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26 Small Bedroom Makeover Ideas that Better Your Day

Try to recall when you revamped your bedroom for the last time. Was it last year? Two years ago? One thing for sure, you need to do a bedroom makeover as soon as possible to maintain the positive vibes.

There are many ways you can do to improve your bedroom’s look from a small project like replacing your table lamps to a project that spends lots of time like repainting your bedroom.
I’ve listed 26 bedroom makeover ideas that can boost the good vibes of yours by Let’s check them out!

26-11 Makeover ideas: Working on table lamps, Vintage small bedroom, etc

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26.Working on a table by Cb2
26 Small bedroom makeover Simphome

25.Working on table by Potterybarn
25 working on table 2 Simphome

24. Working on Your Table Lamps
24 Working on Your Table Lamps Simphome
Table lamps are one of the most common items used to adorn a bedroom. Their beautiful designs make them pretty good adornments that shed some light to your bed, creating a perfect bedroom reading corner.

If you are bored with your table lamps, you can just replace them with the new ones that feature distinguished design. But if you are tight in budget, you can just add a twist to your existing table lamps by covering the lampshades with flowers. By doing it, you will be able to get extraordinary table lamps on the cheap.

23.Guys, I am SO excited to show you the first completed room at the Merc!! Sidenote: You may be wondering why we have a fully decorated space when we still don’t have plumbing but this is the sometimes reality of running a business like Vintage Revivals.23 Small bedroom makeover Vintage Revivals Simphome

22. Vintage Small Bedroom Makeover
22 Small Bedroom Makeover Before and After The Inspired Room Vintage Small Bedroom Makeover Simphome 3

Staying in a small and messy bedroom can be frustrating. It feels so confined that you can move through easily. But don’t ever think you can’t do anything with it. In fact, lots of ideas have been waiting for being applied for so long.
22 Small Bedroom Makeover Before and After The Inspired Room Vintage Small Bedroom Makeover Simphome 1
First, you need to empty your bedroom to see the potential charm you can keep for your makeover project. This small bedroom, for example, is not that bad. It has nice baseboard trims, fabulous wooden floor, and a window providing sufficient natural light. So, make sure you keep them.

Then, you can place a bed in it. Make sure the bed fits in with the room so you might need to measure it previously. Place the headboard under the window and ditch the foot-board as it will only make the bedroom look more cramped.
22 Small Bedroom Makeover Before and After The Inspired Room Vintage Small Bedroom Makeover Simphome 2
Since this is a small bedroom, you might need to invest in a full-length mirror that enables you to see your look from head to toe as well as reflecting the light. To make it look more epic, frame the mirror with a textural weathered element.

21. One of the things that I like most about Decoration, is to do archaeology among the thousands of web pages on the subject that I follow. In today’s article I present to you a set of photographs taken from Decor8 about Vintage Revivals.
21 Bedroom makeover Ideas by vintagerevivals

20. Small Bedroom with Reading Corners
20 Small Bedroom with Reading Corners makeover Simphome
A small bedroom is not a disaster at all. It can also pack as much fun as a bigger one. All you need to do is just picking the right furniture to make you feel comfy. This bedroom, for example, used to feature two big and bulky closets sitting side by side with the headboard, making the bed feel more confined. Therefore, the homeowner decided to make them narrower.

With two closets at the left and right side of the bed, you cannot have table sides on which you can put your book and cellphone. Don’t worry! You can still have your reading corners here by adding a shelf mounted from the closet along with a sconce. To make the bedroom look more appealing, you can wrap the headboard with fabric for a brand new look.

19.This is the second tiny house we ever built, and also the model that really got things going! With a shed roof on a 16′ trailer, this design is easy to build and surprisingly spacious. It can be pulled with a half ton truck. White walls and lots of meticulously placed windows give the Boulder a light, airy, and modern feel.
19 boulder 16 tiny house plans Simphome
This was our first design to incorporate space saving alternating tread stairs.

18.It doesn’t get much better than a before and after simple bedroom makeover as an engagement and house warming gift, does it?! Excited to work on this one.
18 before aftera before and after simple bedroom makeover for zach caitlin

17. Eclectic and Airy
17 Eclectic and Airy before after Simphome
There’s no strict rules in decorating your bedroom. It’s your bedroom. You are the one who knows what you want and need to feel comfortable. If you want to throw various colors and patterns at once, just go for it! but make sure you do it right. Although you want to apply the eclectic style, you still need to pay attention to the composition. Sticking to two or three color schemes is better than randomly mixing any color.

This bedroom, for example, look fresher and airier with the strawberry and blue tints. Various patterns are also added to enrich the look. And to tie them all, painting the wall white would be nice. Instead of shoving the bed against the wall, you can just place the bed in the middle, allowing more space at both sides which makes the room look airier.

16. Cabin Bed Found at Myorganicsleep
16 Cabin Bed Found at Myorganicsleep Simphome

15. Cabin Bed with Secret Den
15 Before Cabin Bed with Secret Den Simphome 1
Don’t let limited space hinder your kid from having fun. Turn the small space into a safe haven for your kid to play. Every kid loves to have a secret place to play. If there is not enough space to build a tent in the bedroom, you can make a den under the bed, instead. You just need to raise the bed a bit to create the space under the bed.
15 After Cabin Bed with Secret Den Simphome 2
To save more time, get NORDLI chest of 3 drawers at IKEA to support the bed frame. Place the chests in a row and pull them a couple of inches off the wall. Add a ladder-style frame as the back support. Make sure it has the same length as the three chests. Then, you can begin to assemble the bed frame, paint them white, and put the mattress in place. For the easy access to the bed, place an IKEA BEKVÄM step stool near the bed. Now your kid will be smiling exuberantly as she knows she has a secret den under the bed and lots of drawers to store her toys and clothes.

14.Downsizing into a small space can be challenging, both in terms of accommodating your belongings and having space for the activities you love. The IKEA Home Tour Squad worked to transform this spare bedroom into the perfect mother-in-law suite.
14 mother in law bedroom makeover Simphome

13.Styling your guest bedroom? Think about how light comes into play with your room. These lighter paint colors help reflect more light making it airy and fresh. You can shop this look with the resources provided.
13 Styling your guest bedroom lifeonvirginiastreet Simphome

12.With our wedding in July and family and friends staying with us for the occasion, I figured it was time I finally give our guest room a little love. I hadn’t touched it since I moved in the house, so there was nothing cute about it. It was a bed in a room and that’s it. Not the most welcoming space.
12 Guest room makeover by amandakatherine Simphome

11. Use Multi-Purpose Furniture
11 Use Multi Purpose Furniture Simphome
the biggest challenge of a small bedroom is using the most space efficiently so you can store your stuff as well as having the chance to move through. The best way to do this is by investing in multi-purpose furniture.

If your bedroom is too small to have a bed and a sofa, try investing in a daybed with an extra bed underneath. A daybed can be a perfect place to sit and lounge on just like a sofa. It enables you to maintain a nice conversation with your guests. And when the guests have gone home, you can take a pillow and take a nap. To fill in the awkward corner, you can place a desk and chair and turn it into your working area. You might also want to have some wall-mounted shelves to store your books or knick-knacks.

10-01 Ideas: DIY Sidetable from leftover wood, Wooden Crate shelf, etc.

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10.Getting the inside of your home looking good can be a challenge and does require a certain amount of skill and knowledge in order to pull it off. Using the right colors and combinations for the curtains, draperies, even your bed sheets and duvet colors can make a big difference in the general appearance of a room.
10 Upcycling the Leftover 2 Simphome

9. Upcycling the Leftover
9 Upcycling the Leftover 1 Simphome
The best way to refurbish your bedroom without draining your cash is by upcycling the leftover. Now look around your house and find potential leftovers that can be tap into.
You can make a hanging side table from some planks, rope, and eye hooks. If you think it is quite arduous, you can opt for an unused step and place it next to your bed. For a more modern look, you can make a wall-mounted self as the side table. Or, find a wooden crate and simply place it in your bedroom.

8. 2nd wooden idea found here.
8 Organizing with crate 2 Simphome

7.A. Or with wooden crate
7 Organize Things with Crate Simphome
Found here

6. Organize Things with Shopping Bags
6 Organize Things with Shopping Bags Simphome
instead of splurging out on some fancy storage boxes, why don’t you try to get a better one – even for free? Just get some shopping bags and attach them on your corkboard. Now you have sufficient boxes to store your cards, stationery, and even glasses.

5. DIY Stencil pillow
5 DIY Stencil pillow Simphome

4. A Motivational Quote on the Pillow
4 A Motivational Quote on the Pillow Simphome 1
Another effortless and affordable idea to boost positive vibes in your bedroom – writing down a motivational quote on your pillow.
4 A Motivational Quote on the Pillow Simphome 2
To get this look, you’re gonna need to write down the quotes on a piece of paper and pin it to the pillowcase. Using a fabric pen, trace the words. After that, set the ink by ironing over the text.

3. Scandinavian bedroom ideas
3 Scandinavian bedroom ideas Simphome

2.Even the smallest rooms in small homes can be reinvented to suit your own style and need.
2 Expanding Your Small Storage Space HGTV Simphome
Enjoy these closet transformations from that inspire function and form while providing key small space solutions in your home.

1.Expanding Your Small Storage Space
1 Expanding Your Small Storage Space 2 Simphome
One of the most indispensable things of a bedroom is the sufficient storage space. If you are lucky enough to have a closet in your bedroom but it’s not that big, you can just rip the wall and door off to add more storage space. After that, you can get some open shelves or simply make some so they can fit in with the closet perfectly.
1 Expanding Your Small Storage Space 1 Simphome
Those are 10 bedroom makeover ideas that not only better your bedroom but also your day. I hope you at least of them and I’ll see you again soon.

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