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Kitchen is prone to clutter. Ironically, you have to deal with it every day and the mess remains there. If you are cheesed off with the clutter in your kitchen, here are 10 easy DIY projects by that can keep the clutter in your kitchen at bay as well as making it pretty. More kitchen makeover idea in this blog. Such as This idea, This one, and this one

10.Multifunctional Storage Rack
10 Multifunctional Storage Rack Simphome com
When it comes to reorganizing your kitchen, you might be so excited that you can’t wait to visit IKEA and splurge out on some cute storage racks. You’d better stop doing it and get your hammer and nails. It will be much cheaper so that you can have a nest egg.

This multifunctional storage rack can help you eradicate the clutter, but the best thing of it is it won’t burn a hole in your pocket. You only need to get some wooden boards and planks, then you begin to assemble them. For a better look, you can either stain or paint the rack your favorite color.

09.Rustic Storage Racks


The best thing about this DIY project is you can get what you really need with less money – or even free, just like these rustic racks.

They are simple and easy to make. You can even make it by yourself without any help of an expert. You just need to go to your storage room where you store old things and some leftover of your previous DIY project, and get some well-worn wooden planks.

You are going to have to make some open boxes that will be used to hold bottles and jars, then assemble them to two long planks that have been glued together. These planks will hold the open boxes in place. Don’t forget to add hooks behind the planks so that you can hang this super cheap rack on the wall.

08.Some Extra Shelves
8 Some Extra Shelves Simphome com
Stop cramming various kinds of things in your cabinets. Instead of creating such a mess in it, why don’t you make some shelves beneath them?

These wall-mounted shelves can hold all the seasoning and condiment that you usually use to cook scrumptious meals. Not only do they become perfect additional storage space, but they also help you get your go-to seasoning in a blink.

07.Upcycle Wooden Milk Crate
7 Upcycle Wooden Milk Crate Simphome com
Feeling tired of seeing an abundant of milk crates in your home? Don’t throw them away. I am not telling you to turn your home into a gigantic trash can, but I am telling you to do some magics to your kitchen by upcycling those old crates.

Making some shelves by upcycling wooden crates is merely a breeze. You just need to attach them on the wall. For a better look, you can try arranging them in a different height. By doing this, you will not only get some great shelves to store some stuff, but you will also get a pretty good accent wall.

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06. Brilliant Idea with Old Frames


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6 Brilliant Idea with Old Frames Simphome com

Do you remember decluttering and reorganizing some stuff so that you can keep the essential things and throw away the old ones? Now try to remember where you put those stuff because you are going to need it.

Old photo frames are more than just junk. They can be turned into a fabulous tiered tray. But, before doing some magic, you need to prepare some other materials such as a wooden candlestick, wood glue, miter saw, and some others.

First of all, you have to remove the glasses of each frame and replace them with boards or some planks that have been glued together and cut to fit the size of the frames. Then, slip the board in from the back.

Now, you can begin to assemble the trays by connecting them using a wooden candlestick. You might want to screw the trays onto the top and bottom of the candlestick so that these trays will be sturdy enough to hold some fruit.

05. The Versatile Pegboard

5 The Versatile Pegboard Simphome com
Pots And Pans Rack Unique Make Your Kitchen The Coziest Pinterest

Pegboards have always used as a perfect solution for your messy kitchen. They can be a cool storage rack without taking up a lot of space. You just need to hang a huge pegboard in your kitchen along with some hooks.

You can hang your kitchen utensils on the pegboard and begin to beam with smile as your kitchen is as tidy and organized as a professional chef’s kitchen.

04. Reorganize Your Drawers
4 Reorganize Your Drawers Simphome com
I am sure that one of the spots that you hate most is your drawers. I know how it feels. It keeps being untidy although you have tidied them up for like a hundred times.

Don’t fret! Here comes a brilliant yet easy idea to banish the mess. You can put some small wire mesh baskets in your drawer so that they create some compartments. You can group the stuff according to their types. Now you can find a sachet of creamer without breaking a sweat.

03. Pretty Cookie Tin
3 Pretty Cookie Tin Simphome com
Did you know that a cookie tin can make pretty good storage space? This cookie tin features two pieces of cardboards that have been wrapped. The cardboards are placed in the tin, creating four compartments that you can use to store tea bags and some sachets of sugar without mixing them up.

Before placing the cardboards inside the tin, you might want to paint the tin so that it will look more beautiful just like this blue cookie tin. It is pretty, isn’t it?

02. Reorganize Your Fridge
2 Reorganize Your Fridge Simphome com
Make your fridge look more spacious and exquisite by investing on some plastic containers. They will help you store some fruits, cheese, and vegetables better as well as jazzing your fridge up.

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You might also want to get some airtight containers to store your vegetables like lettuce, kale, and spinach. The absence of air and moisture teaming up with low temperature will keep them fresh for a longer period of time.

01. Vintage Spoon Holder
1 Vintage Spoon Holder Simphome com
Add the touch of vintage style by wrapping a milk tin with burlap fabric and turn it into a classic spoon holder. It is super easy, super cheap, and super fantastic. Not only will it hold your spoons and forks tidily, but it will also adorn your kitchen well.

So, those are 10 easy DIY projects that can improve your kitchen. Now slaving over a hot stove is not a frustrating chore anymore as you have an impressive kitchen where you can spend your time in.

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