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30 Small Bedroom Furniture Ideas

If your bedroom is cramped, you need to make the most of the space you have. The next time you’re looking for a place to store anything, keep an eye out for nooks and crannies, like the one below your headboard, where you may tuck away less-frequently used items out of sight without sacrificing convenience. For more alternatives on how to solve your bedroom clutter, read on.

The biggest challenge of a small bedroom is keeping the clutter at bay. The best way to do it is by investing in a few pieces of furniture, such as shelves and drawers. However, this furniture will just make your bedroom look more confined. Therefore, a thoughtful plan is needed to make your bedroom clutter free and visually larger.

Keep reading the list (and watching the featured videos, too) as We’ve summed up 30 small bedroom furniture ideas that can eliminate clutter and enable you to move through in such a tiny bedroom. For more detail, follow the source links.

12 Space Saving Furniture For Bedroom Ideas Video

Detail of the video

30-21: Storage inside headboard idea, A bedroom for two, etc

30. Hidden Storage in the Headboard

30 Small bedroom furniture Simphome

When it comes to a space-challenged bedroom, embracing every inch of square footage is a must. Now, look around and find potential spaces you can use to hide your lesser-used items out of sight but still within your reach, just like your headboard.

Turning a headboard into a pull-out shelf is such a spectacular idea. It features some compartments to store your books, CDs, and other small items. You may need a weekend and a little elbow grease to make it. But the result will satisfy you as it incorporates additional storage solutions. So, let’s go for it!

29. DIY Faux Leather Channel Tufted Headboard via BrightGreenDoor

29 diy faux leather channel tufted headboard Simphome brightgreendoor

28. Learn the easiest method to make your own! A DIY Diamond Tufted Headboard for under $50

28 DIY Diamond Tufted Headboard homemadebycarmona simphome
This is by far the most detailed and easy-follow tutorial out there! (The publisher said)

27. A Bedroom for Two

27 Small bedroom for two Simphome
Dwelling in a small house doesn’t allow you to have more bedrooms. As a result, your kids have to share a room. The idea of sharing a room sounds good, but you need to anticipate problems occurring afterward. You know your kids like bickering over their toys and belongings, don’t you?

To overcome this problem, you can furnish the bedroom with twin beds and decorate them as pretty as possible. You will also need to place drawers here. Try getting 2 NORDLI chests with 4 drawers so your kids can have their own drawers to store their clothes.

Since the bedroom has been occupied with twin beds and drawers, there isn’t enough space for a desk. Get a Murphy Desk that can be folded and stretched out as you please so it won’t block your way, and your kids can still have their craft time.

26. This Bedroom For Two Girls is Covered In Fun Graphics

26 Simphome bedroom for two girls Contemporist

25. Awesome way to do kids’ shared bedroom!

25 mommyshorts Simphome modern boho bedroom

Need for the boys… We love this Modern BOHO shared bedroom for two girls!

24. Consider A Daybed

24 decorating ideas for a small bedroom daybead simphome
A small bedroom requires you to downsize the furniture, which means you can’t get a sofa and a bed at once. If you can’t have them, you can – at least – mix them by purchasing a daybed. A daybed will allow you to lounge on it snugly while reading your favorite romance. But when it’s time to bed, arrange the pillow, and you are ready to hit the sack.

The good thing about a daybed is it usually features additional drawers or beds underneath, which help you to hold the clutter at bay. And if you think they are not enough, you can make one or two wall-mounted shelves over the daybed.

23. Blank couldn’t be a perfect name for this daybed sofa

23 Beautiful blank Simphome yankodesign

22. Design on Another Level:

22 Simphome design on another level platforms furniture raised rooms and other ideas inspiration apartmenttherapy
Platform Furniture, Raised Rooms, and Other Ideas & Inspiration. Think just because you’ve got a single story, you have to keep all your decor flat on the ground

21. A Wall-Mounted Drop Leaf Table

21 Wood Wall mounted Drop leaf Table Simphome
One of the best ways to make your bedroom appear larger is by making the floor clean, meaning investing in wall-mounted furniture. It would be much better if it were a multi-purpose piece of furniture, just like this wall-mounted drop leaf table.

This table can make a pretty good bedside table and a desk that you can work on. When not working on your computer, you can fold the leaf to create a slim and perfect bedside table. But if you need to pull an all-nighter, you can stretch the leaf out to get a spacious desk. You can get this awesome desk at Amazon.

10 Small Bedroom Furniture video

20-11: DIY Concrete stool bedside idea, DIY Behind the door shelf, etc

20. A Wall-Mounted Homework Desk

20 Wall Mounted Homework Desk simphome simplifiedbuilding

19. If you’re low on square footage

19 wall mounted desks home office simphome architecturaldigest
A wall-mounted desk or built-in work surface can be a great space-saving solution, providing roughly the same work area with a smaller footprint. See our favorite wall-mounted desks now. Because a home office doesn’t have to eat up your square footage

18. An Effortless Side Table Idea

18 Effortless Side Table Simphome
Making a bedside table is not that hard. You can make it yourself even if you are not an avid carpenter. You can get two concrete blocks and arrange them side by side. don’t forget to make two or three inches gap between them so you can store taller books there. Get another concrete block and stack it on the other two blocks, just like playing Tetris. And it’s done for less than 5 minutes. Easy, right?

17. The concrete stool is a perfect piece

For you to take some of the industrial climates to your home.
17 como fazer um banquinho de concreto simphome revistaartesanato
See the step-by-step and produce yours!

16. How gorgeous do these Square Rounded Stools look as a side table

16 Square Rounded Stools simphome

15. With a range of concrete planters

15 cracking concrete creations adamchristopherdesign simphome

14. Behind-The-Door Shelf Idea (1)

14 Behind the door shelf Simphome
One of the most awkward spaces in your bedroom is the area behind the door. Many people neglect it as they can’t put anything in it without bumping the door. We suggest you not let it remain dormant. You can make an open shelf on the wall behind the door. Is it possible? Of course.

You just need to measure the angle so the door won’t pancake the shelf. Since the door makes a 45-degree angle when open, your shelf has to be at the same angle as the opened door. As a result, it slopes to the trim a bit.

13. Here’s the view of Cindy’s paper store, one of two workspaces and one of two pegboards.

13 cindy scraproom tour Simphome cindyderosier
The dresser was an old children’s chest, which the owner reinforced, stripped, and painted white. She added the silver hardware. The drawers include stamps, ink pads, acrylic stamps, cross stitch accessories (which I have not used for ages), additional adhesives, gift bags, wrapping paper, tissue paper, ribbons, and bows.

Stackable paper trays at the top of the dresser (five high, four stacks, one above the other). The two stacks on the left contain the box divided by color. The two stacks on the right hold loosely patterned sheets of paper. Some are sorted by color, and others by manufacturer. The rest of Cindy’s patterned paper is stored in 12 x 12 plastic envelopes, which she stacked on a shelf. You can see her kid’s desk under the breadboard.

Typically, pages that need to be scanned stack up, or consumables that need to be disposed of. She put in gifts that have to be packed under the desk. Directly opposite the dresser are my main worktable and my mainboard. Then framed and installed the two breadboards.

You can put so many supplies on the pegboard, and it’s great how easy it is to postpone things when you get new stuff. You can pin the design team assignments to the bottom of the pegboard.

  • The shelves are 2.5 inches deep. This is ideal for storing rubber stamps, mists, embossing powders, inks, and edge stamps.
  • The entire structure is 5 feet high and 25 inches wide.
  • The heights of the shelves vary from 2.25 inches to 6 inches.

What used to be wasted as storage space is now a wonderful storage solution.

12. Remodelando la Casa: Behind the Door Shelf Storage Idea

12 Remodelando la Casa behind the door shelf simphome

11. A Foldable Work Desk Idea

11 Foldable Work Desk Simphome
As a private room, many people use their bedrooms as their private offices to do their job. However, a small bedroom doesn’t allow you to have a computer desk as it can take up lots of space. Make the most of a small bedroom with a DIY foldable desk. This desk is mounted on the wall and can hold your monitor.
11 Foldable Work Desk Simphome 2
If you are not working, you can fold the desk so the monitor will be covered and you have sufficient room to move through. If you will use it, just pull out the two planks used to support the table leaf and fold out the desk, thanks to the piano hinges that allow this magic.

10-1: DIY Batman Bookshelf idea, Floating library, etc

10. Field desk by we do wood. A compact desk

10 Field desk by we do wood Simphome
And a foldable solution with storage space. 100% bamboo.

9. An office as well as our TV room

9 tims dual use home office simphome
With a clever solution for a foldable desk and hidden cables.

8. Idea saved by Cửa hàng thời trang

8 hanging table Idea saved by Cửa hàng thời trang Simphome

8. (Extra). Pieces of Dialogue with Joseph Walsh Studio for DiaDiMo | Yatzer

8 Extra Pieces of Dialogue with Joseph Walsh Studio for DiaDiMo Yatzer Simphome

7. A DIY Batman Bookshelf

7 DIY Batman Bookshelf simphome
Staying in a tiny bedroom doesn’t hinder you from adding a personal boost to it. Your bedroom is your personal cave. Therefore, it is supposed to provide the ultimate comfort that you want. To make your bedroom more epic, you can make a Batman shelf.

The best thing about this project is it is challenging to make, and the result is amazing. You’ll need wood, a saw, scissors, tape, glue, paint, and an instruction link. To reinforce the shelf, you can drive a few brad nails.

6. Floating library (Design by Strooom) :

6 Floating library simphome
The books are heavy, and many libraries fold. Most shelves rest on the floor, making them less sturdy, picking up dirt and cleaning difficult. Standing on the floor, many books are not up to par.

5. Make a custom wood bookcase

5 Make a custom wood bookcase simphome

4. A Floating Bed with Extra Storage

4 Floating Bed with Extra Storage Simphome 2
When it comes to a bedroom with limited space, using visual tricks is your safe bet. The best furniture that provides this visual trick is a floating bed. You can make a floating bed by attaching the headboard that acts as the support on the wall.

Or, you can just install peg legs under the bed. Having a nook and cranny under your bed can expand your bedroom visually.
4 Floating Bed with Extra Storage Simphome
Besides being floating, this bed also features an opened headboard that you can use to store daily-use essentials. It also features built-in bedside tables with additional storage.

3. Do you need more storage space in your bedroom

3 DIY bed with drawers simphome
but do not have space for cabinets? The space under the bed is great for extra storage, but dust bunnies can be boring. This system offers you lots of organized storage without dust. It’s a complete DIY, and unlike store-bought beds with storage space, it does not cost a fortune; it’s a better option to build it yourself if you have limited space in the room. You can adjust the dimensions of the bed to bring it into your bedroom easily.

2. A Bed in a corner hack

2 malmus maximus hacking malms Simphome ikeahackers
Materials: Several MALM dressers, lots of wood, fasteners, glaze, optional: LERBÄCK slatted base.
Description: The idea offers you much storage space underneath your bed and a cleaner appearance. Do not waste space or drawers by placing the bed in a corner

1. Corner Shoe Rack

1 Corner Shoe Rack Simphome
Small bedroom 101 – Make use of every nook. A niche between the cupboard and wall is the most awkward space in your bedroom. But keep it in your mind! Every square inch counts. Therefore, you have to avail this awkward yet valuable space. You can turn it into shoe racks by attaching some pieces of boards installed sloping at the center. By doing this, you can display your nifty shoes perfectly.

So Those are 10 furniture ideas that can help you maximize the available space in your small bedroom. We hope you can take at least one of them and see you again later.

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