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It is always great to have a private garden at home. What makes it better is if you can grow edible plants like lettuce, radishes, or tomatoes. If you are new to gardening and wanna grow something fruitful, you can begin with tomatoes.
Tomatoes are typically no-fuss plants that you can grow in whenever you want. You can even grow tomatoes in planters. Although they are well-known for being no-fuss, you still need some guidance to grow them, especially if this is the first time. So, check out these 10 tomato garden ideas that will help you get tasty tomatoes and fabulous landscaping without costing a lot of money.

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10. An Upside-Down Tomato Planters project idea An Upside Down Tomato Planters project ideaAre you an apartment dweller? Don’t worry! You can still have a beautiful tomato garden although you have little space. This hanging-tomato-garden idea will come to the rescue. What makes it better is the tomato will grow upside down, so you won’t find it hard when it comes to harvest time.
To make your tomato planters hang upside down, you’re gonna need to get some five-gallon plastic buckets. Then cut a three-inch hole right in the bottom center. Don’t forget to drill two small holes several inches down from the top edge of the bucket for the chord to hold the bucket up.
Get some layers of newspaper and place them in the bottom of the bucket. Fill the bucket with quality soil mix about halfway. Cut nylon cord and run it through the two holes you to be the support.
Lay the bucket on its side because you’re gonna cut a slit in the newspaper through the hole in the bottom.
Insert the tomato plant between the slit into the bucket. Once the plant is in place securely, hang the bucket and fill the rest with soil. Water your tomato plant at least once a day the plant when it is well established. | 1001gardens

9. A Tomato Teepee project idea Tomato Teepee 2Once your tomato plant begins to grow, it will need support. This teepee tower can make great support for your tomato plant as it is sturdy, easy to make, and inexpensive. Tomato Teepee 1You can try making a tepee from 3-inch diameter saplings or bamboo poles. First, Arrange four poles for the outer frame and one pole for the central support. To make it sturdier and more stable, add crosspieces to the opposite poles at two levels. Bind the structure with a strong rubber band and string or baling twine. | BHG | Themicrogardener

8. Craft A new Tomato Privacy Screen project Tomato Privacy Screen 2The privacy screen is an essential element to get your ultimate comfort when relaxing in your backyard. Instead of constructing a privacy screen from pallets, why don’t you try a better idea? I am talking about privacy screens that can grow on their own and are edible. Yes! Tomato plants can make a pretty good privacy screen.
To make your tomato plants do double duty, you’re gonna need the assistance of chain link fencing as it makes solid support for clambering tomato vines. Tomato Privacy Screen 1

You will also need to weave stems through the openings in the fence during the early stages of growth to train the plant. Then, let your tomato plants do the rest because they will soon wind their own way through the fence’s web. | BHG

7. Follow this beautiful PVC Pipe Tomato Cage Project idea PVC Pipe Tomato Cage 1PVC pipes are extremely versatile. You could make a good shoe rack from them, an open closet system, and sturdy support for your tomato plants. You only need to assemble the PVC pipes to form a cage for your growing tomato plant. Don’t forget to provide ample space for your tomato plant to grow. PVC Pipe Tomato Cage 2This PVC support also features a smart way of watering the plants, thanks to the pipe that has several tiny holes where the water can come out of. Follow the link to learn more about this specific idea. | Morning chores

6. An Arch Walkway Trellis Project idea Arch Walkway Trellis 1Apparently, your tomato plants can bring in romantic vibes to your backyard if you treat them right. Give this idea a shot and get ready to be awed by the look. Arch Walkway Trellis 2All you need to do is just making two raised beds for your tomato plants. Then, connect the raised beds with an archway made of bamboo or wire. You may also need to train your tomato plants by weaving the stems to the posts of the archway. Let them climb up the archway by themselves to cover it completely. | Morningchores

5. Build A-Shaped Wire Mesh for your tomatoes A Shaped Wire MeshIt is not a new thing that your tomato plants do need sturdy support for them to thrive. You don’t need to be excellent in carpentry to make the support for your plants. You only need two wire-mesh panels that lean against one another to form an A letter.

Bind the top of the panels using wire for extra stability. Next, plant your tomato vine at the base of each panel so that they can climb. By doing this, you’ll be able to make quick-to-assemble support that will help two tomato plants thrive well. If you have unused old cribs, you can use them in place of wire mesh panels. | BHG

4. Complete this Self-Watering Tomato Planter project idea Self Watering Tomato PlantersTomatoes are not fussy. But they do need full sun and adequate water. Otherwise, your tomatoes will not thrive properly. Watering tomato plants regularly can be somewhat tiring. If you wish you had a smart solution for this problem, congratulations! Your wish has just been granted!
This planter features a self-watering system that allows you to relax a little bit while keeping the tomatoes thrive. The good thing is you can make it yourself. You need an empty bucket with a lid, two strips of the capillary mat, a large tomato pot, scissors, and a sharp craft knife.

First, cut the capillary matting, and thread them through a hole in the tomato pot base. Then turn the pot over, pull the strips up inside. Make sure they reach about two-thirds of the way up the pot.

Second, using a craft knife, cut two holes in the lid of the bucket. Make sure that the holes are in line with the matting strips. Next, cut another small hole at the edge of the lid. It helps you fill the bucket with water.

Third, lay the tomato pot on its side. Then, thread the strips from the base through the holes in each side of the lid. Stand the tomato pot up with the bucket lid underneath. With the pot on top, put the lid on the bucket, then partially fill the pot with compost.

Last, set your tomato plant in the pot. Fill the edges with more compost until it is firm enough. Add a stake for better support if necessary and fill the bucket with water through the watering hole. | Amateurgardening

3. Colorful Trellis project idea Colorful Trellis 2The vivid red of tomatoes can spice your garden up. To enhance their look while adding pops of colors into the space, why don’t you try painting the trellis? Colorful Trellis 1By painting the trellis, you will jazz your garden up better while ensuring the tomatoes get sturdy support for better growth. | Greeneggsandgoats

2. Tomatoes and Eggshells Tomatoes and Eggshell 1Do you have any problem with your beautiful tomatoes, like finding rot at the bottom of them? Maybe your tomatoes need more calcium. And to overcome this problem, you can harness the magic of eggshell powder.
Yes! The eggshells have to be turned into a fine powder so that the soil can break it down. You can use a blender to turn them into fine powder. But be careful! Never breathe near the powder, especially when you open the blender lid. Tomatoes and Eggshell 2Then, take a handful of eggshell powder, put it into the planting hole. That’s it! | Sthefarmchick

Lastly, number 1. Have your own “Tormato.” Tormato 2Tormato is a tornado tomato. This name is derived from the unique design of the PVC and PEX tubing that looks like a tornado. Besides the unique design that can replace any mundane tomato cage, Tormato also features a nutrient delivery system, thanks to the PVC that provides an irrigation system that feeds your tomatoes plant’s roots.
You can get this smart Tormato in a store. But you can always make it yourself by using 8-feet PVC. More about that after you the following the link inside the credit area. | Itsatormato Tormato 1

So, those are 10 tomato garden ideas that you should try to get better homegrown tomatoes. Happy gardening, Stay safe!

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