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10 Clothes Storage Idea that Would Work Even without A Closet

Did you just rent an apartment or studio but it doesn’t provide you a closet? Or is your room just too small for a closet? Well, we believe that a closet is not the only place where you can keep your clothes in. There are plenty of ideas you can apply at home to keep your clothes well organized without any closet. So, keep on watching, because you will find 10 clothes storage ideas that would work even without closet.

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10. Use the Space under Your Bed | Lifestorage Use the Space under Your BedDo not let the space under your bed unexploited. It can be perfect storage to organize a lot of items at home from clothes, kids’ toys, to shoes. You only need to place the rolling storage drawers underneath the bed.
Another option is by recycling cardboard. It is easy to find and you can suit its design as you please. If you like repurposing better than recycling, you can simply opt for box-shape things, such as gift hampers, baskets, or plastic containers that fit perfectly in the small space.
Remember to attach casters under the drawers so you can pull them in and out easily.

9. Opt for Open Closet System | Thespruce Opt for Open Closet System
If you are living in a small room like an apartment, an open closet system is worth a try. It doesn’t require a lot of space, and you can easily pick up any clothes you want to wear without making a mess as you do with folded clothes.
You can also add a shelf above the hanging rod to provide you more storage and put a couple of low, freestanding dresser beneath. However, if the presence of your open closet disturbs your sight, cover it up with a curtain which suits your room design immensely.

8. Tap Your Bedroom’s Door | Containerstore

8. Tap Your Bedroom’s Door
Are you struggling to find space to store some accessories and hats? Take a look at your bedroom door. It provides vertical space that can hold a little bit of everything. Add adjustable basket strips behind the door, so you can easily configure the baskets to fit the storage you need. This can be perfect storage for babies’ clothes too since they are tiny in size.

7. Don’t Forget to benefit the Space behind your Door | Godownsize . Don’t Forget to benefit the Space behind your DoorWhen it comes to a tiny home, you should maximize every inch of the space to get everything well organized, including the very little space behind the door. Although it’s only a span wide, you can be more creative with the shelves design.
With the right size and design, pacing shelves behind the door will provide you a lot of storage without disturbing the practicality of the door. Your guests will not even notice the shelves when the door is opened, so this can be perfect hidden storage for you.

6. Think about recycling your Bookcase | Simplyorganized

6. Think about recycling your Bookcase

As mentioned before that closet is not the only furniture that provides you clothes storage. Rethink about the bookcase which perhaps has been filled with spider webs instead of books.
With no modification, you can convert it into a functional clothes storage, but you need to get rid of the spider webs first. If you still need some books and magazines to be there, you can attach some baskets on each or both sides of the bookcase to keep them.

5. A DIY Pipe Closet Rod idea | Thespruce A DIY Pipe Closet Rod ideaAre you getting trouble finding the closet rods that suit your needs? Don’t worry because you can always make your own. Using some pipes and tees, you can get this two-level-closet rods.
First grab two long pipes and insert two tees in each. These will be the vertical frames that support the hanging rod. Next, attach another two pipes into the tees horizontally.
The last, install the floor to ceiling piping and adjust the height of the pipes to suit the clothes length.

Relevant video:

From our 10 DIY Pipe Shelving Ideas

4. DIY Bench with Storage Project idea | Mylove2create DIY Bench with Storage Project idea 2Using multipurpose furniture is a clever idea you should try when you are lack of space. It does not mean you have to add new furniture. Instead, try to transform your old furniture. You can transform almost all box shape furniture into a bench with storage.
You can start by picking an old cabinet. Lay it down on the floor then change the top and the bottom with new planks of thick wood. Next, add some wood trims to cover all the edges of the furniture. With this idea you could upgrade the strength of frame of your old furniture. Next, add planks of wood on the top then paint and stain it. DIY Bench with Storage Project idea 1
Viola! You have a new bench where you can sit and store your books in the storage.

3. Use the Versatility of a Pegboard | Onegoodthingbyjillee

3. Use the Versatility of a PegboardDo you often find difficulty in searching out small size things? Consider adding a pegboard on the wall.
A pegboard allows you to show off your collection orderly and pick any of them easily. From small to wall size, you can choose the size you need for your things.
However, a small size one allows you to frame it, making it look stylish and cute. On the other hand, wall-sized pegboard lets you hang more stuff with the bigger size, like neckties, bags, hats, even shelf.

2. Expand your Storage Space | Lifestorage Expand your Storage Space
Look around your interior landscape! Closet is not the only thing that provides storage at home, is it? There is a lot of inconsiderate space that actually offers you plenty of storage. TV cabinet, for instance, often contains only a remote control, so you can take advantage of it to save some of your outfits. Another room that provides storage is the mudroom. You can add more hooks or hangers for clothes.

Lastly number 1. A Ladder Wardrobe Project idea | HGTV A Ladder Wardrobe Project idea 2
Be creative with the vintage ladder you have at home, because perhaps you can turn it into a vintage ladder wardrobe to store your clothes and shoes. It is made by joining two ladders with pine planks which function as shelves. Next, a dowel is added at the top of the ladder so you can hang your clothes. A Ladder Wardrobe Project idea 1
Attach pipe brackets to keep the dowel from moving.
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So, Those are 10 Clothes Storage Ideas that Would Work Even without Closet you must try.
So, from now on, a small room or no closet should not be an excuse to let your clothes and accessories make a mess in the room anymore.

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