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Cabinets are the super hero of your kitchen. They have saved it from the clutter countless time, making it look clean, hygienic, and tidy. But you may pay too much attention to how your kitchen look and forget to tidy up your cabinets so when you open your cabinets’ doors, you’ll find a disaster area.

Hey! Come on! Holiday is coming. You have plenty of time to spruce your cabinets up. And if you are running out of ideas, just keep watching this video because you’ll find 10 DIY kitchen cabinet ideas.

10. Smart DIY Cutting Board Holder
10 Smart DIY Cutting Board Holder via simphome
Where do you usually store your cutting boards? Stacking them on the countertop? Or cramming them in the cabinet? Both of them don’t look good. They don’t turn out well, either. If you stack them on the countertop, they’ll make it look unorganized. Cramming them is the worst.

Instead of cramming the cutting boards, you can make an effortless and cheap cutting board holder behind the cabinet’s door. You only need ¾” plywood and some screws to attach the wood to the door. It’s simple yet functional. Just slip your cutting boards in the holder once you’re done using them.

9. Shed Some Light to Your Cabinets
9 Shed Some Light to Your Cabinets via simphome
Highlighting your cabinets is a perfect idea for a perfect New Year’s Eve. When your friends and relatives come along for dinner, you’ll make them amazed with your kitchen. Even if there is nobody but you in the kitchen, your kitchen still deserves to be adored by you, the homeowner.

The easiest way to highlight your kitchen is by lighting it up. And to get the sufficient light – the light that will make the cabinets glow in the dark – without going overboard, you can try investing in LED lights installed along the upper and lower cabinets. To hide the light in an epic way, try adding a trim instead of wire and iron.

8. No-Cabinet Therapy
8 No Cabinet Therapy via simphome
Cabinets work well in a bigger kitchen. But when it comes to a small one, you’d better ditch it and replace it with open shelves. Using open shelves to store spices and condiments is your safe bet. They are DIY-friendly and inexpensive. Storing jars of spices would be much easier and faster as you don’t need to open and close the cabinets’ doors which can take up a few seconds.

And if you can find an unused curtain rod, it would be a jackpot because you can upcycle and turn it into a handy rack for your kitchen utensils. You just need to install the rod on the wall near the kitchen sink, and add some S hooks that will hold your pans and spatulas in place.

7. Show Your Beautiful Cups Off
7 Show Your Beautiful Cups Off via simphome
Just because your kitchen isn’t a room to host your guests, it doesn’t mean you ignore its appearance. It’s the room where you spend most of your mornings preparing for breakfast. And, if you apply an open-kitchen concept in your home, you definitely need to adorn it.

Adorning your kitchen doesn’t have to be pricey and sophisticated. A simple thing that can steal the focus of your kids who are waiting for breakfast and guests will do. Try replacing some of your cabinets’ doors with glass doors. The glass will allow you to show off your collection. If you’ve got lots of antiques, place them inside the cabinets and let your guests’ eyes stare at them.

6. DIY Corner Cabinet
6 DIY Corner Cabinet via simphome
Make use every nook and cranny that you can find in your kitchen including the most awkward corner between two cabinets. You will find it hard to find the cabinets that fit in with the corner of your kitchen. Therefore, the best way to tackle it is by making the corner cabinets yourself.

One of these cabinets has more space to host lesser-used kitchen utensils right at the corner. And you won’t find it hard to get them when you need them.

To make this corner cabinet, you’re gonna need 1 – sheet 3/4″ plywood – rip it into 22 3/4″ widths, 8 feet long, wood glue, wood filler, and some other things.

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5. Open Shelving Pantry
5 Open Shelving Pantry via simphome
Don’t have any pantry at home? No problem! You can still use the available space at home to make an open-shelving pantry. It’s super easy and cheap, and you’re gonna love it.

To make the pantry, find a good spot for the shelves to hang. It would be better if it is in the kitchen. Get some woods, brackets, screws, stain, and polyurethane. And of course, a little bit of your elbow grease. Cut the wood according the measurements you’ve done. Stain and seal the woods before attached to the wall using brackets. And, you’re done.

4. Make Use of Some Leftover
4 Make Use of Some Leftover via simphome
The good thing of doing a DIY project is you can get what you need without breaking your bank. You can even make a few practical cabinets out of recycled pallets. Make sure that the pallets are still in their top-notch condition and sturdy enough to hold condiments. Since the pallets come in ready-to-install boxes, all you need to make affordable cabinets are hinges, screws, and knobs or pulls.

If you want to soak in the warmth of the rustic look, you can just maintain the authentic look of wood pallets by not staining them. But if you wanna add a little bit of upscale look, staining them using gel stain is your best choice.

3. Unusual Cabinet Door Handles
3 Unusual Cabinet Door Handles via simphomeAdd a twist to your cabinets by replacing the knobs with these unusual handles – leather. It is relatively cheaper than door knobs and – of course – easier to install.

If you’ve got the leather in your hand and cut them in pre-cut bookmarks, you’re ready to go to the next step – waxing the leather strips. Waxing them thoroughly will make them sturdier so they won’t crack easily.

Then, shave off the bulk of the leather using a knife. Be careful! You’ll only shave off 5 centimeters from the tip. Make three holes for the bolt. Screw it through those three holes all together, then screw the leather through the door. Secure it with a washer and nut.

2. How to Install Kitchen Cabinet
2 How to Install Kitchen Cabinet via simphome
Installing kitchen cabinets is not that hard. You can even do it yourself. First, you need to make sure that you buy the right cabinets along with their assemble keys. Then, set the height and order. You can use level to do it. Now, it’s time to set the boxes. Don’t forget to use level to make sure that everything stays flush.

Once the lower cabinets have installed properly, add a filler strip if you find any gap between the cabinets and the wall. Then, make plumbing and electrical cutouts and set the peninsula cabinets. After that, mark the position of the upper cabinets before installing them. And, finally, add the doors and trims.

1. Add Moldings to Your Existing Kitchen Cabinets
1 Add Moldings to Your Existing Kitchen Cabinets via simphome
Add more style as well as filling in the gap between the ceiling and the cabinets by installing moldings. You can add moldings around the base of the range hood and on the upper cabinets. It’s a DIY-friendly project that give a big impact to your kitchen.

Those are 10 super easy DIY kitchen cabinets ideas that you can even do them yourself. Although they are simple and easy, they will provide more charm and efficiency to your kitchen. So, bye bye mundane and messy kitchen! And hello fabulous kitchen!

Bonus: Dresser to Island
dresser to island via simphome
Is there any unused dresser in your house and you think to sell it? Well don’t do that just yet. You can make it into a kitchen island. For small kitchen, an island can take too much space, but a dresser won’t. Just simply clean and repaint the dresser. Also, you might want to add a marble counter-top to make the look more like an island. Credit: Technolite

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