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27 Organization Hacks for Small Space You Need To Know

organization hacks for small space Simphome com
organization hacks for small space Simphome com

The pantry, closet, and cabinets are notorious for being the center of clutter in your home. Fortunately, there are numerous ways of creating order out of the chaos using inexpensive or even zero cost simple DIY ideas and hacks. Here are a few practical and cheap DIY hacks to keep things well organized in your pantry, closet, or cabinets. This is 27 Organization Hacks You Need To Know or try at least once in your lifetime.
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View Basic Ideas How Tiny Space Hacks for Storage Properly Done

There are endless ways to make use of storage space in your closet, pantry, fridge, kitchen, cupboards, and other areas. You can even add to the space available in the process of organizing things inside whatever container or furniture you’d like to whip into shape.
The key to storage is to be open-minded. Please understand that as long as you assume that you can reorganize anything that can contain other smaller things or repurpose in such a way as to free up space, you have everything you need to make storage happen.
Why storage such a big deal? Well, as you probably already know, living spaces in major metropolitan areas in the United States are becoming more and more expensive year after year. You need to make do with whatever space you can afford.
The good news is you can maximize existing storage space so that it can store more items. You don’t necessarily have to buy new containers, and you don’t have to invest in any kind of addition.
Also, these are not grand productions. All it takes are simple life hacks to make quick changes here and there. Before you know it, all these small additional spaces add up to quite a bit of new storage.

Idea No.1: Get Containers

There are many relatively affordable containers. You can buy as many of them as you need to organize your clothes, pantry items, fridge content, and kitchen stuff. In other words, when you are looking at an internal space, like your fridge, you use containers to cut up more efficiently the interior storage space you have.
Another advantage of this is that you get to see what you have in your inventory efficiently, and you can arrange all of these items based on the frequency of use.
For example, in the fridge, you can set up your food inventory and set them up in such a way that the items that are about to go wrong or more likely to go bad are out in front. This way, you don’t lose sight of them, and you devour them before they go bad. That is how you hang onto the value of every hard-earned dollar that you spent.
When you use containers, you can stack them on top of each other and create more storage space. The key is to manage them properly. It means making sure that you know what’s inside each container.

It’s a good idea to put labels on them, even though they are transparent. This way, you can see the content and whether it’s good or not, and you can easily retrieve it.

Idea No.2: Use Sliding Racks Beside Your Fridge

You can also use sliding racks installed at the side of your fridge. It is where you put canned goods and spices. This approach is an excellent way to use that extra corner space that’s always present in between your appliances or furniture.
It is also a transparent way to store stuff because you can easily see all your goods with one glance.

Idea No.3: Use the Front And Back Of Your Doors To Hang All Sorts Of Stuff

Storage space doesn’t only come in the form of horizontal space. That is how most people think. They think that if they are going to store away stuff, they have to lay these items down on a flat surface side to side.
The good news is if you are looking at any kind of wall or side surface that is vertical, you also can use that space to store stuff. You just need to hang the right type of rack or vertical storage equipment on that surface, and you’re good to go.
What can you store at the back of your doors? Well, you put up accessories, scarves, jewelry, belts, mirrors, hamper, cleaning materials, and of course, your shoes.

Idea No.4: Take Out All Your Doors

I might sound like I’m going out on a limb here, but one of the best things that you can do as far as interior design decisions are concerned is to get rid of your doors altogether. I’m not talking about your main front door. I’m talking about your closet doors.
When you take the doors off yourselves, you create an open system. It looks very modern because it is modern. Most modern designers prefer open cupboards and bedroom closets.
When you have open storage areas, you can fill these areas closer to the front. It frees up a lot of space in other storage areas. You can also put up floating shelves that can add to any room for more storage.

Idea No.5: Use the Space Underneath Your Furniture

Please understand that if you have any kind of furniture that has a lot of space underneath it, that is dead space. Think of ways you can fill up that space. You can install drawers, pull-out benches, or put up a coffee table.
Whatever the case may be, the main idea is to maximize the storage in that area so you can organize your stuff. You can even put one piece of furniture under other furniture at the bottom as a storage device.
You can also use the dead space underneath the stairs for the steps themselves as storage if you build shelves and drawers. If you’re going to do this, make sure the stairs are structurally stable. You don’t want to step on to a stair step and have your foot go through because it got hollowed out by your storage space.

The Final Idea

Last but not least, you might want to put hooks or pegs on your walls, doors, and closets. When you put these devices on pretty much any flat vertical surface, you can hang stuff like pots and pans, school materials, shoes, clothes, accessories, or anything else that you can hang.
When you do that, you no longer have to store that item in horizontal space, so you free up space. You can then get more stuff even though you don’t have much space in your interior living areas.
That’s it for our long opening, next, I welcome you to play.

Section 1: The Pantry

1. Organize This: Storage Solutions for a Skinny Pantry.

1 STORAGE2BSOLUTIONS2BFOR2BA2BSKINNY2BPANTRY2Bvia2Bsimphome comA disorganized pantry is everyone’s worst kitchen nightmare. It’s worse when you have a skinny pantry stuffed with all forms of food clutter. Getting a small packed pantry organized may seem like a herculean task but by rearranging the shelves and doing a few alterations suggested in this simple hack, you’ll have more space for your canisters and still leave plenty more room for other stuff.

2. Organized Kitchen Pantry [Closet] Reveal by Four Generations One Roof.

2 Organized2BKitchen2BPantry2B257Bcloset257D2BReveal2Bvia2Bsimphome com
If you are tight on kitchen space, you may consider relocating the food cabinet to the closet. As preposterous as it may sound, this is a practical way of reducing the mess in your kitchen and keeping things well organized. A nice coat of white paint on the closet’s existing paint, and a few plastic food containers, plastic bins, and cute labels are all you need to create a more spacious food “closet.”

Hold a second, Before we jump to number 3, I suggest you to check this video if you prefer to enjoy this list in a different format. The video features richer presentation format with a nice voice over that I assume you are going to miss.

3. How to Double Your Pantry.

3 2BHow2Bto2Bdouble2Bsize2Byour2Bpantry2Bvia2Bsimphome com
Who wouldn’t love to organize their pantry and make it twice as big? Well, everyone would. Here are 11 ways to get your pantry in perfect order and create even more space. These are useful practical ideas from attaching sink caddies to the unused wall space, using shoe organizers as snack storage, keeping snacks in a fishbowl for easy reach, keeping your pantry well organized with file folders, installing a door rack on your pantry door for more storage space, and much more.

4. How to Transform a Coat Closet into a Pantry.

4 How2Bto2Btransform2BA2BCOAT2BCLOSET2BINTO2BA2BPANTRY2Bvia2Bsimphome com
Whether large or small, the kitchen pantry is one of the most useful features of a kitchen. Everyone needs a nice well-organized space to store food items. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a walk-in pantry. Most of us have to contend with tiny pantries but with a little ingenuity you can easily convert your coat closet into a nice double door pantry.

5. How to Store More in Your Pantry.

5 How2Bto2Bstore2Bmore2Bin2Byour2Bpantry2Bvia2Bsimphome com

Ever noticed how packed your pantry becomes during fall and winter? This is a perfect time to look for better and less expensive storage solutions to create as much space in your pantry as possible.

This simple storage hack includes lots of practical storage ideas from the web including using crates on wheels, building under-shelf racks, and different types of shelving such as pencil holder, magazine rack, and clear-sponge holder shelving. The goal is to create as much storage space in your small pantry as possible.

6. Elfa Pantry Hack.

6 Elfa2Bpantry2BHack2Bvia2Bsimphome comOne of the biggest headaches when you have zero pantry space is finding space for everything you need to store. The simple solution, as well demonstrated in this hack, is to recreate an Elfa pantry complete with all its gray shelves and cake pedestals. This is a practical easy-to-do hack that leaves you with even more storage space in your pantry.

7. Laundry Room to Pantry Makeover by Kevinandamanda.

7 Laundry2Broom2Bto2Bpantry2Bmakeover2Bby2Bkevinandamanda com2Bvia2Bsimphome comIt is quite possible to rip out your laundry room and transform it into a nice, more spacious pantry. But where does the laundry room need to go to? The garage, of course. You can then repurpose the sink, cabinets, and all that space left behind into a large useful pantry to store your food.

8. Get This Cheap, Simple Yet Clever Tiered Cabinet Organizer.

8 A2BClever2Bmulti2Bpurpose2Btiered2Bcabinet2Borganizer2Bvia2Bsimphome comThe Copco Non-Skid 3-Tier Cabinet Organizer is a useful item available at Amazon at a cheap price. It helps you create extra space in your cluttered cabinets. The Cabinet Organizer has functional expandable shelves, three levels of storage, and non-skid pads for stability. It’s made of durable plastic and is quite easy to clean. It’s a great cabinet organizer, to say the least. Buy now, But it is currently unavailable (April,08,2021), So check out the next relevant item
[amazon box=”B07PGQL462″ rating=”4.7″]

9. Pantry Hack Ideas by Todayscreativelife.

9 Pantry2Bhack2Bideas2Bby2Btodayscreativelife2Bvia2Bsimphome comKeeping your pantry well organized may be a simple task for those with large walk-in pantries but for the rest of humanity with skinny pantries, food storage organization is never on top of their list of priorities. Small packed pantries are never a pretty sight to behold, with food items piled on top of each other. Here is a hack to solve the cluttered pantry nightmare using a few locally available items.
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Section 2: The CLOSET

10. Bathroom Closet Organization Initiative by ABowlfulloflemons.

10 Bathroom2Bcloset2Borganization2Bintiative2Bby2Babowlfulloflemons2Bvia2Bsimphome comIt’s just natural for bathroom items and accessories to pile up within a short time leaving you with unnecessary clutter and waste of precious space. Here are a few handy tips and tricks to regain control of your bathroom and keep everything in a well-organized and stylish way. The key focus here is on transforming the closet door into a functional storage feature. Plastic shoe boxes are also very useful storage items.

11. 5 Steps to the Perfect Linen Closet.

11 52BSTEPS2BTO2BTHE2BPERFECT2BLINEN2BCLOSET2Bvia2Bsimphome comWhen it’s time to de-clutter your home and keep everything in perfect order, your linen closet is worth some attention too. If you live in a small house where the linen closet also doubles up as the cleaning closet, here are some tips to get the most out of the available space and keep your home tidier.

12. Dollar Tree Closet Makeover by Homemadeginger.

12 Dollar2Btree2Bcloset2Bmakeover2Bby2Bhomemadeginger2Bvia2Bsimphome comIf truth be told, most of our homes have closets and drawers that seem to have jumped out of a horror movie. Our closets and drawer are usually the unfortunate victims of clutter where everything is hurriedly dumped, hoping that someday we’ll get time to sort things out. The hallway closet is by far the hardest hit victim of clutter. You can give it an inexpensive makeover with a few Dollar Tree items and create more storage room and breathing space.

13. Cleaning Closet Hack by The36thavenue.

13 Cleaning2Bcloset2Bhack2Bby2Bthe36thavenue2Bvia2Bsimphome comCleaning and organization tips are always a welcome, especially for the utility or cleaning closet. If you are tight on space, the entryway closet can be a perfect cleaning zone to store all your cleaning supplies. You can transform the closet into a more useful storage space with a few simple inexpensive items suggested in this hack.

14. DIY Door Spice Rack Hack.

14 DIY2BDoor2Bspice2Brack2Bhack2Bvia2Bsimphome comIt is important to ensure that you use every available space in your pantry, including the door. Things like spices that tend to eat up much space in your drawer can be stored more conveniently in a modified spice rack on the top half of the door, out of children’s reach.

15. How to Add DIY Shelves in a Closet.

15 HOW2BTO2BADD2BDIY2BSHELVES2BIN2BA2BCLOSET2Bvia2Bsimphome comIt is always a good idea to add extra shelves in your closet to create more storage space and better organization. You can easily do this in a simple DIY project using melamine shelves, 2×3-inch wood, and a few inexpensive items. This is an easy project that anyone can manage.

16. DIY – Small Closet Hack by “Remodel and olacasa”.

16 DIY2B 2BSmall2BCloset2Bhack2Bby2Bremodelandolacasa2Bvia2Bsimphome comThis is a small closet but see how beautiful and functional it turned out after a little modification here and there. It even looks bigger. The bins in the shelf wall fit in really nicely and those rusty gold knobs cost just five bucks. This is a simple but awesome makeover that you can also give your small closet to create more room and keep things well organized.

17. 4 Easy Ways to Design Your Reach-in Closet.

17 42BEasy2BWays2Bto2BDesign2BYour2BReach in2BCloset2Bvia2Bsimphome comHere is an easy way to create lots of storage space in your reach-in closet. The double hanging rods provide plenty of space to hang your everyday clothes. They double the hanging room while the shelves give you sufficient room for folded clothes, shoes, and other accessories that would have otherwise cluttered the closet. Detail infographic

18. Take the Doors Off.

18Take2Bthe2Bdoors2Boff2Bvia2Bsimphome comLooking for more closet space? Remove the closet doors and you’ll have a few extra inches to reach in and retrieve anything from the closet with much ease. You could also use the more affordable IKEA Algot system to keep your clothes and other accessories neat and better organized.

19.Small Closet Hack with DIY Garment Rack Makeover.

19 Small2Bcloset2Bhack2Bwith2BDIY2BGarment2Brack2Bmakeover2Bvia2Bsimphome comThis is a perfect DIY makeover project for anyone with a tiny closet but needs more space. It is a simple hack that not only creates space but decorates your closet too. It gives you more space and a beautiful addition to the room.
10 Clothes Storage Idea that Would Work Even without A Closet
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Section 3: The CABINET

20. Next to Fridge Hack.

20 Next2Bto2Bfridge2BCabinet2BHack2Bvia2Bsimphome comHere is how to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing extra storage next to your fridge. It is a practical feature that’s also easy to build. It fits well with your interiors and gives you so much extra room.

21. DIY Canned Food Organizer Hack.

21 DIY2BCanned2BFood2BOrganizer2BHack2Bvia2Bsimphome comThis beautiful canned food organizer is perfect for a small kitchen but does a great job of providing more organized storage space. It is a handy feature to have if you don’t have a pantry or if the pantry is too small.

22. Cabinet Hack Using Rubbermaid Spice Rack .

22 Cabinet2Bhack2Busing2BRubbermaid2BSpice2Brack2B2Bvia2Bsimphome com
This Rubbermaid Pull Down comes with a white spice rack and stadium shelving to maximize your cabinet space. You can easily access your spices thanks to the cabinet’s pull-down feature. It can hold around 18 spice jars comfortably and can be mounted to wood shelving for a more secure hold.

23. Create a Veggie Pantry in Pull Out Bins Inside a Cabinet.

23 Create2Ba2BVeggie2BPantry2Bin2BPull2BOut2BBins2BInside2Ba2BCabinet2B2Bvia2Bsimphome comThe veggie pantry can easily be built inside a cabinet using inexpensive pull out plastic bins. This is a simple DIY project worth trying to keep your vegetables fresh and neatly stored. It helps to keep everything well organized inside the pantry.

24. Under sink Cabinet Organizer with Pull Out Baskets.

24 Undersink2BCabinet2BOrganizer2Bwith2BPull2BOut2BBaskets2Bvia2Bsimphome comThe least organized places in most homes are those cabinets stuck under the bathroom sink. Most people find it hard to deal with the cabinets especially with drain pipes hanging down and eating up good usable space. The cabinets are usually a dumping ground that’s often neglected but they can be transformed into handy storage space using pull out baskets.

25. IKEA Besta Mid-Century Modern Cabinet Hack.

25 IKEA2BBesta2Bmid2Bcentury2Bmodern2Bcabinet2Bhack2Bvia2Bsimphome comThis is an exciting project where you can modify furniture to create a mid-century modern style in your apartment. It doesn’t cost much. You just need a few affordable items from IKEA and a little creativity to achieve this mid-century modern look in your living room.

26. Cabinet Door Storage Hack.
26 CABINET2BDOOR2BSTORAGE2Bhack2Bvia2Bsimphome comHere is another functional way of putting your cabinet door into good use. You just need some pine wood and a few tools to transform your plain cabinet door into a storage unit that can hold your hair dryer, bobby pins, and other items.

27. Snack Station Hack.

27 Snack2BStation2BHacks2Bvia2Bsimphome com
Snack Station DIY

The school year is on and you need a better way to organize the endless stream of chips bags and other snacks. Here is a simple hack to create a fun and functional storage space to stack lunch-sized bags of chips. It is a creative way of displaying the chips while saving pantry space.
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