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Staying in a cozy bedroom where one can have a good sleep or simply enjoy their privacy is everyone’s dream. However, this dream requires a large space. The bigger space you have, the better. But it doesn’t mean that your small bedroom can’t give you the ultimate comfort.

In fact, a small bedroom can be fun and cozy as well. The first thing you need to do to make it happen is by investing in space-saving bedroom furniture.

Check out these 10 fantastic space-saving bedroom ideas that can turn your tiny bedroom into the comfiest room in your house. Enjoy.

10. Turn The Steps into Drawers
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Optimizing the available storage space is the first thing you need to do to get the most of a small bedroom. By doing this, you can still store your outfits and knick-knacks without gobbling up the valuable space and making it look messy.

If you use bunk bed for your kids, consider replacing the steps with drawers. These steps will help you store socks, T-shirts, and pants as well as providing an easy access to the upper bed.

9. Beautiful Nook for Kids
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Your little girl will feel happy with her small bedroom because she has this nook. This multi-purpose nook is a perfect place to take a nap or reading some stories. It has built-in shelves that you can use to store some books. The shelves are reachable so your kids can grab the book they want to read without breaking a sweat.

This nook also features some additional storage solutions to keep the room neat. Above the bed are some cabinets that you can use to host less-used items. You can also find three drawers under the bed that you can use to store your kids’ shoes and toys. With all these cabinets and drawers, you can still have much space to move through. And that’s important. Info 1 & Info 2

8. Invest in Open Shelves and Floating Bed
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Keeping everything simple and minimalist is your safe bet if you live in a space-challenged bedroom. Don’t furnish it with bulky furniture that takes up a lot of space.

Instead of placing many cabinets, you can opt for open shelves. The clean line edges of the shelves make the room appear to be larger. Besides, you will get an easier access to the books or CDs that you put there.

Another way to make the room look bigger is by investing in a floating bed. A floating bed is not literally floating. It is a kind of wall-mounted bed. And don’t forget to use light color hues as they can make the room look more spacious and airier.

7. Hide Your Bed Away
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The most popular trick to get by with tiny space is by downsizing the furniture. Well, if you think the furniture is still necessary, you don’t need to get rid of it. All you have to do is just hide it away, just like this bed.

When it is still light outside, and it is not time to hit the sack, either, you can push your bed and hide it away so you have more space for you and your guests. And when it’s getting late, just pull out the bed and curl up in it, all snug and warm.

6. 2-in-1 Room
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If you happen to live in a 300-feet apartment, you must need to rack your brain to find a way to make it feel comfortable. The best way to tackle this problem is by having a 2-in-1 room.


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A bunk bed allows you to make this project seem possible. This nifty bunk bed, for example, offers a cozy place to sleep without overtaking the remaining valuable space. Just put a twin bed in it along with some shelves and you get a nice bedroom.

Under the bedroom is a living room where you can sit back and relax while enjoying your favorite TV show. The white shelf used as a room divider comes in handy. It not only helps to hide the bedroom but also provides ample storage space to display your treasures.

5. DIY Foldable Desk
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A bedroom is not only a place to sleep. It is also a place where you can work or study comfortably. Unfortunately, you don’t have enough space for a desk. Don’t worry! You can make a fold-able desk.

To make this desk, you’re gonna need pine or white-wood board, wood screws, braid nails, piano hinge, folding leg brackets to prevent the leg from collapsing, chalkboard panel, swivel latch, and magnets that will hold the leg in the closed position.

The desk features two shelves that you can use to store taller items. When you are finished with the desk, fold the leg and desk, and secure it with swivel latch. When the desk is in the closed position, you will find a chalkboard panel that you can use as a memo at the front side.

4. Hidden Pull-Out Drawer in Your Headboard
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In a small bedroom, every nook and cranny counts including your headboard that lies dormant. You can have more storage space if you make some pull-out shelves in your headboard.

To make the shelves, you need to get plywood boards, slides, screws, and paint. It is actually easy to make because the steps will be exactly the same as when you make a pull-out drawer. But if carpentry isn’t your thing, you can get it at IKEA. More info

3. Bunk Bed for Small Apartment
3 Bunk Bed for Small Apartment via simphome
Making your bedroom float over the kitchen or living room is the best way to save more space. It is much better than having a bedroom on the floor, merging with the other rooms. It would definitely eliminate your ultimate privacy.

To make it better, you can line up some cubes and cabinets to form the steps to the bedroom. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. You can save a lot of space as well as adding style to your home.

2. DIY Under Bed Storage
2 DIY Under Bed Storage via simphome
Look around your bedroom. Can you find a niche that lies dormant and needs to be tapped into? What about the space under your bed?

You can make some pull-out drawers right under your bed. Don’t worry! It is a super easy and fast project as long as you’ve got all what you need already.

To make these drawers, you need to get some unused drawers. Sand them down thoroughly, attach a caster on each corner of a drawer, and you’re done. Easy peasy, right? Additional info.

1. Vertical Wall Bed
1 Vertical Wall Bed via simphome
Don’t have a bedroom? No problem. At least, you have a bed. If you don’t have enough space for a bed, you can try buying a vertical wall bed.

Just look at this living room. Everything looks normal. But when the guests have gone home, pull the wall behind the sofa out and you’ll get a comfortable bed. And when you don’t use the bed, you can just push it back against the wall so you have plenty of space to relax with your friends on the sofa. And before you leave, here I have relevant video for you.

Those are 10 fantastic space-saving bedroom ideas. Some of them are available in the home-improvement store near you while some others can be done through DIY projects. Go save some space, makeover some IKEA products, and add some style to your tiny bedroom. Here to learn more about the video.

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