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10 Modern Bathroom ideas on a Budget

Although bathroom is not the first thing your guests will notice, sometimes it still needs revamping in case they need to use it. You do want to impress them, don’t you? in this list, I am going to show you 10 modern bathroom ideas on a budget by that will improve your bathroom’s look without making you caught a little short.

10. Begin with Small Things
10 Begin with Small Things Simphome com

When you are thinking about renovating your bathroom, and your bathroom sink, what will you probably do? Removing your old vanity and replacing it with a new one? Well, that will surely provide a new look in no time, but it entails a lot of work and bucks. My advice, begin with some simple things like the shower curtain, soap container, and flowers.

Matching some accessories can boost a different nuance to your bathroom. If you don’t have much time and budget to paint the entire bathroom, you can match your shower curtain, flowers, vase, and the soap basket too.

Also, if your bathroom is rather small, hanging white or clear curtain would make it appear expanded, just like what this curtain does. Its basic color is white with some aqua accents completed with aqua jars used to store cotton buds and hold two beautiful hydrangeas. Last, the aqua basket that holds the soaps also complement this room interior as well.

9. DIY Bathroom Remodel by Angela Marie Made
9 DIY Bathroom Remodel by Angela Marie Made Simphome comIf a tight budget is your real issue, you can always go with some DIY projects that won’t definitely burned deep hole in your pocket. For your bathroom, you can try different DIY projects such as installing beadboard bathroom, changing the tiles, adding a bathroom vanity, etc.

If you have much time to embellish your bathroom, you can begin with making DIY shiplap ceiling. To make the ceiling, you are going to need 4ft x 8ft Plywood sheets, ceiling trim or molding, 1 ¼” brad nails, paint, paintbrush, and some assistance because you can’t install this shiplap ceiling yourself.

Once the ceiling is done, now you can go with the flooring. To save more money and time, try investing in vinyl flooring. Some vinyl flooring is easy to install. You don’t have to remove the existing tiles as you can install it right over them.

8. DIY Toilet Paper Stand by the Merrythought
8 DIY Toilet Paper Stand by the Merrythought simphome comThis toilet paper stand is cute and easy to make. Therefore, you should try it to your bathroom renovation to fill in the awkward space next to your closet.

To make this toilet paper stand, you’re going to need a piece of 1″x6″x6′ board cut into two 25″ pieces and two 8″ pieces, a wooden dowel, screws, drill, sandpaper, and 7/8” forstner bit.

Measure 1 ½” in on sides of the bottom of 8” pieces, and 3/8” from top and bottom. Do the same thing on ends of 25” pieces. Then, drill a hole through the four marks you made to the 8” pieces. Repeat this step to each end of the 25” pieces. Measure 3 ½” from the top of 25” pieces. Using forstner bit, drill a hole on each 25” pieces to insert the wooden dowel that holds the toilet paper. And, voila! You have a super cheap toilet paper stand for your bathroom.

You can apply any finish you like. You can paint or just stain it. but make sure sand the boards first so you can apply the paint or stain easier.

7. Investing in Skylight Tube
7 Investing in Skylight Tube Simphome comNothing can beat the fruitfulness of natural daylight. It can light your room up without increasing your bill and it can feed your soul with new rejoice too. Instead of installing one or two LED lights in your bathroom, invest in a solar tube.

Unlike any traditional skylights that contribute to eye strain, glare, and heat in the home as the natural daylight passes through the glass window without being filtered, solar tube provides better daylight without heat and glare.

To install it above your bathroom, choose your best spot. Then, cut a hole on your ceiling and roof. After that, assemble the top and bottom of the tube. Lastly, Don’t forget to install the top and bottom portions of the tube before installing dome and diffuser lens.

6. Stencil Tile Floor idea
6 Stencil Tile Floor idea Simphome comFeeling bored with your bathroom flooring? Then this stencil tile floor idea is my recommendation. It is straightforward and fast since you only need to apply the stencil over the existing tiles without removing them all.

First, make sure that the tiles and grouts are clean. The cleaner the tiles, the easier and faster the installation of the stencil tile will be.

Paint the tiles charcoal color. Let the paint dry before applying another coat. Once the second coat is dry, you can begin laying the stencil and painting the design. After you’re done, seal the painted floor using polyacrylic.

5. Cheap Master Bathroom Makeover by Just a touch of Gray
5 Cheap Master Bathroom Makeover by Just a touch of Gray Simphome com

Sometimes, to make a new look in a bathroom you need a lot of work and time, However, it doesn’t always need to be expensive. Go grab an antique mirror in a flea market to provide a little bit classic touch to your modern bathroom.

You may also need to consider changing your current vanity. If that idea is “No-No for you, give it a handmade nest egg. Working with details will also improve your bathroom décor such as adding hyacinths in a clear vase to the corner of your bathroom vanity. These beautiful little flowers will definitely freshen up your bathroom.

4. Add More Decorative Accents by remodelaholic
4 Add More Decorative Accents by remodelaholic Simphome comOne thing to get rid of the awful look of your bathroom is by adding new accessories like patterned curtain, a piece of art, and a rustic towel holder.

They may seem trivial, but they do change the nuance of your bathroom significantly. Look at the hexagonal accent tile that break down the bland backsplash and improve its look. And the curtain complements hexagonal accent harmonically with a same pattern.

3. Transforming your Bathroom Vanity with gel stain
3 Transforming your Bathroom Vanity with gel stain Simphome comIf you think that your bathroom vanity is something that you don’t want to see, think again. It’s not that bad. You don’t even have to replace it with a new one just to get a more modern look which could end up making you broke.

Instead of splurging out on a new vanity, you can stain your existing vanity with gel stain which allows you to save more bucks. If you are interested in this idea, product installation is no-brainer and it can last for 2 years without leaving you any scratch. To kick it up a notch, you can replace your old knobs with more modern ones.

2. DIY Hand Towel Ring
2 DIY Hand Towel Ring Simphome comWho says DIY project is grueling? This one is such a piece of cake instead. It’s a stylist yet easy-to-make hand towel ring idea. All you need to do is cutting a strip of leather for about 8” long, bend it in half, and then wrap around the metal ring. Secure the leather together using hot glue gun and Finally, nail it to the wall next to the vanity.

1. Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel
1 Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel Simphome comThis last idea concocts a modern and rustic look at the same time. Remodeling this bathroom may take some time, but the result might eventually satisfy you.

First, begin with installing white subway tiles as the backsplash and white beadboard for the rest of the wall area.

Next, add some geometric patterns to your floor in order to make your bathroom look more attractive. lastly, if your bathroom is a bit tiny, you might need to invest in white tiles.

So, Those are 10 modern bathroom ideas on a budget that you can try and be proud of. They are mostly affordable, but the result will make your bathroom look upgraded to a new level. I’m sorry if that’s too exaggerated.

That’s it, before you leave, share this post with anyone inside your close friend or family’s list. Come back again next time with more home or decorating ideas, and until that time. Thanks for reading.

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