern homes. With proper placement and cosmetic modification, this cabinet basket organizer will look perfect in any homes with any design styles.

This cabinet basket organizer is designed to be easy and convenient to install and to use. Once assembled. It can simply be placed inside a cabinet and it will be ready for use. The sliding mechanism of the lower basket allows you to access everything that it contains by simply pulling it out. The basket is separated into two parts by a split card in the center that extends from the front wall to the back wall. This separator allows you to organize the content of the basket better. If you prefer the basket to have only one compartment, you can remove the split card whenever you want.

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Although DecoBros cabinet organizer is primarily intended for use inside a cabinet, it can also be a versatile storage unit outside the container. The stable and sturdy structure of this mesh container allows it to be placed on any flat surface or under a sink. If you have a computer, for instance, you can put your tower casing on its top and store all small accessories like cables and removable devices in the basket. This container is perfect for use in any scenarios you can imagine.

When you want to buy this mesh cabinet basket organizer, two models are available for you: the medium 9.4 x 15.3 x 5 model and the large 10 x 15.8 x 7.5 model. Both models are stackable with certain condition. You can stack a medium model on a large model or two similarly large models. You cannot stack a medium model on another medium model.
DecoBros cabinet organizer via simphome 2

DecoBros cabinet organizer via simphome 3

DecoBros cabinet organizer via simphome 1

The Pros and Cons of DecoBros Mesh Cabinet Basket Organizer

Based on data that we have collected primarily from customers’ testimonials, here you can read about the advantages that you can reap if you use this cabinet basket organizer and things that you may be concerned with when using it.

Overall, you basically get the best item for the price. This cabinet organizer is more or less easy and convenient to install and to use. There are indeed some flaws; however, as it is not an upscale product with steep price tag, those flaws are normal and, in fact, they don’t really make this product a significantly inferior one.

Similar Products You Can Find on the Market

There are several products on the market that you can compare the DecoBros Mesh Cabinet Basket Organizer with. We have selected the three best of them, including another DecoBros’s product, the Two Tier Mesh Sliding Cabinet; The Simple Solutions® Large Cabinet Drawer; and Seville Classics Expandable Under-Sink Shelf with Steel Mesh and Removable Panels. We will look into each of these products and compare them with the product we are discussing about.



  • 7.5 x 15.8 x 10 inches
  • Stackable Design for one medium + one large or two large (two medium aren’t allow to be stackable)
  • Removable Split Card help you to group items
  • Slide the basket out to easily access sauces and spices
  • A front handle for easy open and 2 side handles for easy moving
  • 3.65 pounds

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  • 13.9 x 7.8 x 12.4 inches
  • Two Tier Sliding Basket Organizer
  • Fit well into cabinet to increase the organize capabilities
  • Mesh design w/ silver coating elegant design
  • USPTO Patent Pending
  • 3.4 pounds before shipping

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  • 15.8 x 10.8 x 9.5 inches

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  • 18 x 11.4 x 15 inches
  • Includes 10 removable steel mesh panels (11.75″ X 3.25″)
  • Adjustable ventilated steel mesh panels; easily make space for under the sink pipes
  • Elegant platinum finish
  • Vertically adjustable tiers; easy assembly
  • 4.4 pounds

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1. DecoBros Two Tier Mesh Sliding Cabinet

This is another DecoBros’s product that is priced slightly cheaper than DecoBros Mesh Cabinet Basket Organizer. Overall, both products share quite similar design, with horizontal trays that can hold baskets.
The Two Tier Mesh Sliding Cabinet looks slightly different because it basically consists of two layers of horizontal trays with baskets with the same size that can be laid on both of them. There is no stacking mechanism for this product, so you cannot put one sliding cabinet on the other.
DecoBros Two Tier Mesh Sliding Cabinet via simphome
Two models are available for this product, but they are not distinguished by design or size, but by their look. The first model sports bronze color whereas the other silver. Surprisingly, the silver model is one dollar more expensive than the bronze model. Therefore, if aesthetics doesn’t concern you very much, you can forget about buying the silver model and buy the bronze model instead.

When installing this cabinet organizer inside a cabinet, you can only fasten the back part of this cabinet organizer to a surface and leave its front part unfastened. This might not be a serious problem if you install it inside a kitchen or bathroom cabinet, but if you install it in an RV, which constantly moves, the flimsy fastening mechanism of this cabinet organizer may cause problem.

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2. The Simple Solutions® Large Cabinet Drawer

This large cabinet drawer is very identical to DecoBros Mesh Cabinet Basket Organizer in design. It consists of a sliding basket at the bottom and a horizontal tray on the top. The basket is also separated into two parts by a separator that can be easily removed whenever needed. As both products share identical design, this large cabinet drawer is also pestered by problems that cause the DecoBros organizer a little bit inconvenient to use. You will feel unwanted friction when pulling out/in the basket due to the absence of rollers that smoothen the movement of the basket.

Unlike DecoBros’s product that includes horizontal bars on the bottom part that help fence in the basket, this large cabinet drawer doesn’t include those bars. Therefore, if you use this large cabinet drawer outside a cabinet, the basket that goes astray can be a problem that you have to deal with from time to time.

One feature that makes this cabinet drawer superior is its size. Compared to the large model of the DecoBros’s product, whose size is measured at 10 x 15.8 x 7.5 inches, The Simple Solutions Large Cabinet Drawer is a little bit larger with size measured at 10.8 x 15.8 x 9.5 inches.

3. Seville Classics Expandable Under-Sink Shelf with Steel Mesh and Removable Panels

There is undoubtedly a smart idea behind the designing of this product. Basically, this Seville Classics’ product is designed to be an under-sink shelf that allows you to install it securely without having to be troubled by under-sink piping. Overall, the design of this shelf is similar to that of other products we have been discussing about. It consists of two layers of horizontal trays where you can put whatever you want.

What makes it different and, in fact, interesting is that its trays consist of small horizontal panels that you can slide or remove. This is especially useful if you want to give room to the under-sink pipes that get in the way.
Seville Classics Expandable Under Sink Shelf with Steel Mesh and Removable Panels via simphome
Another interesting feature of this shelf is its expandable structure. Depending on how much room that you currently have to place this shelf, you can expand its horizontal bars so that it suits that room perfectly.

This product, however, is not without flaws. The removable panels cannot be fastened. Therefore, if they accidentally slide when you unwittingly touch them, everything that you put on it will fall over. Some customers also report that the expandable horizontal bars may sag if you extend them too much. Last but not least, as this product doesn’t come with a basket, you need to buy one separately if you want more secure container to contain your items.

Seville Classics Expandable Under Sink Shelf with Steel Mesh and Removable Panels via simphome 2


You have read about DecoBros Mesh Cabinet Basket Organizer and other products that you can compare it with. It should not be clearer for you to choose one particular product that is the most suitable for you. All of those products have their own pros and cons, so it’s time for you to ask yourself which one of those products gives the most advantages and the fewest disadvantages to you.

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