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Have you ever stayed in your bathroom a little bit longer because you are indulging in the bath tub while listening to music or reading a magazine? It turns out a bathroom is not only a place to clean yourself up and do your stuff. In fact, it can be a place that packs a lot of fun. And that’s what a creative person does – enjoying his/her time despite the place.

To perfect the moment, you should make your bathroom become more attractive and efficient. Keep watching this video and find 10 bathroom ideas that suit a creative person like you. One of these ideas could be your favorite. As always, this list is brought to you by

10. Concrete Over-Mount Bathroom Sink
10 Concrete Over Mount Bathroom Sink Simphome
A creative person usually comes up with distinguished ideas. So, be different!
Most people install porcelain sinks in their bathroom to provide the clean and sleek look. You can try something different like a concrete vessel sink. Well, concrete sink is not a brand-new thing, though. But it is not as widely-used as the porcelain one.

A concrete vessel sink gives the touch of natural and industrial look in your bathroom. This concrete sink, for instance, features smooth edges and curvaceous basin that fits in with any modern residential bathroom – or even industrial one.

9. Paint It Your Favorite Colors
9 Paint It Your Favorite Colors Simphome
your bathroom has to reflect who you are and what you are into. Therefore, painting it your favorite color will never be a failure. Just be careful in applying vibrant colors like orange, yellow, or red. You might not want to be overboard as it will make the bathroom feel uncomfortable. Combining vibrant colors with more neutral ones like white, gray, beige, or black can weaken the strong effect as well as creating a nice harmony.

8. Multi-Purpose Furniture
8 Multi Purpose Furniture Simphome
As a creative person, a tiny bathroom is not a big deal at all. You can still have a fabulous and cozy bathroom in spite of the size. And to tackle this inevitable problem, a multi-purpose piece of furniture would be your greatest bet.

Try strolling around Home Depot and find a piece of furniture that serves more than one function like a wall-mounted storage cabinet with mirror door or just like this cabinet.

Not only does it help you to keep the clutter at bay but also features a foldable counter which is actually the door of the cabinet. You can use the counter to put your makeup tools when you are using them.

7. Add DIY Storage Solutions
7 Add DIY Storage Solutions Simphome
The ultimate goal of your bathroom is cleanliness and tidiness. It is no use to adorn it meticulously if you keep letting small stuff scatter on the vanity top. You need to organize them well by storing them in small jars or containers.

Or you can make a DIY storage solution for small items just like this one. You will only need a wood plank, some mason jars, and pipe clamps that hold the mason jars in place. By making this storage rack, you will be able to make your bathroom stay clean and neat without compromising the space available on the vanity top.

6. Add an Epic Touch of Rustic Look
6 Add an Epic Touch of Rustic Look Simphome
Rustic look has always provided a distinctive charm to any room. For that reason, I suggest you try to add a rustic piece in your bathroom. This small modern farmhouse bathroom is already nice but the epic vanity top perfects its look. It is made out of natural wood that has been sanded, stained, and coated fastidiously so it provides a sleek look that can steal anyone’s focus. The black chains holding the vanity top complement the rustic look well. They also supplement the black sink perfectly.

5. Pops of Colors Cheer Your Bathroom Up
5 Pops of Colors Cheer Your Bathroom Up Simphome

If you think your bathroom is too dull with monotonous color, you can perk it up with some tints of vivid colors like yellow or orange. You can do this by hanging a painting, putting some flowers in a vase or hanging orange and yellow towels near the bathtub. You can also store your colored towels on an open shelf. It will make your bathroom stay organized as well as boosting the mood.

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4. Blend with the Nature
4 Blend with the Nature Simphome
Imagine you were taking a bath under the sea. Well, don’t imagine it! Make it happen, instead! You can make this mission-impossible happen by investing in 3D Wallpapers. 3D wallpapers provide the authentic look of nature so it will feel like your bathroom is blending with nature. Lots of colors and themes are available in stores. So, google them to find the best wallpaper that can turn your bath time into the best moment that you keep looking forward to.

3. Bring In More Patterns
3 Bring in more patterns Simphome
After adding more colors in your bathroom, varying the patterns is your next way to go. You can do this by hanging patterned blind or curtain, putting up a dalmatian-look wallpaper as the accent wall, hanging a decorative pendant lamp above the grooming area, and an accessory over the toilet tank. The combination of various colors and patterns creates the sense of eclectic style. But, again, don’t overwhelm your bathroom with them or you can end up creating a haphazard look.

2. Rainbow in The Bathroom
2 Rainbow in The Bathroom simphome
An accent wall is often considered to be least important. Unfortunately, it can play a crucial role in adding nuance as well as stealing your focus if you have to stay in your bathroom for a longer period of time too. There are many ways to make an accent wall. One of which is by painting the wall a bright color. However, choosing the right color is not a breeze. If you can’t decide which one, let’s use a wide array of colors and bring the rainbow in. This accent wall features colored tiles arranged thoroughly to give an unforgettable experience when bathing. White grout is used to define each tile as well as supplementing the white bath tub.

1. Elegant Bathroom
1 Elegant Bathroom Simphome
If you are into an elegant look, you’re gonna love this bathroom. The use of earthy hues adds an upscale look to the bathroom. A large brown vanity stands in front of the bath tub which provides multi-purpose cabinets for multiple users. The vanity also features a huge mirror that enables you to double-check your look better. Under the mirror is the mosaic-tile backsplash that complements the one in the shower.

Now you have plenty ideas for your bathroom. And as a creative person, you surely have a lot of bathroom ideas waiting to be applied. Well, you can take one of these ideas, combine it with yours, and make a little twist to get a personality boost.

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