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12 Minimalist Storage and Organization ideas for A New Family

A fully functioning home requires a lot of storage. Not just for all the essentials but also for decor and inspiration. However, with two people submitting a list of must-haves, it can be tough to pick out where to store them

  • Sometimes we need a little help when it comes to figuring out how exactly on Earth we should divide our property up into functional units that don’t waste space or make the room appear cluttered.
  • To start off, we will look at a few simple storage ideas that can help you achieve your dream home. Let’s see how to implement these concepts into your space from that point.

It’s sheer bliss when you finally have your own happy little family. You might have just moved into your new house, so everyone needs some time to get accustomed to everything in it.
When talking about a house, storage and organization are essential. It has to be something that spruces up the space while holding clutter at bay at the same time.

Here we have summed up 12 minimalist storage ideas and organization for a new family.
Don’t hesitate to follow the Simphome link pasted inside the reference section for more detail.

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12. The Drop Zone Area

Drawers are like a magic box when everyone throws everything, like phones, accessories, or any other small items in them. They are convenient storage that can stash away clutter in no time. Therefore, you should put them on your list.

Have you ever thought about taking your drawers to the next level? Try to make them more efficient by allowing your phones to access the sockets.

This cabinet features many drawers and shelves with different styles and sizes for many purposes. They help you organize things, including paper, files, and your favorite gadgets.
It is quite spacious, and thus it can accommodate more than one phone. The exciting thing is the inside part does not lie flat. It is slanted instead, which allows you to get a better view of your phone. Most importantly, you can recharge and stash away it to free up more counter space.

11. A Simple Custom Closet Idea

A custom closet is a life savior as you make it for a particular person. You can decide the size, material, and design that fits the layout of your room.
This DIY closet, for example, is your safe bet when you want to get storage that fits in
your room without costing you a fortune. To build it, you need plywood boards, brackets, rods, and of course, assembling those parts to become one.
Firstly, measure and cut the boards for the closet parts and shelves. Secondly, assemble and secure them.

Then, cut rods and secure them to the closet and the wall with heavy-duty shelving brackets. Put the long shelf cut on the shelving brackets and secure them in place.

10. Invest in a new Wall storage System for Your Bathroom

This mini wooden shelf makes a great storage solution for clutter occurring in your bathroom.
It has some tiny shelves and small boxes, including some pegs. It comes in a small package but offers maximum usage. Making one from the leftover you may find in the garage shouldn’t be a problem. Most importantly, the minimalist design will jazz up your bathroom.

9. Keep Your Kit Organized with This DIY Beauty Dock

Ladies, you will love this makeup organizer! It is eminently handy, and you don’t have to go to your car to do your daily beauty routine.
You will only need a block of wood, which makes it easy to construct. First, measure and cut the wood. The cutting will depend on the size of the mirror you’re going to use.

Secondly, put the block on a table saw and set it at 25 degrees. Next, start cutting the block by flipping it upside down. Make sure the blade doesn’t reach the top part, or you’ll cut your finger. Then, drill holes on the edges with Forstner drill bits.
Put the mirror in the cut and your makeup kit in the holes. And you’re done. You may glue the mirror to ensure it won’t fall down.

8. A Utility Closet Organization by Drivenbydecor

This closet will most likely be filled with pretty much anything that fits there, including mops, brooms, and ironing boards.

How do you organize them? Here are some tricks to handle them nicely. You would need these materials: broom grippers, rolling laundry cart, plastic bag holder, hooks, ironing board, and ironing holder.

The door is a broad and empty space which is perfect for installing an ironing board and iron holder. That should save some space already.
You may fix a plastic bag holder on the right wall, hooks on the back wall while broom grips on the left wall.
And the rolling laundry cart that makes this utility closet small storage with so many things squeezed all together in it.

7. The Amazing DIY Closet System From Woodshopdiaries*

This closet has two separate sections: the bottom and the top cabinet.
It has lots of storage from top to bottom – four drawers on the bottom, 12 shoe cubbies plus another drawer, and a blank space on the top.
Use plywood for this project and have fun.

Firstly, make cuts for the large bottom and top cabinets, then assemble and secure.
Secondly, build the drawers and install them.
Next, assemble the shoe cubbies and the other drawer inside the top cabinet and secure them. Put a shelf on it and fix it. Lastly, attach the bottom and the top part. And you’re done.

6. Tame The Awkward Corner with the “SimplyOrganized” Way **

It was really challenging to have a closet installed due to the awkward space.
But fear not because this idea will inspire you to build your own closet in such a narrow room.
All you need to do is just invest in adjustable wire racks with drawers. The good thing is you can add as many shelves and drawers as you want without worrying about bumping into them because they are not bulky whatsoever.

It can be a great idea to make your closet with shelves and drawers. This one has drawers and shelves on top of each other.

Though the idea is excellent, it only works if you have at least a 5-foot wide closet. Otherwise, your shelving unit will be too bulky for the space. However, this idea is perfect for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on custom-built closets.


Similar to the first idea, the project begins with reducing the clutter.
Then, continue with installing the racks.
Use wine boxes as containers to keep small items such as greeting cards and gifts or any other cardboard boxes humbler than these.

Replicating the idea is as simple as making the necessary adjustments and a little wall installation.
Last, execute the plan you promise to do after the clutter originated from the space piled up in another room.

5. Add This Art Panel Slides Over the TV to Keep It Under Wraps When Guests Are Over

If you want to conceal your TV, this folding TV over panel is your top-notch choice. It has stylish panels that you can open and close.
It doesn’t make the wall look dull. Instead, it makes the space look fancy. A cabinet will take a lot of space. As a result, it might change the appearance that you intentionally keep. Therefore, this idea is just a suitable replacement for those classic cabinets.

4. A Great Idea to Max Your under Stair Storage by @craftystorage

A clever and experienced person would never run out of ideas. This secret under the stair storage is proof. Who would have thought that you could make storage under stairs?
Even better, you make it invisible.

You may need pro’s help as it takes some excellent skills to make one. But this idea is really worth trying. To start copying the project, begin with the measurement as always and then restoration plan, transformation, and close with adjustment and painting when necessary.

3. A Secret Room under the Stair Idea by @TheSimplyOrganized

It looks similar to the previous idea unless it has a room in which you can set foot in it and build a closet in it, too. This room is ideal for keeping shoes, a raincoat, and some everyday stuff you would like to use in urgent situations.

And just because it’s a secret room doesn’t mean you can throw anything into it without thinking about its organization and function. Because when you want to take a particular object from it, you’re going to have a difficult time as you just keep piling things in it.

If you similar condition and would like to try the solution, you need to pay attention to the following points:

~ As usual, the project starts with cleaning, measuring, and working with rails
~ If there are empty spaces, try to put something like a good floor mat or a box there to avoid dust and pet hair from spreading around.
~ If you choose to build shoe shelves, please keep in mind that the higher you put them, the less burden on your back. But if you’re going to put them on the lower one, make sure they are sturdy and can hold many items. Otherwise, they may fall and hurt your head or break something.
~ Put some hooks on the wall to hang your hat or jacket. Change it over time as you need it for whatever reason.
~ You can also put an ironing board in the room.
Last, You don’t want to dig forever, do you? So you’d better categorize your things to find them more quickly at a glance.

2. Add Some Crazy Style to Your Home with This DIY Frame Ladder Shelf

What a clever idea the ladder is!
The ladder looks so adorable, yet it’s convenient. It can hold several racks for displaying many objects. If you’re looking for a new idea, as you might have already tried hanging shelves, this ladder should be on your list.

Building the ladder shelf is not tricky. You only need some lumber and an old ladder to recycle. Decorating it is optional, and you can keep it simple. You can always visit the link pasted inside the description to detail the project.

Lastly, Number 1. A Private Mini Store Idea by @tripleakustomsllc with a Bonus idea from @Hautehouselove

Without smart organization, this storage wouldn’t be likely to exist. Yes, it looks very organized and neat. Everything on its place, and you can literally find every item you need quickly.
The sliding baskets are easy to pull, hanging clothes and folded ones on rods, the top shelves for keeping boxes, and some hat collections on the corner. You can’t go wrong by adopting this idea if you need storage that really functions very well.

Second idea: The Rubbermaid rail installation guide:

First, you only need a measuring tool and pieces of plastic tape, and then, you can start the installation according to your situation or follow the video.
Install the horizontal rails, and then put the vertical ones
on them. The racks are convenient for any storage purposes. For example, you can store pots or pans in one of these racks and put them in the kitchen area. You can store bike accessories or fishing or extra keys here. To ensure you don’t damage your precious wall, you could use some nail caps or complete the rail installation with a pegboard.

So, these 12 minimalist storage ideas and organization for a new family have some serious ways to deal with storage issues you will commonly find when moving into a new house. So, roll up your sleeves, and let’s get to work.

In conclusion:

You can follow this list to start a nice closet or organize your room according to the following tips
Before starting, you should keep in mind that:
You don’t need a perfect square or rectangle anymore, you have the freedom to take up the space exactly how you want.
Choose simple wooden furniture with natural material and make them into something personalized. If a small piece of furniture is not enough, then you can use a few pieces of furniture to make bigger areas.

You could quickly turn a closet into a walk-in wardrobe and use baskets, shelves, and rolling racks for your storage needs.
Make use of the vertical space, like wall cubes/boxes/storage towers or rolling racks as you wish.

Always remember that your goal is not to have a perfect organization, but an efficient organization.
As time goes on, you will get more and more used to it and you can change things up according to your needs.
And do not forget, design is something that can be changed in the near future and with a lot of creativity and effort, you can always make sure it gives your space the look you want. We hope these tips and ideas helped you find your storage solution easier!



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