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10 Narrow Closet Design and Storage ideas with Walk-In

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For some, having a vast walk-in closet plus storage in the bedroom feels like a dream, especially if there is minute space for all your items. Honestly, you don’t need a huge closet to possess a walk-in. It can be pretty tiny, one-sided, or you can even fake it.

Today, we share some of the finest narrow closet designs and storage ideas with walk-in. We do hope you find some insights, and let’s get going! And as always, you can track down the link inside the reference section to complete your learning experience.

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10 Narrow Closet Design and Storage ideas with Walk-In Video:

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10. A Step-in Walk-in Concept Idea

10. Step in Walk in Concept via Simphome.comWhy don’t you construct step-ins instead of walk-ins if you have a tiny closet? Take this one as an example. It is a children’s bedroom that has a step-in closet. With a smart system (that you can adopt too), it feels like a walk-in. It provides storage for a wide range of stuff.

Bring some shelves into play, and you have room for shoes and accessories. A rod saves dresses and jackets; a stylish hamper perfects it. Keep your rarely used items out of view in some baskets. Eventually, you’ve got a lovely bow rack to display pretty ribbons. And yes, it is a girl’s room.

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9. A Golden Age Concept idea

9. Golden Age by simphome.comIt looks luxurious with a golden ambiance and adorable accessories. You need a vivid hue, bright lighting, and a cleverer multifunctional compartment system or storage choices in a small room. For example, apply white for the primary hue; you’ll never go wrong with it for tiny space.

Then, spice it up with gold dots. Think about removable stickers, or wallpapers, for practical solutions. Position a fur stool to sit on while selecting the fitting items. Set a curtain to manage the natural lighting if possible and necessary.

Next, consider hanging a painting, a photo, or an artwork to keep flatness away. Finally, place a bright light up there to help you at night.

8. Reinvent your Furniture

8. Apply Furniture by simphome.comYou need extra storage while your walk-in closet is diminutive. Try to slide in a dresser or mini wardrobe. Ensure it has enough drawers to keep things inside and on top of it. Take a look, for instance. Here, we have a chest of drawers inside a built-in framework that retains open shelves. For the hanging section, apply two rods for different purposes.

The first rod hangs some dresses and equips the rear compartment. The second one embraces blouses and jackets. Right-side shelves are dedicated to shoes, extraneous items, and other essentials. Two baskets for each side stow rarely used things. Then, a medium mirror stands to add lighting.

7. Seize more Baskets

7. Seize More Baskets via Simphome.comBaskets have played an essential role in any storage system. They are practical and removable; it helps us a lot in storing and organizing our stuff. Today, we add your options with cubbies. They are perfect for preserving minute things like socks, ties, and underwear. How about nightgowns or pajamas? You just need to roll them up and put them in. Simple.

They provide you with a vast amount of space. Furthermore, you can grab different colors to set a range of ambiances. Wait, you know that the white baskets are washable, don’t you? For minuscular closets, keeping everything clean and uncluttered is your essential requirement. Incorporate two to three rods for hanging slots and safety.

6. Runner Rules

6. Runner Rules by

It is a perfect solution when your walk-in closet is long, narrow, and windowless. Spark love with a runner that has a lovely pattern.

First, Set special rods for hangers. Grabbing clothing off the rack and steeling yourself in the morning is easier. If necessary, follow the link to take relevant inspiration from our previous release title 10 Organization Ideas and DIY Projects Using Tension Rods. For flooring, a synchronized rug is a fantastic addition you can adopt that will work nicely without turning your room too overpowering. To wrap up things, place sufficient lighting, and you’re all set.

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5. Get Extension Rack

5. Get Extension Rack via Simphome.comYour narrow walk-in closet may lack space. Yet, you might feel like cramming all clothes you have into it, which is not a good idea. For this reason, consider investing in an extension rack.
You can easily get it in a store or make it yourself. Do not forget to set special rods for hangers so you can easily grab your outfit. Then, deliver a parking area with a built-in bench. It takes little to no floor space.

4. The Black Pink

4. Black Pink via Simphome.comNo, it is not “that” black pink. It is just a term to distinguish between men and women—nothing else. You may put an island to set an imaginative boundary between them because it will separate a walk-in closet for each party as one side for one person and one for the other.

Consequently, you know where your position is, and you do not need to share space with your, let’s say, partner. You can also place memorable photos, gifts, artworks, books, or ties. Provide open shelving so that you can grab your items quicker and easier. Then, synchronize your flooring to perfect your set.

The open drawer for male and female.png

3. Set Cellarets

3. Set Cellarets by simphome.comThere is a time when you splurge a lot of bucks on shoes, accessories, ties, and belts. As a result, you want to look after them plus keep them organized. That’s why we bring in cellarets to solve your problem. It is a brilliant and imposing idea. Storing them this way prevents them from ripping or slumping.

There will be no more chaotic heaps of tangled ties and belts. Other than cellarets, try built-in drawers. Insert them into your dresser and use them to keep socks, ties, and other stuff in order.

2. Mirror All the Way

2. Mirror All the Way by simphome.comWho says closets must be white? Spark off your creativity, and you will get a peerless one. Look at this lips-patterned wallpaper, for example. It covers the wall and brings a chic atmosphere aptly. To get started, let’s go to the main course, mirrors. They are a must-have for any walk-in closet, especially for minuscule ones. They make rooms feel loftier and more luxurious, allowing you to see what you’re wearing in the first place.

A full-length mirror reflects the light and delivers a touch of splendor. If you think it is too much, split it into two. To finish it, take an eccentric furry stool to invigorate a stylish entrance.

Lastly, Number 1. Fake It until you Make it

1. Fake it via Simphome.comIf you don’t have it, why don’t you fake it? When you are not lucky enough to own a sufficient enough closet in your bedroom, simply alter what you have. Turn a blank and idle wall into a walk-in closet. First, install a curtain to enlarge the room’s length. Behind the curtain, you can place drawers, baskets, rods, mirrors, or even shelves.

The good news is that it lends you a hand to hide cluttered things from view at warp speed. Ingenious. Simply apply these ideas to embellish your walk-in closet or tally up your current storage set. Done!
So, have you found one (or some ideas) matching your situation? Tell us. We’d love to hear it!

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