10 Cute & Easy Hanging Garden Ideas

Gardening is a cheap and fun activity that you can do around the corner of your house. There are tons of merits you can obtain from doing this hobby in your leisure time, such as getting fresh air, beautiful view and, of course, healthy herbs and vegetables you plant with your own hands.
However, Here come problems you have to deal with when you realize you are lack of space as gardening, which most of the time, requires quite some wide space.
Anyway, take that issue a way for a while because soon you’ll get 10 cute but easy hanging garden ideas that will address any garden organization problems you’re facing right now or soon in the near future.

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10. DIY Hanging Pots idea

10. DIY Hanging Pots idea via Simphome.comMany gardeners try to solve the issues of compact space with having a vertical garden that can be applied simply by using some recycled objects and hanging them in or around their houses. One thing, This DIY hanging garden idea is easy to follow.
First, assemble boards and create holes that fit but can hold the rest part of the pots. Then, create small holes for the rope on the edges of the shelves and make a knot for each of them. Hang them on the wall using a long wooden stick, pipe or bamboo and you’re good to go.

9. DIY Hanging Pipe Project idea

9. DIY Hanging Pipe project idea via SIMPHOME.COMSunlight is vital for plants to grow, and it’s an element that will make your plants thrive. Your plants need an area that receives sufficient sunlight to photosynthesize and the good thing is you can actually supply without leaving you indoor.
First, this pipe hanging idea is breeze.
Measure the pipe you’re going to use and match with the width of the room, then cut it. Install mounts on the boards with screws using a screwdriver.
Create holes inside the buckets for drainage, and add soil. Put the plants inside the buckets and hang them on the pipe then attach it to the walls.

8. Wooden Boxes hanging Garden project Idea

8. Wooden Boxes hanging Garden project Idea via
This vertical garden idea uses a smart way of gardening with wooden boxes. It’s simple yet unique idea that will help you optimize space that people usually ignored. This is an outdoor garden idea that can be set its size as you please according to the space you have.
First, you need to use materials that are strong enough to face water and extreme weather. As usual, measure and cut the boards into pieces. Make sure they are at the same length for each part of the slats. Give the bottom of the box a piece of mesh hardware cloth and staple it to the bottom.

To contain soils, you can stick a piece of weed barrier cloth on the sides to the bottom. Next, start assembling and constructing the boxes as seen in the picture. Screw the L-shaped part of the boxes to the board or wall so that they won’t get easily shaken.

7. Simple Hanging Planter Project Idea

7. Simple Hanging Planter Project Idea via
Another straightforward hanging garden idea is this galvanized pipe with ropes. It’s a simple way to refresh the outdoor area of your house and you have my bet that you can follow this project by yourself. First, you can begin by attaching the mounts to the wall, the nipples including the 90 elbows.
Then, you can adjust the planter with the ropes, as simple as that. It’s nice to have herbs that you plant yourself as they are quite expensive if purchased at stores.

Your house would also look much prettier somehow. And last, gardening can also reduce your stress level too.
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6. A Brilliant DIY Vertical gardening project Idea

6. A Brilliant DIY Vertical gardening project Idea via .jpg

If you’re looking for a new hanging garden idea that will not require you to collect plastic bottles, baskets, or cans, this could be the one. The instructions don’t seem to be complicated either, and you can decide how long or big your plant container is or for the idea, the bag.
You can either design it to be widely stretched from left to right or dangle from top to the bottom. The idea requires a piece of fabric and some stitching methods.
It doesn’t consume much space like other vertical hanging gardening ideas that use everyday objects like baskets or plastic gallons.

5. A DIY Portable Garden project Idea

5. A DIY Portable Garden project Idea via
Creating a unique garden idea that has multiple functions can certainly be conducted with this smart, movable garden idea. Also, when you want to divide your planting area with a beautiful divider, this one can be a good alternative.
It’s DIY friendly and adjustable. It can also be relocated somewhere when you think that there’s a better place around the garden that’ll suit best for it. With its big size, you can plant a variety of plants or herbs or vegetables that you want on it.
5. A DIY Portable Garden project Idea 2 via

4. Stacked Crates Mini Garden Project Idea

4. Stacked Crates Mini Garden Project Idea via Simphome.comRather than burning old crates or just letting them unoccupied, you can turn them into containers that you can use to grow some edible plants, right? Yes! What would be better than herbs and vegetables you get from your own garden?
This idea is cheap and challenging to follow. It also come with other functions or benefits that you get and enjoy. It can be a divider and also give you shade from the sun. After you complete the project, your garden would have a new centerpiece and storage solution that increase its landscape beauty.

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3. Upside Down Bottles project idea

3. Upside Down Bottles project idea via
Plastics are decay-resistant materials that are a problem for the environment, and many people have tried different ideas to tackle the problem. Some are recycling it or turn it into something useful. And this idea is only one of the examples.
Firstly, cut them in half, and turn them upside down so that the excessive amount of water can run to other the bottles below.
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2. A DIY Ladder Planter Project idea.

2. A DIY Ladder planter project idea via Simphome.comYour wooden ladder can’t last forever and you probably can use one of them to test and try this next idea. With your free time, tools, and a link I share inside description, you can make good use of your old ladder as a new garden vertical idea.
A ladder can provide some space with its shells that are nicely arranged from below to above. FYI, if the image fail encourages you, keep follow the link because you’ll find 14 other DIY ladder planter ideas that you can bookmark and tried soon or on another time.
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Lastly number 1. Upside Down Mini Garden project Idea

1. Upside Down Mini Garden Project Idea via
This inverted idea of tomato garden is strangely satisfying to watch, isn’t it? It really makes a unique view around the house. After seeing on the image of how great the tomatoes grow, I bet you’ll give this idea a go.
First, you’ll need a huge basket for this. And then, you can start from making a hole in the bottom through you’re going to put the root ball of the tomato. Next, fill the upside-down planter with damp potting soil and Hang it in an area that has at least six hours a day or more of sunlight.

So, those are cute but easy hanging garden ideas that are worth your trying. I hope any idea you’ll try will bash your outdoor with more healthy greeneries and see you again next time with more garden improvement lists and backyard.


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