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10 DIY Shutter Projects That Will Level Up Your Storage Solutions Game

Clutter is one of the perpetual plights that you might have to deal with without respite. You have tried to declutter everything. But you always come across your treasures and decide to keep them eventually.
If that’s the case, you need more storage solutions. You don’t have to break your piggy bank to get new storage though, as you can incorporate additional storage solutions by upcycling old shutters.

Next, Check out these 10 DIY shutter projects that will level up your storage solutions game by
Most of them are DIY friendly and let’s start our countdown.

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10. A Unique Bookshelf Makeover Idea

10. Unique Bookshelf via SimphomeIs your bookshelf already full with books and knicks-knacks, but you still need another one to display your family treasure? Don’t worry! You can make one with ease.
To make this unique bookshelf, you’re gonna need two old shutters – but it would be better if you have some extras, round concrete form tube, paint, and boards.
It is super easy! You only need to paint the old shutters that you’ve got from your storage room or a flea market the color of your choice. Then, paint the concrete form tubes after cutting them into 4.
Then, begin to assemble the shutters and concrete form using screws. Top the bookshelf with a board. And, it’s done!
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9. A Multipurpose Organizer Storage Solution Idea

9. Multipurpose Organizer via SimphomeThis is another brilliant idea to repurpose your old shutter that you’ve replaced. Don’t throw it to the trash can because you can turn it into a multipurpose organizer. You can put it in your kitchen to host some kitchen utensils, in your garage to hold wrench and stuff, or in your garden to keep your gardening tools tidy. For the instruction!
First, you need to sand the shutter down before applying stain or paint. After that, get any bins or galvanized buckets for a more rustic look. Pre-drill holes where you want the bins or buckets will be hung. Then, attach the bins or buckets with screws and washers to the shutter.
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8. A Paper Storage from Old Shutter Idea

8. Paper Storage via SimphomeIf you are a paper crafter, you’re gonna love this idea. Now, you can organize your papers tidily and beautifully with an old wood shutter. It is a big solution for those with limited budget.
All you need to do is just getting an old wood shutter. Remember! It has to be made of wood. if you don’t have any, you may be able to make a run to a home-improvement store and get a brand-new window shutter. Unfortunately, it won’t work well for this project because many new window shutters are made of plastic, and they are flimsy, too. Furthermore, they can be a little bit pricey.
A wooden shutter, on the other hand, is sturdier and can fit this project perfectly. You can get it from a flea market or reuse center.

Once you’ve got your shutter, fix anything you need. Then, prepare a fabric. You’re gonna use it to make some pockets which will hold your papers in place. The fabric will be attached to every slat of the shutter using staples, so your papers will stay in place. Pretty easy, right?

7. A Shabby Sunglasses Holder Idea

7. Sunglasses Holder via decor ideasSunglasses are dispensable. But if you wear them, you’ll level up your look immensely. No wonder many people are eager to have many sunglasses in their closet. Unfortunately, these stylish things can add clutter to your closet if you don’t organize them well.
Try this sunglasses rack. This rack is made of an old shutter, so it won’t cost you a fortune. All you have to do is just getting an old shutter, fix it if necessary, hang it on the wall or inside your closet, then slide in the sunglasses to the slat. And that’s it!
To make the rack look more stylish, you can stain or paint it. Always remember to sand it down first before applying any finish.

6. Keep Your Magazine Tidy with your Unused Window Shutter

6. Keep Your Magazine Tidy via Simphome

How do you store your newspapers and magazines? Do you stack them up and stash them under your coffee table? Let’s try a new way of organizing your newspapers and magazines.
Again, you’re gonna re-purpose a window shutter. So, make sure you have one. After getting the shutter, remove every other slat to make some space for the magazines or newspapers that you’re gonna hang. Sand the shutter down and apply any color that you like. You can also apply stencils to jazz it up.
Finally, hang the shutter on the wall and slide in the magazines and newspapers.

5. A CD Holder Makeover Idea

5. CD Holder via SimphomeEverybody loves listening to music. Who doesn’t? If you are keen on listening to music and have lots of old CDs that have made so much mess in your living room or bedroom, try to use an old shutter to overcome this problem.
This is actually an easy project. You just need to repaint or stain the shutter to meet your style. After that, simply hang the shutter on the wall and slide in the CDs. The wall will keep the CDs in place. Just make sure the shutter attaches to the wall perfectly.

4. A Fruit Basket Makeover Idea

4. Fruit Basket via SimphomeSome people prefer to display some fruits and veggies on the countertop, so they can grab them in a jiffy. Besides, the vivid colors of the fruits can perk the kitchen up. However, storing them on the countertop can overtake the surface space.
To handle this situation, Try this fruit basket rack to overcome your problem. You only need to get an old shutter, sand, and paint it if necessary. Then, hang two or three wire baskets with S hooks on the shutter.

3. A Washi Tape Storage Makeover idea from A Window Shutter

3. Washi Tape Storage via SimphomeIt is essential for a crafter to get everything organized. And this washi tape storage will help you make it tangible.
All you have to do is just get an old shutter and paint it thoroughly. Make some hooks out of paper clips, or you can invest in some S hooks.

Hang the tape on each hook. By doing this project, you will not only get your tapes organized but also make them become more accessible.

2. A Kitchen Utensil Rack Makeover Idea

2. Kitchen Utensil Rack via SimphomeThis shutter will help you reach the kitchen utensil that you usually use on a regular basis in no time while making your kitchen look chic. You only need to harness your creativity and play with some colors to make your old shutter look terrific. Then, add some hooks and wire baskets to host your kitchen utensils and some fruits. You can also screw the top of the shutter to the wall for the peace of mind.
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Lastly number 1. Jewelry Holder Makeover Idea

1. Jewelry Holder via SimphomeStoring your accessories in the drawer is not always a good idea because you don’t get rid of the clutter completely. You just hide it away and wait for it to get worse.
Don’t make your drawer become a safe haven for the clutter. Try to store your accessories on a rack made of an underused shutter.
It is such an easy project. You will only need to paint your shutter and add some clothespins that act as hooks for your jewelry.

Now, you can find your necklace more easily without rooting around in the drawer.
So, It turns out that an old shutter is exceptionally versatile.
It is not only a nice decorative item, but also a storage solution that will ease your life.


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