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If you’re looking for a DIY project that will upgrade an old furniture you have, check out these cool ideas to give your home furniture a fast and easy makeover. This is 30 Furniture Makeovers for Your Home or Apartment.

Part 1 of this video will give you regular list with images and second part of this list will give you around 3 relevant videos that will make you stick to this list little longer.


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1. Revamp your drawer handles with spare leather.
1 Use scrap leather to make pretty modern drawer pulls via simphomeWhat about that old leather fringe purse you kept from the 90s that’s just sitting at the bottom of your closet? Put it to use with this DIY project that requires little to no technical help. You can simply remove old or ugly drawer handles and use strips of the spare leather to put into place as a handy and cool drawer handle.

2. Redo your old step stool and paint it white.
2 Mask off the top half of an old step stool and paint it white via simphomeA cool way to redo that old step stool is to give it a new paint job. But not just any paint job—this awesome idea has you to tape off a section and only paint the top half of the stool. It gives a cool “dipped” look to the ladder. You can even make it into a nifty table to sit things on. Related info 1,2,and 3

3. Spray Paint Your Metal Furniture. (video)
3 Spray Painting Metal Furniture via simphomeGive your metal furniture an instant upgrade with a fresh coat of spray paint. First, clean any impurities off of the object. Using a blow torch to get old stickers and things off can help make the job easier. Be sure to clean the surface of your metal furniture with a basic kind of solvent like turpentine that’s safe and easy to use.

Next, you’ll use a sander to sand off the old surface, which also may require some sanding by hand. Remember to be careful about inhaling those metal particles! Use painter’s tape or masking tape to exclude any surfaces you don’t want painted.

Before painting, you’ll want to use a primer for a first coat—this will protect the surface of the furniture from rust long-term. Finally, pick your paint color and get painting! You’ll give it a few coats, using smooth straight strokes so the paint doesn’t drip.

4. Make your table into a marble-top surface.
4 DIY – MARBLE TABLE via simphomeIf you want a cool faux-marble surface, you can easily do so with an old table and some faux marble adhesive. This guide gives a cool example of what a table looks like both before and after the surface has been redone. It’s a fast and easy furniture update that looks classy and expensive!

5. Replace the legs on your sofa.
5 Replace the legs on your current sofa via simphomeSounds too simple, right? Well it may be simple, but it gives a whole new sophistication to your sofa (as long as you don’t choose really gaudy legs). Go with new sofa legs that are sleek and simple, but offer a more sophisticated look than those old bulky legs.

6. Then tuft the cushions.
6 Then tuft the cushions via simphomeAnd by tuft, we mean add some chic buttons to the couch cushions for a more classy sofa look. You’ll need to find some buttons that either match your couch exactly or some that you won’t mind to be attached long-term. In this video-guided idea, you’ll go step by step to making an upgraded tufted sofa.

7. How to make an electric sitting and standing desk. (Video)
7 How to Make an Electric SIT and STANDING DESK DIY via simphomeIf you have an old x-frame table or desk you want to convert into a useful standing desk, why not just make it optional? In this video tutorial, you’ll learn the basics of what to do to make it electrically convertible.

Make sure to get all your measurements first, and plan out each step on paper before beginning. You’ll need a few new items, one of which is an electric actuator that fits the table you want to convert. Follow the video to learn how every items fastens together.


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You’ll use a DPDT switch for the up and down movement of the table. This requires a bit of technical maneuvering, but it’s a cool DIY project that leaves you with a sweet adjustable desk!

8. Distress a cabinet using petroleum jelly.
8 Distress a cabinet with the help of a little petroleum jelly via simphomeThat old vintage look to a cabinet can be one of the coolest ways to upgrade (or in this case, downgrade) your furniture for a new look. Essentially, you’ll apply petroleum jelly to the painted areas (usually around the edges of the cabinet), and then later use a paint scraper to chip away the paint, which should be easily removable by then. Just be careful not to dig in and scratch the wood!

9. How to secure a dresser to a wall.
9 How To Secure a Dresser to a Wall via simphomeUse some simple tools and brackets to secure your heavy dresser to the wall to prevent injuries. Check out this cool video to see the step by step guide on what to do! (Watch video on the end of this video for more detail)

10. Dress up a side table with contact paper and spray paint.
10 Dress up a side table in contact paper and spray paint via simphomeEveryone gets tired of the same old side tables year after year. Why not give yours a cool makeover to enjoy? In this cool guide, you’ll use some easy spray paint to create a new finish for the legs of your table and some contact paper of your choice to redo the top of the table surface.

If you have to use more than one piece of paper, it will create a seam, but follow the guide to ensure it’s hardly noticeable.

11. 5 Techniques how to paint upholstery successfully.
11 5 Techniques to Painting Upholstery Successfully via simphomeFrom chalk paint to spray-on fabric paint, this guide gives some really cool DIY options to revamping your old and ugly fabric furniture.

Grandma’s old sofa you inherited doesn’t have to remind you of the 1960s, nor do you have to discard it—give it a fun new modern look by using one of these techniques. Check out this out-of-the-box instructional for how to paint your favorite upholstery chair!

12. How to remove rust.
12 How to Remove Rust via simphomeThis is a cool step-by-step on how to remove rust from your chrome-finished anything. Maybe it’s an old rusted chair that could be transformed into a cool modern piece for your bedroom, or something else that has rusted. You’ll be using Bar Keepers Friend, which is a quick and easy product to make your project worth your while.

13. How to restore hardware in 5 minutes with no paint or wax.
13 How to Restore Hardware in 5 Minutes via simphomeHardware can easily rust after just a short time. Chrome finishes also grow hazy, cloudy, and dirty. It’s not uncommon to find rust spots on your chrome finish or on your hardware, especially if it’s been exposed to any kind of moisture.

A little bit of Bar Keeper’s Friend goes a long way in this tutorial on how to restore your hardware. With this effective product, you can quickly and easily get your hardware looking new! Check it out below.

14. Use wood putty/filler to cover hardware holes.
14 How to Cover Old Hardware Holes via simphomeSometimes it’s the cabinets or other pieces of hard furniture that develop holes over time. In the guide below, you can quickly fill in these spots using some handy wood putty or filler. Don’t let your hardware look aged when you can easily remedy ugly and annoying holes in the surface.

15. How to keep rugs from sliding.
15 How To Keep Rugs From Sliding via simphome 1Want to lock down your rugs to keep from slipping without damaging your floor? Especially if you’re spent a lot of money on a beautiful hardwood floor, you have to be careful with what you use. Since simple adhesives like tape can be damaging and leave a nasty sticky mess, you can use a safer product called Ruglock. The tutorial in hyperlink explains in 4 simple steps how to use Ruglock to lock down your rugs to keep them in place. Learn about the dangers of falling here.

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