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10 Ideas How to Upgrade Casual Backyard Wedding Events

Conducting a wedding reception in the backyard is a trend nowadays. Despite it saves more money, an outdoor party is indeed very interesting. You can apply any wedding idea as you want and still make it very attractive. So, what are the ideas to apply? Besides, how can you upgrade your casual backyard into a stunning wedding decoration idea? Some easy and cheap ideas below may inspire you.

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10. Rustic Wedding Decoration with Long Tables

10.Rustic Wedding Decoration with Long Tables via Simphome.comOne of the wedding trends popular nowadays is the rustic idea. It refers to the natural concepts with things like coarse woods, leaves, and others. The idea is quite similar to the country design but it is a little bit more natural. Since the idea is quite traditional, applying traditional stuff like long tables is more necessary. Sure, the chairs to choose are made from wood as well. If you think they are quite common and plain, decorate the furniture more with ribbons and plants.

9. Wedding Centerpieces with Seasonal Design Ideas

9.Wedding Centerpieces with Seasonal Design IdeasAny type of wedding decorations seems not complete without the table centerpiece. Sure, there are many ideas regarding this matter. To fit your rustic concept mentioned above, why don’t you try the autumn or spring-designed centerpiece for this? The arrangement of dry flowers is recommended. Despite they are so rustic in term of look and colors, dry flowers tend to be more durable also. Additionally, some other ideas like pinecones and rustic candles are great to put around.

8. Rug as the Tableclothes

8.Rug as the Tableclothes via SimphomeProviding table clothes definitely forces you to spend more budgets. But since this matter cannot be avoided, you can try this alternative. It is by using rug anyway. The application of rugs simply fits your outdoor concept without making it too much. Layer it on the white tablecloths that are commonly cheap also. Especially for the groom and bride’s chairs, name it with simple plates on it.

7. Wooden Benches for Wedding Ceremony’s Guests

7.Wooden Benches for Wedding Ceremony Guests.Not all brides and grooms want to directly go to the church to conduct the ceremony. On the other hand, it is the priest who is invited to the wedding place to bless the couple. So, the church idea is what to bring in the backyard anyway. So, what is the really similar thing to the church decoration other than the wooden benches? There are now many wedding organizations that provide those simple benches. The decorations can be added so that the atmosphere feels more romantic. One of them is spreading petals.

6. Yellow Bulbs as Lighting for the Evening Reception

Yellow Bulbs as Lighting for the Evening Reception via Simphome

When the reception or party is conducted in the evening, lighting is the main important point you must think about. For the backyard idea, it is indeed necessary to have colorful lighting or lanterns here and there. But if you just want it to look more minimalist, a single-color lighting idea is enough. Moreover, for the backyard wedding with the rustic concept, you can just use yellow bulbs. Install them among the trees to make the atmosphere look more elegant.

5. Unique Candles in the Bottles

5.Unique Candles in the Bottle via Simphome.comIf you want the wedding decoration to be really budgets-friendly, the idea below can just be tried. Well, forget too many lamps in the backyard. Some parts can only use candles anyway. The candles can be formed from many tools. One of them is unused bottles. Sure, since it means you need to play with the fire, place them in the safe spots. Although placing them around the plants is good, make distances to avoid the candles to burn them. Yes, safety is an important thing in your wedding for sure.

4. Hanging Garden for a Low-Budget Decoration

4.Hanging Garden for a Low Budget Decoration via Simphome.comIf you love gardening, the flowers and plants you have grown up can just be utilized. Sure, it means you can save your budgets more for the decoration. Some plants are put on the ground. Meanwhile, some others are hung on trees and roof around. if you need to write some quotes or guide your guest during the party, prepare some blackboards and then write them there. That’s all simple but more meaningful for sure.
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3. Colorful Paper Lanterns for a More Cheerful Look

3.Colorful Paper Lanterns for a More Cheerful Look via Simphome.comIf ideas like conventional rustic are too common, you can add things to make this idea look unique and different. On the dancing stage, hang some colorful lanterns from paper. The lanterns are widely available in the stores anyway. Besides, you can create them by yourself if there is spare time. Colorful lanterns are also made from plastic balls. It is even easier in which the balls are only holed to put the bulbs and strings.

2. Simple Wooden Gondola Above Tables

2.Simple Wooden Gondola Above Tables via Simphome.comA garden commonly has something like a gondola where furniture is right in it. This idea can be applied in outdoor wedding decoration to beautify it more. Sure, it is not enough to have only one gondola. You must create some more from woods. Sure, the designs can just be simple with ornaments like hanging plants. Each gondola has a set of furniture for a group of people there. Well, it makes the guests feel more intimate from one to another this way.

1.Let your Pets be there

1.Let your pets be there via Simphome.comLastly, another smarter idea is by letting your pet there. Some couples may avoid doing this since they are afraid of the pets will disturb the guests. Sure, you need to take care of the pets well before this. It is not bad to bring them together along with their houses.
In this special moment, it is reasonable if you just want to share all things with the loved ones including the pets.

Besides, dogs, cats, and birds are lovely also for the backyard wedding decorations. Upgrading wedding decorations in the backyard is difficult for many people. Moreover, it is if the backyard is plain without too many things there. Applying some points mentioned above can just help you to beautify the area more. Moreover, those ideas are also quite affordable and easy to realize.

Hopefully, it will be a really unforgettable event until the last.

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