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10 Home Décor Ideas and Organization Hacks for Renters

Does your rented home look dull? Or does it look so much busy with clutter? Then you probably need some home décor ideas to freshen it up, and organization hacks to declutter your stuff. Decorating a home can be so fun and exciting if you own the house. It, however, will be a different story if you rent it because you need to deal with a set of dos and don’ts from the landlord.

If your house starts drowning in the ocean of clutter and boring design, and you begin to lose the hope of decorating in a landlord-friendly way, no need to worry because next, you’ll find 10 Home Décor Ideas and Organization Hacks for Renters. It will help you out, and as always, this list is compiled and presented for you by

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10. Try Peel-and-Stick Backsplash Idea

10.Before Trying Peel and Stick Backsplash via
Let’s start with the busiest place at home─kitchen.
There is no doubt that rented houses have a plain decoration for the kitchen. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you can’t refresh it.
Making a permanent change may be prohibited by most landlords. However, with peel-and-stick backsplash, you can freshen up the kitchen in a landlord-friendly way.
First of all, be sure the wall is clean and has been painted so the vinyl can stick well, then you can start by cutting the vinyl sheet into the size you can manage.
10.After Trying Peel and Stick Backsplash via
Next, position the sheet on the surface. It will cover and release the backing half by half. Note that when you are sticking the sheets, make sure to smooth away the air bubbles. After all the surfaces are covered, peel off the first film carefully.
Get main material or similar material of the idea below:
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9. Make Use of Every Nook and Cranny

9.Make Use of Every Nook and Cranny via
In addition to design, rent home’s kitchen also lacks space, so you need to make use of every nook and cranny to organize all stuff in the kitchen.

In case you need some more storage, this hidden kitchen pantry is worth trying. It requires two pieces of 48-inch long and 6-inch wide boards, seven pieces of 24-inch long and 6-inches wide boards, rods, pegboards, and casters.
Start with making the frame by drilling the 48-inch longboards and the 24-inch longboards together.9.Make Use of Every Nook and Cranny other side via Next, install the other shortboards for shelves then add the pegboard for the backing. The last, glue some rods to hold the stuff and screw the casters.

8. Add Plants

8.Add Plants via

After the kitchen, you probably want to dress up another dull room in your house, and I will highly recommend using indoor plants. They are suitable for the environment and the pocket.
8.Add plants and some accessories via
The indoor plants will instantly enliven the space with color and textures and make it beautiful and homey, not to mention their benefits to freshen up the air. There is no reason for you not to try it. Also read: 10 DIY Ladder Project Ideas for Your Bedroom, Bathroom, and Kitchen

7. Or Add More Colors

7.Add More Colors if possible via
It’s been widely known that colors can set moods. Using several shades of colors in a room is playful and will bring cheerful feelings. Unfortunately, not all landlords are kind enough to let you change the design of the house you are renting.
Even so, there are still many options available. Painting the room is not the only thing that can bring colors. You can use throws, cushions, flowers, or vases with different colors instead.

6. Use Corkboard to Hang Your Accessories

6.Use Corkboard to Hang Your Accessories via
Having lots of accessories is great, but letting them clutter on the dresser on in drawers is not great at all. It often takes a little effort to find the fashion accessory we want to wear.
If you happen to have the same problem, you might also need to hang a panel of corkboard, as shown in the picture, to keep the accessories organized.
Here, the panel is installed above a dresser with some smart pins are stuck into the panel to hang necklaces and earrings that make them easy to pick.

5. Or Invest in Headboard with Storage

5.Invest in Headboard with Storage via
Why go with the general headboards if you can opt for those with extra storage?
This one, for instance, functions as a headboard and side table. It also provides hidden storage and handy shelves where you can put books, clothes, and other decorative features. It is such a great solution to a narrow bedroom.
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4. Peel-and-Stick Herringbone Flooring

4.Peel and Stick Herringbone Flooring via
You want either to freshen the look of the bathroom or to hide the ugly tiles, peel-and-stick flooring is a landlord-friendy option. It is easy to install and to remove without damaging or changing the real floor.
There are many patterns available, but in case you are interested in this herringbone flooring idea, here is how to make it.

First, you need to find the center of the flooring and start it from there. Lay down a couple of tiles or two to decide the herringbone pattern you like. If it looks great already, begin peeling the backing and sticking the tiles one by one until all the surfaces of the old floors are covered. Last, fill the spaces of the tiles with grout.
For The Herringbone peel and stick flooring, some of your options are:
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3. Use Ladder for Additional Storage

3.Use Ladder for Additional Storage solutions via
If your bathroom lacks storage and the landlord does not allow you to nail the wall for some shelves, add ladder instead.
A ladder only takes vertical space that makes it great even for a tiny bathroom. Painted in chic white color makes it a smart way to add beauty as well as storage to hang things from towels to flowers in the bathroom.

2. Expand Your Outdoor Living Area

2.Expand Your Outdoor Living Area via
It’s so lucky to have some free space in the backyard because you can turn it into an outdoor living area by covering the floor with a rug, adding a set of seating, lighting, and some greenery.
If you have that space at the rent house, make sure not to let it waste.

Lastly, Number 1. Grow Plants in Planters

1.Grow Plants in Planters via
The last home décor idea that you can apply to your rented house is growing plants in your front yard, side yard, or backyard. If you don’t have any yard at all, don’t worry! Planters can always do the trick.
Just grow any plants as you want in planters, and then put them on the porch or balcony. If gardening is not your forte, there are plenty of low-maintenance plants available for you.

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So, from the kitchen to the yard, those are 10 Home decor ideas and organization hacks for renters that you can apply to upgrade your rented house without worrying about the landlord’s complaint. I hope you find this list inspiring and hear me again later with more home improvement ideas like this in the upcoming future.



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