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10 DIY Side Table for Bedroom Ideas

10 DIY Side Table for Bedroom Ideas via

The side table is more than just furniture to spruce up the bedroom. Furthermore, it can give an accent to a room when laid out and styled well. It comes in various styles that you can buy for sure, but somehow, it is not too difficult to DIY. Well, at least for some with advanced woodworking experiences.

So, as we know together, building your own side table will save you a fortune, and you can personalize it to customize your taste and need. Without further ado, here are 10 DIY Inspiring Side Table for Bedroom Ideas that you can take to upgrade your bedroom’s appeal by

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10. One-Piece Hanging Side Table Idea10. One Piece Hanging Side Table by

If you only need some space to hold a few books, plants, or a bedside lamp, this kind of shelf is excellent as an alternative for a bedside table. This project is effortless, and you can finish it in a few minutes. Moreover, you can move it elsewhere if needed.
To make this bedside table, you only need to drill a piece of wood then hang it by inserting some ropes through the drilled holes. You can apply any finish before making holes for matching the bedroom décor or keeping its real color for a natural rustic element.

9. Hipster Side Table Idea9. Hipster Side Table by

Building a side table does not always mean making it from scratch. Sometimes, by upcycling old things, you can get a new hipster side table, like this one. Not only does it give a unique style to a bedroom, but it also provides plenty of storage inside the case, perfect to hide some clutter.
You can make this vintage table by removing the table legs that you do not use any longer. Then, glue and nail them to a block of wood. This way, the legs top will be wider and sturdier to support the suitcase and the weight it may get later. Last, screw them into the suitcase.
Consider attaching some decorative accents like crystal, ribbon, lace, or sticker to add more beauty.

8. Side Table for Kids Idea8. Side Table for Kids by

This colorful countertop side table would be a lovely pair for any kid’s bedroom. They can keep their books, toys, and nightlight within reach. The most important thing is it is eminently simple and easy to DIY.
First, you need to determine the table’s desired size and then cut down the board into size. Build the frame by attaching the shelves to the sides, then add a rail in the front. Next, nail or screw a piece of plywood to the back. Grab the other cut of the board for the top, then paint it the color you or your kid desire.

7. Repurposed Wine Crate Idea7. Repurposed Wine Crate by

Another thing you can turn into a fabulous side table is a wine crate. Like the previous upcycling project, this one doesn’t require much change. But first, you need a container with lid and hairpin table legs.
Cut less than half of the lid to make the shelf while the rest will be the table lip. Next, coat it with paint and add more interest using wrapping paper. For the final step, attach the hairpin legs. For the front legs, screw half of the leg brackets into the lip and half into the crate. By doing this, you will hold the lip in place as well as creating an extra shelf.

6. Sliding Barn Door Idea6. Sliding Barn Door by

In case you want to add a farmhouse style in the bedroom, this sliding barn door side table idea will be a lovely candidate to try. Cut the plywood into size, and assemble the nightstand cabinet. Like another cabinet, you need to make the frame and put a shelf. You may customize the size and the number of shelves you want. After you’ve done with it, start making the barn door.

To make the barn door, you’ll need two pulleys, hex screws, 1″ spacers, and a flat bar.
First, measure the bar in the width of the nightstand, then cut it down. Screw it with 1″ spacer to the furniture, then assemble the pulleys to the shorter cuts and screw them to the door. Finally, spray the elements before attaching it.

5. Floating Side Table Idea5. Floating Side Table by

If you are looking for an easy to follow DIY plywood bedside table, try to adopt this one. This floating storage keeps your floor free while making it easy for you to clean the space underneath. It also allows you to have one basket extra as additional storage.
The primary material for this project is ¾” hardwood plywood.

Cut it into size, then assemble it into a box frame.
Last, hang it on the wall using wooden support. Note that to hide the floating support, attach the base about 2.5″ from the bottom. With It, you give your side table a more professional look.

4. Futuristic Pentagon Leg Idea4. Futuristic Pentagon Leg by

This side table is for people who don’t want to trouble themselves with too much measuring, cutting, and dirty working space. Just buy pipe in home depot and have them cut it in 10” for you.
Any pipe will do well, but in this case, the side table uses copper pipe. You will need 30 pieces of 10″ length.

With the help of clear polypropylene twine, start joining the first three pipes into a triangle. Continue adding triangles until you come with a pentagon in flat.
Pull the twine tightly, so the shape is no longer flat, then tie it at the end of each triangle. Keep on joining the pipes until it becomes a 3D pentagon. Finally, attach it to the tabletop.

3. Modern Side Table Idea3. Modern Side Table by

For you who are fond of simplicity and modern design, consider this side table Idea. It comes with clear instruction, and, in short, you only need to assemble the board into a box. Cut the top a bit shorter, paint it white, then let it dry.
While waiting for the table to dry, begin making the legs using 22” long pieces. However, you can opt for another table legs design if you don’t want to bother yourself with cutting at a degree angle. After you’ve finished with the legs, assemble them to the table box.

2. Slim Side Table Idea2. Slim Side Table by

Not all side tables at the store can fit your space, especially when you have a narrow bedroom. This table can occupy a room between the wall and the bed, and it is probably a side table that fits to complete your bedroom right now.

Unfortunately, a product similar to this one is not easy to find. So, in case you are interested in making it, here are the steps.
First, build the front and back frame using board, then attach the side aprons. Next, create the bottom shelf and attach it to the legs.
Screw the top board using 3″ wood screws, then build the drawer. Finally, paint it with the color you like.
Since you will place it in a narrow space, it will be better to use casters for the leg to push it in effortlessly and pull it in and out.

Lastly, Number 1. 3-in-1 Sidetable Idea.1. 3 in 1 by

It is probably hard to find single furniture with a pull-out writing tray, an abundance of storage space, and a remote charging station in one unit. Even if you can, it will cost you a fortune. Nevertheless, you can make it yourself without shelling out loads of money to purchase it.

Using plywood and some screws, start to create the drawers and the tray. Next, build the drawer box, then spray the unit with some paint. Once it’s dried, make a small cut in the back for the charging cord and glue the USB charging station.
Tip: To prevent the writing tray and the drawers slide out, it’d be better to attach a small chain to the back.

You can try this idea on How to Craft Simple DIY Hidden Storage or charge Station for a portable version.

So, No need to be an expert in crafting your own side table. Start with successfully finished the simplest idea available in the list and challenge yourself to experiment with the harder ones. You just need to convince yourself to start it and a link inside the description area.



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