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10 Indoor Succulent Garden Ideas

Decorating your house with furniture is surely a common thing. However, beautifying it with ornamental plants will certainly be an awesome sight because it brings freshness into the house. Yap, everyone agree that plants need sunlight and wet environment, but there is also certain ornamental plants that are suitable for indoor decorations. They are succulents.

Succulents are trendy and has been favorite of many homeowners around the world. The variety and endless color variations, as well as the easy maintenance make them a great option for your indoor space. You don’t need to worry they will die because they need less sunlight. Since succulents can store water for longer periods of time, just make sure the room has good air circulation and water the plants once in a while.
Start planting your succulents now and you’ll get addicted.

Next, here are ten succulents garden ideas that are easy to grow indoor.
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10 Indoor Succulent Garden Ideas via Featured Pinterest
10 Indoor Succulent Garden Poster

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List Entries:

10. How to Make Indoor Succulent in a Pot

10.How to Make Indoor Succulent in a Pot via
You can make a miniature indoor garden by combining a bunch of small succulents in a pot. Choose a variety of succulent in any shape, size, and color to form a fine arrangement. You can choose one tall plant, some shorter ones, and the cascading ones.
First, find a large pot that has drainage holes in the bottom as a container and cover them with drainage net or landscaping fabric.
Then, fill the half full of pot with soil.
Add the tallest plant as the focal point, and add the shorter ones around it as fillers.
The last plant will spill out, adding a dimension to your mini garden.
Next, add the cascading plant around the outside of the pot.
Once you have all the succulents planted, fill the container with soil.
Last, add some decorative rocks for finishing touch.

9. A Desert-Like Succulent Garden Project Idea

9.Desert Like Succulent Garden Project via
This layered sand succulent planter is really beautiful and easy to make. You will need a big and smaller glass container, soil, a variety of succulents, papers, decorative rocks, assortment of colored sands, and a syringe.
First of all, fill the small glass with soil and plant the succulents.
Then, put it in the bigger glass, make sure to place it right in the middle.
With the help of paper, pour the first layer of the sand into the big glass, do this all the way around the outside of the small container.
Make the layer unevenly for variation.
Continue layering with different sand color until you reach the height of the small glass.
The last thing is add a couple of decorative rocks on the sand. Use the syringe to water the succulents.

8. A Beach Fairy Garden Project

8.Beach Fairy Garden Project Idea via
This beach fairy garden is very suitable for summer decoration and easy to make even for kids. Various succulents, small metal pail, and soil are needed to make the base succulent planter.
To make it beach-like, you will need mini white picket fence and decorative sand.
Make the water miniature with recycled small shallow plastic dish painted in aqua blue paint.
Decorate your beach with beach themed miniature such as seagull, flip-flops, soda can, and fruit, beach umbrella, mod podge dimensional magic, and felt sheet.
Play with it until you are happy with the look.

7. The Succulent Garden Ideas with Faux Waterfall Project

7.Succulent garden with Faux Waterfall via
This terrarium with faux waterfall is literally a bowl of fantasy.
To make it yourself, prepare a large bowl glass and fill one third of it with soil.
Make the soil lower at one side to be the front view later where you craft the waterfall, and plant the succulent. It will be better if you vary the height and type. Then, cover the soil surface with white pebbles.
Next, arrange small stone slabs on the front side to make the edge of the waterfall, and place a high hollow stone where the water will fall.
To sweeten the look, add some artificial flowers and plants around the succulents.
Next, put some light and dark blue slime to form a stagnant water-like at the front bottom side.
To craft the waterfall, heat a gun glue and form a stream waterline onto the bottle.
Once it gets dry, peel it off and place it right at the hollow stone.
Your fantasy waterfall garden is ready!

6. A Succulent in an Old Book Project Idea

6.Succulent in an Old Book Project Idea via

Growing succulents out of pot, bowl or box are a common thing, but growing them out of a book is a rare unique idea.
First step to make your own succulent book planter is prepare two pieces of woods, and drill a hole into one of them.
Then, get a thick hardcover book, and place it between the two pieces of wood.
The hollow one goes on top as the template. Next, clamp the sandwiched book to a table and drill into template hole until it goes all the way through the back cover.
Remove the wood pieces. Later, lift up the back cover and cut an inch-deep square around the hole.
Glue drainage screen and hardware cloth on to it.
Last, clamp the book and glue all over the pages and inside the hole.
Wait until it completely dry and you can plan your succulents.

5. A Succulent Wall Garden Project Idea

5.Succulent Wall Garden via
This succulent vertical garden will add interest to your wall home. If you want to create one, prepare some materials like succulents, wire mesh, deep box frame, landscaping plastics, and sphagnum moss.
Start by fitting the landscape plastic inside the box frame.
Hot glue to secure it into place and trim the excess edges.
Then, fill the box with enough damp moss. Place the wire mesh to fit the frame.
After you staple the mesh, plant the succulents and leave no empty space.
Last step, hang your succulent garden!

4. A Succulent in Shell Project Idea

4.Succulent Project in Shell via
This one is another super simple idea to plant new succulents. Get yourself a mason jar and a bunch of flat, same size shells. Using glue gun, glue the shells onto the jar until all the surface covered up. Once it perfectly attached, fill the jar with soil and play with your succulents!

3. A Succulent Wreath Project Idea

3.Succulent Wreath via
If you are thinking to add some interest to your home wall, this succulent wreath might be what you need. The supplies you’ll need are a wreath frame, sphagnum moss, fishing wire, bobby pins, and of course succulents.
Starting out with moistening the moss in a bucket of water for about 10 minutes.
Then, stuff the wreath frame with moss. Make sure it is really tight.
With the fishing wire, wrap the frame and moss to make sure it holds.
Now start designing your succulents on the wreath.
You’ll need bobby pins to secure the stem. Let it dry a bit, and hang it on!

2. A Succulent and Wine Bottle Project Idea

2.Succulent Wine Bottle Project Idea via
There are so many fun things to plant succulents in, for example, inside a wine bottle. The wine bottle planter has a drainage hole at the bottom. The good news is you won’t need to cut the side of the bottle because you can buy the bottle planter online. All you need to do next is filling the planter with soil and tuck the succulents in. Later, cover the surface of the soil with decorative rocks, and the wine bottle is alive!

Lastly, Number 1. The Succulent Tea Cup Garden Project Idea

1.Succulent Tea Cup Garden via
Still lack of ideas to create your succulent garden? Well, go check your kitchen and see if you have some unused teacups you can use to experiment this idea. Yap, they will be the perfect containers for the succulents. If possible, find a flowery teacup to create a shabby chic and elegant feel. After the project is done, the new teacups planter with succulents will be new eye candies for the corner of your room.

So, Succulent is known as the cupcakes of the garden. It fits to almost any containers and any place in your indoor space. It will look stunning when planted solo or in a group. Its stubbornness and easy maintenance make it a favorite plant for many people. Even more, the various types, sizes, and colors won’t make run out of ideas to be creative.


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