10 DIY Storage Organizers for Small Bathroom

As a place used by multiple users, a bathroom tends to accumulate clutter. As a result, a messy bathroom is all you have to see when doing your personal business. It’s awful, isn’t it?

You need to end this plight soon by estiramiento piramidal investing in some storage organizers for your bathroom. Even better, you can make the storage yourself to meet your needs and suits your bathroom size perfectly as well as saving more bucks.

This is your lucky day as you’re going to see 10 DIY storage organizers for your small bathroom. As always, this list is brought to you by

10. Under-The-Bathtub Storage
10 Under The Bathtub Storage via simphomeUsing up every nook and cranny that you can find in your bathroom including the space under your bathtub is your greatest bet. Storing daily-use essentials under the bathtub and hide them away would make your tiny bathroom look tidier and more spacious. And to make it happen, you need to make this DIY under-bathtub storage.

First, you’re gonna need to make the frame. Then, attach the doors to the frame using piano hinges. But make sure you’ve installed wire racks that hold your shampoo and soap behind the doors first. Install drop leaf supports or chains to held the doors so they won’t drop. And these ideas are for your bathroom sink.

9. Hang The Baskets on The Wall
9 Hang The Baskets on The Wall via simphomeThe absence of cabinets makes you put everything on the vanity countertop which overtakes surface space and creates such a mess. To organize things without costing you a fortune, you can use some baskets.

Baskets are the most versatile storage organizers for any room. Furthermore, they are relatively cheap. Instead of placing the baskets on the vanity countertop, hang them on your towel rods using craft ribbons. This will help you host the toiletries used on a regular basis while keeping the surface space clean.

8. Rustic Storage Organizer
8 Rustic Storage Organizer via simphomeIncorporating additional storage solutions as well as improving your bathroom’s look can be costly. But you can get both the practicality and look in an affordable price if you make it yourself. It’s super easy and cheap, but works like a charm.

First, you need to get a wood pallet, some mason jars, and adjustable hose clamps. Then, you can stain the wood pallet or just leave it that way to give the natural of rustic look in your bathroom.

After that, install the clamp to the pallet using screws, loosen it a little bit because you’re going to place a jar through it. Once the jar is in place, tighten the clamps until it has a firm grip toward the jar. And, finally, you can store brushes, cotton buds, razors, and any mostly-used items in the jars.

7. Over-The-Door Storage Bin

7 Over The Door Storage Bin via simphomeDo you always cram your toilet papers and bathroom essentials in your cabinets? It must be painful when you have to find your nail polish among the clutter inside the cabinet. Therefore, you need to add additional storage racks that enable you to store small items right behind the cabinet door.

To make these racks, you’re going to need pine board, 4 2” zinc mending plates, finishing nails, zinc-plated flat-head Philips wood screws, and some other tools and materials.
First, cut the bottom to the length of your cabinet door. It can be varied depending on the size of your cabinet door. The edge of the bottom has to be – at least – at 2” apart from the edge of the door.

Then, attach the sides that have been cut, curved, and sanded previously on both sides of the bottom. Then, attach the front. It has to cover the sides of the bottom and sides. After that, attach the mending plate using flat-head screws. Make sure the plate over hangs about ¾”. Finally, attach the rack to the door using pan-head screws.

6. Turquoise Wooden Crate Shelves
6 Turquoise Wooden Crate Shelves via simphomeThis turquoise bathroom looks great with some turquoise open shelves that host towels and other toiletries. And the best thing is they are inexpensive and DIY-friendly. Now roll up your sleeves and use a little bit of your elbow grease to make these cute shelves.

You only need to get unused wooden crates, paint, and castors. The castors allow you to move the shelves anywhere easily. Don’t forget to sand the crates down so you can paint them well.

5. Re-organize The Drawer

5 Re organize The Drawer via simphomeDrawers are usually prone to clutter because they are the best place to hide anything that you want to be out of sight away. As a result, the disaster area has moved to your drawers.
When it is hard to find your eyeliner in your drawer, it means it needs re-organizing. You don’t need to be a carpentry expert to do this. You just need to invest in a few small baskets to store your makeup remover and some other stuff tidily.

4. Hanging Shoe Organizer in The Bathroom
4 Hanging Shoe Organizer in The Bathroom via simphomeA hanging shoe organizer can make a pretty good storage rack for your shampoo and any other toiletries. You only need to tweak it a little bit to make it more practical. Just make some small holes so you can hang it along with your shower curtain.
By hanging it on the curtain rod, you can grab soap or shampoo in no time especially when you need them.

3. Stylish Makeup Storage

3 Stylish Makeup Storage via simphome 1

Finding your bronze and lipstick in the drawer of your bathroom vanity may take a century. It becomes worse when you are in a hurry in the morning. Instead of cramming all of your makeup essentials in your drawer, you can try this smart makeup storage.
To make this makeup storage, you’re gonna need to attach a magnet to the back of the makeup products using hot glue gun.

Then, wrap sheets of metal with any fabric of your choice. You can use the glue gun to secure the fabric to the metal. Finally, attach your makeup products to the metal.
It’s simple yet provides a big impact to your bathroom.

Holding the clutter at bay? Check!

Style? It’s got you covered!

2. Personalize Your Grooming Essentials
2 Personalize Your Grooming Essentials via simphomeWhen you share your bathroom with the entire family members, you need to get ready to find that your grooming essentials have got mixed up.
To prevent it from happening relentlessly, you can make these cute cubes. They provide ample storage space to host grooming essentials of each of your family members.

They also feature a built-in toothbrush holder. Just don’t forget to put labels so your stuff won’t be mixed up anymore.

1. Bathroom Appliance Storage
1 Bathroom Appliance Storage via simphomeA hair dryer is one of the most important bathroom appliances. Therefore, it overtakes vanity countertop just because you need to grab it in a jiffy every day. Well, instead of placing it on the countertop, you can mount a wire basket on the wall above the power outlet. By doing this, you can keep it tidy without making a mess on the countertop.

Those are 10 DIY storage organizers that fit your small bathroom well. They are easy to make even if you don’t have any assistance.

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