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Clothes, shoes, and other fashion items are parts of everyone’s lifestyle. No wonder they keep increasing and, eventually, overtake the space of the closet in your bedroom. You might think to invest in another wardrobe, but then you realize that it will just make your bedroom cramped.
Instead of sacrificing more space in your small bedroom, you’d better turn a spare bedroom in your home into a walk-in closet. If this is your choice, you need to consider one of these next 10 ideas on how to turn a bedroom into a closet.

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10. Plenty of Light | Hayneedle | Housebeautiful | Laurenmessiah Plenty of LightNatural light might sound great as it can make any room more open and airier. But when it comes to create a walk-in closet, you might need to consider covering the windows with blinds or curtains, otherwise you’ll get sun-faded clothing which can ruin your look.
It doesn’t mean you have to banish all the lighting stuff though. Just like any other rooms, lighting has always played a crucial role. For this reason, artificial lighting like chandeliers, pendant lights, or recessed LED lights come to the rescue. Just pick one that suits your style well, and you’re good to go!

9. Completed with Wall Mirrors | Domino Completed with Wall MirrorsThe mirror is a must-have item in a walk-in closet no matter what the size is. Every effective dressing room does need at least a mirror to double-check your look before heading to the office or having a ball in a party.
Apparently, mirrors can do better than showing your reflection. You can dress up your mirror so that it can be a part of chic decorations that beef up your walk-in closet. And the best part of turning a bedroom into a walk-in closet is you can have a full-length mirror as you have plenty of wall space. With an oversized mirror, you can see yourself from head to toe more clearly. Besides, this huge mirror can make your walk-in closet look like an upscale boutique.

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8. Pick the Seating | Hayneedle | Apartmenttherapy Pick the SeatingFrom a small stool to a spacious bench, your walk-in closet has to have something for you to sit on. Actually, you can place a small writing desk in your walk-in-closet-and-dressing-room combo, especially if it is short on space.
But it would be always great to have a comfortable bench or loveseat in the middle of the room so that you can sit on it while putting your shoes on or simply lounge on it after doing lots of things.
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7. Tap your Wall for Extra Storage Space | Hayneedle Tap your Wall for Extra Storage Space
Fashion magazines, blogs, or Instagram Feeds, always come up with cool ideas in improving your OOTD, making you buy more sweaters, sunglasses, and shoes. You don’t realize that your wardrobe and cabinet are running out of space or even going to burst as you keep cramming more and more things in them.
If you think there isn’t enough space in the wardrobe or you’ve collected clutter in it, now it’s time for you to tap the space on the wall. You can hang some hooks, shelves, or a pegboard to host your grab-to-go items like hats, caps, ties, belts, sunglasses, and shoes. Just don’t let the wall in your walk-in closet lie dormant.
Besides making your wardrobe more organized, displaying accessories on the wall can better your closet look.

For more relevant context, Here I give you a relevant infographic video related to how to craft or perfect your bedroom wall with pegboard storage solutions.

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6. Lay Down a Rug | Domino Lay Down a RugTreat your walk-in closet the same as the other rooms in your home. In fact, it can be a perfect hideaway when you need to spend some time reading a book or just escaping from the hectic day. And thus, you need to personalize your closet and make it as comfy as possible.
Introducing a rug in your walk-in closet can be a great idea to begin with. By laying a rug on the floor, you have created a soft surface for your bare foot and incorporated color and texture, just like this monochromatic rug that adds pattern and style to the space.

5. Invest in Open Garment Rack | Hayneedle Invest in Open Garment RackTurning a tiny bedroom into a walk-in closet can be a little bit challenging as you will find it hard to get a cabinet or wardrobe that fits in. If that’s the case, opt for a garment rack to display your clothes.
Garment racks are eminently efficient, compact, and easy to assemble.

More importantly, they are affordable. They also help you find the clothes you’re going to put on easily.
Let’s be honest! You frequently wear the same clothes over and over again although you have piles of clothes on the shelves of your closet, right? The main reason is because you can’t see them clearly as you stuff clothes into the back corners of your closet. Garment racks offer you a better solution by allowing you to actually see your options.
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4. Don’t Forget the Wardrobe | Domino | Domino Don’t Forget the WardrobeThe wardrobe plays the most crucial role in creating an efficient and a stylish walk-in closet. You can make your own wardrobe if you are a DIY addict, or you can just purchase one and tweak it a little bit, just like this Ikea Pax wardrobe hack.
Doing an Ikea Pax hack requires your creativity, imagination, and a link I already provide available inside description. And after the main makeover is done, you can cover the doors with wallpaper or some paints. One thing, you can also simply remove the door so that you can grab your shirts in a jiffy. Well, anything will do as long as it can add a personality boost into the space.
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3. Bring in a Large Dressing Table | Housebeautiful | Apartmenttherapy Bring in a Large Dressing Table
If your spare bedroom is spacious, congratulations! Because with that gift, you can bring in a dressing table to the space to lay out your jewelry, handbags, and magazines. It doesn’t have to be fancy though. A dresser, a desk, or even a dining table will work like a charm. IKEA could give you tons of options, or Thrift stores near your house

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2. Jazz Up your Closet | Laurenmessiah Jazz Up your closet
Once you’ve furnished your bedroom with wardrobe, mirror, lights, and seating, now it’s time for you to adorn the space. Although it is the place where you grab your outfit and go, it still needs some sort of style too.
Hanging an oversized painting or photo can do the trick as it can make a great accent wall. And to upgrade it, Investing in a unique pendant light will jazz up your space while illuminating it and make it more Instagramable.

Lastly number 1. Be Creative with your Storage Space | Domino Be Creative with your Storage Space
Clutter is the common issue of a closet. You might find it hard to get ample space to store all of your clothes. Jeans are one of the items that take up lots of space. So, instead of neatly folding bulky jeans and stacking them, try hanging them by their belts on hooks or a peg rack.

So, turning a spare bedroom into a closet can be a daunting task. However, with one of these 10 ideas on how to turn a bedroom into a closet you could have new improvements and fun projects to do too.

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