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10 Awesome Farmhouse Decor Style Deserve Your Attention

It is always alluring to give farmhouse décor style a Go. It delivers your characters in a savvy way. More often than not, they are referred as style that represents warmth and classic traditional ambiance. In addition, we also obtain cordiality and chic altogether.
Basically, it is derived from farmhouse buildings, which simply found in a rural or agricultural area. While some think it is vintage stuff, the possibility of combining a farmhouse décor with modern style is in the cards.

Next, here are 10 awesome farmhouse decor styles deserve your attention.
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10 Awesome Farmhouse Decor Style Deserve Your Attention via Pinterest Featured image
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List Entries:

10. All-White Modern Farmhouse Kitchen idea

10. All White Modern Farmhouse Kitchen via SimphomeThe kitchen takes full advantage of everything that it has got. It starts from the apron sink, also known as farm sink. It exposes the front edge and is designed to be added to a space cut out of the kitchen.
Tiny touches may have enormous effect for the farmhouse style. Therefore, the rustic kitchen island was put to carry out the vintage scene.
Meanwhile, white painting makes the most of the decoration, accessories, and broadens the view of the room.

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9. A Modern Farmhouse Style with Open-Concept Kitchen project

9. Modern Farmhouse Style with Open Concept Kitchen via Simphome
It is an amazing balance between traditional style and modern cut. Open-concept kitchens and well-designed glass windows represent modern pieces. With this idea, I can enjoy a pleasing view outside when doing activities inside.
Meanwhile, the farmhouse style exists with the wooden accents, like hardwood floors, wood wall paneling and exposed wooden-beam ceiling. The owner put emphasis on the classic cottage appeal yet give rareness and classy look. Natural wood furniture put the last touches to the farmhouse warmth. Believe me, with wooden surface your kitchen will only change for the better.
CAUTION: You need a well-planned design for glass windows as they may put down the natural, rustic vibe.

8. A DIY Rustic Mobile Coffee Table project idea

8. DIY Rustic Mobile Coffee Table via Simphome
Some of essential farmhouse hints are rustic, warmth, traditional and chic. The older it looks, the sounder you get. At this point, your prying is escalating on where you should purchase them. Put your feet up, a little ingenuity will help you.


An old wooden trunk, 4 large furniture casters, 16pcs 3/4″ wood screws, drill equipped with drill and driver bits to fit screws, washers (optional) and pencil (marker or chalk).


Flip trunk over for easy access to the bottom. Mark four screw hole and drill pilot holes at each mark in sequence. Insert all screws about 3/4 of the way in. Once you finished, tighten all down until casters are firmly affixed to trunk. In case screw heads are smaller than drill holes on the caster plate, use metal washers.
All set!

7. An Elegant Farmhouse Bathroom Project idea

7. Elegant Farmhouse Bathroom via Simphome
A claw foot tub teams up with white shiplap-covered walls to produce this elegant farmhouse bathroom.
Shiplaps are notorious for rustic look that it generates when used as paneling or a covering for a wall.
They create a channel that give shadow line effects, provides excellent weather protection and allows for dimensional movement. Installing shiplap horizontally will carry the eye around the space, making it feel larger.
Furthermore, the claw foot tub was considered a luxury item in the late 19th century. Initially, it was made from cast iron and lined with porcelain. In the modern era, it conveys antique look for any bathrooms.

6. A DIY Cheap Wreath makeover project idea

6. DIY Cheap Wreath via Simphome

Wreaths have survived over many centuries. It’s a perfect piece to pose a farmhouse style in your house and this project is not an impossible project to do by yourself.
Wreaths are actually versatile. They can be made out of leaves, twigs, and many other materials. But this one is super easy.
To make this wreath, you need a bag of 200 jumbo cotton balls, brown floral tape, low temp glue gun/glue sticks, brown paper lunch bag or craft paper, brown ink pad/shoe polish/stain, scissors, small branches and tiny twigs, grapevine wreath (tear them apart).
Branches and twigs are ready.
Next, cut a 3” square, then fold it in half in both directions.
After that, we need to add the cotton; you may vary the size.
If you need wild and natural look, glue the buds directly to the branch.

Tip: Use 2-3 balls for bloomed buds and 1 ball for closed buds.

5. Inviting Dining Room project idea

5. Inviting Dining Room via Simphome
Immediately, a sliding barn door grabs your attention. First introduced in Pompeii, Italy, it has been a good option to get farmhouse style.
This one is inspired from countryside barns, in modern homes of Scandinavian styles. Additional features such as soft color pallet can be added to enhance the feel.
Traditional hardware has an ornate and classic look. Ranging anywhere from farmhouse to rustic, it is more detailed and embellishments. Instead of conventional light fixtures, pendant lights are chose to deliver style and function.

4. Distressed Table Hall project idea

4. Distressed Table Hall via Simphome
As I pointed out beforehand, rustic has taken a great role in farmhouse style.
Now, we will work it out on a table hall. A fresh coat of paint and a right distressing will do wonder.
Get a medium-to coarse-grit sandpaper, brush along the edges with a flicking motion. Focus on areas that are most often touched.
Keep the light pressure for flat areas and clean them up.
Step back and relish the view!

Bonus: Sloppiness, wear, and tears will enhance your rustic style change.
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3. A Cozy Farmhouse Style Bedroom project idea

3. A Cozy Bedroom via Simphome
Merely, white has benefited people to fashion spacious room for decades. Rather than a plain and tedious white, be innovative. You can install shiplaps on your wall and expand the view.
Sconces are typically positioned to provide balance, frame walls / doorways and line a hallway. Swing arm sconces are often placed near a bed for extra lighting in case you need to read before bed-time. In a wide wall, you can utilize sconces to reap a point of interest.
Lastly, put a hand-woven storage using hessian and other plant fibers. In the end, use jute rugs to produce notable organic floor and additional rustic home decor touch.

2. A Serene Farmhouse Bathroom project

2. A Serene Farmhouse Bathroom via SimphomeThis tranquil bathroom features soft gray hues and cup drawer pulls to seize a top farmhouse feeling.
The hues bring unique elements of country style and then the open storage at the bottom tops it off.
First, grab heavy duty look floors by applying the herringbone pattern. Captivating with high compression, it provides structural stability and offers dynamic progression. In the end, you limited space will look more voluminous.
To tie up things, add sconces above the wood-framed-mirror.
In the end, with this idea, you can embrace new country feels from top-to-bottom.

Lastly number 1. An Awesome Farmhouse Gallery Wall project idea

1. Awesome Farmhouse Gallery Wall via SimphomeTake note of focal points of your room. With a focal point in hand and right furniture or accessories arrangement, your petite room will be more inviting and offer an unperturbed place to rest.
A focal point can be an architectural feature, a special picture, mirror, or dramatic stuff. For instance, A Wall Gallery, which shows farmhouse style, will magnetize anyone eyes. From the image, you can find a perfect combination of modern style wall decors and outdated accessories. Wooden-made art pieces plus rustic painting there deliver a country side atmosphere to the room and that’s one little promotion from me that I hope can supply you a strong reason to give this last idea a shot!

So, Bear in mind, getting a kitschy look is a devious task. Undoubtedly, those 10 awesome farmhouse decor styles deserve your attention will take you there.
I hope. One more thing, it’s always important to decorate your room with what you love and care.
Good luck!


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