14 Clever Landscape Design Plans and Improvements for a Small Backyard

Your backyard is the extension of what is happening inside your home, this space is usually more relaxed, colorful, fun and without having any ceiling to cover the desires and needs. In the yard, you can see the trees and the vines climb over the highest point and the weather may be quickly changed. If you think that you do not have any DIY construction and design skills to handle your backyard project, then you can bring the landscape designer or architect to help your outdoor space achieves its potency.
A professional can guide you through the process of looking for the best style, decide who will use the backyard while creating the activity area, choosing the plants and materials – you will be so helpful.

You can explore these ideas below to show how your backyard can be transformed into the favorite space for anyone.

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1. Hillside Garden

1. HillSide Garden Idea via

This landscape offers you with the steep hillside garden which is very beautiful. The challenge is making the flat outdoor living area by building up the stairs and patio which connect to some levels, It uses more emphasize on the texture, color and thick style – this garden will soften the corner architecture landscape and give your backyard with the more contemporary nuance.

2. Making a Unique Courtyard

2.Making a unique courtyard via Simphome.comA huge water basin in the center of this stylish garden idea. If you want to get more Middle East nuance to state your own style – then it can be your best idea as well. You can follow the classic Islamic principles by using a single water feature in one corner as the opposite of corner. So, this basin can be seen from the seating area in your backyard. You can replace the plants with the special specimens which offer you with all-year-round tone, scent, and structure for sure.

3. A Wood Theme in your Garden

3.A wood theme in your garden via Simphome.comIf you want to stretch your living space to the outside while enjoying a wonderful forest arrangement which is easier to reach from your back door – then go with this idea. This idea makes the series of open space which transition from the developed room into the natural plantings including of the koi pond, the green shade, fireplace and so on.

4. Set up your Stage in your Backyard

4.Set up your stage in your backyard via Simphome.comYou can choose a long and floating bench connects to your exterior and interior design. Your kids will enjoy climbing up the stairs which direct to the slate-covered deck or patio – the higher point acts as the stage for the sudden performance when it does not use the courtyard patio.

5. Making a Unique Transition in your Backyard

5.Making a unique transition in your backyard via .The landscape designers were often discussed when the owners’ lifestyle may change. You can start to remove the big trees and reconfigure the backyard in order to make the bigger border and the informal planting designs with a more romantic touch. The kid’s swing transforms into the beautiful swing settee along with the water element to give the natural transition from the inside part to the backyard space.

6. Beautiful English Garden idea

6.Beautiful English Garden idea via

This idea may encourage you to redo your space including the beautiful wood fencing, wonderful bushes, and a comfy seating area. the fencing style selection can be done in many ways to arrange this landscape style. You can see that the narrow horizontal line here can help you to get a very contemporary look.

7. Multi-Use idea

7.Multi use idea via Simphome.comIn this landscape idea as you can see in the picture above – trying to remove the lawn and replace it with the stacked-stone planter spaces to grow up various herbs and veggies. This landscaping idea is very tolerant toward the drain including the container set, benches, a fire pit, concrete stones and so on. you can use this idea as your best reference.

8. Relaxing and Simple idea

8.Relaxing and simple idea via Simphome.comThe winding line which made from the decomposed granite will link it to the yard. You can see the rattan lounge chairs there add a more modern touch into this lush setting. You can see the flower beds can make the transition looks softer between the paver patio and lawn yard.

9. Shady Backyard

9.Shady backyard via
This idea has the path made from shredded bark and pavers. The designer carefully respected the existing trees there while trying to make additional private space for the homeowner. There are several plants here such as the ground cover, evergreen shrubs and so on.

10. Earthy Space in your Backyard

10.Earthy space in your backyard via Simphome.comThis idea offers you with the gravel seating space along with the stacked-stone which pointing directly to the nearby forest. It shows you with a soft transition from the backyard to the woods – this idea is perfect for those who enjoy the afternoon walking and more adventure sensation. The using of natural stones just perfect for this rustic landscape.

Other things to consider:

Always understand your needs and wants first – you should figure out what you should really get and what you want to get if budget. This is also true for your landscape and you can make the backyard design and list on your own, find out how many landscapes which has been specialized for each item. There are many questions that you need to answer first.
10 Clever Landscape design plans and improvement for a small backyard Via SIMPHOME.COM Pinterest Featured Image

Scale down your space

– If you have a small backyard, you may not get a huge vegetable garden to help you to keep all the produce for all year round. It does not mean that you should remove that idea completely. A small backyard design can help you to get your landscape goal while still respecting your landscape proportion as well. For example, you can add a small veggie garden along with some containers.

Create a focal point

– You may be in a hurry to give anything inside your landscape, but this is not the design will work. You need to think about your interior area as well such as living room, furniture and so on, the artwork may be your focus along with smaller pieces This principle is true for landscape, the small shed and covered patio as well.

This is the part of landscape to guide your eyes and affect your choice for the rest of your backyard space.

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